King Of Gods Chapter 1079

Chapter 1079 Working Together

Chapter 1079 – Working Together

“Ice Imperial Spear!”

A layer of ice-blue liquid also appeared in space and formed a mist that covered Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei.

The effect of the ice storm was completely blocked, and they were able to chase after the three nonhumans without any resistance.

“Dammit, this brat!” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ eyebrows furrowed together. He had forgotten the fact that Zhao Feng also specialized in the laws of Water.

However, even if that was the case, it was still difficult for Zhao Feng and company to catch up to Sacred Lord Myriad Forms and the two Sacred Kings.

“Hmph, they dare to chase after us?” Sacred King Black Poison snickered coldly as he saw Zhao Feng and company chasing after them. He and Sacred King Purple Poison were only scared that Zhao Feng and company would attack them after Sacred Lord Myriad Forms lost. However, that wasn’t an issue since Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was right by them now.

“Extreme Purple Poison Blade!” Sacred King Purple Poison suddenly turned around and slashed out with a short purple blade, unleashing an arc of glittering purple light. When one looked at it, they could feel deadly poison radiating from it.

Weng~~ Whoosh!

Zhao Feng, Nan Gongsheng, and Zhao Yufei had experience working together, and they instantly unleashed their Little World projections. Three monstrous Little World projections twisted together and blocked the path in front of them.

The purple-colored beam of light was blocked by the Little Worlds, slowly depleting its Mystic Light Sacred Power. However, this also reduced Zhao Feng and company’s speed.

“Brother Feng, although we have the advantage in a head-on fight, the difficulty of chasing after them and killing them has been doubled!” Zhao Yufei messaged as this moment.

“Zhao Feng, do we really need to chase after them?” Nan Gongsheng asked. There were usually no occurrences of death in a fight between experts of the same cultivation. Defeating and killing were completely different concepts.

Nan Gongsheng thought that they would definitely be unable to kill either of the Sacred Kings. Furthermore, they were working together with Sacred Lord Myriad Forms now.

“Help me capture Sacred Lord Myriad Forms. I can give you two first pick of resources later!” Zhao Feng told them his target.

Nan Gongsheng’s eyes focused. What Zhao Feng said was very tempting; Nan Gongsheng had worked together with Zhao Feng many times, and Zhao Feng was always the one to find fortune and resources first every time. Zhao Feng obtained the most every time, partly because of his eye-bloodline and partly because of the little thieving cat.

However, Zhao Feng said that he wanted to capture Sacred Lord Myriad Forms. Capturing someone alive was even harder than killing them.

Zhao Yufei nodded her head after thinking. From the fact that Zhao Feng said he wanted Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, she knew that Zhao Feng was interested in the Eyes of Myriad Forms. If that was the case, then Zhao Yufei would try to help Zhao Feng to the best of her ability.

The trio came to an agreement and decided to pursue the nonhumans as quickly as possible. After all, the God corpse was filled with danger; if it wasn’t for the Eyes of Myriad Forms, Zhao Feng wouldn’t have bothered to chase after them.


Zhao Feng immediately took out the Sky Locking Bow and shot out a scarlet arrow of lightning with a Whoosh! sound.

Nan Gongsheng circulated his purple-and-blood-colored Sacred light, and several purple-red figures charged forward.

Zhao Yufei controlled the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi so that it slowed down the three nonhumans.

“Humans, you don’t know what’s good for you. You will never catch up to us! This will only waste everyone’s time!” Sacred King Black Poison sent out a screen of black water that weakened the attacks of Zhao Feng and company. Sacred King Purple Poison then blocked the remaining attacks.

Sacred King Black Poison was extremely angry. He never would have thought that he’d be in such a situation just after entering the God corpse. A group of humans were chasing after them, and they didn’t even have a Sacred King with them. This was a humiliation he had never faced before!

“Dammit, these humans!” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms cursed. There was countless fortune in the God corpse; why were Zhao Feng and company so bent on chasing after them?

“Hmph, it will be the time of their death if we meet any other nonhumans!” Sacred King Purple Poison snickered and said. However, the reverse was true if they met a human group.

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed as he chased from behind. If the two Sacred Kings and Sacred Lord Myriad Forms wanted to run, he could do nothing. Zhao Feng thought about using the substandard God Slaying Arrows, but he only had four of them, so he was hesitating.


Nan Gongsheng released a purple-and-blood-colored light that formed into a demonic claw with a flower on it. It contained a wisp of Divine Power that caused the claw to radiate a terrifying force.

The two Sacred Kings immediately circulated their Mystic Light Sacred Power when they saw it, blocking Nan Gongsheng’s attacks.


A surge of Sacred Power spread.


One of the white walls instantly shattered.


A terrifying aura that shook Heaven and Earth was unleashed, causing the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby to tremble.

“This is?” Zhao Feng stopped and looked toward the broken crystal wall.

“It broke apart?” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms and company also stopped. They all knew that the walls within the God corpse were indestructible. It was extremely difficult for even Demigods to leave a mark on it, but the shockwaves of their fight managed to shatter this wall? This was just too weird.


A faint golden layer spread across Zhao Feng’s left eye, and he saw everything within the shattered wall.

