King Of Gods Chapter 1087

Chapter 1087 Fruit Of The Vines


Chapter 1087 – Fruit of the Vines

Surges of terrifying Intent shot out from the pathway and crashed around like a monster.

Although Zhao Yufei and Nan Gongsheng were protected by Zhao Feng’s Little World of Illusions, they still felt their souls become bombarded, and their consciousnesses turned blurry.

Zhao Feng’s situation was much better. He had a strong soul and the Soul Recovery Divine Technique. Adding on the fact that he had the protection of the God’s Spiritual Eye, there was almost zero effect on Zhao Feng.

The Intent that filled the area only weakened after a long time. Almost 70% of the experts present had lost their consciousness and fallen to the ground. No one knew if they were dead or alive. The remaining Sacred Lords that had stronger Soul Intent or secret techniques were unwell, and even Sacred Kings didn’t feel very good either. This barrage of Intent had made their souls extremely weak. Although the two Demigods’ souls were very strong, they were standing at the very front, so they were affected as well.

At this moment, all the experts finally understood. It was because too much energy had gathered in the crystal. A sudden hole released all the energy, creating this situation.

However, those that were still awake didn’t care about this and immediately charged into the crystal.

Zhao Feng circulated his soul power to help Zhao Yufei and Nan Gongsheng,

“Brother Feng, thank you!” Zhao Yufei immediately thanked Zhao Feng. Her Soul Intent was the weakest of the three; it was already a miracle she could stay awake right now.

“Let’s go!” Zhao Feng said after seeing that they were both doing well.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The trio immediately charged into the small pathway.

“Hmm? You three are fine!?” Sacred King Roaring Sky was about to enter when he was surprised by Zhao Feng and company being fine. Even some Sacred Kings had been injured since they were off guard, but these three human Sacred Lords managed to maintain their consciousness?

“If that’s the case, then go die!” Sacred King Roaring Sky had a nasty expression. From his point of view, even if these three Sacred Lords managed to block the Intent just now, their current state wouldn’t be very good. This would be especially true for Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei, who were still at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm.


A dark green halberd appeared in Sacred King Roaring Sky’s hand. It glittered with a faint blue light, and it seemed to be able to control the power of water.

“Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!”

Zhao Feng attacked before Sacred King Roaring Sky could. Zhao Yufei and Nan Gongsheng were very weak right now, so they definitely weren’t Sacred King Roaring Sky’s match. Thus, Zhao Feng used his Soul eye-bloodline techniques right away.


A ball of burning God Tribulation Lightning symbols landed on Sacred King Roaring Sky’s soul. Sacred King Roaring Sky, who only just took out his Heaven-grade divine weapon, was instantly interrupted before he could attack.

“Arghhhhh!” Sacred King Roaring Sky felt like his soul had entered a hell of fire and lightning as he withstood the bombardment of ten thousand bolts of lightning.

This attack only contained 30% of Zhao Feng’s God Tribulation Lightning, but since Sacred King Roaring Sky had to face that Intent a moment ago, his soul was relatively weak, so 30% was enough to injure him.

Zhao Feng and company used this chance to enter the crystal after unleashing this attack.

“Dammit that brat Zhao Feng!” Sacred King Roaring Sky had to admit he had underestimated his opponent. Zhao Feng’s growth exceeded his expectations as well.


Zhao Feng and company seemed to arrive in another world the moment they entered the giant crystal. Multi-colored lights flashed within the dimension, and profound Intent filled every inch of space. A thick and heavy power of laws crushed down upon them. In just an instant, the trio felt their Soul Intent become stronger, but immediately following that, Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei felt like they were unable to withstand this ritual. They had to completely concentrate or else their Intent would become weaker until they fell into this power, unable to regain their consciousness.

The situation was similar to when Zhao Feng put his soul into the pond of the Ancient Dream Realm. However, this power slowly faded away, so those within the crystal might feel better.

“That is?” Zhao Yufei looked toward the sky. Colorful fruits could be seen across the vine, and each gave off a weird glow. One could tell they were treasures just by looking at them, and at this moment in time, there were countless fruits. They were like stars that filled the sky.

“Hmm? What’s going on?” Nan Gongsheng leapt into the air, but he felt a law restraining him that he couldn’t describe. His Sacred Lord Intent also couldn’t merge into this dimension.

“The laws of Heaven and Earth here are different from the continent zone!” Zhao Feng sensed with one glance.

This dimension was similar to the Ancient Dream Realm, but it was more condensed in terms of laws and Intent.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat jumped out of the Misty Spatial World and seemed to be completely unaffected. It inspected its surroundings with its black eyes.

