King Of Gods Chapter 1067

Chapter 1067 Black Serpent Dragon

Chapter 1067 – Black Serpent Dragon

Zhao Feng could get all the news from the Ling Province battlefield as soon as possible from Old Monster Xu. The Grand Elder of the Grand Imperial Hall Demigod Taichi and the Grand Elder of Demonic Sky Palace Demigod Destruction fought, and the human side lost.

“I didn’t expect the non-humans to have a Demigod that’s also a descendant of one of the Eight Great God Eyes!”

Zhao Feng was stunned. Demigod Destruction had the Eyes of Destruction, which descended from the God Eye of Destruction. The God Eye of Destruction was the strongest God Eye in terms of offense. It controlled the laws of Destruction and had the capability to destroy Heaven and Earth.

Zhao Feng had also heard of Demigod Taichi. This Demigod was the Grand Imperial Hall’s youngest Demigod; he cultivated the five elements as well as Yin and Yang, and he even managed to touch the door to the realm of Godhood.

“Heavenly Divine Realm!” Battle intent burned in Zhao Feng’s eyes.


Zhao Feng put the Fire Spirit Soul Scorching Grass into the dimension of his left eye and started to duplicate it. Zhao Feng took out one of the Fire Spirit Soul Scorching Grass and left the other one in so he could continue to duplicate it once he recovered to his peak.

Zhao Feng ate some herbs that replenished his Yuan Qi and started to absorb the Fire Spirit Soul Scorching Grass while activating the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique.


Wisps of dark red mental energy slowly entered Zhao Feng’s soul. Zhao Feng’s soul instantly started to burn, and a dark red light appeared around his Lightning Soul Body.

“This pain is nothing compared to when my soul split!” Zhao Feng gritted his teeth and continued to absorb the Fire Spirit Soul Scorching Grass.

When he finished absorbing this Fire Spirit Soul Scorching Grass, two more pieces of Fire Spirit Soul Scorching Grass had been duplicated in the dimension of his left eye, and he immediately took one of them out.

Three months later, Zhao Feng opened his colorful eyes, and a fiery-red Soul aura spread.

“My Soul Intent has reached the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm!” Zhao Feng was overjoyed.

He had used five pieces of Fire Spirit Soul Scorching Grass over the past three months, and his soul was in searing pain every instant. His hard work finally paid off!

Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent reaching the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm meant that his Soul eye-bloodline techniques would be even stronger than before.

Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline techniques and God Tribulation Lightning could now damage even Sacred Kings, unlike his Wind Lightning Eye Flame that was completely useless against Sacred King Roaring Sky.

“I wonder if I can duplicate my substandard God Slaying Arrows now!” Zhao Feng’s heart jumped.

His Soul Intent becoming stronger meant that his Eye Intent was also stronger. Once Zhao Feng could duplicate large amounts of substandard God Slaying Arrows, he wouldn’t need to be scared of Sacred Kings anymore, and he would be able to protect himself in the lord dynasty.


Zhao Feng carefully absorbed the substandard God Slaying Arrow into the dimension of his left eye.

Weng~~ Whoosh!

The mysterious golden ball quickly spun in the dimension of his left eye and released waves of faint golden light that passed through the substandard God Slaying Arrow. A ball of black matter finally appeared from the mysterious golden ball and and gave off a desolate aura.

“It’s going to start duplicating again!”

Zhao Feng knew the steps of duplication very clearly.

However, since he was trying to duplicate the substandard God Slaying Arrow this time, it might require a very long time. In this period of time, Zhao Feng’s main focus would be on the dimension of his left eye while another part of him would focus on the Soul Splitting Technique and some other soul techniques.

“I must stop immediately if I’m unable to duplicate it!”

Zhao Feng didn’t dare to put too much focus on cultivating his body or Mystic Light Sacred Power for now.

He would also use the Dark Heart Seal to communicate with Old Monster Xu and receive news of the war in the outside world.

The news of the human Demigod being defeated instantly spread across the lord dynasty and made everyone start to panic. All the forces in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty had thought that they wouldn’t lose and that the Grand Imperial Hall would be able to stop the non-humans, but now, they couldn’t help but worry.

All of the peak experts in both lord dynasties, such as those that were usually in seclusion, started to head toward the battlefield.

Demigod Dark Ocean of Nine Darkness Palace had left and was heading toward the front lines, while Demigod Withered Breath the Grand Elder of Sky Suspension Palace and a group of upper echelon members left the clan as well.

Several more battles erupted in the Ling Province battlefield over the last three months. The victories and losses for both sides were roughly equal.

“Looks like the war has entered the critical stages!”

The usually calm Zhao Feng couldn’t help but worry for the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. From the current situation, it was hard to tell what the final outcome would be. Even the most famous divination master in the lord dynasty couldn’t do so; after all, there were simply too many things that could change the final outcome.

“I should go to Ling Province and watch!” Zhao Feng thought.

A fight between Demigods was something that happened once every ten thousand years. Zhao Feng believed that he would be able to learn a lot just by watching.

Over the next eight days, most of Zhao Feng’s focus was still in the dimension of his left eye. At this point in time, his Eye Intent and Yuan Qi were extremely depleted. He had to replenish it with large amounts of precious resources.

“I wonder if I’ll succeed or not!”

Zhao Feng felt slightly scared. A dark golden arrow floated in the air above the mysterious golden ball in the dimension of his left eye. Next to it was a black ball of matter, and one could faintly see the blurry outlines of an arrow from it.

