King Of Gods Chapter 109

Chapter 109 – Illusion Fish
Chapter 109 - Illusion Fish

Zhao Feng’s performance was incredible compared to his average first test result. Even Deacon Qiu glanced at Zhao Feng.

“Killed 5 mechanical beasts, 2 points.” The disciple announced his score.

One only needed to kill 4 or more to get 2 points. There was others who had got full marks for this test, but they weren’t able to kill them in one hit like Zhao Feng did.

“Such terrifying strength! The power of the last finger could even harm normal 9th ranks.”

Xiao Sun inspected Zhao Feng. He had the highest cultivation in the group, but he didn’t have any confidence in beating Zhao Feng.

The second test “Mechanism Path” continued and even though Zhao Feng’s performance was excellent, Deacon Qiu and the other members of the Clan didn’t put it to heart because they focused mainly on the first test which took up 6 points.

So although Zhao Feng was excellent, he only got 2 points.

“No matter how much battle experience he has, he’ll still be thrown away by us due to the lack of talent.” Princess Yun Mengxiang glanced at Zhao Feng, but she didn’t put it to heart.

Zhao Feng felt that his performance at the second stage didn’t cause the attention of the Clan and although the other youths thought that he was strong, the lack of talent would mean that his future wouldn’t be high.

But this was also what Zhao Feng wanted, he didn’t want to raise too much attention. Lord Guanjun nodded his head, it didn’t matter how well Zhao Feng performed at the second stage.

Soon, the second exam ended.

Zhao Feng calculated his scores which summed up to 4.

“Next is the 9 picture array.” Deacon Qiu led the group of people to an old fashioned building nearby.

At this time, the older generation who brought the younger generation here were all rejected from entering. Even the youths taking the test had to go in one at a time.

“This test seems pretty mysterious.” Zhao Feng murmured to himself.

The youths taking the test walked in, then out one after another. Most of the geniuses exited the building with their eyebrows furrowed and irritated.

“You must remain calm for the 3rd test, but seeing how well your enlightenment is, this test shouldn’t be much of a problem.” Lord Guanjun said in a low tone.

Zhao Feng nodded his head, ever since the mysterious left eye merged with him, his reflexes and understanding had increased.

After a while, it was finally Zhao Feng’s turn.

“Number 49, Zhao Feng!”

With the voice of the disciple, Zhao Feng stepped into the ancient building.

The building was empty, there weren’t even many disciples of the Clan here.

“Go upstairs.”

Two disciples stood next to the stairs.

Zhao Feng walked up the stairs to the 2nd floor and entering it, Zhao Feng found a giant picture hanging on the wall.

The scenery of the picture was extremely profound and had a feeling that it “moved”. Focusing on it, different scenes flashed in the picture.

Zhao Feng was shocked, there was something wrong with this picture!


A sound interrupted Zhao Feng.

On the left and right of the picture sat a white robed old man and a red faced old man. Deacon Qiu only stood near the exit and he slightly crouched. On the second floor, Deacon Qiu had to stand on the side and he couldn’t even sit down which made Zhao Feng realise that the identities of the two old men were special.

“9 Picture Array “Illusion Fish Picture”, appear!”

The white robed old man gently clapped his hands and the scenery in the picture on the wall changed.

Illusion Fish Picture had 9 changes in total.

“This Illusion Fish Picture has 9 different scenes in total, getting harder as you progress. The test is to say how many fishes there are and what color they are.” The white robed old man said.

Number and color of the fishes?

Zhao Feng nodded his head in understanding.

Soon, Zhao Feng looked closely at the first change which was quite simple.

“Three fishes, one black and two green.” Zhao Feng answered.

The white robed elder expressionlessly changed the scene to the 2nd picture.

Zhao Feng looked at it, which was slightly more complicated than before. But they still couldn’t get past his sharp eyes.

“Five fishes, one black, two red and two white.” Zhao Feng answered quickly.


The expressions of the white robed elder and the red faced elder changed slightly.

Every picture that was answered correctly gave ½ a point and the youths before were able to get one point or so, but they spent a lot of time thinking.

Zhao Feng’s response time was much faster than the others. Soon, the 3rd picture appeared.

“Eight fishes, two black, two white, three red and one green… ” Zhao Feng answered without hesitation.

The two elders looked at each other, then they inspected Zhao Feng.

