King Of Gods Chapter 1065

Chapter 1065 Sky Fire Lightning Ape

Chapter 1065 – Sky Fire Lightning Ape

The participation of these two four-star superpowers meant that the war had entered the critical stages where the winner would soon be decided. At this moment in time, Zhao Feng, Nan Gongsheng, and company once against felt how tiny they were and how useless they were in a war between the two lord dynasties.

“Hmph, I’ll let you go today then!” Sacred King Roaring Sky glanced at Zhao Feng, Zhao Yufei, and company and could only leave unwillingly.

He had to admit that, while the cultivation of these four Sacred Lords was low, they were much stronger than normal Sacred Lords. With the addition of Sacred King Yulong, Sacred King Roaring Sky had no chance of winning. Besides, he needed to go back and report some intel.

“The entire continent shall be ours soon!” Sacred King Roaring Sky’s tone was certain as he sped away in a jet of water.

“Sacred Lord Gonghuang, be careful in the future!” Sacred King Yulong didn’t stop Sacred King Roaring Sky from leaving, he simply spoke to Sacred Lord Gonghuang instead.

“Understood, Senior Yulong!” Sacred Lord Gonghuang was very respectful.

Sacred King Yulong’s gaze landed on Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei. Of these two, one had the power of the Evil God and was still able to maintain his consciousness while the other had the Spiritual Race bloodline, which was ranked 19th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. If these two managed to mature, the non-humans wouldn’t be able to be cocky anymore.

Sacred King Yulong then deeply glanced at Zhao Feng. The owner of the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline of the Tie Family, the Grand Elder of the three-star Hall of Gods, and someone who managed to survive even after fighting Nine Darkness Palace for so long. He had even defeated Sacred Lord Myriad Forms and chased after Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss. Such accomplishments made Zhao Feng’s influence surpass even Zhao Yufei and Nan Gongsheng’s.


Sacred King Yulong turned into a golden beam of light and immediately disappeared.

“Let’s go meet up with the Ninth Prince!” Zhao Feng said after Sacred King Yulong left.

The group of four then headed toward the next stronghold. Almost all the experts had gathered here; after all, with the appearance of a non-human Sacred King, they definitely wouldn’t remain on the front lines.

“It’s Sacred Lord Gonghuang!”

“Zhao Feng, Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei are also there!”

“They’re back!”

All the experts in the city had excited and joyful expressions. After all, it was because of these four that they managed to escape from Sacred King Roaring Sky.

Several famous experts gathered together in a secret hall.

“I didn’t expect the Grand Imperial Hall and Dark Capital Cult to have already entered the battlefield!” the Ninth Prince exclaimed.

These two four-star powers could be said to be the real rulers of their respective Lord Dynasty.

“This means that almost all the other forces in the lord dynasty need to gather here as well!” The eyes of an elder twinkled.

The war had entered the critical stages. If the Grand Imperial Hall was defeated, then the entire Lord Dynasty would fall. Therefore, almost all the forces within the lord dynasty would participate in the war in order to ensure they won.

“I also received some news. The subordinate forces of the Grand Imperial hall have entered the battlefield more than three months ago.”

Some of the members discussed what happened as well as the progress of the war within the hall.

From Zhao Feng’s point of view, the true factor that would decide who won was the peak experts. Being an initial-stage Sacred Lord, Zhao Feng couldn’t change the tide of the war much.

Using this chance to increase my strength is the most important!Zhao Feng thought.

It didn’t matter which lord dynasty won; as long as he had unrivalled battle-power there was nothing to be worried about!

Zhao Feng prepared to enter seclusion and increase his strength after the meeting ended.

“Nan Gongsheng, it’ll be best for you to not show yourself as much!” Zhao Feng said on the way.

Now that the war between the lord dynasties was reaching the final stages, the thing that would decide the outcome would be the most powerful experts. Thus, the Demigod from Nine Darkness Palace would definitely be present.

