King Of Gods Chapter 1107

Chapter 1107 The Black Serpent Dragon Approaching


Chapter 1107 – The Black Serpent Dragon Approaching

A slightly condensed crystal wall had been destroyed by Zhao Feng’s God Slaying Arrow, revealing a blood-red crystal. Within the blood-red crystal was a drop of gold-and-purple blood!

Zhao Feng’s bloodline started to tremble when he approached this blood-red crystal, and Zhao Feng faced a powerful ancient bloodline pressure.

This was still under the fact that this drop of blood was sealed behind the Divine Power-filled crystal walls. If this drop of blood was completely revealed, Zhao Feng wouldn’t even be able to approach it.

“Could this be the blood of the God corpse? From the looks of it, it’s not normal blood either. It’s very likely blood essence of the God corpse!”

Zhao Feng shook. He didn’t expect to see such fortune after killing Demigod Ferocity with the God Slaying Arrow.

At this moment, all the power and energy throughout the God corpse was still heading toward the head. The crystals walls in the God corpse were becoming relatively weak. Stronger Sacred Kings could even break through some crystal walls directly. This was why Zhao Feng managed to break through some of the crystal walls with his God Slaying Arrow.

“How should I obtain this drop of God blood?”

Zhao Feng had a problem. Although the crystals walls here were extremely weak in comparison to before, the walls around the drop of God blood were extremely tough. Unless Zhao Feng’s physical attacks could reach the level of a Demigod, it would be very hard to break obtain it.

At this moment, the storm of destruction created by the God Slaying Arrow was slowly fading away, and the experts nearby started to approach when they felt this shocking bloodline aura.

“Not good, the other experts will definitely find this drop of God blood!” Zhao Feng’s expression was ugly.

“All of you, fuck off!” Zhao Feng suddenly activated the Sacred Lightning Bloodline and Blood Devil Sun bloodline as he released a strong surge of Eye Intent.

The humans and non-humans nearby that were approaching to see the situation instantly retreated.

“What strong power and Eye Intent! He probably already has the strength of a Sacred King!”

“He even killed a Demigod! This human must have even more hidden cards!”

These normal Sacred Lords were instantly scared away by Zhao Feng. The only one that was slightly stronger was Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss, but Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss didn’t dare to approach Zhao Feng. The feud between him and Zhao Feng was already very deep. Zhao Feng ignored him earlier because he was chasing after Demigod Ferocity, but if he went forward right now, it was the same as courting death.

“Luckily, I managed to scare them back for now!” Zhao Feng let out a breath. However, the aura from this drop of God blood was too strong; he wouldn’t be able to conceal it forever. If a Sacred King or Demigod was nearby, the drop of God blood might be revealed right away, so the most important thing to do right now was to hide it or use it.

“Little thieving cat!” Zhao Feng summoned the little thieving cat.

Its eyes lit up as it stared at the drop of gold-and-purple blood within the blood-red crystal, and saliva almost started to leak out.

Ding! Ding!

The little thieving cat gripped a black dagger and stabbed downward. The next instant, the little thieving cat created a gash half an inch deep, but the deeper the little thieving cat dug, the more difficult it became.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat explained to Zhao Feng that it couldn’t activate its divine weapon right now. The little thieving cat was only using the inherent sharpness of the divine weapon to dig.

The little thieving cat soon dug out a small hole about two inches deep. There was less than half an inch to the God blood inside, but this half an inch of crystal seemed to contain the power of the entire God; it was extremely tough.

Ding! Ding!

The little thieving cat dug down some more.


A desolate and forceful bloodline aura was instantly released, and Zhao Feng’s expression immediately changed.


Without saying anything else, Zhao Feng activated the Sacred Lightning Body and perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline. At the same time, he circulated his Sacred Power to hide the aura of the God blood.

Some of the Sacred Lords in the distance were instantly attracted by Zhao Feng’s actions.

“What’s going on? What a terrifying old bloodline aura!”

“Could it be that Zhao Feng has some sort of treasure that managed to awaken his perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline even further?”

The expressions of some Sacred Lords in the distance changed as they looked in Zhao Feng’s direction, but they didn’t dare to approach. Since the distance was so far away and there was a lot of crystal walls blocking their way, their Divine Sense was unable to pass through.

Zhao Feng’s heart shook as he stood above the God blood. The experts nearby were all Sacred Lords and didn’t dare to approach because of Zhao Feng’s display, but once stronger experts were attracted, this drop of God blood might be revealed!

“I think I can directly absorb the power of the God blood!” Zhao Feng said happily.

“If that’s the case, then I’ll start to absorb it immediately!”

Zhao Feng was extremely decisive. If even the little thieving cat was unable to dig out this drop of God blood, then Zhao Feng’s Spatial Movement technique would be useless as well. It was better to just directly absorb the power of the God blood. Even if other experts were attracted later, Zhao Feng would have at least obtained something out of it.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat returned to the Misty Spatial World.

Zhao Feng reached out with a finger and put it into the thin crystal hole.


A wisp of gold-and-purple aura was directed out by Zhao Feng and merged into his body.


The bloodline within Zhao Feng’s body started to tremble as it started to absorb the aura of this ancient bloodline. In just a short while, Zhao Feng’s bloodline, body, and state of existence were upgraded.


This time, a wisp of purple-and-gold blood was sucked out by Zhao Feng and merged into his entire body.


