King Of Gods Chapter 1050

Chapter 1050 Breaking Through To The Mystic Light Realm 2

Chapter 1050 – Breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm (2)

Many arrays and guards protected the forbidden grounds at the back of the Hall of Gods. It was extremely quiet, as if nothing existed there.

Wisps of three-colored Wind Lightning occasionally flickered from one of the secret halls. At this moment in time, a blue, green, and red True Yuan started to spin within Zhao Feng’s Crystal Core.

At a certain point, a crack appeared in the space above the Crystal Core. Wisps of three-colored True Yuan started to leak into Zhao Feng’s body, but most of the True Yuan of Wind Lightning stayed in the Crystal Core dimension below and kept on spinning around.

“I first need to break the Crystal Core dimension and direct out some of my True Yuan, then merge the laws of Heaven and Earth that I control into my ocean of True Yuan.”

Zhao Feng opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and calculated every step precisely.

When Zhao Feng entered seclusion, the missions that the Silence Assassination Division set up made them the center of attention for all the assassination forces.

In one of the mission areas of the Silence Assassination Division:

“Some interesting missions have finally arrived!”

A wicked and cruel smile appeared on Nan Gongsheng’s face. With Emperor Withered Shadow’s guidance, he knew the process of being an assassin very well, but he wasn’t interested in any of the normal missions.

The nearby assassins all let out a breath after Nan Gongsheng left.

“Who is this person?His strength is immeasurable!”

“Could it be a super assassin that came back? How else can they have such a strong killing intent!?”

“From the looks of it, that person is eyeing the three new missions!”

Some of the assassins revealed frightful looks toward Nan Gongsheng, but their attention was soon directed back to the Purifying Blood Sacred Spirit Pill.

The rewards given out by this mysterious force would create chaos every time. The Spiritual Blood Core Pill, the Blood Essence Pill, and the Purifying Blood Sacred Spirit Pill all raised a lot of attention. The Purifying Blood Sacred Spirit Pill was something that even normal Sacred Lords couldn’t resist.

However, such plentiful rewards came alongside danger. These three new missions were enough to make over 90% of the assassins stop their footsteps.

Nine Darkness Palace had already taken action and started to protect those on the killing list. An assassin had killed an important member of Nine Darkness Palace not long ago and was immediately killed by the upper echelon of Nine Darkness Palace after claiming the Blood Essence Pill. Before he could even use the Blood Essence Pill, Nine Darkness Palace took it.

Furthermore, the targets themselves this time were strong; they were part of the middle-upper echelon of Nine Darkness Palace. One could imagine how difficult these missions would be.

However, there would always be people willing to do the deed as long as the price was right. Some that were in a rush to break through to the Emperor level or Quasi-Sacred Lord level might give it a try. After all, treasures that could help increase one’s chances of breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm were far too rare.

Nine Darkness Palace, located within the Nine Darkness Mountains, was enraged after the Silence Assassination Division set these missions.

The atmosphere within a secret hall in Nine Darkness Palace was extremely tense.

“The Hall of Gods is becoming too arrogant. They’ve actually set out missions focusing on the upper echelon of Nine Darkness Palace!”

“Hmph, they’re just being cocky. A newly-created force dares to fight against Nine Darkness Palace!?”

Several enraged voices sounded in the hall. The owners of these voices were at least Emperors or Quasi-Sacred Lords, and most of them were experts at the Mystic Light Realm. One could imagine how angry Nine Darkness Palace was.

“I wonder if the Purifying Blood Sacred Spirit Pill is really as effective as its description!” a Quasi-Sacred Lord murmured in a low tone.

“Hmph!” Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss suddenly snickered coldly, and everyone went silent.

Nine Darkness Palace retaliated in the same manner as the Hall of Gods and set many assassination missions, but since their rewards weren’t as good as the ones given by the Hall of Gods, it wasn’t very effective. With the appearance of the Purifying Blood Sacred Spirit Pill, even some of the Quasi-Sacred Lords from Nine Darkness Palace were tempted.

“Reporting to Elder Demonic Abyss!” A peak Emperor half-knelt on the ground below.

“According to our intel, Zhao Feng hasn’t appeared for more than a month, and the forbidden grounds at the back of the Hall of Gods suddenly became heavily guarded.”

Many of the Elders present started to think. Could the Hall of Gods be taking some sort of new action?

“According to some of the information we found, this subordinate thinks that Zhao Feng might be trying to break through to the Mystic Light Realm!” the peak Emperor continued.


In an instant, many of the experts no longer concealed their auras, and the entire hall became tense as space itself seemed to freeze. Some Emperors found it hard to breathe, and their consciousness became blurry.

If it wasn’t for the fact that this scout had mentioned Zhao Feng’s cultivation, many of the people present would have forgotten that Zhao Feng was only a Quasi-Sacred Lord.

A Quasi-Sacred Lord managed to build such a large organization and force Nine Darkness Palace into such a desperate situation. Furthermore, everyone present knew Zhao Feng’s battle-power. He would become far more troublesome if he became a Sacred Lord!

“Can he succeed?” a male with red hair and black robes asked in a deep voice. Everyone paused for a moment; Zhao Feng was only twenty-something years old, and the age of his soul was only thirty-something. Was it possible for there to be such a young Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord?

