King Of Gods Chapter 1072

Chapter 1072 Lightning Tribulation Eye Flame

Chapter 1072 – Lightning Tribulation Eye Flame

All the forces within the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, whether they were big or small, had their eyes trained on the front lines. On the other hand, Zhao Feng only left behind a few intel agents on the battlefield and summoned all the other members back to the Hall of Gods.

The important upper echelon members of the Hall of Gods like Bi Qingyue, Supreme Emperor Dark Night, Old Monster Xu, the black-armored Sacred Lord, and company didn’t doubt Zhao Feng’s decision.

Zhao Feng himself immediately entered seclusion to raise his cultivation so that he would be able to scout out the God corpse in the future.

Zhao Feng had obtained a large amount of precious resources from the Ancient Dream Realm after conquering the Earth Shattering Raging Bulls and the Sky Fire Lightning Ape. Zhao Feng’s left eye had the ability to duplicate as well, so he could duplicate all the resources he needed until they were no longer of use to him.

Zhao Feng mainly focused on his cultivation this time. Apart from that, he also worked on his Soul eye-bloodline techniques.

Increasing his cultivation could reduce the gap between him and Sacred Kings so that he could protect himself against one. As for Soul eye-bloodline techniques, they were Zhao Feng’s strongest killing move apart from the God Slaying Arrow.

Right now, Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent was at the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm. His Soul eye-bloodline techniques could damage Sacred Kings; his Gaze of the God Eye and the God Eye Dispersion could even severely injure them.

However, there was a flaw in both of these skills when using them, Zhao Feng couldn’t do anything else. Since Sacred Lord experts usually had clones, the effectiveness of these two eye-bloodline techniques were drastically reduced. Currently, Zhao Feng’s clone – Zhao Wang wasn’t strong enough and couldn’t fight alongside him either.

Zhao Feng circulated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and decided to multi-task.

The Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique could increase Zhao Feng’s cultivation while the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body increased Zhao Feng’s physical defense and power, allowing him to not be completely useless against a Sacred King.

Zhao Feng also partially focused on cultivating soul-type secret techniques to strengthen his soul.

The last bit of his thoughts absorbed the power of God Tribulation Lightning within one of the Demigod heads. He put the other Demigod head into the dimension of his left eye to duplicate it.

If Zhao Feng’s duplication ability had awakened earlier, there would have been a lot more power of God Tribulation Lightning within the Demigod head, which would’ve made Zhao Feng’s duplication of them more efficient. Now though, each Demigod head only contained 5% of the total amount it used to have.

Like this, Zhao Feng entered seclusion in the Hall of Gods while all the other forces in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty were focused on the front lines. The Hall of Gods used this chance to quickly expand.

Three months later, Zhao Feng felt that his cultivation progress was extremely slow. This was because Zhao Feng had just broken through to the Mystic Light Realm recently and was continuously using precious resources from the Ancient Dream Realm, heavily reducing their effectiveness on him.

“If that’s the case, then it’s your turn!” A white crystal appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand. It gave off the faint aura of a God and caused the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby to tremble.

Substandard God Crystals were a luxury that Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords had, and they were usually only used when a Sacred Lord was about to break through. Zhao Feng was only at the initial stages of the Mystic Light Realm and was only using the Substandard God Crystals to increase his cultivation.

Zhao Feng also put a Substandard God Crystal into the dimension of his left eye to duplicate it. After all, he didn’t exactly have a lot of Substandard God Crystals.


Zhao Feng gripped the Substandard God Crystal and absorbed a stream of pure Heaven Earth essence into his body before moving it to the Sacred Power Whirlpool within his dantian.

“What a pure source of energy!” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but become overjoyed.

Zhao Feng almost didn’t even need to refine the energy within the Substandard God Crystals at all; he could just use it directly. Since this was the first time he was using the Substandard God Crystals, the energy contained within it greatly helped Zhao Feng’s body.

The energy contained within the Substandard God Crystals was very strong, and it could refine the Sacred Power Whirlpool within Zhao Feng’s body. To a certain degree, it increased how strong Zhao Feng’s Mystic Light Sacred Power was.

Like this, Zhao Feng used the Substandard God Crystals to increase his cultivation. If the Sacred Lords of the continent knew that Zhao Feng was wasting Substandard God Crystals like this and using them as a daily resource, they would probably vomit blood in anger.

“If I use Substandard God Crystals, I should be able to reach the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm before the God corpse is revealed!” Zhao Feng thought. This was the first time he was increasing his cultivation in such a rush and not consolidating his foundation. However, the sacrifice he was making was for the God corpse, and it would all be worth it.

Furthermore, with the duplication ability of his left eye, Zhao Feng could use Substandard God Crystals while creating more. It was an endless cycle, so Zhao Feng didn’t need to worry that he wouldn’t have enough Substandard God Crystals.

However, while duplicating the Substandard God Crystal, the Yuan Qi and Eye Intent within his body were also decreasing, so he needed to eat many precious herbs during the duplication process or take a break to rest.

Zhao Feng’s thought quickly spun. Countless theories and soul secret techniques flashed by in his mind. At the same time, Zhao Feng thought about the Soul eye-bloodline techniques and secret techniques that he had learned in the past.

After thinking for a long time, Zhao Feng understood that, in order to create a new eye-bloodline technique that could threaten or injure Sacred Kings, he couldn’t base it off his Soul Intent. Most of the damage from Zhao Feng’s Soul eye-bloodline techniques actually came from the God Tribulation Lightning.

