King Of Gods Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039 Forceful

Chapter 1039 – Forceful

A world of darkness and dark green flames started to fill the sky within several thousand miles.

Countless disciples within the branch were silent, and they felt their bloodlines and True Yuan freeze. None of them could even speak.

“Sacred Lord Dark Ghost has taken action!”

The green-robed elder within the hall trembled as shock filled his eyes.

The green-robed elder felt strange. The Ocean Smoke Pavilion was a force that supported the Crown Prince, and their Grand Elder Zhao Feng was extremely trusted by the Crown Prince. Was Sacred Lord Dark Ghost not scared of Zhao Feng or the Crown Prince questioning him? Even Nine Darkness Palace had to give the imperials some face.

“Elder, some of the members can’t fight back against this Sacred Lord Power anymore!” a middle-aged male in black said. Although Sacred Lord Dark Ghost had only displayed part of his Sacred Lord-level Magnificent Power, most of the members within the Ocean Smoke Pavilion were only at the True Spirit Realm or Small Origin Core Realm.

“Sacred Lord Dark Ghost, how dare you harm the members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion!?” the elder in green robes roared, and the several dozen upper echelon members of Dark Sky Gate in the sky roared with laughter.

“Hahaha, if the Ocean Smoke Pavilion can harm the core members of Dark Sky Gate, why can’t I harm the members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion?”

Playfulness appeared on Sacred Lord Dark Ghost’s face.


The Sacred Lord-level Magnificent Power covering the hall suddenly strengthened.

“Who is it?”

As if sensing something, Sacred Lord Dark Ghost immediately turned around.

Hu~ Whoosh!

A bolt of scarlet lightning flashed toward him. A terrifying physical force appeared when the lightning got close, causing the several dozen upper echelon members of Dark Sky Gate to cough out blood and forcing them to retreat.

“Dark Flower Ghost Flame!”

Sacred Lord Dark Ghost instantly attacked when he felt how strong the opponent was. Countless dark green ghost flames started to rise around him, forming a large ghastly ghost flower that floated forward with terrifying wicked force.

“Fuck off!”

Zhao Feng’s speed remained the same. He circulated his Wind Lightning True Yuan while condensing his Sacred Lightning Body power into his palm, and he unleashed a large scarlet-golden palm phantom.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Against the combination of the Sacred Lightning Body and the lightning True Yuan, the dark green flower was instantly shattered.

Peng! Boom!

The remaining force from Zhao Feng’s palm sent Sacred Lord Dark Ghost flying for several miles.

The members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion in the hall below could see what was happening in the outside world very clearly.

“That’s the Grand Elder!”

The elder in green robes was silent for a moment before revealing an overjoyed expression. According to what he knew, Zhao Feng should be at the front lines fighting against the non-humans with the Ninth Prince. Even if he knew there was an argument against Dark Sky Gate, he shouldn’t have been to arrive so quickly.

“You’re Zhao Feng!?”

Sacred Lord Dark Ghost spat out a mouthful of blood as he looked at Zhao Feng in shock. How was this possible? Why was Zhao Feng here? Waves surged through Sacred Lord Dark Ghost’s heart.

“Hmph!” Zhao Feng snickered coldly as he radiated his powerful physical force.

The members of Dark Sky Gate around Zhao Feng instantly felt a strong pressure. It was like an entire mountain was on top of them; they found it hard to breathe, and they were unable to move.

“What? Is it such a surprise to see me?” Zhao Feng laughed coldly.

“No, I just heard that you were fighting at the front lines. I didn’t expect to see you here!”

Sacred Lord Dark Ghost almost revealed himself and felt guilty.

However, even if Zhao Feng knew about the situation, how could he arrive so quickly? Furthermore, the Thirteenth Prince had scheduled an ambush. Did it fail? According to what he knew, three Sacred Lords had been sent out for the ambush!

The questions in Sacred Lord Dark Ghost’s heart made him feel cold.

“If Dark Sky Gate doesn’t give an explanation for harming the disciples of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion, then you don’t need to return!”

Zhao Feng’s physical pressure and Magnificent Power suppressed the several dozen members of Dark Sky Gate as he looked coldly at Sacred Lord Dark Ghost.

“Zhao Feng, this is what happened; a while ago, a member of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion clashed with someone from Dark Sky Gate and killed a Core disciple of Dark Sky Gate.” Sacred Lord Dark Ghost said slowly in a negotiating tone.

Of course, the members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion that killed the Core disciple of Dark Sky Gate had already been killed by Dark Sky Gate long ago, so there was no one to prove it.

“Since you’re back now, I believe you will give Dark Sky Gate an explanation!” Sacred Lord Dark Ghost said in a confident tone, as if he believed in Zhao Feng.

The battle-power that Zhao Feng displayed made Sacred Lord Dark Ghost extremely wary. He would have no advantage fighting against Zhao Feng here. He believed that Nine Darkness Palace would not let go of Zhao Feng if he could get away and report this.

“Grand Elder, Dark Sky Gate made all of this up. Nothing like that happened!” the green-robed elder flew out from the building below and said respectfully.

“I heard about it from an elder of Dark Sky Gate. The truth might be a little bit different from what I just said.” Sacred Lord Dark Ghost continued to lie without any evidence.

“If it might not even be the truth, are you saying you came here to attack the Ocean Smoke Pavilion members without any evidence?” Zhao Feng questioned angrily.

“Zhao Feng, what do you want to do then?” Sacred Lord Dark Ghost had a solemn expression. He didn’t expect Zhao Feng to be so forceful. Did he not know Dark Sky Gate was a subordinate force of Nine Darkness Palace?


