King Of Gods Chapter 1064

Chapter 1064 Four Star Forces Joining The War

Chapter 1064 – Four Star Forces Joining the War

“You were too arrogant. That’s why the upper echelons sent me here to wipe out all the Sacred Lords present!” Sacred King Roaring Sky couldn’t help but snicker as he looked at the two early-stage Mystic Light Realms and the two initial-stage Mystic Light Realms in front of him.

Even though Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei were amongst these four Sacred Lords, their cultivation was too low, so they were unable to utilize the full potential of their terrifying power. Thus, they weren’t Sacred King Roaring Sky’s match. Today, the owner of the Spiritual Race bloodline and the inheritor of the Evil God would be killed by him.

Zhao Feng, Nan Gongsheng, and company had ugly expressions. This was the first time everyone present was fighting against a Sacred King. An invisible pressure started to increase and cover them.

Sacred Lord Gonghuang looked at Zhao Feng, Nan Gongsheng, and Zhao Yufei. If it wasn’t for them, Sacred Lord Gonghuang wouldn’t have stayed behind and done something so dangerous.

“Fight while retreating!” Zhao Feng messaged the other three. The four of them didn’t stay behind to fight Sacred King Roaring Sky to the death. All they needed to do was stall him. Furthermore, the Ninth Prince had instantly sent a request for help the moment Sacred King Roaring Sky arrived.

“Go!” Zhao Feng roared as the four instantly moved back.

“Hmph, all of you shall die today!” Sacred King Roaring Sky said with an empowered expression as faint blue Mystic Light Sacred Power appeared around him, and a fierce Intent charged toward the escaping group.


Sacred King Roaring Sky casually waved his scaly arm, and a beam of faint blue Mystic Light Sacred Power shot forward like a tsunami.


Zhao Yufei and Nan Gongsheng instantly stood out and released a supreme aura. One was extremely forceful and evil while the other was noble and elegant. The two forces blocked Sacred King Roaring Sky’s power.

At the same time, Zhao Feng also circulated his Mystic Light Sacred Power and thrust out a scarlet-golden palm of lightning toward the front. Sacred Lord Gonghuang also slashed out with his halberd.

Their attacks clashed against Sacred King Roaring Sky’s attack.


Sacred Lord Gonghuang’s attack was instantly crushed by Sacred King Roaring Sky’s power while Zhao Feng’s Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Power managed to weaken Sacred King Roaring Sky’s attack. The four of them were able to block an attack from Sacred King Roaring Sky by coordinating.

“Hmm? This human!” Sacred King Roaring Sky’s eyes suddenly focused on Zhao Feng. In the instant they exchanged moves, he could tell that Zhao Feng was not simple, and his strength wasn’t any weaker than Zhao Yufei or Nan Gongsheng.

“Hehehe! Perfect! Today, the supreme prodigies of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty shall die here!” Sacred King Roaring Sky seemed to become excited as he started to face the four seriously.

“Go!” Zhao Feng, Zhao Yufei, and company started to speed backward after blocking the attack.

“Roaring Waves, Howling Sky!” Sacred King Roaring Sky spread his arms, and a faint blue Mystic Light Sacred Power appeared.

At this instant, the entire sky seemed to transform into faint blue waves and release a terrifying pressure of laws. Sacred King Roaring Sky waved his arms, and the terrifying attack swept toward the retreating group like a thousand-yard-tall tsunami.

“So strong!” Sacred Lord Gonghuang swallowed his spit. Everyone felt as if they were extremely tiny against such a chaotic and powerful attack. It was as if they could perish at any moment.

“Use your Little World projection to help us stop it!” Zhao Feng immediately said. Zhao Feng knew everyone relatively well, so he knew how they could utilize their specialties to resolve the danger in front of them.

A storm of lightning first appeared behind Zhao Feng’s back. It turned into a ball of dark chaotic power that shot forward. Nan Gongsheng’s expression was serious as a purple-and-blood-colored evil divine light appeared behind him. Zhao Yufei pushed out with her hand, and a ball of purple flames that summoned the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi appeared nearby and formed a barrier ahead of them. Sacred Lord Gonghuang also released his golden Little World projection.

At this instant, the power of four supreme Little Worlds teamed up and blocked Sacred King Roaring Sky’s attack.

Peng! Boom! Boom!

Sacred King Roaring Sky’s attack intertwined with the Little World projections in the air. Countless laws and Intents clashed with each another.

Zhao Feng and company retreated again after releasing their Little World projections.

If I was a bit stronger, I could use the Misty Spatial World and escape with the other three!

Zhao Feng felt slightly regretful. It was extremely difficult to take three Sacred Lords through space even with Zhao Feng’s current cultivation unless the destination was extremely close by. However, Zhao Feng hadn’t left any spatial markings close by.

“These guys!” Sacred King Roaring Sky was surprised. Sacred King Roaring Sky wouldn’t be scared even if they all used their Little World projections, but they only used them to block his attack before running away again.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sacred King Roaring Sky charged forward.

“I’ll just kill one first!” Killing intent flashed through Sacred King Roaring Sky’s eyes. As long as he killed any one of them, it would reduce their overall strength. There would be no problem killing the others one by one afterward.


A dark green halberd appeared in Sacred King Roaring Sky’s hand. It glittered with a faint blue light and seemed as if it could control all Water-elemental power. Sacred King Roaring Sky gripped the halberd and slashed forward.


An arc of green water shot out and summoned the power of Heaven and Earth as it sliced toward Sacred Lord Gonghuang. Sacred King Roaring Sky could obviously tell that Sacred Lord Gonghuang was the weakest of the four.

