King Of Gods Chapter 1075

Chapter 1075 Entering The God Corpse

Chapter 1075 – Entering the God Corpse

“So that’s how it is!”

Zhao Feng used the transparency ability of his left eye to scout out the situation underground, and he soon obtained some information.

The experts underground were split into many groups by their respective forces. Some forces would take in other experts as well; some of the normal early-stage and late-stage Sacred Lords that didn’t dare to go alone would enter a force or clan for protection. At the same time, these forces would take in these experts in order to expand their overall strength and make sure they could obtain more of whatever was underground.

There were also experts acting solo and small teams. Zhao Feng, Nan Gongsheng, and Zhao Yufei were one such team that just came together.

Nan Gongsheng had reached the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm, and although he might not have consolidated his foundation yet, he still had the ability to fight against a Sacred King. Zhao Yufei was only at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm, but she had the Spiritual Race bloodline, and when fighting near the God corpse, her battle-power wouldn’t be weaker than Nan Gongsheng’s due to the thick Heaven Earth Yuan Qi down there.

Therefore, Zhao Feng’s team was very strong. As long as they didn’t meet a Demigod, there would be no accidents. This was also why Zhao Feng wasn’t worried about Zhao Yufei coming.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng still had another hidden card, and that was Demigod Kun Yun! He could roughly sense the location of Kun Yun with the square token he had received. Zhao Feng believed that Kun Yun should have become a bit stronger after so much time had passed.

“Come with me!” Zhao Feng used the Mystic Light Sacred Power of the Earth of Wind Lightning to cover Zhao Yufei and Nan Gongsheng and merged into the wall of an abyss.

“Zhao Feng, you know how to use the laws of Earth?” Nan Gongsheng asked.

Back in the Divine Illusion Dimension, Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng couldn’t do much when the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon and the Blue Serpent Dragon were using the laws of Earth to escape. They had to rely on the little thieving cat to force them out.

Zhao Feng didn’t reply to Nan Gongsheng. He just continued to speed underground with his teammates.

“The forces of Nine Darkness Palace aren’t nearby!” Zhao Feng felt lucky. If the forces of Nine Darkness Palace were close by, then Zhao Feng would have to take a big detour.

Zhao Feng finally chose a certain spot and stopped.

“We’ll wait for the Divine Power to disappear, then take action!” Zhao Feng said. He knew what was underground and how big of a range the Divine Power covered.

Zhao Yufei didn’t question what Zhao Feng said. She immediately merged into her Little World and started to cultivate. Zhao Yufei was extremely close to the Divine Power right now, so it was very beneficial for her to cultivate here given her Spiritual Race bloodline.

Although Nan Gongsheng had some questions, he didn’t say anything.


Zhao Feng entered the Misty Spatial World. The little thieving cat was snoring inside. Its gray fur was blinking with a weird light and giving off a bloodline aura that made even Zhao Feng’s heart jump.

“Could the little thieving cat have a bloodline of one of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races?” Zhao Feng asked himself. He was extremely knowledgeable and had interacted with many different Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodlines.

According to his guesses, if the little thieving cat did have one of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races’ bloodlines, the ranking of the bloodline should be at least in the top thirty, but Zhao Feng was unable to determine which specific bloodline it was just from this chaotic aura alone.

Zhao Feng had many questions regarding the little thieving cat, and now there was one more.


Two substandard God Crystals appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand.

“There’s still a bit of time left till the Divine Power fully disappears. I’ll try to break through to the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm before then!”

Zhao Feng had a decisive look as he circulated the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique to absorb the pure power within the substandard God Crystals.

Even though Zhao Feng was in a team with Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei, it was still extremely dangerous for him to scout out the God corpse as a mere initial-stage Sacred Lord.

At the same time, he put another substandard God Slaying Arrow into the dimension of his left eye and started to duplicate it. With Zhao Feng’s current strength, he could severely threaten Sacred Kings with his dark gold substandard God Slaying Arrows. The power of one was roughly on par with his Lightning Tribulation Eye Flame at full power, but Zhao Feng wouldn’t want to use up every God Tribulation Light symbol at once, so he needed to duplicate some more substandard God Slaying Arrows.

The Divine Power underground started to slowly dim. Apart from Zhao Feng and company, the other forces and teams started to go down deeper as it slowly faded away because they still didn’t know how deep the abyss went.

In the center of the Grand Imperial Hall’s forces, Demigod Dragon Emperor stood there and held a golden staff with a dragon head on it as he radiated a terrifying aura that suppressed everything within several miles.

At the edge of the Grand Imperial Hall’s forces stood Sacred King Feather Spirit. His eyes flashed, and his consciousness entered his interspatial storage item as a certain object within it flashed. Sacred King Feather Spirit’s thoughts moved as he obtained some information.

“Hehehe, he really dared to come here!?” A smile of mockery appeared on Sacred King Feather Spirit’s face.

“Sacred King Xihai, that brat is here. Please help me, and I’ll repay you in the future!” Sacred King Feather Spirit said to a middle-aged male with blue hair next to him.