“Which elder is willing to come with me to the Hall of Gods!?” Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss’ voice sounded. Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss believed that Zhao Feng had at least a 60% chance of breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm. One had to know that it was already incredible for normal Emperors or Quasi-Sacred Lords to have a 40% chance of breaking through.

“Elder Demonic Abyss, I am willing to accompany you!” the male with red hair and black robes said in a cold voice. He had gone to the True Martial Sacred Land before but failed to kill Nan Gongsheng, so he was extremely frustrated.

“Sure. Sacred Lord Evil Caster, Sacred Lord Wicked Truth, follow me and let us trample the Hall of Gods!” Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss laughed coldly.

He was originally extremely wary of Zhao Feng’s God Slaying Arrow, but if Zhao Feng was really trying to break through, he would die at the very last critical point of breaking through regardless of whether or not he had a God Slaying Arrow.

It wasn’t just Nine Darkness Palace that was stunned by the missions that the Silence Assassination Division set up. Elsewhere, Black Screen Corner also summoned a secret meeting.

Several figures in black floated around a hall in an underground palace.

“The recent actions from the Hall of Gods have had a big impact on Black Screen Corner!” an elder covered in gray light said in a raspy voice at the center of the hall.

The hall was dead-silent. It was obvious that, while they had done a lot to stop the Hall of Gods, their methods weren’t very effective. The Silence Assassination Division had set another group of missions recently that attracted away a large group of assassins from Black Screen Corner.

“Elder Bing, are we going to attack the Hall of Gods?” a figure in black with a powerful aura asked carefully.

“Idiot, Black Screen Corner is a neutral force. How can we attack other forces? If we do, all the other forces in the lord dynasty will think we are teaming up with Nine Darkness Palace!” The elder’s voice was slightly angry.

One of the reasons why Black Screen Corner could expand to such a size was because of its neutral attitude. If Black Screen Corner attacked a competitor, it was the same as digging their own grave.

Everyone knew that the Hall of Gods was the one with the biggest feud with Nine Darkness Palace. They could confirm that these assassination missions were set by the Hall of Gods in the Silence Assassination Division.

The hall instantly became silent again.

“My grandson needs some Purifying Blood Sacred Spirit Pills. I’ll go to the Hall of Gods personally in a while!” the elder covered in gray light suddenly said before disappearing.

“I didn’t expect Sacred King Dark Screen to personally take action!”

“The problems of Black Screen Corner should be easily solved!”

At this moment, Bi Qingyue’s eyebrows furrowed in the Hall of Gods as they organized the intel.

“From the looks of it, news of Master trying to break through to the Mystic Light Realm has leaked!”

Bi Qingyue felt her body become heavy.

“Come!” Bi Qingyue said out loud, and a guard soon entered the hall.

“Send these letters out!” Bi Qingyue handed over a few letters.

The aura coming from the forbidden grounds at the back of the Hall of Gods started to become even more terrifying after a few days. All the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within ten thousand miles of the Hall of Gods started to gather and made the air feel heavy.

No array was able to stop the scenery created by one trying to break through to the Mystic Light Realm!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

On this day, the sound of flying appeared above the Hall of Gods as surges of powerful auras one after another arrived before the Hall of Gods.

“Hall of Gods, Dark Sky Gate comes to visit!”

Sacred Lord Dark Ghost revealed an evil smile. He led the members of Dark Sky Gate directly into the territory of the Hall of Gods without even being approved. The guards at the front weren’t able to stop Sacred Lord Dark Ghost, and on top of that, he said that they were simply here for a “visit.”

Several more figures flew in from the distance.

“Isn’t this Sacred Lord Dark Ghost?” A cold laughter sounded, and a bald elder with a powerful aura leading several peak Emperors slowly flew over.

“Isn’t this the Grand Elder of the Black Radiant Clan?” Sacred Lord Dark Ghost asked with a smile.

The Black Radiant Clan was also a subordinate force of Nine Darkness Palace, located in Yu Province. Over the past couple days, the Black Radiant Clan had been living in constant fear. The three upper-echelon members of the Black Radiant Clan were all on the assassination list, and one of them had already been killed.

Three days later:

“Hall Master Bi, Duke Nanfeng is here!” A guard wearing golden armor spoke next to Duke Nanfeng.

Duke Nanfeng’s gaze was deep as he scanned around with his Divine Sense. He found several powerful auras and confirmed that Zhao Feng was indeed truly breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm.

If it wasn’t for Bi Qingyue’s letter, Duke Nanfeng wouldn’t believe that Zhao Feng was already trying to break through to the Mystic Light Realm.

“Duke, please come this way!” A group of guards immediately came forward and spoke in a respectful tone.

Another few days passed, and all the experts in the Hall of Gods felt a terrifying Demonic Dao aura appear.

“Hall of Gods, you shall give me an explanation today!” Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss stood in the sky and spoke in a forceful tone as black light surrounded him.

“Tell your Grand Elder to come out!”

“Don’t tell me that the assassination missions targeting the upper echelon of Nine Darkness Palace has nothing to do with you!”

Sacred Lord Evil Caster and Sacred Lord Wicked Truth behind Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss released unlimited demonic aura as they charged toward the Hall of Gods.

Right at this moment:

Weng~~ Boom!

Heaven and Earth above Zhao Feng’s residence shook as a three-colored divine light formed. It lit up the air and started to slowly form a three-colored whirlpool of blue, green, and red.