When the Illusion Fish Picture reached the 3rd scene, the profoundness involved would make cultivators of the Ascension Realm take a while to consider, but Zhao Feng was able to give the answer in just a few breaths time.

Soon, the picture changed once again.

“Thirteen fishes, five blue, three gold… ” Zhao Feng paused for a while before giving his answer.

Surprise appeared in the two elders eyes.

According to the rules, one got full marks if they were able to successfully pass the fourth scene but…

“Continue.” The whited robed elder clapped and another scene appeared.


The fifth change was extremely complex, Zhao Feng saw fishes playing around and jumping in the air. Missing any small point may change the answer dramatically.

After thinking for a bit, Zhao Feng said: “Twenty-seven fishes, seven brown, six orange… ”

The expressions of the elders changed as they looked at Zhao Feng with surprise and fiery.

The white robed elder then made the sixth scene appear.

The sixth picture was full of truth and illusions that stacked on top of each other.

At this moment, Zhao Feng’s eyes suddenly became sharp and after staring at the picture for a while he responded with: “48 fishes, 9 purple, 12 black… ”

Without any questioning, he had answered correctly once again.

Shock appeared on the expressions of the two elders as they looked at each other.

Zhao Feng seemed to feel something because the changes after the 4th scene had exceeded the limits of geniuses, unless they had high understanding.

The white robed old man sighed as he opened the 7th scene.

The 7th picture was much harder than before and Zhao Feng had to fully circulate his left eye to see the truth.

This time, he considered for a moment before giving an incorrect answer.


The white robed elder and red faced elder let out a breath. If Zhao Feng was able to answer correctly again, then he would be a monster genius but how were they supposed to know that Zhao Feng had purposely given a wrong answer?

“I am the vice-head of the Grass-Wood Division, would you like to enter the Grass-Wood Division and take me as your master?” The red faced elder gave a faint smile.

Vice-head? Master?

Zhao Feng stood dazed.

“Old man Guan, what’s the meaning of this? Are you trying to steal my disciple? Can’t you see that his forte is arrays? He’s more suited to enter the Clan-Mission Division.” The white robed elder seemed to be pretty angry.

Somehow, the two started to fight not giving in to each other. This made Deacon Qiu in the corner nearby stunned. He hadn’t thought that a youth like him with such normal talent would cause two vice-heads to fight.

In the Broken Moon Sect, there was different divisions such as Regulation Division, Grass-Wood Division, Clan Mission Division, Central Division and the Grass-Wood Division. The Grass-Wood Division was in charge of planting, pill making and healing.

Grass-Wood Division was extremely popular, especially with the pill makers. That old man Guan was one of the best pill masters of the Grass-Wood Division.

The Clan-Mission Division was in charge of the subtle things in the clan including fixing and maintaining the arrays of the mountain…

The white robed elder was an extremely good array master, who had completed this 9 Picture Array with a few other array masters.

“Youth, who do you want to take as your master?” The white robed old man asked.

“Youth! You might not know how important a pill maker is and how high their status is… ” The red faced elder said.

One array master and one pill master both wanted to take Zhao Feng as their disciples and their cultivation were both higher than Deacon Qiu’s.

The two vice-head’s both wanted to take Zhao Feng as their disciple but Zhao Feng was extremely disturbed because joining one side would offend the other.

Although he needed to find a background after entering the clan how was he supposed to know which ones were trustworthy? A word from Hai Yun Master might make these two vice-heads cower in fear.

According to what Lord Guanjun told him, the best way was to first become an inner disciple then find a strong background preferably at the Elder level.

“Thanks for your good intentions, but I have no experience in arrays nor pills. All I wish is to become an inner disciple, then consider the other things.”

Zhao Feng rejected the offers and said what he wanted to do.

The white robed elder and the red faced elder were both disappointed but from the lights in their eyes, it seemed that they hadn’t given up yet since Zhao Feng only said he would consider it only after becoming an inner disciple.

Then we’ll just watch for a bit…

Soon, Zhao Feng’s perfect score of 2 was announced as he walked out, but before he left, he asked to look at the 8th and 9th scene in the Illusion Fish Picture.

He felt that the insights contained in it might be even more complex than the four wind stances.

The two vice heads obviously wouldn’t decline.

Zhao Feng opened his left eye and copied the two scenes into the dimension in his left eye. At this time, the 9 changes appeared in his left eye.

Note: Elder with a capital E means an “Elder” whereas “elder” with lowercase “e” means elderly person.