At this moment, the two Demigods were in the sky. They had already moved around the vine, trying to find possible fortune.

The Sacred Kings and late-stage Sacred Lords also spread out and tried to find fortune.


Sacred King Roaring Sky also entered, but he didn’t bother with Zhao Feng and company anymore. Instead, he flew into the air and inspected the vine, trying to find his own fortune.

Those that entered first had a higher possibility of finding treasure. He obviously wouldn’t waste such precious time on Zhao Feng.

At a certain moment, Demigod Withered Breath stopped and waved his hand. A profound flash of light landed on a red fruit. The layer of crystal around this red fruit was extremely thin, and there was even a slight crack on it, but the crystal around the fruit remained unfazed by Demigod Withered Breath’s attack.

“Withered Breath, did you find anything?” Demigod Arcane Void revealed a wicked smile as a pair of black wings spread behind his back, and he headed toward Demigod Withered Breath.

“You’re courting death!” Demigod Withered Breath’s expression became grim as countless beams of light filled the air and shot toward Demigod Arcane Void.

“The two Demigods are fighting!” Nan Gongsheng’s heart jumped.

The two Demigods quickly adapted to this dimension. The sky was the battleground of two Demigods, so it had become a forbidden area.

Zhao Feng and company also split up and went to search for their own fortune by relying on their own skills.

Zhao Feng first arrived next to a blue fruit and released a strong surge of Eye Intent. A faint golden light completely saw through the fruit.

The beam of light coming from Zhao Feng’s left eye disappeared a moment later.

“It’s too hard to disintegrate this crystal!”

Zhao Feng gave up on disintegrating the crystal. It was too hard to disintegrate the crystal wall or any other material made of Divine Power with Zhao Feng’s current ability.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat stood on Zhao Feng’s shoulder and started to jump around.

“You’re saying that, since the Intent from this dimension is leaking out from the vines, there must be a crack on the surface of the vines?”

Zhao Feng instantly understood what the little thieving cat meant.

In reality, this was the case. The instant everyone entered this dimension, they set their eyes on the stunning fruits, but it was too difficult to obtain these fruits. Demigod Withered Breath found a fruit with a crack on the surface of the crystal and was still unable to break through it.

The little thieving cat disappeared after giving Zhao Feng this pointer. It obviously couldn’t just sit still in such a place.

Zhao Feng didn’t bother and spread his Intent through this dimension. As the laws in this dimension were similar to the Ancient Dream Realm, most of Zhao Feng’s Intent could quickly merge into it. Zhao Feng soon sensed that the power of Intent was more concentrated in certain regions.


Zhao Feng arrived at a certain place next to the vines and indeed felt a crack, and a leaf was extending out from this crack. This crystal leaf was red, and one could clearly see the dark green leafy veins running through it.

Zhao Feng felt an extremely clear and concentrated element of Wood when he approached this leaf. Zhao Feng took in a deep breath, and a clear sensation washed over Zhao Feng’s body. At this instant, all the fatigue disappeared from Zhao Feng’s body. Some of the small hidden injuries left behind by forcefully breaking through his cultivation completely disappeared as well.

“What a unique effect!”

Zhao Feng was absolutely overjoyed. He quickly plucked away the leaf and took it while no one was paying attention.

Zhao Feng then went to the next spot. The crack was smaller this time, and while there was no leaf, comprehending the Intent here was much easier.

Zhao Feng saw a non-human at the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm sitting on a small crack in the vines, but Zhao Feng wouldn’t give up so easily. From the leaf he just obtained, it seemed as if anything here was a precious treasure.

There were definitely more treasures and resources here. Zhao Feng started to take action and searched around the vines, managing to find two more leaves in some cracks.

“Hmm? Sacred King Earth Ghost?” Zhao Feng glanced toward Sacred King Earth Ghost in a certain corner. A faint ripple of gold light covered his left eye as he saw through the vines and the crystal wall.

“Quick! Split apart!” Sacred King Earth Ghost said in a rush with a suspicious expression. He held a blade of wind in his hand as he sawed at a yellow fruit. If one looked closely, they would see that this yellow fruit had already split apart from the vines, and it was only hanging onto the vines due to one last shred of crystal.

At this moment, Sacred King Earth Ghost was continuously sawing through this last shred of crystal. Once the crystal broke, the yellow fruit would fall.

It was as this moment in time that Zhao Feng flew over.

“Sacred King Earth Ghost, let me give you a hand!” Zhao Feng said with malicious intentions.