King Of Gods Chapter 1111

Chapter 1111 Crushing Over Everything


Chapter 1111 – Crushing Over Everything

“Then don’t blame me True God Tian Fa for being disrespectful!”

True God Tian Fa smiled in disdain as he looked at the dumb actions of the two lord dynasties.

All the experts of both lord dynasties paused for a moment when they heard the name of the Ancient Soul Palace. They had never heard this before, but then the golden-black-dragon-armored male also called himself a True God. This shook the hearts of all the experts as they looked at the male incredulously.

“He’s actually an expert at the Heavenly Divine Realm?”

“True God? How is that possible?”

The Sacred Lords and Sacred Kings questioned out loud.

Although one could still remain in the continent zone for a while after breaking through to the Heavenly Divine Realm by suppressing their cultivation, they hadn’t heard of anyone successfully becoming a God recently. Furthermore, they knew nothing about this Ancient Soul Palace that True God Tian Fan mentioned.

“So, it’s a God expert!” Demigod Dragon Emperor’s question was finally solved, but the answer only made him more solemn.

“Grand Elder, could he be a God-level expert that came from the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods?” an expert from the Grand Imperial Hall messaged with a nervous expression.

“Most likely!” Demigod Dragon Emperor replied.

A Heavenly Divine Realm expert had descended once before in the history of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, so the ancient Demigods might know a little about it. The Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods did indeed have methods to come to lower-levelled dimensions, but they didn’t know the details.

The experts of the two lord dynasties became silent. Instinct told them not to act against this True God, but this True God was forcefully restraining them and was going to search through their interspatial dimensions, which went against their will.

“Arghh!” A normal Sacred Lord next to True God Tian Fa was killed with just one thought.

“Those that don’t hand over their interspatial dimensions shall be killed!” True God Tian Fa had a cold expression as he slowly walked through the God corpse. If one didn’t bow down to him, it meant death.

The hearts of all the experts that had gathered together shook. There was only one enemy, but he completely ignored everything and had a cocky attitude. However, he still managed to scare all of them.

“Dragon Emperor, let’s team up!” Demigod Dark Dragon from the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty said.

“Just what I was thinking!” Demigod Dragon Emperor agreed right away.

If the two lord dynasties decided to still fight each other at this stage, it was the same as suicide.

The Grand Elders of the two four-star forces told this news to the other experts, and Zhao Feng let out a breath. They only had hope of surviving if the two lord dynasties teamed up.

Right at this moment, Sacred King Green Light and a Demigod of the Grand Imperial Hall arrived before Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, you can’t protect the God blood!” Demigod Taichi looked down at Zhao Feng and messaged.

Sacred King Green Light had a smug smile as he looked at Zhao Feng. He knew he wasn’t Zhao Feng’s match, but even if he succeeded, the drop of God blood would become someone else’s anyway once the problem became big enough. It was better to just give this favor to a Demigod of the Grand Imperial Hall, so he went to find Demigod Taichi.

“You’ll have to see whether you have the ability to take this God blood!” Zhao Feng laughed, and all the experts of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty were attracted by what Zhao Feng said. Even the other Demigods looked at Zhao Feng. The gazes of several experts from the Dark Moon lord Dynasty also scanned over.

Sacred King Green Light was dazed. He didn’t expect Zhao Feng to just reveal this secret to the public. What was Zhao Feng thinking?

“Are you saying that I don’t have the ability to take it?” Demigod Taichi had a grim expression. What Zhao Feng said made him unhappy. Zhao Feng suddenly exposed the secret of the God blood to the public, so it would expend a lot of Demigod Taichi’s energy to obtain the drop of God blood in the end.


Laws and Intent surged in Heaven and Earth as a terrifying pressure descended through the air.

“You dare!?” Zhao Feng stood up and roared.

At the same time, Nan Gongsheng, Zhao Yufei, and Kun Yun stood next to Zhao Feng. Although Nan Gongsheng was only at the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm, he had completely consolidated his cultivation, and the wicked aura coming from him made some Sacred Kings unwilling to offend him. Zhao Yufei had made even bigger improvements; purple light flashed across her body, and the Yuan Qi in Heaven and Earth started to gather. The bloodlines and Sacred Powers of the Sacred Lords and Sacred Kings present started to tremble uncontrollably. As for Kun Yun, he released his physical pressure and caused space itself to shake.

“You!” Demigod Taichi had an enraged expression. He never expected it to turn out like this just from trying to take a treasure from a Sacred Lord. At this point, even he didn’t dare to rashly take action against Nan Gongsheng, Zhao Yufei, Kun Yun, and Zhao Feng together.

Demigod Taichi was obviously most wary against Kun Yun in particular. Kun Yun used to be a Demigod himself, and he would be able to recover to his peak after this journey in the God corpse.

The expressions of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty experts turned to shock. Unknowingly, Zhao Feng now had the confidence to stand against a Demigod!

“It looks like we have to use some special methods to get rid of Zhao Feng!” Demigod Dark Ocean from Nine Darkness Palace had a grim expression.

While Demigod Taichi was facing Zhao Feng and company:

“Taichi, stop!” Demigod Dragon Emperor’s icy voice sounded. He was unhappy that Zhao Feng was resisting the Grand Imperial Hall, but Zhao Feng and company’s strength wasn’t to be ignored. Although the Grand Imperial Hall wasn’t scared of them at all, they were facing a stronger enemy right now. They couldn’t allow an internal fight to happen right now since that would decrease their own battle-power.

