King Of Gods Chapter 1112

Chapter 1112 Sacred King Samsaras Method


Chapter 1112 – Sacred King Samsara’s Method

At this moment, True God Tian Fa’s hand held a true divine weapon that he could completely control!

True God Tian Fa used the strongest power that this dimension could withstand. Any casual blow from him could shatter space itself, and he could even use the power of these cracks in space. Since everyone else’s attacks hadn’t reached this level, they were obviously destroyed rather easily.


True God Tian Fa condensed a hand of darkness with lightning-quick speed after ripping apart everyone else’s attacks and grabbed a non-human Sacred King.


True God Tian Fa’s consciousness instantly entered this Sacred King’s body and inspected all his secrets.


True God Tian Fa then threw this Sacred King to the side a moment later.

All the Demigods of both lord dynasties stood still and were completely stunned. They never would have thought that they ever would meet such a terrifying opponent in their lifetime. This person had blocked the attacks of more than a dozen Demigods at once and captured a Sacred King expert at the same time.

The expressions of the Sacred Lords and Sacred Kings turned to disappointment, and their faces became pale-white. The fight in front of them had exceeded their imaginations.

“He’s so strong!” Zhao Feng was shocked. He never would have thought that the situation would turn out like this.

“Everyone, it’s time to take out your true strength!” Demigod Dragon Emperor’s grim voice sounded. Although the two lord dynasties were working together, they were still wary of each other, and the first round of attacks was just a test.


The expressions of all the Demigods changed dramatically.


In an instant, the glint of several substandard God weapons flashed across Heaven and Earth.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The Demigods of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty and Dark Moon Lord Dynasty flew around True God Tian Fa and started to surround him.

“Useless!” True God Tian Fa smiled even when facing all the Demigods of two lord dynasties.

The experts of both lord dynasties felt extremely humiliated when they heard this.

“Sacred Dragon Strike!” Demigod Dragon Emperor waved the dragon-shaped staff, and the nearby invisible power of draconic providence moved through the air as it entered the substandard God weapon in Demigod Dragon Emperor’s hands.


The dragon-shaped golden staff instantly released a massive glow of light, and a snarling dragon materialized from it.

“Mark of Heaven!” Demigod Withered Breath of Sky Suspension Palace unleashed a gust of wind with his right hand.

“Ice Soul Dark Dragon!” A dark purple dragon seal appeared in Demigod Dark Dragon’s hand and unleashed an Ice-elemental soul dragon.

“Heaven Earth Infinity!”

“Intent of the Soul Sword!”

“Divine Light of Destruction!”

This time, the Demigods of both lord dynasties took out almost all their power as they unleashed powerful skills. Endless power of destruction crashed across Heaven and Earth toward True God Tian Fa.

“Hmph, looks like I’ll have to show you all some skill!” True God Tian Fa harrumphed coldly when facing the attacks of all the Demigods.


True God Tian Fa used a profound movement technique and instantly charged toward the Demigods of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

“What? He’s charging straight toward our attacks?” The expression of a Demigod from the Grand Imperial Hall turned to shock and disbelief.

Boom! Bam! Bam!

True God Tian Fa instantly charged toward the Demigods of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty and headed straight into their attacks.

Weng~~ Bam!

The golden-black dragon armor on True God Tian Fa flashed with a divine light as golden-black liquid flowed out and formed a barrier that was as deep as the ocean. The attacks of the Demigods landed on True God Tian Fa’s armor, and they were soon engulfed without doing much damage.

“Your attacks won’t be able to break through the defense of Seven Ocean Demonic Dragon Armor!” True God Tian Fa laughed coldly as he waved the black long spear around.

“Retreat and defend together!” Demigod Dragon Emperor roared. He didn’t expect True God Tian Fa to withstand their attacks and still be completely unharmed.

An offensive divine weapon and a defensive substandard God weapon True God Tian Fa had no weaknesses at all.

“Use this chance to attack and disrupt him!” Demigod Dark Dragon ordered from the back. If the Great Gan Lord Dynasty’s forces had heavy losses, then the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty wouldn’t be True God Tian Fa’s match.

At this moment, the two lord dynasties were in the same boat!

“Dark Soul Silence Ocean!”

“Wave of Destruction!”

The Sacred Lords and Sacred Kings of the two lord dynasties watched all of this from a distance in a daze.

Peng! Peng! Boom!

The Demigods of the two lord dynasties were unable to damage True God Tian Fa. They couldn’t even break through his defense. These experts of both lord dynasties could only try to dodge and avoid the attacks from True God Tian Fa, but even then, some Demigods were injured.

“Sacred Kings, join the fight!” The Demigods of the two lord dynasties ordered, and the Sacred King started to take action. Although their individual battle-power was completely useless against True God Tian Fa, when all the Sacred Kings of both lord dynasties gathered together, it was still a terrifying force that couldn’t be ignored. Besides, all the experts present hoped that they could do something in this fight.

Kun Yun, Sacred King Dark Screen, Sacred King Feather Spirit, Sacred King Samsara, and company all charged out. The Sacred Kings of both lord dynasties hid behind the Demigods and used attacks to interfere with True God Tian Fa.

“Sky Shaking Punch!”

“Dark Light Stab!”

“Strike of the Green Sky!”

