King Of Gods Chapter 105

Chapter 105 – Sky Moon Mountain
Chapter 105 - Sky Moon Mountain

Zhao Feng immediately headed towards Lord Guanjun’s place. Coincidentally, he received news from his servants that Lord Guanjun wanted to see him.

Spiritual Martial Hall, inside a book room.

“How’s the testing going for the past few days?” Expectations rose in Lord Guanjun’s eyes.

He saw Zhao Feng’s potential as a Changeable Body, so his talent was always unstable.

“The lowest is half-spiritual body and the highest is a middle tier spiritual body.” Zhao Feng concealed the truth.

“Middle tier spiritual body? That’s around average in the Clan.”

Lord Guanjun wasn’t filled with joy or disappointment, since the talent of a Changeable Body was unique and it could be much stronger than what it showed.

After knowing the “answer”, Lord Guanjun repeatedly told Zhao Feng to conceal the fact that he had a Changeable Body, so the situation with Bei Moi wouldn’t happen again.

There was still ten days left till the entrance exam and the reason why Lord Guanjun called Zhao Feng over was because of two reasons.

First, he wanted to give pointers to Zhao Feng and the latter immediately performed his skills such as Silver Wall Technique, Star Finger, Smoking Transparent Step and Lightly Floating Ferry for him to see.

While performing, he would merge his Four Wind Stances into it.

Lord Guanjun nodded his head and he gave a few suggestions in where he could improve. As for Zhao Feng’s performance, he was even more satisfied compared to Bei Moi.

Zhao Feng had trained every skill to a high level and they were even more powerful when merged with the Four Wind Stances, even Lord Guanjun wasn’t able to find large flaws.

“Very good! Your Four Wind Stances isn’t just be a normal Holy martial art.” Lord Guanjun nodded his head in praise.

Not a normal Holy martial art?

Zhao Feng was slightly curious by what he meant.

Lord Guanjun explained: “In the mortal world, there’s core, low, middle, high tier martial arts, but these aren’t even classified as martial arts in the eyes of the Clans. In their eyes, only Holy martial arts are skills and the lowest tier is called Mortal Tier. Above that is the Spiritual Tier, then the Earth Tier and then the Sky Tier.”

In the world of Clans, a Holy martial art was only “Mortal Tier” and that was the lowest rank.

In the midst of these skills, the Earth and Sky rank skills had all been lost.

Knowing all this made Zhao Feng realise how little he knew.

“There’s still ten days till the exam and I need to teach you the way of survival.” Lord Guanjun said solemnly.

This was the second reason he called him here for.

Zhao Feng immediately paid attention. After all, Lord Guanjun had lived in the Clan for a while and he knew the situation in the Clan.

“After entering the Clan, your goal is to become an inner disciple because outer disciples don’t receive any attention from the Clan. Sometimes, the Clan won’t even care if a few outer disciples die.”

Hearing this Zhao Feng’s heart went cold.

“Hai Yun Master won’t be able to touch you so easily if you become an inner disciple.” Lord Guanjun’s eyes twinkled.

The first goal: Inner disciple.

Zhao Feng forged this into his heart.

“Obviously, you can’t perform too well or else Hai Yun Master will try to suppress you. Therefore, your second goal is to have the protection of an elder tier person. At that time, Hai Yun Master will have to think twice before trying to harm you.” A smile appeared on Lord Guanjun’s lips.

Second aim: Find a strong background!

Zhao Feng knew his two goals now. After asking the remainder of his questions, Lord Guanjun decided to give Zhao Feng some extra resources.

“Last time, in the beast horde, 100 points had been deducted from your score. I’ll give you 300 points to cover up for them.” Lord Guanjun said smiling.

300 battle points could allow Zhao Feng to do many things.

These battle points could be exchanged for pills, medicine and even a bag of Golden Body Strengthening Powder.

Zhao Feng immediately thanked Lord Guanjun, then he headed towards the Treasury Hall to get body strengthening resources.

He realised that there was no more Golden Body Strengthening Powder left, and the bag he took last time was the last pack. Helplessly, he had to exchange his points for some lower class resources that were similar to the Golden Body Strengthening Technique.

This time almost all the body strengthening items had been cleared out in the Treasury Hall.