Demigod Taichi snickered coldly and stood down.

The expression of Demigod Scarlet Blood from the Tie Family kept on changing. Zhao Feng and company became stronger much quicker than he expected. The Hall of Gods would definitely become a superpower, which meant that his choice back then was correct. However, Zhao Feng was too prickly; he shouldn’t have stood against a Demigod from the Grand Imperial Hall!

“Kun Yun, I’ll give you the payment after we leave!” Zhao Feng messaged. Kun Yun had helped a lot this time, and Zhao Feng would give him reasonable payments as promised. Zhao Feng might also need Kun Yun’s help in the future, so he couldn’t split up with Kun Yun.

I didn’t think that this brat’s luck would be so good that he managed to obtain the blood of the God corpse!Kun Yun was extremely jealous, but there was nothing he could do.

Zhao Feng had a grim expression as his gaze swept across the Grand Imperial Hall members. The pressure was very strong. He didn’t want to offend the Grand Imperial Hall, but Demigod Taichi was being a bully and wanted to steal the God blood just because he was a Demigod?


Zhao Feng entered the Misty Spatial World. Right now, the most important matter was to consolidate his strength. This would help solve the danger of the Heavenly Divine Realm expert right now and the forces of the Grand Imperial Hall later. He would be able to resolve all dangers as long as he was strong enough, and Zhao Feng didn’t lack any resources at all.

“The blood of the God corpse!” Zhao Feng’s heart jumped as he looked at his right index finger.

“Maybe I can do this!” Zhao Feng suddenly thought of something. Now that he had used the God Slaying Arrow and lost his strongest hidden card, this index finger of his might be able to become another hidden card.

He remembered how he had accidentally released the faint bloodline power from his index finger when the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon ambushed him. Now that Zhao Feng’s index finger contained the entire drop of blood from the God corpse, if he was able to somehow turn it into a killing move that he could control, its power might not be any weaker than the God Slaying Arrow.

However, there were too many uncontrollable aspects of this God blood, so it was far too risky right now.

“I can test in that direction though!”

Zhao Feng circulated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique after making his decision.

The first of his thoughts focused on consolidating his cultivation, while the second comprehended the Divine Forming Technique he obtained from Demigod Ferocity’s items. This technique had reached the upper-tier Heaven-grade, and Zhao Feng wouldn’t be able to learn it for a while. However, once there was some progress, Zhao Feng’s strength would increase dramatically.

The third of his thoughts pondered the matter of how to make the drop of God blood into a killing move. Zhao Feng knew that the main issue was that his index finger couldn’t withstand the power of this God blood, otherwise the problem would be solved very easily.

In the outside world, True God Tian Fa arrived before the forces of the two lord dynasties.

“You are the ones that want to fight back?” True God Tian Fa snickered.

Over 90% of the experts in the God corpse were fighting back, but True God Tian Fa was too lazy to even look at the Sacred Lords.

“May I know what Lord True God wants? If you tell me, we might be able to help!” Demigod Dragon Emperor had a grim expression. He believed that True God Tian Fa had a particular reason why he wanted to see their interspatial dimensions. If they just could help this True God instead, they wouldn’t need to stand against a True God.

“There’s no need. I will check everyone’s interspatial dimensions by myself!” True God Tian Fa had a cold expression.


The laws of Heaven and Earth started to circulate and condense into a giant black hand that grabbed toward one of the Sacred Kings from the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

“Then the Grand Imperial Hall won’t be respectful anymore!” Demigod Dragon Emperor harrumphed coldly.


All the Demigods from the Grand Imperial Hall and Sky Suspension Palace took action. Terrifying Divine Power gathered together and ripped True God Tian Fa’s technique to shreds.

All the Demigods from the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty also charged out as well.


The Demigod from the Tie Family, the Demigod from the Yu Family, the Demigod from Nine Darkness Palace, and some Demigods from other strong powers also started to move.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Demigods all unleashed attacks against True God Tian Fa. Divine Power surged through Heaven and Earth as these attacks surged toward True God Tian Fa like a tsunami.

Such destructive power flipped Heaven and Earth, the sun, and the moon around. The hearts of all the other experts shook as they looked at the barrage of attacks in awe.

“Ignorant!” True God Tian Fa’s expression was calm and cold.


A long black spear suddenly appeared in his hand. The tip of the spear glittered with a sharp piercing power as it became transparent.


True God Tian Fa gripped the spear and slashed out. In an instant, all the power within Heaven and Earth seemed to be destroyed.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Cracks appeared in the sky as the forbidden power of space was released and crushed all the nearby Divine Power.

“This is the combined power of two lord dynasties?” True God Tian Fa smiled coldly. He radiated a terrifying force that made the hearts of all experts from both lord dynasties drop.

How terrifying was this person? He managed to fight against both lord dynasties at once!

“How is this possible!? What kind of power is this?” a Sacred Lord exclaimed. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“How can he be so strong?”

“Impossible, even a True God can’t be so strong!”

“The power of a divine weapon!” Demigod Dragon Emperor said in a deep tone.

No true divine weapon had ever appeared in the continent zone before. Although the Sky Sword Pavilion managed to obtain a tattered ancient god weapon from the Divine Illusion Dimension not too long ago, the Demigod of the Sky Sword Pavilion was still unable to use all its power.

At this moment, True God Tian Fa’s hand held a true divine weapon that he could completely control!