King Of Gods Chapter 1085

Chapter 1085 Fortune In The Center


Chapter 1085 – Fortune in the Center

“Wait, no, that’s not a God Slaying Arrow!” Sacred King Feather Spirit felt the power within the arrow and shook his head. They had all witnessed the power of a true God Slaying Arrow when Demigod Dragon Emperor used it on the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon. That power could destroy Heaven and Earth, and anyone weaker than a Demigod wouldn’t be able to survive.

“That brat is just scaring us!” Sacred King Feather Spirit swore. The Sacred Lords behind the three Sacred Kings instantly let out a breath when they heard this.

“Where did this brat obtain replica God Slaying Arrows!?” Sacred King Xihai was puzzled. From the looks of it, that replica God Slaying Arrow Zhao Feng had wasn’t exactly weak, but which blacksmith in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty could craft such a high-grade weapon?

Zhao Feng released the bowstring at this instant.


A giant dark golden arrow phantom that could pierce through everything shot out with a storm of dark gold.

“Defend!” Sacred King Feather Spirit’s expression turned serious as he spoke. The other two Sacred Kings both immediately circulated their Sacred Power and activated the power of their Little World projections.

The pathway was very small, so they couldn’t hide anywhere. They could only retreat or block. However, since the crystal walls could block Divine Sense and the landscape was very complex, if they retreated, Zhao Feng might be able to use this chance to escape. The difficulty of finding Zhao Feng afterward would be very difficult.

The most important thing was that Zhao Feng was very close to them, which increased the power of the replica God Slaying Arrow. However, the three Sacred Kings believed that, as long as they went on full defense, it wouldn’t be hard to block the power from this replica God Slaying Arrow.

Hu~~ Weng!

The three Sacred Kings merged the power of their Little World projections and formed it into a dark blue defensive dimension. The three Sacred Kings each used secret defensive techniques with the dimension in order to protect themselves.


The giant dark golden arrow shot forward and unleashed a storm of metal and lightning. Cracks actually appeared on the walls nearby.

“Not good! This replica God Slaying Arrow targets the soul!” Sacred King Feather Spirit found that something was amiss. Although attacks made of Mystic Light Sacred Power could pass through the physical dimension and harm the soul, an attack that specifically targeted the soul was very different.

“What a terrifying power of God Tribulation Lightning! How does this brat have the power of God Tribulation Lightning!?” Sacred King Green Light was already severely injured, and he was the first among the three Sacred Kings to fall.

Although the three Sacred Kings could block most of the replica God Slaying Arrow’s power, soul attacks could pass through everything. It even reached the Sacred Lords behind them as a bombardment of Metal and God Tribulation Lightning exploded in the soul-dimension.


The explosion settled, and the expressions of the three Sacred Kings were extremely ugly. The one with the heaviest injuries was Sacred King Green Light; he was severely injured to begin with, and he was now even weaker. The one with the lightest injuries was Sacred King Xihai. He specialized in the soul, so his resistance was stronger, but he was unable to fully face the bombardment of the God Tribulation Lightning and elemental Metal.

“Dammit, we were tricked by that brat!” Sacred King Feather Spirit cursed. Zhao Feng taking out the replica God Slaying Arrow frightened them, so they weren’t able to determine its offensive capabilities. They lowered their guards when they found out it was a replica, but its power greatly exceeded their expectations.

The three Sacred kings knew that they couldn’t catch up to Zhao Feng anymore, so they just sat down and healed their injuries.

“Don’t’ chase after that brat anymore. There’s still a lot of fortune in the God corpse; we can’t waste all our time on him!” Sacred King Feather Spirit suggested. He was the first to suggest killing Zhao Feng. The others nodded their heads in agreement.

“But if we meet him again, I will cut him into ten thousand pieces!” Sacred King Feather Spirit had an ugly expression as he spoke through gritted teeth.

Elsewhere in the God corpse, Zhao Feng ran away with Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei as soon as he shot his replica God Slaying Arrow. He also ordered Sacred Lords Myriad Forms to change the element of the Yuan Qi in the pathway, as well as erase any aura they left behind when running.

Zhao Feng knew that it was impossible to completely stop three Sacred Kings with just one replica God Slaying Arrow, but he couldn’t take out the true God Slaying Arrow since he still had Demigod enemies. In order to make up for it, he put all his God Tribulation Lightning symbols into the replica God Slaying Arrow.

Besides, Zhao Feng’s control over the soul-based God Slaying Arrow was better, so he could unleash more of its power.

“Let’s rest for a bit!” Zhao Feng said after they managed to completely escape from the three Sacred Kings.

He used up all his God Tribulation Lightning symbols, so Zhao Feng needed to recover or else his soul attacks wouldn’t have much of an effect, dramatically weakening the strength of their entire group.

“Sure!” Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei both agreed. After all, Zhao Feng saved them this time. Besides, if Zhao Feng wasn’t at his peak, the two of them would be unable to handle all the dangers within the God corpse.