Zhao Feng fully circulated his Sacred Lightning Body, and a desolate pressure radiated from him. Blood started to drip from the mouths of more than a dozen members of Dark Sky Gate who were covered by Zhao Feng’s pressure, and the sound of bones cracking came from their bodies.

“How dare you!?” Sacred Lord Dark Ghost roared. He had lowered his head to Zhao Feng, but the latter didn’t give him any face at all and even used his subordinates to threaten him.

These people were from the middle-to-high echelons of Dark Sky Gate. Such losses would be enough to make Dark Sky Gate fall for a thousand years.

“You really don’t have a good memory.”

Zhao Feng’s expression darkened as he circulated his Fire of Wind Lightning and condensed it onto his palm.

Boom! Weng~~ Weng~~

A large scarlet-golden palm of lightning pushed forward. Sacred Lord Dark Ghost’s expression changed dramatically; the power contained within this palm was even stronger than the last.


A black shield with ghost faces on it appeared before Sacred Lord Dark Ghost.


Black light radiated from the black shield, and a snarling face formed.


The black ghost face clashed against Zhao Feng’s scarlet-golden palm of lightning.

“What power!” Sacred Lord Dark Ghost felt a terrifying force, and his hands started to tremble. The snarling ghost face on the black shield also started to dim.


The snarling ghost face instantly shattered, and Sacred Lord Dark Ghost was sent flying once more as scorch marks covered his body.

“Zhao Feng, are you really going to be so forceful and not talk things out with reason?” Sacred Lord Dark Ghost crawled up and said fiercely.

“Do you even know anything about reason?”

Zhao Feng charged over as he circulated his physical force and his power of Wind Lightning.

Fear appeared in Sacred Lord Dark Ghost’s heart as he looked at the forceful Zhao Feng. In just two short exchanges, Sacred Lord Dark Ghost knew that he wouldn’t be Zhao Feng’s match.

“Zhao Feng, Dark Sky Gate is at fault. We are willing to pay the Ocean Smoke Pavilion for any losses!” Sacred Lord Dark Ghost immediately said. Facing the powerful Zhao Feng, Sacred Lord Dark Ghost could only use this method.

Hmph, you will regret this, Zhao Feng!Sacred Lord Dark Ghost gritted his teeth and cursed in his heart.

“Then pay me with Primal Crystal Stones. And since you said that the members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion went to steal information from Dark Sky Gate, then let this elder from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion go visit the Dark Sky Gate’s intel headquarters!”

Zhao Feng’s tone was very dominant as he gave his demands. He didn’t give Sacred Lord Dark Ghost any chance to retort.

“Fine.” Sacred Lord Dark Ghost was speechless and only agreed after gritting his teeth for a long time.

“Thank you, Grand Elder!”

The green-robed elder bowed. Letting someone like him, who specialized in gathering intel, enter the intel headquarters of Dark Sky Gate would allow them to gather a lot of secrets and information.

The green-robed elder then followed Sacred Lord Dark Ghost and headed toward Dark Sky Gate.

Zhao Feng chose to stay in this branch of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion within Lian Province for a short while because he knew that Nine Darkness Palace would take action.

Several precious resources with the elements of Fire, Wind, and Lightning appeared in Zhao Feng’s hands within the Misty Spatial World. These elements then merged into Zhao Feng’s Crystal Core dimension.

Any Quasi-Sacred Lord had the ability to try to break through to the Mystic Light Realm. Zhao Feng’s True Yuan dimension and state of existence had already met the basic requirements to become a Sacred Lord, but his comprehension was still a little bit off. However, if Zhao Feng’s two other aspects were high enough, then Zhao Feng could ignore the difference in comprehension and just use the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey to break through.

While Zhao Feng cultivated the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique, he also studied eye-bloodline techniques, soul theories, and how to absorb and comprehend the power of God Tribulation Lightning.

“Less than 10% of the God Tribulation Lightning remains in the Demigod head.”

Zhao Feng sighed. The power of God Tribulation Lightning was his killing move, and it had helped him through many dangers.

The green-robed elder returned joyfully after several days.

“What did you obtain?” Zhao Feng asked after coming out of seclusion.

Dark Sky Gate was an intel agency for Nine Darkness Palace. Even if the members wanted to hide some secrets, the green-robed elder should have found out a lot of important information since there wasn’t enough time for them to hide everything.

“Nine Darkness Palace has many more hidden strongholds. I also found out a little bit about their actions.”

The green-robed elder didn’t disappoint Zhao Feng. He had obtained a large amount of information.

“Furthermore, Nine Darkness Palace sent two early-stage Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords to the Cang Ocean more than a year ago!” the green-robed elder continued.

One had to know that the Thirteenth Prince only sent three initial-stage Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords to kill Zhao Feng. Who knew why Nine Darkness Palace sent out these two Sacred Lords?

“The Cang Ocean.”

Zhao Feng started to think.

“They probably found out about Nan Gongsheng’s background. Nine Darkness Palace is bent on having the power of the Evil God.” the voice of the black-armored Sacred Lord sounded from within the Misty Spatial World.

“Not good, the True Martial Sacred Land!”

Zhao Feng’s expression changed dramatically.

In the Cang Ocean, near the True Martial Island Zone, two cold figures in black floated above the limitless ocean!

“So, this is the True Martial Island Zone!”

A male with red hair and black robes spread his Divine Sense with a cold gaze.

“I didn’t expect such a low-ranked place would produce a genius such as Nan Gongsheng!”

The other was a cold female in a black dress, and she spoke in an emotionless tone.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that that brat Zhao Feng’s Ocean Smoke Pavilion has taken over the ocean area, the forces of Nine Darkness Palace would be able to expand into this place.”