King Of Gods Chapter 1078

Chapter 1078 Zhao Fengs Plan

Chapter 1078 – Zhao Feng’s Plan

“Let’s team up and kill him!” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms said to the late-stage Sacred Lord next to him.

The other non-human early-stage Sacred Lord had at least 50% of his battle-power suppressed by Zhao Feng’s domain, so he was completely ignored by Sacred Lord Myriad Forms.

“Sure!” The bulky red-furred non-human glared at Zhao Feng. Although the human in front of him was only at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm, a strong pressure was radiating from him.

However, he didn’t need to worry if he teamed up with Sacred Lord Myriad Forms. Sacred Lord Myriad Forms had the Eyes of Myriad Forms, and his true strength was probably even higher than normal late-stage Sacred Lords.

“Myriad Forms World of Fire!” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms focused his eyes, and the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby turned into a surge of fire. The temperature started to rise, and waves of fire surrounded Zhao Feng.

The red-furred non-human roared and waved his fists. Scarlet-red fire covered him as he seemed to turn into a flaming beast.

“Heaven Earth Fire Dragon!” A scarlet dragon of fire wrapped around the non-human Sacred Lord as he charged toward Zhao Feng.

The flaming space was unable to do any damage to the walls.

“I can also absorb the element of Fire!” Zhao Feng laughed coldly as he activated his perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline.

Weng~~ Boom!

A scorching glass-like flame that gave off a terrifying heat was released from Zhao Feng’s body. At the same time, the nearby fire quickly merged into Zhao Feng’s body.

Sacred Lightning Dominating Punch!

Zhao Feng used the Fire of Wind Lightning and his Sacred Lightning Body together and clashed against the red-furred non-human Sacred Lord.

The red-furred non-human Sacred Lord only cultivated Fire-elemental techniques, but Zhao Feng had a Fire-elemental bloodline. On top of that, Zhao Feng’s Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique didn’t just contain the element of Fire. Therefore, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ World of Fire was actually more helpful to Zhao Feng.


The red-furred non-human Sacred Lord was instantly pushed back by Zhao Feng’s explosive power and landed against the wall behind him. A scarlet glass-like flame burned across his body and started to erode him.

“How is this possible? This human’s strength!” The red-furred non-human Sacred Lord was completely stunned. He couldn’t believe that he was defeated by an early-stage Sacred Lord like this.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several thousand golden sword-beams stabbed toward Zhao Feng right as the red-furred non-human Sacred Lord was sent flying.

“Swords of Piercing Metal!”

The spinning rainbow-colored light within Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ left eye started to slow down.

On the other side, the early-stage Sacred Lord unleashed an attack toward Zhao Feng at the same time.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat listened to Zhao Feng’s orders and waved the Dark Golden Dragon Snake Whip at the early-stage Sacred Lord non-human.

“Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, you’re still trying to use these little tricks against me?” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but snicker.


The Earth of Wind Lightning combined with Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Body and formed a dark yellow barrier of lightning.


The several thousand Swords of Piercing Metal were stopped by Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Protection after piercing through the barrier by half an inch.


The barrier around Zhao Feng released a brilliant wave of lightning that instantly shattered the countless swords into pieces. At the same time, part of the Earth of Wind Lightning’s power swept toward Sacred Lord Myriad Forms.


Sacred Lord Myriad Forms focused his eyes, and a shield of Wind Lightning appeared and blocked the force from Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Protection.

“How can your battle-power be so strong even after you raised your cultivation so quickly?” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms locked onto Zhao Feng with his eyes.

Zhao Feng was only a Quasi-Sacred Lord when they fought the first time. Several years later, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ cultivation hadn’t increased, but Zhao Feng had reached the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm.

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms originally thought that Zhao Feng had forcefully increased his cultivation to the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm in order to come here, but that his actual strength hadn’t increased that much. However, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was actually slightly scared of the current power that Zhao Feng was displaying.

“Why are you talking so much nonsense?” Zhao Feng laughed coldly as he released the projection of his Little World of Wind Lightning toward Sacred Lord Myriad Forms alongside his Physical Force Lightning Domain.

Zhao Feng’s cultivation did increase rapidly, but even he didn’t know how many precious substandard God Crystals he used in order to do so.

At this moment, Zhao Feng’s cultivation was on par with Sacred Lord Myriad Forms. In terms of physical attacks, Zhao Feng didn’t need to be scared of Sacred Lord Myriad Forms at all, and in terms of the soul, Zhao Feng completely crushed Sacred Lord Myriad Forms.

“Lord Black Poison, Lord Purple Poison!” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms prepared to ask the two Sacred Kings for help after seeing how strong Zhao Feng was.

However, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms paused after seeing the situation next to him. The two Sacred Kings from the snakemen race were only on par with Zhao Yufei and Nan Gongsheng. As for the early-stage Sacred Lord, he was completely suppressed by the little thieving cat.

“Wind Lightning Eye Flame!”

Zhao Feng circulated the power of his left eye and used an eye-bloodline technique while Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was distracted.


A purple-and-gold lightning-fire instantly exploded in Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ face. With Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent being at the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm, his regular Wind Lightning Eye Flame was enough to cause trouble for Sacred Lord Myriad Forms.

“Forbidden Illusion Lost World!” Zhao Feng used a technique from the Dao of Illusions. In an instant, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ eyes were completely attracted to Zhao Feng’s left eye, and he fell into an endless maze.