“Nan Gongsheng!” Zhao Feng immediately called out. Although Sacred Lord Gonghuang wasn’t very strong, he was still useful. They couldn’t let him die just like that.


Nan Gongsheng charged toward Sacred Lord Gonghuang and took out a green-bronze shield with carvings of a beast on it. This was a substandard God item the Golden Pond Shield. Nan Gongsheng had obtained it Xie Yang Palace.

Weng~~ Boom!

Howls and roars sounded from the green-bronze shield as the image of a beast appeared and covered Nan Gongsheng and Sacred Lord Gonghuang.


Sacred King Roaring Sky’s attack landed on the image of the beast and quickly sped through it, but when the line of green water clashed against the green-bronze shield, there wasn’t enough power left for it to pierce through it. At last, Sacred King Roaring Sky’s attack was stopped by Nan Gongsheng’s substandard God item.

“That’s a substandard God item!” Sacred King Roaring Sky’s eyes shook as greed appeared in them. Even he didn’t have a substandard God item.

“Quick, go!” Zhao Feng roared. At the same time, a green light appeared in his hand. This green light was the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly that had recently broken through to the Mystic Light Realm.

The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly had successfully broken through soon after Zhao Feng, but he never had a need for it recently.

At this instant, the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly was smoother than before, and it glittered with a faint green light. It released a terrifying bloodline aura the instant it appeared and attracted everyone’s attention.

The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly opened its mouth and spat out a five-colored silk that instantly filled the air within several hundred yards. The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly then flapped its wings after spitting out the silk and released dreamy pollen that landed on Sacred King Roaring Sky.

Although the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly couldn’t stop Sacred King Roaring Sky directly, its Dream Pollen still had a certain effect.

“Wind Lightning Eye Flame!” Zhao Feng’s left eye locked onto Sacred King Roaring Sky and gathered a huge amount of soul power. This was the strongest Wind Lightning Eye Flame that he ever used in his life.

The instant Sacred King Roaring Sky froze, a ball of purple fire exploded in his face.

“What powerful Soul Intent!” Zhao Feng could feel that Sacred King Roaring Sky’s soul was extremely refined and indestructible like metal. Even if Zhao Feng released a bunch of God Tribulation Lightning, he would still be unable to damage Sacred King Roaring Sky.

Boom! Weng~~~~

After using that move, Zhao Feng used the Wings of Wind and Lightning to catch up to Nan Gongsheng, Zhao Yufei, and Sacred Lord Gonghuang.

Zhao Feng was the fastest of the four. If he used the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash, he would be slightly faster than even late-stage Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords.

At this moment, Zhao Feng released a surge of Wind Lightning Sacred Power as he took the other three and sped off.

“Dammit, this bunch of vermin!” Sacred King Roaring Sky was furious. These four human Sacred Lords had countless methods, including even a Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly and defensive substandard God weapon.

“Roaring Wave of Destruction!” Sacred King Roaring Sky squinted his eyes, looked at the four that just escaped several thousand miles, and threw out the dark green halberd.

Boom! Bam! Bam!

This dark green halberd contained a stunning force of Water. Heaven and Earth turned into water wherever the halberd passed by.

At this instant, it seemed as if all the power of Heaven and Earth was crushing toward them. Heaven and Earth had turned into a blue-green color, as if they were engulfed in a whirlpool.

“Not good, Sacred King Roaring Sky’s too strong!” Sacred Lord Gonghuang shook his head in despair.

“Brother Feng!” Zhao Yufei was unable to fight back as well, and she grabbed Zhao Feng with her jade-like hands.


At this moment, Nan Gongsheng stepped out. They could only rely on his defensive substandard God item to block Sacred King Roaring Sky’s attack.

“Nan Gongsheng, there’s no need!” Zhao Feng said calmly, causing Nan Gongsheng to freeze. Did Zhao Feng have some sort of plan?

Suddenly, a terrifying pressure of draconic providence descended onto Heaven and Earth. A golden dragon-shaped sword-beam shot out from behind their group and clashed against the dark green halberd.

Peng! Boom!

The terrifying clash of Sacred Power shook Heaven and Earth as a deep explosion swept out in every direction.

“All of you, retreat!” A magnificent golden figure appeared in the air above the four.

“Thank you for helping us, Senior Yulong!” Sacred Lord Gonghuang revealed a respectful expression and gave a deep bow toward the figure in gold.

Zhao Feng and company then immediately started to retreat.

Seeing his attack stopped, Sacred King Roaring Sky looked grimly at Sacred King Yulong.

“The upper echelon of the Grand Imperial Hall has come to the battlefield?” Sacred King Roaring Sky asked.

“Isn’t the Dark Capital Cult on their way to the battlefield as well?” Sacred King Yulong replied with a smile.

The hearts of Zhao Feng, Nan Gongsheng, and company shook. They didn’t think that the peak forces of the two lord dynasties the Grand Imperial Hall and the Dark Capital Cult would already be taking action.

Originally, the war wouldn’t have reached such a level so quickly, but after Kun Yun arrived at the battlefield, things accelerated. Zhao Yufei, Nan Gongsheng, Zhao Feng, and company had also performed too well and caught the attention of the non-humans.

Yu Tianhao, Xuanyuan Wen, Tie Lingyun, and company were also becoming stronger very quickly on the battlefields of Ling Province and Shuang Province. They were all ranked in the war boards as well.

The last point was the Thirteenth Prince’s death. His death made the imperials send many experts to the front lines.

The combination of all these reasons pushed the tide of the war forward, and the strongest four-star forces in each lord dynasty were finally heading toward the battlefield.