“That is!?” Zhao Feng’s expression turned into disbelief. There was a relatively large dimension within the shattered wall. Several dozen white crystal pillars were placed within the dimension, and Zhao Feng managed to see a white light in the very center. It reflected endless divine light in every direction.

The moment Zhao Feng and company appeared, the crystal pillars released a powerful pressure, and surges of strong Intent started to awaken.


One of the crystal pillars turned into a crystal giant that charged straight out.

Peng! Boom!

Countless crystal pillars started to awaken one after another.

“They’re different from the Blood Crystal Yao Spirits from before. The bloodline aura from these crystal giants is weak, but they contain more Divine Power!” Zhao Feng concluded after inspecting these crystal giants.

“They seem to be even stronger than the Blood Crystal Yao Spirits from before!”

The Blood Crystal Yao Spirits from before hadn’t reached the level of Sacred Kings yet; only their offense had reached the level of Sacred Kings. However, these crystal giants in front of them had truly reached the Sacred King rank.

“Nan Gongsheng, they contain the aura of Divine Power!” the Evil God Mental Thought Body’s voice sounded within Nan Gongsheng’s body, and Nan Gongsheng revealed a greedy and frenzied expression. He could obviously sense the aura of Divine Power as well.

This Divine Power was extremely forceful, and it seemed to be even stronger than the power of the Evil God. If he was able to obtain this Divine Power, it might be able to compliment the power of the Evil God within his body.

“Humans, let’s team up for now and work together!” Being a Sacred King, Sacred King Black Poison could obviously sense the aura of Divine Power. If he was able to obtain that ball of Divine Power, becoming a God wouldn’t be a problem!

“This Divine Power will quickly attract many more groups!” Sacred King Purple Poison gave an evil smile.

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was slightly hesitant. From the moment Zhao Feng and company started chasing after them, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms knew that he was the target, and what Zhao Feng most likely wanted from him was the Eyes of Myriad Forms!

“Sacred Kings, please watch out for Zhao Feng!” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms obviously couldn’t just leave by himself if both Sacred Kings wanted to team up with Zhao Feng and company.

“Sure. What everyone gets depends on their own skill!” Zhao Feng thought for a while before saying. Of course, Zhao Feng consulted Zhao Yufei and Nan Gongsheng before making this decision. The appearance of this Divine Power would definitely attract more groups; it was best for them to try to obtain as much as possible before anyone else arrived. Sacred King Black Poison and company all knew this as well. Once a Demigod arrived, they might not even get a share at all.

“It’s better this way!” Sacred King Black Poison revealed a wicked smile. It didn’t matter even if he had to use all his hidden cards since this was actual Divine Power.

“Let’s go together!” Zhao Feng immediately roared.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The group of six immediately charged through the shattered entrance. Sacred King Black Poison released a black Little World that blocked off the entrance so that the aura of Divine Power would become weaker, giving them more time.

Although the two groups were working together, they couldn’t completely trust one another.

Peng! Bam! Boom!

Zhao Feng, Zhao Yufei, and Nan Gongsheng teamed up and fought two crystal giants. The trio instantly released an explosive surge of battle-power that attacked one crystal giant at the same time. This was the fastest way to destroy these crystal giants.

Zhao Feng’s and Zhao Yufei’s defense was extremely strong, and Nan Gongsheng had a substandard God item. The trio took the attacks of the other crystal giant head-on for a brief moment while they attacked the other with full power.

Blood Devil Claw!

Purple Jade Charge!

Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm!

Zhao Feng and company unleashed their ultimate techniques against one of the crystal giants. A bombardment of Sacred Power landed on the crystal giant.

“Shameless humans!” The crystal giant was definitely unable to withstand Zhao Feng and company’s attacks, so it was about to turn around and retreat.

“Forbidden Illusion Lost World!” Zhao Feng suddenly cast an illusion technique while the crystal giant was about to run away, distracting it.

At the same time, Zhao Yufei and Nan Gongsheng circulated their Mystic Light Sacred Power to unleash critical strikes!

Hand of the Demonic Sky!

Purple Saint Flowing Light Strike!


The crystal giant completely shattered and exploded under the trio’s perfect teamwork.

At the same time, many white crystals fell from the crystal giant’s body.

“Those are substandard God Crystals!” Zhao Feng and company exclaimed.

A total of three substandard God Crystals fell from the crystal giant, so Zhao Feng and company each took one.

On the other side, Sacred King Black Poison’s group also managed to successfully kill a crystal giant and obtain some substandard God Crystals from it.

“The grade of these substandard God crystals is different!” Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled. As he had used quite a few substandard God Crystals before to cultivate, he could tell the difference with just one glance.

The energy contained within these substandard God Crystals was purer, and it had a faint wisp of a real God’s aura.

“Finish it off as quickly as possible! Many more crystal giants are approaching!” Nan Gongsheng immediately said.

They could obtain substandard God Crystals just by killing a crystal giant, but there was more than a dozen in this cave, and they were slowly awakening. The two groups both realized this problem. Right now, they were only facing two or three crystal giants at once, but if all the crystal giants woke up and attacked together, the only thing they could do was retreat.

Peng! Peng! Boom!

Everyone started to attack the crystal giants with even more power. Zhao Feng even needed to use some powerful offensive eye-bloodline techniques.

Although they were doing their best to attack the crystal giants, all their attention was placed on the ball of divine light at the top of the cave!