The mysterious golden ball in the very center suddenly started to quickly spin. At the same time, the consumption speed of Zhao Feng’s Eye Intent and Yuan Qi doubled.

“The duplication is entering its last stages!”

Zhao Feng had a complicated expression and was immersed in joy and shock.

Weng~ Weng~

Zhao Feng’s Eye Intent was quickly used up as the ball of black matter above the mysterious golden ball started to condense into a dark golden arrow.


The speed of the mysterious golden ball’s spinning slowed down right as Zhao Feng’s Eye Intent was completely used up!

At this moment, Zhao Feng’s left eye seemed to become a normal eye. He was unable to use any powers of the God’s Spiritual Eye.

“So close!”

Zhao Feng started to sweat. He wasn’t willing to give up at the last moment, but luckily, the God’s Spiritual Eye hadn’t been damaged. He just needed some time to recover.


Zhao Feng put the two substandard God Slaying Arrows into the Misty Spatial World.

Now that he had one more substandard God Slaying Arrow, he had one more hidden card. He wasn’t in a rush to duplicate more; he would only do so when his Soul Intent became stronger, since that would reduce the risk.

Zhao Feng started to heal his body and soul after successfully duplicating the substandard God Slaying Arrow.

Old Monster Xu sent a piece of news half a month later that stopped Zhao Feng from staying in seclusion.

“Master, a big battle happened between the two lord dynasties, and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon appeared on the non-humans’ side!”

Zhao Feng had completely recovered by now, and his expression turned to surprise when he heard this. Zhao Feng immediately ended his seclusion.

“I didn’t think that the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon would be hiding among the non-humans. Could that be why the non-humans started the war?” Zhao Feng murmured in a soft tone. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had been severely injured by the combined forces of Sky Suspension Palace and the Grand Imperial Hall, but if the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon dared to appear once more, that meant that it must have recovered most of its strength.

One had to know that the strength of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon at its peak was on par with Ancient God Xie Yang. True Gods had nine ranks, and “Ancient God” referred to those at the 6th rank or higher.

Zhao Feng estimated that the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon must have roughly recovered to the level of a Demigod. This meant that the non-humans basically had one more powerful Demigod.

A single extra Demigod was enough to change the tide of the war in favor of the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty that used to only be on par with the Great Gan Lord Dynasty!

“I need to go to the Ling Province battlefield!

Zhao Feng started to prepare.

A guard in golden armor stood close to the building he was staying in.

“Senior Zhao, His Highness told me to tell you that he has returned to the Great Gan Imperials’ side. His Highness also wanted me to give this to you!” the guard immediately said when he saw Zhao Feng come out, and he handed over a spiritual pet bag respectfully.

Zhao Feng paused for a moment. This spiritual pet bag was the one he had given the Ninth Prince a while ago; it contained two beast packs and three Quasi-Sacred Lord Sky Shaking Golden Apes.

“The Ninth Prince left the battlefield?”

There was probably only one reason why the Ninth Prince would leave at this moment to become the Sacred Emperor.

Almost five years had passed since the end of the Crown Prince trial. There was only one year left till the Ninth Prince would become the Sacred Emperor. They definitely wouldn’t allow him to stay on the battlefield any longer.

Zhao Feng put away the spiritual pet bag and put all the beasts within it into the Misty Spatial World.

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled as scanned around with his Divine Sense. He found that Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei were both in seclusion, so Zhao Feng left the stronghold alone and headed to the Ling Province battlefield by himself.

Zhao Feng maintained contact with Old Monster Xu on the way.

“The two lord dynasties have entered a full-scale war, and the Great Gan Lord Dynasty sent out three Demigods.”

Old Monster Xu told Zhao Feng some of the things happening in the battlefield. Zhao Feng’s blood started to boil just by hearing this.

“I wonder what a battle between Demigods would look like!”

Zhao Feng felt slightly regretful that he didn’t set a spatial marking close to the Ling Province battlefield.

Weng~ Weng~ Weng~

A pair of scarlet wings of lightning spread behind Zhao Feng’s back as he used the Lightning Wings Flying Technique to quickly head toward the battlefield.

“Old Monster Xu, you can go even closer to the battlefield!” Zhao Feng messaged Old Monster Xu.

At this moment, they were only a few big cities apart.

On the Ling Province battlefield, Old Monster Xu was surprised but still approached the battlefield proper. A strong surge of Eye Intent suddenly appeared from the bottom of his soul, and his eyes flashed with a layer of gold.

At this instant, Old Monster Xu felt like his sight had become several dozen times better. His eyes looked toward the sky and saw through the terrifying storm of destruction to see the Demigod figures fighting.

“So, this is a battle between Demigods!?”

Old Monster Xu’s heart shook, and he was completely dazed. Just from looking at it, Old Monster Xu felt like this terrifying power that could destroy Heaven and Earth had surpassed the limits of a Sacred Lord. Any random shockwave from a Demigod could easily kill him.

“Humans, I am back! All of you aren’t far from death now!”

A male covered in black scales and scarlet-black flames appeared. He had a deadly expression, and a black tornado whistled around him as it swept across several dozen miles.

In front of him was an elder wearing a large golden cloak and holding a golden staff with a dragon head on the top. Golden dragons made of light covered him. This person was the ruler of the Grand Imperial Hall and the person in charge of the lord dynasty Demigod Dragon Emperor.

“Black Serpent Dragon, you will die today!” Demigod Dragon Emperor’s eyes suddenly flashed with a golden light. Heaven and Earth changed color, and invisible power of laws and Intents swept toward the Black Serpent Dragon.