King Of Gods Chapter 1045

Chapter 1045 Assassinations

Chapter 1045 – Assassinations

Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit instantly became dazed. It was obvious that her entire focus was on the interspatial ring.

An original beast of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races lay there, dead. Although dead, it still gave off a fierce and powerful aura.

“Such power, such pure Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline, and an original aura of Heaven and Earth.”

Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit wanted to start inspecting the Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger right now, but her consciousness returned to her body.

Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit’s eyes regained light once more back in the Saint Herb Pavilion, and she immediately spoke; “It’s settled then!”

“Master, you agreed?” Zhou Su’er immediately asked. At the same time, Zhou Su’er was extremely curious as to what Zhao Feng took out for Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit to agree to him when she even rejected the imperials.

“What? Do you not want me to help him?” Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit asked and smiled at Zhou Su’er.

Zhou Su’er’s face went slightly red, and she didn’t speak anymore.

“Senior, thank you!”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly. He didn’t expect to meet Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit during his visit. Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit joining the Hall of Gods should be able to increase its fame.

If Zhao Feng wanted any more pills in the future, he could just come find this Sacred Doctor.

“Does Senior need to prepare anything?” Zhao Feng asked. Since Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit agreed to serve the Hall of Gods for ten years, she would need to move to the Hall of Gods.

“Let’s go!” Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit said directly. Ten years was just the tap of a finger for a Sacred Lord.

When she arrived at the Hall of Gods, the Hall of Gods would be responsible for the resources she needed to refine pills.

“Zhou Su’er, we’ll be leaving!”

Zhao Feng smiled. Although they agreed upon ten years, Zhao Feng was confident that he could get Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit to stay even after ten years.

“I’ll come as well!” Zhou Su’er immediately said after seeing Zhao Feng about to leave with her master.

Zhao Feng instantly paused. He didn’t know what Zhou Su’er was thinking.

“I want to be with master!” Zhou Su’er immediately stood next to Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit.

“You’re not going to care about the Saint Herb Pavilion?” Zhao Feng asked.

“The Saint Herb Pavilion will also join the Hall of Gods!” Zhou Su’er said without even thinking.

“Then let’s go!”

Zhao Feng didn’t know what was going on with Zhou Su’er, but the Saint Herb Pavilion was one of the top herb markets in Yun Province. It would be obviously good if they joined the Hall of Gods.

This meant that the Hall of Gods now had professionals in charge of pills and herbs, allowing them to expand.

Zhao Feng appeared next to them and waved his left arm.


Silver light appeared around the three as their figures started to fade and disappear. The next instant, they appeared outside a Spiritual Palace.

“This is the ability to pass through space?”

Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit was faintly surprised. It was obvious that she didn’t pay much attention to the outside world, so she didn’t know that Zhao Feng had obtained the Misty Spatial World.

“So much energy was used!” Zhao Feng murmured. A lot more energy was used this time since Zhao Feng had taken two more people along with him, including Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit, who was a Sacred Lord.

The three of them then used the teleportation array within the Spiritual Palace.

Zhao Feng gave an order when they arrived at the branch of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion; “Accept the Saint Herb Pavilion into the Hall of Gods.”

The three of them then continued their journey and headed toward Yu Province.

Zhao Feng would rest after using the ability to pass through space twice, recovering his True Yuan.

They soon arrived at the Hall of Gods in Yu Province a couple dozen days later.

This was the first time Zhao Feng had seen the newly built Hall of Gods.

The Hall of Gods was set on a range of mountains. The path was dangerous, and it was surrounded by clouds and mist. The palace was magnificent and perched either on the mountains or in the cliffs.

Zhao Feng had already communicated with Bi Qingyue with the Dark Heart Seal beforehand. Bi Qingyue was already waiting at the entrance.

“Grand Elder, Senior Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit, please come on in!”

Bi Qingyue looked at Zhao Feng in awe. In just the short span of a month or two, Zhao Feng had invited another Sacred Lord Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit, who was famous across the continent.

“Bi Qingyue, organize a herb building and give it to Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit.” Zhao Feng ordered, then they all entered the Hall of Gods.

Zhao Feng, Bi Qingyue, and Supreme Emperor Dark Night gathered together in a secret hall after letting Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit and Zhou Su’er settle in.

“Master, here is some news regarding Nine Darkness Palace and Black Screen Corner.”

Bi Qingyue organized a mountain of intel, but Zhao Feng was able to see through it all and memorize it with his eye-bloodline.

“Master, I suggest putting some of them down as assassination targets.” Bi Qingyue reported to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng nodded his head. Bi Qingyue’s analysis was always very good. It was easy to assassinate members of Nine Darkness Palace or anyone else, but it would gradually become more difficult. Therefore, the first people they assassinated couldn’t be wasted on random people.

After confirming their tactics, Zhao Feng gave the task of putting the missions on the Silence Assassination Division to Supreme Emperor Dark Night.

“Master, are you going to head personally to Black Screen Corner?” Supreme Emperor Dark Night asked.