Demigods and Sacred Kings led the various forces of the Grand Imperial Hall. Sacred King Feather Spirit and Sacred King Xihai were in the same team, and Sacred King Feather Spirit was the leader. There was one late-stage Sacred Lord and two early-stage Sacred Lords in their team as well.

Such a terrifying team would be enough to destroy a three-star power in the outside world, but right now, this team that Sacred King Feather Spirit led probably wouldn’t even be in the top twenty teams of everyone present.

“With the relationship between you and me, you don’t need to repay me!” Sacred King Xihai laughed and said. The laws of Water flowed around him and turned the mud into streams of water. He seemed to be submerged in a world of water.

In another place underground that was covered by demonic mist:

“Reporting to Grand Elder, we’ve confirmed that Zhao Feng has come!” an early-stage Sacred Lord half-knelt on the ground and said respectfully.

A figure suddenly appeared in the demonic mist.

“Zhao Feng’s here to seek death!”

A dark purple demonic flame flashed in Demigod Dark Ocean’s eyes. He was the Grand Elder of Nine Darkness Palace, and almost all of the upper echelon members of Nine Darkness Palace hated Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng had slain many experts of Nine Darkness Palace the moment they met, and he had taken over countless subordinate forces and resources of Nine Darkness Palace. His force had even stepped on Nine Darkness Palace’s fame to rise.

Nine Darkness Palace wouldn’t tolerate such humiliation. Demigod Dark Ocean had been planning to deal with this himself as soon as they finished learning the secrets of the underground, but Zhao Feng actually came right to them instead.

“Kill Zhao Feng on sight!” Demigod Dark Ocean’s voice sounded in the demonic mist.

“Understood!” Powerful auras came from the leaders of various groups as they replied in the demonic mist.

In a certain place underground, a male covered in black dragon scales stood next to a very normal female in white.

“As expected of the Eyes of Destiny; none of the other experts are able to sense my existence here!”

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon smiled nastily. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s hiding spot was perfectly far away from all the powerful forces of both lord dynasties.

Bai Lin’s pale eyes suddenly released a surge of profound soul power that transformed into colorful images.

“Still unable to see anything about Zhao Feng!” Bai Lin sighed as her pale-white eyes started to spin. At a certain moment, a wicked purple-and-blood-colored figure appeared in the images, and blurry sceneries formed as well.

“We will meet Zhao Feng in the head of the God corpse!” Bai Lin said. As she was unable to see anything about Zhao Feng himself, she had to look at those related to Zhao Feng.

“The head of the God corpse?” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s eyes flashed. Even if Bai Lin didn’t say that, his final goal was the head of the God corpse anyway.

“Get ready to enter!” Bai Lin suddenly said, and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon shook. The next instant, the Divine Power underground that could destroy everything in its path completely disappeared.


The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon swept Bai Lin into his Little World and instantly charged downward. A white crystalline material appeared before the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

“The combination of a God-like power and Divine Power!”

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon instantly understood the state of this God corpse. The God Body of a True God was immortal and undying, and it was even more terrifying when merged with Divine Power. Even if all the Demigods of the continent zone teamed up, they probably wouldn’t be able to destroy it.

“A gap?” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s eyes focused, and he admired the Eyes of Destiny even more. The God corpse was enormous, so it was extremely hard to find a gap, but there was one right in front of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon. Everything was in the Eyes of Destiny’s control.


The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon entered one of the gaps on the surface of the God corpse.

Elsewhere in the depths underground, the God corpse was revealed as the Divine Power completely disappeared.

“It’s the corpse of a God?” Demigod Dragon Emperor froze.

“Such a large body! How strong was this person when they were alive? And why is their body here?” Grand Emperor Song’s Divine Sense scanned over the enormous God Corpse and was completely stunned.

Boom! Hu~~

All of the forces of both lord dynasties took action and charged toward the large crystalline God corpse.

Peng! Boom!

A Sacred King thrust out a destructive red bolt of lightning, but it didn’t leave any marks on the God corpse at all.

“It’s completely unharmed!” This Sacred King was stunned, so he led his team to find an entrance.


“Zhao Feng!” Nan Gongsheng roared with faint anger.


Zhao Feng’s figure instantly appeared, and he had a smile on his face.

“Brother Feng, you broke through?” Zhao Yufei congratulated as she sensed the difference in Zhao Feng’s aura.

“That’s right!” Zhao Feng squeezed out a smile. He finally managed to break through to the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm at the very end, but it was hard to say just how many resources and substandard God Crystals he used in this period of time.

Zhao Feng circulated the Mystic Light Sacred Power of the Earth of Wind Lightning and charged forward as he covered the other two with his power as well.

“This is a God corpse!” Zhao Feng didn’t conceal anything anymore and said directly.


There was a gap in the God corpse right below them, and they jumped directly into the body of the God corpse.

How can there be such a coincidence that a gap is directly below us!?Nan Gongsheng’s eyes darkened. He felt Zhao Feng’s mysteriousness and that unsurpassable sensation once more.