The Demigod from Nine Darkness Palace might not attack the Hall of Gods, but they might act against Nan Gongsheng!

At this point, Zhao Feng wasn’t planning to enter the battlefield much anymore. Nan Gongsheng, Zhao Yufei, and himself would only attract Sacred King-level non-humans if they appeared. With their current strength, they obviously couldn’t fight back against a Sacred King. One mistake could result in their deaths.

On the other hand, he was expanding in the Ancient Dream Realm and had the duplication ability of his left eye, so he didn’t need any more resources right now.

“I know!” Nan Gongsheng returned to his residence.

“Yufei, you should go back to the Duanmu Family,” Zhao Feng suggested. He wasn’t planning to enter the battlefield much anymore, and with the Thirteenth Prince’s death, Zhao Yufei didn’t need to worry about the marriage.

“I want to stay next to Brother Feng!” Zhao Yufei had a decisive gaze. She was scared that she wouldn’t see Zhao Feng for several more years if she left now.

“I will also stay behind!” Duanmu Qing said with a faint smile. Although Duanmu Qing wasn’t as strong as Zhao Yufei, two Sacred Lords was obviously safer than one.

“Fine. Tell me if anything happens,” Zhao Feng looked at Zhao Yufei and said in a soft manner. He then entered seclusion after returning to his residence and circulated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique to multitask.

He first focused on consolidating the Earth of Wind Lightning. Zhao Feng needed to increase his cultivation quickly, and his Earth of Wind Lightning had just reached the early stages of the 9th level. If he didn’t reinforce it, it might have effects on his future cultivation.

Another part of his mind focused on absorbing the God Tribulation Lightning within the Demigod heads in the dimension of his left eye. The power of God Tribulation Lightning didn’t just increase the power of his eye-bloodline techniques, it could also refine his Soul Intent.

Shua! Shua!

At the same time, several pieces of Spirit Gathering Soul Refining Grass and a dark surge of mental energy entered Zhao Feng’s soul.

At this moment, Zhao Feng was more focused on how refined his soul was. He already had plentiful resources in terms of his lifeforce and body. As long as he could increase his Soul Intent, Zhao Feng could try to use the mysterious golden ball to duplicate even rarer items.

Zhao Feng would also sometimes enter the Ancient Dream Realm while cultivating to supply resources to the Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers and the Earth Shattering Raging Bulls.

Two months later, the rest of the Grand Imperial Hall arrived at the front lines and were mainly concentrated around Ling Province. Part of Sky Suspension Palace’s upper echelon and other three-star superpowers were also present.

On the other hand, the Dark Capital Cult had teamed up with Demonic Sky Palace and some of the other peak forces to fight against the humans.

All of the low-to-mid echelon members in Ling Province were being moved to Lan Province and Shuang Province because everyone knew that a big battle would happen in Ling Province.

One day, the two lord dynasties had a small-scale scouting war in Ling Province. Although not many people participated in it, almost everyone involved were unrivalled Emperors or Sacred Lords. Sacred Kings led the group.

The humans had the advantage in this small-scale fight and managed to defeat the non-humans.

Zhao Feng was in seclusion within the Misty Spatial World, but he obtained this information through Old Monster Xu, who was in Ling Province, through the use of the Dark Heal Seal.

“I didn’t think the war would have already reached such a terrifying level!” Zhao Feng faintly exclaimed.

The weakest people in the Ling Province’s conflict were peak Emperors. These members were almost all from the strongest forces in the lord dynasty. Old Monster Xu and several Emperors from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion were present in the Ling Province battlefield.

Of course, the number of those that fought didn’t exceed two hundred. After all, it was just a small-scale scouting battle.

Zhao Feng exited seclusion three months later. In this period of time, there were a few more small-scale battles.

“My Sacred Lightning Body has reached the early stages of the 6th level!”

Zhao Feng’s state of existence had increased by a small level


Zhao Feng entered the Ancient Dream Realm.