“Black Serpent Dragon, are you still going to hide!?” Demigod Dark Dragon suddenly roared. He already found the hiding Black Destruction Serpent Dragon a long time ago, but since the situation was so tense, he didn’t care. However, at this moment, they needed to drag the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon over here. It could increase their battle-power while also weakening the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon as well.

The expressions of all the experts turned to surprise, but the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was nothing in front of True God Tian Fa right now.

In a certain corner of the God corpse, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s body shook.

“Fine, I’ll fight with you this time!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon charged out. Since its identity had already been exposed, there was no point hiding anymore. He’d rather deal with the two lord dynasties than be chased by this True God.

“I didn’t think that there would be a descendant with the bloodline of the Destruction Dragon Race here!” True God Tian Fa looked at the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon with interest.

“Oh? There seems to be another interesting person too!” True God Tian Fa’s pupils contracted as he spoke with a faint smile. Bai Lin had an extremely grim expression, and her eyes were dim. This True God noticed her existence with just one glance. From this, one could see just how much stronger he was.

Bai Lin couldn’t see anything related to this True God, but destiny told her that there was a thread of hope. However, she couldn’t tell where this hope came from.

With the participation of all the Sacred Kings of both lord dynasties, the situation started to stabilize. After all, there were a few Sacred King experts whose battle-power was very close to the Demigod level. For example, Kun Yun, the Black Serpent Dragon, Sacred King Samsara, and more.

In particular, Sacred King Samsara had the Samsara Immortal Body as well as a bunch of slaves that weren’t scared of death.

“Continue to stall him and waste his energy!” Demigod Dragon Emperor roared. Although the combined attacks from the Demigods were unable to break through the defense of True God Tian Fa’s Seven Ocean Demonic Dragon Armor right now, they would be able to weaken this substandard God weapon after a prolonged period of time. In particular, the laws of Destruction used by Demigod Destruction and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had a very obvious effect.

“Hmph, I’m just playing with you. Do you really think you’re incredible?” True God Tian Fa snickered coldly as a powerful ancient bloodline was suddenly released from his body.


True God Tian Fa’s skin started to dim, and dark purple lines started to move across it.

“The Black Yao Race bloodline, ranked 82nd among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races!” Demigod Dark Dragon’s expression turned to shock.

“What a terrifying bloodline aura!”

“This is an ancient bloodline from the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods?” Demigod Dragon Emperor’s gaze became grim as he felt an extremely strong pressure.

True God Tian Fa had the bloodline of the Black Yao Race bloodline, which was ranked 82nd among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. However, the purity of this bloodline was what exceeded everyone’s expectations.

At this moment, all the forces of both lord dynasties were shocked by True God Tian Fa’s bloodline power. Even Demigod Dark Dragon, who had the number one Imperial Dao bloodline, wasn’t able to face the current True God Tian Fa due to the latter’s powerful bloodline.

“Come at me! Hahaha!” True God Tian Fa was covered in darkness, and he still wore the Seven Ocean Demonic Dragon Armor as he moved through the battlefield like a ghost.

After activating his bloodline, True God Tian Fa became an unstoppable god of slaughter!

Peng! Boom! Boom!

The experts of both lord dynasties were forced back by this supreme bloodline and the divine weapon.

“Fuck, he’s too strong!” Demigod Taichi’s figure flew back several miles and slammed into a crystal wall.


“Quickly, make all the Sacred Lords join the fight!”

The Demigod experts of both lord dynasties were stunned, and the Sacred Lord experts all revealed an expression of despair. What could they do against such a powerful enemy?

“What a pure bloodline! It’s almost the same purity as the Sky Fire Lightning Ape’s bloodline within the Ancient Dream Realm!” Zhao Feng was shocked. One had to know that the Sky Fire Lightning Ape was the species that actually had the bloodline whereas True God Tian Fa only had the bloodline of a Black Yao Race descendant.

“What kind of world is the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods?” Zhao Feng suddenly felt a strong urge, but right now, the current situation was the most important.

The combined power of all experts from both lord dynasties was still unable to stop True God Tian Fa’s footsteps. One Demigod had even been caught by True God Tian Fa and was killed!

The fall of a Demigod! Everyone’s heart fell.

“To the Demigods present, I have a plan that might be of use!” Sacred King Samsara suddenly spoke from the back.

Sacred King Samsara had the Eyes of Samsara, and his own battle-power was extremely high. Even normal Demigods didn’t dare to ignore his existence. Sacred King Samsara was also one of the longest-lived Sacred Kings.

“The situation has already come to this. Just tell us!” Demigod Dragon Emperor had a solemn expression. It was obvious that he didn’t put any hope in Sacred King Samsara.

“I will need the power of the Eight Great God Eye descendants from both lord dynasties!” Sacred King Samsara messaged some of the upper echelon members of the two lord dynasties.

“Descendants of the God Eyes!” The expressions of the peak Demigods of both lord dynasties paused for a moment.

The Eight Great God Eyes would be ranked at least in the top twenty or even top ten bloodlines of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races if they were part of them. The bloodlines of their descendants wouldn’t be much weaker, but since the Eight Great God Eyes had so many legends and rumors, no one knew the true power of their bloodlines.

“What do you need me for?” Demigod Destruction revealed a puzzled look.

“I have a secret technique. Once successfully activated, it can gather the power of the God Eye descendants and create a power that can destroy Heaven and Earth. It might be even able to threaten this True God. Of course, I’ve never actually tried this secret technique, so I’m not completely confident.” Sacred King Samsara slowly said.