King Of Gods Chapter 1106

Chapter 1106 Must Die


Chapter 1106 – Must Die

Sacred King Samsara picked up a few extremely unique golden brushes off a table inside a bookroom.

“These brushes have reached the upper-tier Heaven-grade. They can increase the power of one’s Intent and form a killing array when used together.” Sacred King Samsara inspected the brushes with his eyes, then turned his gaze onto the other items on the table.

Right at this moment, Sacred King Samsara’s eyes started to shake. His normal eyes suddenly turned dark, and black rings started to appear.

“The aura of the God Eye has awakened even more.” Sacred King Samsara revealed a hint of surprise.

“I’ll let it grow a bit more. Only then will it be worth turning it into a Samsara Immortal Body!” Sacred King Samsara started to smile.

Within an ancient temple, a male covered in black scales sat on a flaming black altar.

“The aura of the God Eye has become even stronger!” Bai Lin’s voice sounded from within the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s body.

“Killing him will be as easy as flipping my palm after I recover my strength!” the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon snickered coldly.

“It’s not hard to kill him with your current strength either!” Bai Lin continued. She had seen Zhao Feng’s growth, so Bai Lin knew how difficult it was to kill Zhao Feng or else she could have killed Zhao Feng herself already and wouldn’t need to team up with the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon. At this point, she couldn’t give up any chance or else she wouldn’t have any hope at all in the future.

“Leave this place quickly and go kill Zhao Feng!” Bai Lin’s decisive voice sounded.

“Fine!” the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon agreed impatiently. Although this place was very rare, killing Zhao Feng and destroying the Origin Dimension of a God Eye was an irresistible temptation for the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

Within a world of metal:

“The divine weapon has successfully recognized its owner!” the metallic stand said as it started to sink into the ground.


The black triangular metal flashed with countless green mysterious talismans as it flew to Zhao Feng.

“What?” Demigod Ferocity’s eyes bulged out in shock. No victor had been decided yet, so how could the divine weapon have recognized its owner? Besides, legends said that it was extremely hard for divine weapons to recognize an owner. Zhao Feng didn’t even touch the divine weapon from beginning to end, so how did the divine weapon recognize Zhao Feng as its owner?

Even Zhao Feng was stunned and felt weird.

A line of information suddenly appeared in his mind; “Divine weapon Ancient God Seal!”

Ding! Ding!

The black triangular metal in front of Zhao Feng started to transform, and it instantly turned into a black shield that was covered with countless green lines.


Demigod Ferocity’s Sky Fierce Slash was blocked by this black shield, and the black shield reflected a mystic force back.


The power of Demigod Ferocity’s Sky Fierce Slash was instantly reflected, and a terrifying dark red surge of power shot toward Demigod Ferocity.


Demigod Ferocity was still in shock, and he suddenly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Ding! Ding!

The black shield then transformed back into a triangular piece of metal and fell into Zhao Feng’s hand.

“The divine weapon protected me!” Zhao Feng was in a daze as his God’s Spiritual Eye started to contract, and the strong surge of ancient aura faded away.

“The divine weapon automatically recognized me as its owner and protected me?” Zhao Feng still couldn’t believe that there was such a thing.

One had to know that divine weapons were legendary forbidden weapons in the eyes of all experts in the continent zone.

Thinking about it, Zhao Feng somehow felt that the divine weapon wanted him and was trying to get on his good side.


The scenery around him started to turn blurry. The next instant, Zhao Feng and Demigod Ferocity appeared in a random area of the God corpse.

“What’s going on? Why am I here?” Demigod Ferocity’s expression changed dramatically. He originally thought that, even if Zhao Feng obtained the divine weapon, he would still have an opportunity to scout out the other treasures in the head, but now, they were no longer in the head.

“As I thought, after the fortune ends, we will be returned to the body of the God corpse!” Zhao Feng basically knew this point already. His eyes then locked onto Demigod Ferocity as he radiated cold killing intent.

“Not good!” Demigod Ferocity’s body trembled as he felt this cold killing intent.

Originally, he would have been able to easily kill Zhao Feng even if he was severely injured, but Zhao Feng had now obtained a mysterious divine weapon, and he also had the God Slaying Arrow as well. Demigod Ferocity had no will to fight after remembering these two points.

“Run!” Demigod Ferocity started to run.

“Wind Lightning Eye Flame!” Zhao Feng used a Soul eye-bloodline technique just as Demigod Ferocity was about to escape.


A ball of gold-and-purple lightning-fire exploded in Demigod Ferocity’s face and started to spread.

“Arghh!” Demigod Ferocity screamed. If he was at his peak, this Soul eye-bloodline technique would’ve been useless, but Demigod Ferocity’s soul was still hurting from the terrifying aura of Zhao Feng’s God Eye a moment ago. Adding on the Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame and God Eye Disintegration, Demigod Ferocity’s soul could be considered very weak right now.

“Divine weapon!” Zhao Feng tried to communicate with the divine weapon in his hand, but he found that the green lines were extremely dim, and it had no reaction at all.

“I forgot that one needs Divine Power to use a divine weapon!” Zhao Feng slapped his forehead. He didn’t have any Divine Power himself, and Divine Power from the outside world couldn’t activate a divine weapon since it was imprinted on the owner.

“But I can’t let Demigod Ferocity escape!” Zhao Feng’s expression became solemn as more killing intent appeared.

Firstly, Demigod Ferocity chased after Zhao Feng and his friends earlier, forcing them into a desperate situation. He almost killed Zhao Yufei as well.