After returning to his room, Zhao Feng went into secluded meditation and focused on Silver Wall Technique.

Seven days later.

His Silver Wall Technique had reached the late stages of the eighth level.

At this moment, his body had reached a terrifying level, he could face cultivators of the ninth rank with just his body alone.

“My strength should be around the same as Bei Moi before he left.”

Zhao Feng thought. He was confident that almost no one was his match in the Guanjun Province City.

There was only three days till the Clan entrance exams.

Lord Guanjun finally called his three disciples: Zhao Feng, Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan. Zhao Feng scanned Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan and found that the two hadn’t increased in terms of cultivation, but the aura they released now was much stronger.

“Master, are we leaving now?” Nan Gongfan asked, surprised.


Lord Guanjun immediately explained: “The Sky Moon Mountain is a few thousand miles away from here and we don’t have much time to spare.”

Hearing this the hearts of the disciples shook.

On the day, the four immediately used their speed skills and headed out of the Guanjun Palace. With their speed, they could sprint up to two thousand miles in one day, which was even faster than a horse.

One night.

The four reached a mountain.

Teng! Teng! Teng!

The four lept in the air, reaching 20 metres with each jump.

“We’re here!”

Lord Guanjun stopped and looked at a mountain covered in mist. Under the moonlight, a faint cold glow was radiating from the mountain giving off a faint pressure.

This was the “Sky Moon Mountain.”

Zhao Feng and the other two looked at it as well and they were shocked by what they saw.

The nearby area of the mountain was filled with chasms and cliffs with some of them miles long.

A cultivator of the ninth rank obviously couldn’t cross this chasm, even those of the Ascended Realm had to be careful when crossing.

“There’s the entrance.” Lord Guanjun took his three disciples over.

After running for tens of miles, an “U” shaped path appeared which linked towards the Sky Moon Mountain and on the path entrance, there were around one hundred people. Most of them were youths under the age of eighteen who had extremely high talent and they were waiting to enter.

“Hm? Lord Guanjun, you came as well?” A rainbow colored-hair old man signalled to them.

Behind the old man was three youths, two guys and one girl. The two guys were both at the seventh rank and the girl who was fourteen-fifteen years old, was at the eighth rank.

“Haha, Lord Cangtie, long time no see,” Lord Guanjun responded.

This rainbow haired old man was Lord Cangtie, the lord of the nearby Province City “Beling” and held the same position as Lord Guanjun.

The two lords both inspected the youths standing behind each other.

“This is my granddaughter, Liu Yue’er.” Lord Cangtie introduced the girl behind him.

Liu Yue’er was around fourteen-fifteen years old, but she was at the 8th rank meaning she was quite talented, and she beat Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan when they were her age.

At the entrance, there were 100 youths who were mostly at the 7th rank of higher. Even if they were below the 7th rank, they were at a young age, around 12-13.

Looking at the youths who were 12-13 years old and had reached the 6th rank, Zhao Feng couldn’t help but sigh. When he was back at the Green Leaf Village, he was like a frog in the well.

These youths had passed numerous tests and challenges and they were finally recommended to the Broken Moon Clan. Some came from Province City’s like Zhao Feng and co., while others came from great families.

There was also a small number that came from the royal line of the Cloud Country.

“Look, that’s the princess of the Cloud Country, ‘Yun Xiangmeng’!” Some of the youths said in a low tone.

Following their eyesights, Zhao Feng saw a girl around 15-16 years old with an extremely noble aura. Her cultivation had reached the peak 8th rank as well, the same as Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan. Apart from her, there was still a few top tier geniuses but none of them were comparable to Bei Moi.

There was someone of the 9th rank, but he had reached 17-18years of age, far older than Bei Moi.

“Lord Guanjun, which of them is Bei Moi?” Lord Cangtie looked interestingly towards the three.

Hearing Bei Moi’s name getting raised, Lord Guanjun’s expression was pretty ugly but he didn’t explain what had happened to Bei Moi as he introduced the three.

Lord Cangtie could see that of the three Zhao Feng was the leader.

His granddaughter Liu Yue’er looked interestingly at Zhao Feng, but Zhao Feng only casually scanned across them, then he didn’t look at them again.

His attitude made Liu Yue’er’s eyebrow twitch slightly…