King Of Gods Chapter 1084

Chapter 1084 Relentless


Chapter 1084 – Relentless

“That junior is so evil? He also blackmailed me for precious resources that I just obtained. I’ll follow Brother Feather Spirit to capture this brat!” Sacred King Green Light’s expression changed, and he seemed to be even happier than Sacred King Feather Spirit.

“Senior Feather Spirit, how can Zhao Feng be the culprit that killed the Thirteenth Prince?” Sacred Lord Gonghuang was stunned.

Back then, some people from the imperial side and the Lan Province War Hall had investigated the Ninth Prince’s team and confirmed that Zhao Feng couldn’t have been the one to kill the Thirteenth Prince, but now Sacred King Feather Spirit said that Zhao Feng was the culprit. Sacred Lord Gonghuang didn’t understand.

He was also disgusted by Sacred King Green Light’s current actions. Zhao Feng and company had helped them, and Sacred King Green Light had properly handed over his resources, but now, he was planning to steal them back?

However, since these two were Mystic Light Realm Sacred Kings and had a lot of power in the Grand Imperial Hall, Sacred Lord Gonghuang obviously couldn’t offend them.

“Hmph, are you saying that there’s something wrong with my investigations!?” Sacred King Feather Spirit’s eyebrows furrowed as he glared at Sacred Lord Gonghuang. Invisible laws of Heaven and Earth locked onto Sacred Lord Gonghuang and completely suppressed his bloodline and Sacred Power. He was now a sheep that could be killed by anyone.

This was the difference between an early-stage Sacred Lord and a Sacred King. Sacred Lord Gonghuang was nothing in front of Sacred King Feather Spirit. Sacred King Feather Spirit in particular was one of the more powerful and older existences among Sacred Kings.

“I’ll follow the three seniors!” The other early-stage Sacred Lord in Sacred King Green Light’s team immediately spoke. From his point of view, Zhao Feng would be unable to escape from three Sacred Kings either way, and he also wanted to continue scouting out the God corpse. Following three Sacred Kings was obviously safer.

“Brother Feather Spirit, they just left and headed in this direction!” Sacred King Green Light said after eating some healing medicines.

“Let’s go!” Sacred King Feather Spirit’s group and Sacred King Green Light’s group teamed up, and a total of seven Mystic Light Realm experts chased after Zhao Feng.

“Sigh. Zhao Feng, I can’t help you at all!” Sacred Lord Gonghuang sighed. He left the group and was travelling alone now, and he obviously didn’t dare to stay behind in the God corpse as such. Sacred Lord Gonghuang had already obtained enough rewards, so he decided to leave.


Sacred Lord Gonghuang retreated by relying on his memories of how they entered.

Elsewhere in the God corpse, Zhao Feng and company moved through a complete pathway made from crystal walls.

“We should be at the center of the God corpse now!” Zhao Feng slowly said. More and more precious herbs could be seen everywhere, and the walls became brighter and flashed with white lights.

“Brother Feng, behind us.” Zhao Yufei seemed to sense something.

Hearing this, a layer of faint gold instantly covered Zhao Feng’s left eye as he scanned behind.

“Not good. Run!” Zhao Feng immediately said.

“What happened?” Nan Gongsheng was puzzled.

“Sacred King Green Light and two other Sacred Kings from the Grand Imperial Hall are chasing after us!” Zhao Feng said. He was sure that the seven Mystic Light Realm experts chasing after them were coming to deal with him because Sacred King Feather Spirit was amongst them.

Zhao Feng wouldn’t be scared if it was just Sacred King Feather Spirit, but there were three Sacred Kings among the seven people chasing after them.

Zhao Yufei and Nan Gongsheng could only stall one Sacred King each at the very most. Since the opponents were stronger and they had more people, Zhao Feng could only choose to run.

Nan Gongsheng instantly knew that something was amiss after hearing this, but he believed what Zhao Feng said.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The trio instantly used escaping secret techniques to quickly pass through the crystal walls. There was some fortune, but they didn’t bother with it.

Not far away from them:

“I sense the disturbance of their Sacred Power. That way!” The blue-haired Sacred King Xihai’s eyes flashed as he charged forward.

The Intents of all three Sacred Kings covered the group so that their speed was increased to the same level.

“Brother Feng, they’re getting closer!” Zhao Yufei had an anxious expression as she sensed the disturbance behind them with her Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Zhao Feng was the fastest among the trio; if he used the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash, he would be even faster than normal Sacred Kings. After him was Nan Gongsheng, then Zhao Yufei.

However, it didn’t matter how fast Zhao Feng was by himself. He couldn’t just leave Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei behind by themselves, right?

Zhao Feng could let Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei enter the Misty Spatial World, then escape by himself. The chances of him being able to run away would be rather high. However, the Misty Spatial World contained many of Zhao Feng’s secrets, and he was worried about letting Nan Gongsheng enter. After all, Nan Gongsheng’s personality had changed a lot.

“Brother Feng, should we use the Misty Spatial World and leave?” Zhao Yufei said with some guilt.

“No!” Zhao Feng immediately declined. He had only left behind a spatial marking where they entered. If they used the Misty Spatial World to leave, they would return to their starting point, and they had used a lot of time to reach the center.

“Where do you think you’re running to?” Sacred King Feather Spirit’s voice sounded from behind as a wave of Magnificent Power crushed toward Zhao Feng and company like a tsunami.