Secondly, he couldn’t allow Demigod Ferocity to spread news of him obtaining a divine weapon. Zhao Feng wasn’t strong enough to protect a divine weapon, so Demigod Ferocity definitely had to die.

“Sky Locking Bow!” A dark silver bow appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand, and with a Beng~~!, he shot out a gold-and-purple arrow of light. The next instant, this Soul-powered gold-and-purple arrow of light pierced through Demigod Ferocity’s chest.

Zhao Feng had already used up all the power of his God Tribulation Lightning, so he could only rely on his soul power to attack Demigod Ferocity’s weak soul.

“Run!” Demigod Ferocity circulated his power and immediately started to fly.

“Where do you think you’re running to!?” Zhao Feng immediately used the Lightning Wings Flying Technique and chased after him.

Zhao Feng kept on chasing after him and using the Sky Locking Bow to shoot out arrows of light. These arrows contained his understanding of illusions as well, slowing Demigod Ferocity down.

In a certain part of the God corpse:


A layer of golden-white light suddenly spread, and a human figure jumped out.

“I failed!” Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss sighed. He didn’t even manage to pass through the path of light and was sent out at the last critical moment.


Right at this moment, a devastating pressure appeared nearby.

“Demigod Ferocity!” Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss was stunned and immediately hid his aura, hoping that the non-human Demigod didn’t find him.

A bolt of scarlet lightning shot from behind and chased after Demigod Ferocity.

“Where do you think you’re running to!?” Zhao Feng roared as he pulled back the Sky Locking Bow.


Another arrow of light shot through Demigod Ferocity’s soul.

“How how is this possible!?” Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss stood motionless in complete shock. Zhao Feng was chasing after Demigod Ferocity? Furthermore, Demigod Ferocity was heavily injured right now and didn’t even dare to fight back; all he was doing was running away.

Many human and non-human Sacred Lords felt the same as Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss when they felt the shocking aura and saw what was happening. However, normal non-human Sacred Lords ran as far as they could when they saw a golden-haired youth chasing after Demigod Ferocity.

“Zhao Feng, don’t force me!” Demigod Ferocity roared in anger.

He felt extremely humiliated. He was a Demigod, but he was now being chased by a human Sacred Lord.

Zhao Feng’s gaze was grim, but he didn’t say anything. Under normal circumstances, Zhao Feng wouldn’t chase after a Demigod even if they were heavily injured. However, Zhao Feng couldn’t let go of Demigod Ferocity. Even if he forgot about the revenge, he couldn’t let Demigod Ferocity spread the secret of him having a divine weapon.

“Not good, a non-human Sacred King!” Zhao Feng’s left eye saw a non-human Sacred King in the distance. If Demigod Ferocity teamed up with this non-human Sacred King, they would definitely be able to fight back and escape from Zhao Feng.

“If that’s the case, then I’ll have to use you!” Zhao Feng’s expression became ugly as a scarlet-golden arrow appeared in his hand. He originally thought about using the God Slaying Arrow when fighting for the divine weapon, but Zhao Feng was scared that he wouldn’t be able to obtain it in the end, which would be a very big loss for him.

Zhao Feng had also been thinking about using the God Slaying Arrow earlier in the pursuit, but he really didn’t want to do so. However, Zhao Feng now had to use the God Slaying Arrow. He couldn’t let Demigod Ferocity escape no matter what!


Zhao Feng’s eyes were cold as he nocked the God Slaying Arrow on the Sky Locking Bow without any hesitation.


The God Slaying Arrow seemed to awaken the moment Sacred Power entered it. A piercing golden light spread across Heaven and Earth, and a force that could scare Gods and Ghosts alike descended onto Heaven and Earth and merged into the scarlet-golden arrow.

“This feeling!” Demigod Ferocity originally thought that he would be able to escape when he saw the non-human Sacred King, but a stinging pain suddenly spread throughout his body and soul.

“The God Slaying Arrow!” Demigod Ferocity’s face became pale-white when he scanned out with his Divine Sense.

Whoosh! Boom!

Limitless golden light ripped through the sky and instantly arrived before Demigod Ferocity, engulfing his body. At the same time, this terrifying storm continued forward and devoured the non-human Sacred King as well.

Several Sacred Lords following behind Zhao Feng to watch the show were instantly dumbfounded.

“Killing a non-human Demigod!?”

“Zhao Feng already has such terrifying strength!?”

In a certain corner, Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss was still in a daze. “That was a God Slaying Arrow!”

Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss didn’t think that Zhao Feng really had a God Slaying Arrow. Thinking about the actions he had done in the past, he felt like he was courting death.

Weng~~ Boom! Boom!

The storm of destruction from the God Slaying Arrow started to decrease, and Zhao Feng gazed down at the broken pieces of Demigod Ferocity’s body.

“Demigod Ferocity is dead!” Zhao Feng said.

“Interspatial dimension!” Zhao Feng found an extremely unstable interspatial dimension that was about to explode, and he immediately poured all of Demigod Ferocity’s wealth into the Misty Spatial World.

At this moment, the power of the God Slaying Arrow finally started to fade away.

“Hmm? What’s that?” Zhao Feng suddenly sensed a surge of ancient aura, and he looked in its direction.

A slightly condensed crystal wall had been destroyed by Zhao Feng’s God Slaying Arrow, revealing a blood-red crystal. Within the blood-red crystal was a drop of gold-and-purple blood!