“The Eyes of Myriad Forms shall be mine!” Zhao Feng was overjoyed. At this moment, he could completely suppress Sacred Lord Myriad Forms and kill him with his Soul eye-bloodline techniques. However, if he did that, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ eyes would be destroyed, and the Eyes of Myriad Forms would completely disappear.

Ever since he had completed the second level of the Soul Splitting Technique, Zhao Feng had a thought, and that was to merge a pair of eyes from one of Eight Great God Eyes’ descendants into his second clone.

The clones of a Sacred Lord usually had a certain percentage of their battle-power directly after being created, but Zhao Feng’s soul clone needed time to become stronger. However, if Zhao Feng merged the eyes from one of the Eight Great God Eyes’ descendants into his clone, it would increase the rate of its growth.

Zhao Feng estimated that, if Zhao Wang didn’t have the Eye of Death, his cultivation speed would be at least 60% slower. Therefore, Zhao Feng wanted to prepare for his second clone ahead of time and obtain another eye from a descendant of the Eight Great God Eyes in order to increase the rate of the next clone’s growth.

In addition, the experience and comprehensions that this clone obtained would also be transferred into his own consciousness. If Zhao Feng’s second clone had the Eyes of Myriad Forms, then Zhao Feng wouldn’t need to worry about comprehending the five elements at all, which would be of great help for Zhao Feng’s Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique.

However, at this moment, the red-furred non-human Sacred Lord charged at Zhao Feng.

“Roar of the Fire Dragon!” The red-furred non-human Sacred Lord released a surge of bright Mystic Light Sacred Power that formed a large flaming dragon and crushed toward Zhao Feng.


The fire dragon instantly spat out a terrifying wave of fire that turned the walls nearby red and unleashed a heatwave.

“What is this power of Fire!?” Zhao Feng was surprised. As expected, one couldn’t underestimate any Sacred Lord at the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm.

“Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm!” Zhao Feng’s expression darkened as he circulated his Mystic Light Sacred Power and thrust out a giant palm of golden-scarlet lightning.

This non-human Sacred Lord had interrupted Zhao Feng right at the critical moment, so Zhao Feng wouldn’t hold back.


The two devastating elements of Fire clashed together.


The golden-scarlet palm that Zhao Feng thrust out instantly released a brilliant bolt of scarlet-golden lightning that shattered the fire dragon. After destroying the fire dragon, the remaining power of the Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm crushed over toward the non-human Sacred Lord.


This non-human Sacred Lord was sent crashing into the wall, and several cracks appeared in his Sacred Body. A scorching fire then started to burn across his injuries.

Zhao Feng looked at Sacred Lord Myriad Forms once more after finishing off that Sacred Lord. It was as this moment that a weird light flashed in Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ Eyes of Myriad Forms, and he managed to struggle out from the Forbidden Illusion Lost World. Cold sweat covered his body as he looked at Zhao Feng in fear.

Weng~ Weng! Weng!

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms quickly retreated as he summoned Wind Lightning.

He knew that he was trapped by Zhao Feng’s illusion technique just now. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had the Eyes of Myriad Forms, which gave him stronger resistance against soul attacks, he might have never woken up. He never expected Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent to have increased so quickly on top of his cultivation increase.

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms suddenly thought of something; with Zhao Feng’s monstrous Soul Intent, Zhao Feng didn’t need to use so much effort just to deal with him. Zhao Feng probably wanted something from him.

“Lord Black Poison and Lord Purple Poison, let’s retreat!” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms immediately messaged the two Sacred Kings. Sacred Lord Myriad Forms knew that he wasn’t Zhao Feng’s match.

“What!? You three!?” Sacred King Black Poison’s eyes were ugly. He originally thought that Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei were the strongest of the trio. Sacred Lord Myriad Forms and the other two Sacred Lords should have been able to easily finish off Zhao Feng, but in just a short while, the early-stage Sacred Lord was defeated by a little cat while the late-stage Sacred Lord was heavily injured by Zhao Feng, not to mention Sacred Lord Myriad Forms.

“Purple Poison, let’s go!” Sacred King Black Poison’s eyeballs spun as he messaged Sacred King Purple Poison. From the current situation, it looked like Zhao Feng wasn’t any weaker than Nan Gongsheng or Zhao Yufei. Once Sacred Lord Myriad Forms lost, the two of them would have the face the attacks of all three humans.

“Dammit, these three humans!” A deadly expression appeared on Sacred King Purple Poison’s face. The victory that he thought he could easily obtain had turned into such a hard-fought battle, and at the very end, they had to retreat.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The two Sacred Kings of the snakemen race immediately used an escaping technique and left with Sacred Lord Myriad Forms.

“Chase after them!” Zhao Feng immediately roared. He almost managed to obtain the Eyes of Myriad Forms just now; if he lost this chance, who knew if he would even be able to see Sacred Lord Myriad Forms again?

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Zhao Feng, Nan Gongsheng, and Zhao Yufei immediately chased after them, and the little thieving cat’s Dark Golden Dragon Snake Whip turned into a rope that wrapped itself around the two beaten Sacred Lords and pulled them into the Misty Spatial World.

“Hmph, no one can catch up to me!” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms revealed a smile. Sacred Lord Myriad Forms didn’t have much confidence in escaping from Zhao Feng if he was alone, but it was different since he was retreating with two Sacred Kings.

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms focused his eyes, and a rainbow-colored light of Myriad Forms Sacred Power appeared behind them as a storm of ice appeared out of nowhere.

“Ice Imperial Spear!”

A layer of ice-blue liquid also appeared in space and formed a mist that covered Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei.


Zhao Feng and company were easily able to pass through the storm of ice without any resistance.