Zhao Feng and company were ready; they instantly released their Little World projections.Three powerful Little World projections appeared behind Zhao Feng’s group and blocked the Intents of the three Sacred Kings.

“This brat has another Little World?” Sacred King Green Light was very surprised as he looked at the projection of Zhao Feng’s Little World of Wind Lightning.

He remembered that Zhao Feng had used the Little World of Illusions in their battle earlier. The power of Zhao Feng’s Little World of Wind Lightning was also very strong.

“Hmph, so what if his Little World is strong? His understanding isn’t high enough, so he can’t completely use the power of the Little World!” Sacred King Feather Spirit mocked.

The three Sacred Kings all released their Little World projections as well and formed more condensed power that crushed through space and proceeded forward.


The clash of Little Worlds caused Heaven and Earth to tremble. Although the Little Worlds of Zhao Feng’s group were strong, Sacred King Feather Spirit was correct; their understanding and cultivation wasn’t high enough, so they couldn’t utilize the power of their Little Worlds to the level of the three Sacred Kings.

However, Zhao Feng and company used this force to speed up. At the same time, a green dot of light appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand; this was the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly. A strong surge of Sacred Power brewed within the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly’s body.

Voom! Voom!

The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly released Dream Pollen and its silk at the same time. The path behind Zhao Feng was instantly covered by a layer of rainbow-colored light and pollen.

Zhao Feng then put the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly away and had Sacred Lord Myriad Forms come out of the Misty Spatial World.

“Myriad Forms World of Wind Lightning!” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms focused his eyes and changed the elements of Heaven and Earth. Limitless elemental power of Wind Lightning instantly appeared. This power was extremely pure and could be easily controlled.

Zhao Feng controlled the projection of his Little World of Wind Lightning and merged the elemental power of Wind Lightning into his body.


A pair of scarlet wings of lightning spread out behind Zhao Feng’s back and suddenly released a dazzling light as the elemental power of Wind Lightning surrounded Zhao Feng.

“Go!” Zhao Feng circulated the power of Wind Lightning as he swept up Zhao Yufei, Nan Gongsheng, and Sacred Lord Myriad Forms and sped into the hallway.

“Perfect support!” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but praise. The Eyes of Myriad Forms was very useful. At this moment, Zhao Feng’s entire group was travelling at the same speed as him. However, he wasn’t faster than a Sacred King without the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash, and that could only be used by himself. In addition, the landscape was very complex, and with the divine aura interrupting them, the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash was heavily restricted and almost couldn’t be used at all even if he wanted to escape alone.


The three Sacred Kings’ group broke through the layer of pollen and silk.

“That’s Sacred Lord Myriad Forms!” one of the Sacred Kings exclaimed.

“Zhao Feng, how dare you team up with the nonhumans!?” Sacred King Feather Spirit roared in anger. Everyone in their group saw Sacred Lord Myriad Forms as soon as he appeared to help Zhao Feng.

“Chase after them!” Sacred King Green Light’s expression was extremely ugly. Where would their face go if Zhao Feng managed to throw them off?

Even if they had the help of Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, Zhao Feng and company wouldn’t be able to escape.


The three Sacred Kings circulated their Magnificent Power and chased after them.

“Stall them!” Zhao Feng told Sacred Lord Myriad Forms.

“Understood, Master!” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ rainbow-colored eyes started to spin.

The power of Wind Lightning behind Zhao Feng instantly turned into the heavy elemental power of Earth.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The speed of the Sacred Kings’ group slowed down. Of the three Sacred Kings, some specialized in the element of Wind or Water, but none of them specialized in the element of the Earth.

However, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ cultivation was too low, so all the three Sacred Kings needed to do was burn a wisp of their Mystic Light Sacred Power, and they would be able to completely ignore this resistance.

“Master, my cultivation is too low. I can’t stop them!” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms told Zhao Feng.

“Why are these guys chasing after us?” Nan Gongsheng’s expression was ugly, and he radiated a bloodthirsty and cruel aura as if he really wanted to kill everyone behind them, but he knew that he wouldn’t be their match.

Zhao Feng gave a dry cough. The target of Sacred King Feather Spirit and the blue-haired Sacred King seemed to be just him. This meant that Zhao Feng was basically dragging down Zhao Yufei and Nan Gongsheng.

“Sacred King Feather Spirit, are you sure you want to chase after us?” Zhao Feng asked loudly.

Wasting time to chase after someone in the God corpse was a dumb choice.

“Hmph, assassinating an imperial prince and humiliating me you have nowhere to run to!” Sacred King Feather Spirit hesitated for a moment before saying. They had chased after them for such a long time already. If they gave up now, they would become a joke.

“Then don’t blame me for doing this!” Zhao Feng’s tone was cold as he radiated killing intent.


A dark silver bow and a dark golden arrow appeared in Zhao Feng’s hands.


Zhao Feng put the replica God Slaying Arrow onto the Sky Locking Bow and pulled back the bowstring. A terrifying dark golden light spread through the air as the image of a hundred-yard-long arrow formed. A soul-focused power instantly slammed into the seven Mystic Light Realm experts.

“God Slaying Arrow!?” Sacred King Feather Spirit was frightened when he saw Zhao Feng take out that arrow.

The three Sacred Kings instantly stopped as their hearts shook. Some of the weaker Sacred Lords felt as if their souls had been stabbed, and they started to feel pain. Their legs went soft, and their faces were pale with fear when they heard Sacred King Feather Spirit say the words “God Slaying Arrow.”