“What if I used my soul power as support for the power of God Tribulation Lightning?” Zhao Feng had a thought.

In the past, Zhao Feng had always based his Soul eye-bloodline techniques off his soul power and Eye Intent while using the God Tribulation Lightning as support. All traditional Soul eye-bloodline techniques were like this.

Zhao Feng started to study new eye-bloodline techniques from a different perspective; he started from the God Tribulation Lightning.

A month later, Zhao Feng still found that it was extremely difficult to create powerful eye-bloodline techniques from this perspective, so he decided to improve a skill that he already knew.

Zhao Feng chose the Wind Lightning Eye Flame. The Wind Lightning Eye Flame was extremely useful, and it became stronger as Zhao Feng’s Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique progressed, which was why he was still using it.

Zhao Feng felt that the progress was extremely smooth when improving the Wind Lightning Eye Flame. After all, he knew it very well already.

Zhao Feng’s left eye suddenly opened three months later, and a terrifying Soul aura with the laws of Destruction spread. A ball of God Tribulation Lightning blinked in Zhao Feng’s left eye. Each mark of God Tribulation Lightning glittered with a soul-fire that finally formed a ball of crystalline purple God Tribulation Lightning soul-fire.

“Lightning Tribulation Eye Flame, complete!”

A faint smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s face. The completion of the Lightning Tribulation Eye Flame meant that Zhao Feng’s mastery over the God Tribulation Lightning had improved.

In this period of time, Zhao Feng managed to duplicate three more Demigod heads, and he absorbed all the God Tribulation Lightning within them into his Lightning Soul Body. Zhao Feng had almost four thousand God Tribulation Lightning symbols within his Lightning Soul Body now. He didn’t know how strong his Lightning Tribulation Eye Flame would be if he combined all of the symbols of God Tribulation Lightning together.

The Lightning Tribulation Eye Flame was different from the Wind Lightning Eye Flame. The Lightning Tribulation Eye Flame only existed in the soul-dimension and aimed solely for soul damage.

Furthermore, the power of the Lightning Tribulation Eye Flame was in correlation with the number of God Tribulation Lightning symbols Zhao Feng had. This meant that, as long as Zhao Feng kept on duplicating the Demigod heads and absorbing the power of God Tribulation Lightning within them, the strength of his Lightning Tribulation Eye Flame would increase.

Zhao Feng ended seclusion and took a break from cultivating after completing the Lightning Tribulation Eye Flame.

Zhao Feng had managed to create a Soul eye-bloodline technique after sevenmonths of seclusion, but his cultivation still hadn’t broken through to the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm even with the help of so many substandard God Crystals.

Luckily, Zhao Feng’s left eye had the ability to duplicate substandard God Crystals or else all of his substandard God crystals might have been used up. However, Zhao Feng’s current state wasn’t very good since he had constantly been using the duplication ability of his left eye for seven months. He needed time to recover.

Zhao Feng used the Dark Heart Seal to contact Bi Qingyue after coming out of seclusion.

“Master, the Divine Power near the front lines has completely disappeared, and all the experts in the continent zone can reach a depth of several thousand miles now,” Bi Qingyue reported to Zhao Feng.

“They can already reach several thousand miles underground now!?” Zhao Feng was surprised. The speed of the Divine Power’s disappearance far exceeded his expectations.

Time didn’t wait for anyone. Zhao Feng needed to break through to the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm as soon as possible or else he truly wouldn’t be able to seek fortune from the God corpse.

“Master, the imperials are here!” Bi Qingyue’s voice sounded in Zhao Feng’s mind.

“The imperials?” Zhao Feng’s gaze saw through everything; he saw two imperials outside the Hall of Gods. One of them was Sacred King Feather Spirit. Alongside Sacred King Feather Spirit was an early-stage Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord.

“A Sacred King coming at this time?” Zhao Feng felt that something was not good.

Everyone was attracted by the Divine Power on the battlefield, and almost all the Sacred Kings were near the battlefield, unwilling to leave at all. However, Sacred King Feather Spirit had come to the Hall of Gods at this time?

Zhao Feng didn’t know Sacred King Feather Spirit well, but he pretty much knew why Sacred King Feather Spirit was here.

“Senior Feather Spirit, please come in!” Zhao Feng messaged and invited Sacred King Feather Spirit into the hall.


Sacred King Feather Spirit took the other Sacred Lord and entered the hall to see Zhao Feng. In an instant, all the laws and power of Heaven and Earth nearby were affected by Sacred King Feather Spirit’s each and every action.

“Zhao Feng, I’m here for the Thirteenth Prince and why he was killed!” Sacred King Feather Spirit said righteously.

“Sacred Lord Gonghuang can prove that I didn’t leave the city that day,” Zhao Feng replied with a faint smile. He didn’t panic.

“Zhao Feng! Don’t deny it! You have a substandard God item the Misty Spatial World! As long as you leave a mark behind wherever the Thirteenth Prince would pass, you can go directly there and back!” the green-robed early-stage Sacred Lord next to Sacred King Feather Spirit immediately said.

This early-stage Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord was the Sacred Empress’ grandfather. The Sacred Emperor, Empress, and this elder in green robes had begged Sacred King Feather Spirit to personally find out the truth.

“Furthermore, we found an aura of Wind Lightning where the Thirteenth Prince was killed!” The green-robed elder revealed a deadly smile.