Zhao Feng had discussed the plan with Supreme Emperor Dark Night a long time ago. Putting up the missions in the Silence Assassination Division alone wasn’t enough. They also needed to put the same missions up in Black Screen Corner in order to attract the attention of assassins and experts.

Zhao Feng believed that the rewards he was willing to give out would definitely catch the interest of the assassins. After letting them get a taste of it, Zhao Feng would only put the missions in the Silence Assassination Division.

“No, I’ll let someone else go in my place!”

Zhao Feng had been planning to personally go to Black Screen Corner, but since Black Screen Corner was a bit far away from Yu Province and not in range of the Misty Spatial World, Zhao Feng had to give this secret task to someone else.

He didn’t dare to take it easy, so Zhao Feng could only give this task to someone that he had enslaved.

A skinny and wrinkled figure soon arrived after Bi Qingyue and Supreme Emperor Dark Night left.

“Master, do you have any orders?”

The newcomer was Emperor Withered Shadow. Emperor Withered Shadow was the assassin that tried to kill Old Monster Xu, but he was enslaved by Zhao Feng instead and became an upper echelon of the new assassination organization.

“Emperor Withered Shadow, go to Black Screen Corner and put up missions for me!”

Zhao Feng and Emperor Withered Shadow both disappeared from the secret hall after all the orders were given.

Later that day, many new assassination tasks appeared in the strongholds of Yu Province. They were all mainly related to Nine Darkness Palace.

“This should be sent by a force opposing Nine Darkness Palace!”

“Hehe, I only care about the rewards. I don’t care who the target is!”

An assassin with a pale-white face licked his lips.

“Spiritual Blood Core Pills? They contain large amounts of energy and strengthen one’s bloodline. They can also increase the chances of awakening one’s bloodline. This is a lie, right?”

An assassin didn’t believe what the reward was. The description of the Spiritual Blood Core Pills was too unrealistic, especially the part that said it could increase one’s bloodline power and chances of awakening their bloodline. Such a spiritual pill was invaluable!

“The Silence Assassination Division won’t set up missions with fake rewards. Furthermore, it seems a Sacred Doctor made it,” an elder with a weak aura said.

Pills made by Sacred Doctors increased the grade of the pills. If pills of the same kind were made by a Grandmaster and a Sacred Doctor, the latter’s would be more expensive, and most people would be willing to buy from them instead.

“Hehehe, I’ll accept this task!” The cold assassin with a pale-white face took the task and left in a hurry.

In a forbidden area in the backyard of the Hall of Gods was where Zhao Feng stayed.

Zhao Feng walked around the depths of the forest in the Ancient Dream Realm.

“After killing a few more Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers, none of them leave by themselves anymore!”

Zhao Feng felt slightly depressed. Only the Yao bird, black eagle, and giant python could fight for him in the Ancient Dream Realm, but their battle-power wasn’t on the same level as the Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers.

“Looks like I need to raise a force within the Ancient Dream Realm to obtain resources for me!”

Zhao Feng finally realized, but he didn’t know where to find anything. It was already hard enough to deal with the Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers.

“Looks like I’ll have to start with the beasts inside the Misty Spatial World then!”

Zhao Feng’s gaze deepened. Zhao Feng only had two beast packs and the Five Poison Distinct Bees after giving two beast packs to the Ninth Prince.

These two beast packs had become much stronger with the help of Zhao Feng’s resources, but it still wasn’t enough to fight back against the Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers. This meant that only the Five Poison Distinct Bees remained.

At the end, Zhao Feng chose a couple dozen Bee Kings and ten Bee Emperors and took them into the Ancient Dream Realm.

This was the first time Zhao Feng was taking living beings into the Ancient Dream Realm. Of course, the Five Poison Distinct Bees would have to live here in the future as well.

The Five Poison Distinct Bees were uncomfortable at the beginning, but they were ancient insects, and Zhao Feng had only picked Bee Kings and Bee Emperors, so their adaptive abilities were very strong.

After surviving in the Ancient Dream Realm for a short while, the aura of these Five Poison Distinct Bees became stronger.

“Let them adapt to the environment, then prepare to target the pond in the middle of the forest!” Zhao Feng decided.

At this moment in time, a purple-and-blood-colored figure swept past the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

“This seems to be an intel agency!” Nan Gongsheng looked at the Ocean Smoke Pavilion below.

“This is the Hall of Gods. What does Senior want?” An elder flew out from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

“Hall of Gods?” Nan Gongsheng murmured. He had no impression of this name at all.


Nan Gongsheng descended into the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.


The defensive array around the Ocean Smoke Pavilion shattered as Nan Gongsheng instantly arrived before the elder.

“Tell me, where is Zhao Feng!?” Nan Gongsheng’s face was cold and wicked. He gave off a terrifying aura that made the elder in front of him freeze.

“Why do you want to find the Grand Elder?” Cold sweat appeared on this elder. At this moment, he finally realized how terrifying this young person was. He wasn’t any weaker than Old Monster Xu or Supreme Emperor Dark Night.

“Hall of Gods? Grand Elder Zhao Feng?”

Dark purple light flashed through Nan Gongsheng’s eyes.