Zhao Feng took out some resources that helped the soul from the Misty Spatial World. Some of them came from what Sacred King Green Light had given him; Zhao Feng took all the soul treasures and gave the rest to Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Feng picked out the resources most useful to him and started to duplicate them in the dimension of his left eye. Zhao Feng then ate some herbs and circulated the Soul Recovery Divine Technique.

Now that Zhao Feng’s Soul Recovery Divine Technique had reached the peak, his soul-defending capabilities and recovery speed had increased dramatically.

In addition, Zhao Feng’s soul was a Lightning Soul Body, meaning that the symbols of God Tribulation Lightning were part of Zhao Feng’s soul. This meant that his God Tribulation Lightning symbols would also recover when he circulated the Soul Recovery Divine Technique.

Of course, while healing his soul and regenerating his God Tribulation Lightning symbols, Zhao Feng also used the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique to multitask.

A substandard God Crystal appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand, as well as many precious resources that contained the elements of Earth, Wind, and Lightning.

Zhao Feng had completely consolidated his Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique at the early stages of the 9th level. Zhao Feng used substandard God Crystals to cultivate, and because the herbs in the God corpse were very effective, his Earth of Wind Lightning was about to break through to the late stages. The resources in the God corpse also greatly benefitted his lifeforce and body.

While cultivating, Zhao Feng also inspected Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei. A purple-and-blood-colored figure gave off a wicked and evil aura as it started to condense in Nan Gongsheng’s Little World.

“Nan Gongsheng seems to be creating a clone!” Zhao Feng saw the situation within the Nan Gongsheng’s Little World. With Nan Gongsheng’s cultivation, he could have created a clone a long time ago, but he was busy increasing his own strength and consolidating his cultivation.

On the other side, Zhao Yufei was refining her Mystic Light Sacred Power and occasionally eating some herbs to gain comprehension.

The biggest advantage of the Spiritual Race was their source of power. Although Zhao Yufei was only at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm, her Mystic Light Sacred Power was already comparable to Sacred Kings. The stronger her Mystic Light Sacred Power was, the stronger her Spiritual Race bloodline’s power was.

Zhao Feng opened his eyes a day later.

“Let’s go!”

Although the trio had obtained a lot and needed to enter seclusion to make use of it, time was precious in the God corpse. They didn’t have any time to cultivate here.

Although Zhao Feng hadn’t fully recovered his God Tribulation Lightning in one day, it had mostly recovered.

Zhao Yufei and Nan Gongsheng exited seclusion unwillingly.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat stood on Zhao Feng’s shoulder and threw several coins into the air before pointing in a certain direction with its paws.

“Brother Feng, I also feel an unusual disturbance of Yuan Qi in that direction!” Zhao Yufei said with a smile.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The trio started to move through the crystal maze once more.

Now that they had arrived at the center of the God corpse, the walls here were extremely tough and hard to destroy. This meant that there would be less fortune. However, once they did find something, it would be far better than the fortune on the outskirts. The fortune might even contain the secret to becoming a God.

“The disturbance of Yuan Qi is becoming stronger!” Zhao Yufei was sure that they had picked the right target.

Space suddenly expanded after passing by countless paths. They seemed to arrive at another place as a weird power filled Heaven and Earth. At the very center of this area was an enormous crystalline item. They couldn’t even see where it ended. Many human and non-human experts surrounded the area beneath this enormous crystalline item, including Demigod experts.

“This should be a certain part of the God corpse’s internal organs!” Zhao Feng activated his sight to the maximum and concluded after using his transparency ability.

“Let’s go!”

The trio headed toward the group of humans in the distance. Humans and non-humans both gathered beneath the enormous crystalline item. The non-humans were led by Demigod Arcane Void, a Demigod of the Dark Capital Cult, while the humans were led by Demigod Withered Breath, a Grand Elder of Sky Suspension Palace.

The humans were slightly stronger, but they would need to pay a heavy price in order to defeat the non-humans. Besides, what was most important right now was the fortune within the God corpse.

“Another group is here!”

“They’re humans!”

Many human Sacred Lords spoke joyfully when they saw Zhao Feng and company arrive, but they shook their heads when they sensed Zhao Feng and company’s strength.

On the other hand, Demigod Withered Breath, who seemed to be an ancient piece of wood, glanced at the trio.

Zhao Feng and company were extremely low-key as they slowly approached. They didn’t bother with anything else.

Zhao Feng felt an ancient and old Soul Intent the closer they got. It was extremely thick and kept on eroding his soul.

“There’s a very strong Soul Intent in there!” Zhao Feng looked at the enormous crystalline item with joy.

The trio slowly approached and sat beneath the faint red crystal. They could feel a weird Intent radiating from it. All of the humans and non-humans present were using this power to increase their Soul Intent.

“What’s in there?” Zhao Feng inspected the enormous crystalline item. There were many cracks that spread out in every direction between the two forces.

A faint red soul aura leaked out from the cracks. The closer one was, the more clearly one could feel this Intent.

At a certain moment in time, a faint golden layer of light covered Zhao Feng’s left eye as he looked through the crystal walls.