“Target the ruler of the forest, the Sky Fire Lightning Ape!” Zhao Feng ordered, then led the Earth Shattering Raging Bulls and Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers toward one of the forbidden grounds of the forest.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Heaven and Earth shook as a large fiery-red ape descended before Zhao Feng and released a powerful force.


The Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers and Earth Shattering Raging Bulls started to panic. It was obvious that the Sky Fire Lightning Ape’s bloodline was too strong and suppressed them.

Zhao Feng immediately activated the Sacred Lightning Body and fought back against the Sky Fire Lightning Ape’s pressure.

“This Sky Fire Lightning Ape has reached the level of a Sacred King!” Zhao Feng could estimate the Sky Fire Lightning Ape’s strength after interacting with a few Sacred Kings.

However, since Zhao Feng had some powerful beast packs with him, he wasn’t scared of this Sacred King Sky Fire Lightning Ape.

If Zhao Feng could take the beasts from here to the outside world, Sacred King Roaring Sky wouldn’t have dared to chase after Zhao Feng and company.

“This is my territory! All of you are courting death!” The Sky Fire Lightning Ape sent out a wave of mental energy.

“Sky Fire Lightning Ape, become my subordinate obediently and save your life!” Zhao Feng smiled confidently.

“Lowly human, how dare you enslave those of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races!” the Sky Fire Lightning Ape roared in anger. With just one glance, it could tell that Zhao Feng had enslaved all of the beasts next to him, and he could tell that Zhao Feng didn’t have any ancient bloodline himself.

“Charge!” Zhao Feng gave the order, and the Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers and Earth Shattering Raging Bulls split into two groups and attacked from the ground and the sky.

“All of you, die!” The Sky Fire Lightning Ape immediately activated its bloodline power without any hesitation after facing such a force.


Fire burned across the Sky Fire Lightning Ape’s body. At the same time, faint blue lightning was unleashed from its fists, eyes, and mouth.


The Sky Fire Lightning Ape punched out alongside a wave of fire and lightning. A giant powerful pillar of fire and lightning formed and towered over every direction.

“What power!” Zhao Feng was stunned. Luckily, his beasts were controlled by his Intent, so Zhao Feng sensed it as soon as the Sky Fire Lightning Ape was about to attack, allowing him to direct the beasts away from the range of the attack.

Boom! Weng~~~

Zhao Feng circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and Lightning Wings Flying Technique as he joined the battle. He didn’t dare to conserve any of his strength against such a terrifying opponent and attacked with full force.

Zhao Feng instantly unleashed the projection of his Little World of Wind Lightning as well as the Physical Force Lightning Domain. His every attack contained the combined power of his own strength, the Physical Force Lightning Domain, and the Little World projection.

Weng~~ Whoosh!

The Earth Shattering Raging Bulls travelled below the Sky Fire Lightning Ape while the Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers flew quickly in the sky and attacked with their wings and claws. Zhao Feng worked in sync with the two beast hordes to gradually weaken the enemy.

“Purple Soul Chaos!” Zhao Feng would occasionally use an illusion technique. Although not very effective, it could still distract the Sky Fire Lightning Ape for a moment.

The Sky Fire Lightning Ape started to become disadvantaged against the combined force of Zhao Feng and the two beast groups.

“Despicable human!” The Sky Fire Lightning Ape’s bloodline power was gradually weakening.

Peng~~ Boom!

The Sky Fire Lightning Ape suddenly leapt up and turned into a bolt of scarlet lightning that sped off into the sky.

The Sky Fire Lightning Ape had given up on its territory and was running away. It knew that it had lost; if it stayed here, it might become one of Zhao Feng’s slaves just like the Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers and the Earth Shattering Raging Bulls.

“Chase after it!” Zhao Feng wasn’t willing to let go of something so strong just like that. Even if he failed to enslave the Sky Fire Lightning Ape, its blood and flesh were extremely precious resources.