Zhao Feng circulated the Sacred Lightning Body to digest this strand of gold-and-purple blood.


A scarlet-golden divine light started to glow across the surface of Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Body, and a powerful pressure was released from Zhao Feng’s body.

“It can be even faster!” Zhao Feng increased his absorption rate.


More and more strands of gold-and-purple blood were sucked out by Zhao Feng. In just a short moment, Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Body, Mystic Light Sacred Power, and bloodline were strengthened. Even the power of his soul rose a bit.

“I should just use this drop of God blood to break through to the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm!” Zhao Feng revealed an insane expression. His Intent and understanding had already reached the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm a long time ago in the God corpse. Furthermore, using this drop of God blood to increase his cultivation would mean no bottlenecks, and it would give him a strong foundation.

Once he used it to break through, he would be able to absorb the rest of the God blood even more quickly.

After making this decision, Zhao Feng started to prepare. He released all the power of his bloodline and Sacred Lightning Body in order to cover the aura of this drop of God blood.

Weng~~ Boom!

Zhao Feng’s energy and focus reached a peak as a wave of terrifying aura spread out in every direction. Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Body started to become brighter as a terrifying force enveloped Heaven and Earth.

Zhao Feng circulated the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique in order to assist himself in reaching the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm, and the drop of God blood continuously healed Zhao Feng’s body and was very beneficial to his Sacred Lightning Body.

At the very far edges of the area:

“What’s going on? Why is there such an ancient bloodline aura?”

At this moment, a non-human male with dark green scales and a pair of horns arrived.

“Sacred King Green Lizard, that’s Zhao Feng. Earlier, he used a trump card and killed Demigod Ferocity, and he’s stayed in the same spot since then!” A non-human Sacred Lord immediately told Sacred King Green Lizard what happened.

“What?” Sacred King Green Lizard’s expression changed dramatically. He couldn’t believe that Zhao Feng had killed Demigod Ferocity.

“That brat must be extremely weak right now after killing a Demigod with a hidden card, and he’s staying there most likely because he found some kind of treasure!” Sacred King Green Lizard’s eyes spun as he looked into the distance with fiery eyes.


Sacred King Green Lizard directly flew toward Zhao Feng.

“What a powerful ancient bloodline aura!” Sacred King Green Lizard felt his own bloodline start to tremble, and he was suddenly suspicious about whether Zhao Feng had a highly-ranked ancient bloodline.

Zhao Feng’s aura suddenly rose, and the Earth of Wind Lightning Sacred Power around him released a heavy pressure on Heaven and Earth.

Sacred King Green Lizard groaned as the powerful force of gravity crushed him and made him unable to breathe.

“He broke through!” Sacred King Green Lizard was stunned.

At the same time, Zhao Feng opened his eyes and released a powerful surge of mental energy. Sacred King Green Lizard’s mind started to shake as he had to face another power as well.

“Let’s go!” Sacred King Green Lizard started to leave the way he came. He originally thought that Zhao Feng was extremely weak right now, but Zhao Feng just broke through instead. Such power and pressure weren’t something that he could fight against.

“Sacred King Green Lizard, he” A non-human was speechless. Sacred King Green Lizard suddenly charged over but ran back before he even managed to reach his target.


Zhao Feng let out a long breath. Using the momentum of breaking through and the force from the God blood, he managed to successfully scare away a non-human Sacred King, but this method probably wouldn’t work next time.

“I’ve used up 20% of the energy from the God blood now!”

It was hard to imagine that just a measly 20% of the God blood’s energy allowed Zhao Feng to break through. In addition, his Sacred Lightning body had now reached the late stages of the 6th level!

If Zhao Feng was able to store this drop of blood and use it continuously, he would probably be able to become a Demigod! It was hard to imagine just how much power was contained within this drop of God blood.

“How should I absorb the remaining power from the God blood?”

Zhao Feng was speechless. Such a precious treasure was right in front of Zhao Feng, but he couldn’t take it away, and using the energy directly took up a lot of time.

“Oh well, I’ll absorb however much I can!” Zhao Feng planned and used his finger to suck out the power of the God blood again.

As the energy from the God blood was sucked away by Zhao Feng and became weaker, the strength of the blood-red crystal also faded away, so the little thieving cat might be able to dig out this drop of God blood soon.

A black figure suddenly appeared from a crystal pathway several dozen kilometers away.

“Found him!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon looked at the cultivating Zhao Feng.

“That’s a drop of God blood!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s expression turned to shock.

“What a bunch of retards! They were scared away by Zhao Feng!? That’s a drop of blood essence from the God corpse!” the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon swore.

According to the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s guess, this God corpse definitely contained the bloodline of the Giant God Race, and when it was alive, it was definitely stronger than the Ancient God Xie Yang and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

“Although a lot of energy has faded away from that drop of blood essence due to the passage of time and being sucked away by the mysterious power in the head of the God Corpse, that drop of blood essence is enough for me to recover to the First Rank of a True God!”

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had fiery eyes as it looked at Zhao Feng and revealed a deadly smile. From its point of view, the drop of God blood already belong to it, and Zhao Feng would die without a doubt.


The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon started to prepare, but Bai Lin’s voice suddenly sounded from within the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s body.

“No, you can’t kill Zhao Feng right now! Run! Or else you and I will both die here!” Bai Lin started to panic as if she had already witnessed what terrifying event was going to happen.