King Of Gods Chapter 1115

Chapter 1115 Becoming Stronger


Chapter 1115 – Becoming Stronger

A terrifying black hole appeared ten thousand miles underground and destroyed everything around itself. Even the structure of space was affected. Everyone within the tattered God corpse was dead-silent.

“Did True God Tian Fa die?” someone asked after a long time.

“What kind of power was that?” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s eyes bulged out in disbelief. Even it wasn’t able to see what kind of power that was despite its knowledge. The status of the Eight Great God Eyes and their descendants increased by another level in its heart.

At the same time, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon inspected its surroundings, and its gaze finally landed on Bai Lin.


The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon swept up Bai Lin and turned into a streak of black light that sped into the distance.

“The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s escaping!” someone called out.

“Don’t bother with it!” a Demigod from the Dark Capital Cult said. The battle with True God Tian Fa had severely injured almost all the experts of both lord dynasties. Most of their injuries shook their foundation, and they didn’t even have enough time to care for themselves, let alone the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

The experts present then turned their gazes toward the five God Eye descendants and then Zhao Feng. At the last moment, they had all witnessed the appearance of that mysterious power; it could destroy anything and everything in its way. It was unparalleled!

The combined power of the God Eye descendants had drastically different strength during the second time than the first. Almost everyone knew the reason.

At this moment, the God Eye descendants were in a state of comprehension. Zhao Feng, who was the center of attention right now, was also in a state of comprehension.

Zhao Feng felt the sensation of being a god slowly disappear, and his consciousness returned to his body.

“That was the Power of Origin from my God’s Spiritual Eye?” Zhao Feng murmured to himself. That power could completely ignore everything, and it was unstoppable.

Of course, the only reason that power from the God’s Spiritual Eye could be released was due to the Powers of Origin from the five God Eye descendants directing it out.

Zhao Feng also felt that the power of his God Eye had somehow changed after merging with the powers of the five God Eye descendants. At this moment, Zhao Feng started to inspect his left eye.

“Hmm? My Soul Intent has reached the level of a Sacred King!” Zhao Feng realized the shocking change of his Soul Intent when he circulated it.

In addition, the state of being a god and ruling over Heaven and Earth a moment ago allowed his comprehension to increase dramatically.

“All the abilities of the God’s Spiritual Eye seemed to have evolved as well!” Zhao Feng felt that his God’s Spiritual Eye was now different from before after regaining control over it.

All the aspects of the God’s Spiritual Eye had been strengthened by different degrees. For example, in the past, Zhao Feng could only barely duplicate a replica God Slaying Arrow at most, but now, duplicating a replica God Slaying Arrow didn’t even use much of his energy. Adding on the fact that his Soul Intent had broken through, Zhao Feng might even be able to duplicate a true God Slaying Arrow now.

The duplication ability was just one of Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye’s ability though. Zhao Feng found that everything was different. He just didn’t know how to explain it.

It was obvious that the release of the Power of Origin from the God’s Spiritual Eye and its interaction with the powers of the other God Eye descendants had strengthened Zhao Feng’s abilities. The God’s Spiritual Eye had improved a lot.

“My Eyes of Destruction!” An exclamation sounded from Demigod Destruction.


Demigod Destruction opened his eyes and radiated an invisible law of Destruction.

“Demigod Destruction’s abilities seem to have become much stronger!” Demigod Dark Dragon’s expression was grim. Demigod Destruction was very talented, and his bloodline was very strong. Now that his Eye of Destruction had become stronger, his strength was now amongst the top of the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty.

Sacred King Samsara’s eyes were closed. The invisible power of Samsara around him made the nearby Sacred Lords and Sacred Kings feel uncomfortable, and they retreated.

Although the Emperor of Death had a Samsara Immortal Body, he had the biggest improvements. At the instant of attack, the Emperor of Death felt as if he had escaped from the Samsara of Death.

Zhao Feng saw all of this. It was obvious that it wasn’t just him that had evolved; the other God Eye descendants had also gained something.

The descendants of the God Eyes all suddenly opened their eyes at the same time and looked at Zhao Feng with a complex expression. They obviously knew that their eye-bloodline power had become stronger because of Zhao Feng because his unknown Power of Origin had instigated their eye-bloodlines.

Even Demigod Destruction was instinctively wary of Zhao Feng now, as if he didn’t want to be Zhao Feng’s enemy.

The nearby experts of both lord dynasties were still in utter shock and unable to believe all of this. The combined power of the God Eye descendants completely shocked them. No one in either lord dynasty would be a match against that terrifying power.

“Thank you, everyone!” Demigod Dragon Emperor said after a long time.

“That’s right, it’s all thanks to Sacred King Samsara’s secret technique!” Some Demigods came up and thanked.

“Zhao Feng” On the other hand, Sacred King Green Light and Sacred King Feather Spirit were dazed and unable to admit what happened. At this instant, Zhao Feng was like a giant mountain in their hearts strong and unsurpassable.

“He can’t have such terrifying power by himself. All of that was due to the other five God Eye descendants!” Demigod Dark Ocean had an ugly expression as he murmured in his heart. The feud between Nine Darkness Palace and Zhao Feng couldn’t be resolved peacefully anymore. If Demigod Dark Ocean became wary of Zhao Feng because of this event, once Zhao Feng matured, Nine Darkness Palace would be destroyed.

“What kind of existence is Zhao Feng’s God Eye?” Nan Gongsheng was surprised. He had obtained a lot of fortune inside the God corpse, but he was still shocked by Zhao Feng.

“It could be the Ninth God’s Eye!” the Evil God Mental Thought Body’s voice sounded from within Nan Gongsheng’s body.

“Hehehe!” On the other hand, Zhao Yufei had a bright smile.

More and more eyes gathered on Zhao Feng. No one was able to ignore his existence after this battle.

“I wonder if the Ancient Soul Palace from the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods will send more True God experts after this.” A Sacred King not far away was slightly worried and sighed.


The atmosphere that had calmed down became tense once more, and the temperature nearby started to drop. This was what everyone else was worried about too, but they tried to persuade themselves that True Gods couldn’t descend so easily. Even if more True Gods did come, they still had the five God Eye descendants and a method to counter a True God, but everyone was still worried.

At this moment, a voice sounded from the head of the God corpse.

“None of you need to worry. I will be heading to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods soon, and the Ancient Soul Palace won’t send anyone over!”

All the experts of both lord dynasties froze as they looked toward the head of the God corpse in shock. Although everyone knew that there was definitely some kind of existence within the head of the God corpse, they never would have thought that there was an expert there.

It was hard to imagine how strong this expert in the head of the God corpse would be. Furthermore, from what this mysterious expert said, almost everyone could tell that the reason True God Tian Fa came to the continent zone in the first place was because of him. Otherwise, the mysterious expert wouldn’t have said what he did.

Either way, they didn’t dare to offend the expert within the head of the God corpse.

“Thank you, Senior!” Demigod Dragon Emperor said respectfully, and the experts of both lord dynasties all let out a breath. At least they knew that the Ancient Soul Palace wouldn’t send any experts to take revenge.

Xin Wuheng opened his eyes after all the Divine Power within the golden-white palace entered his body.

“It’s finally ended!” Xin Wuheng slowly stood up.

“This place will soon become a barren ground. You should all leave!” Xin Wuheng said while waving his hand.


All of the structures nearby disappeared, and the precious treasures entered an interspatial dimension within Xin Wuheng’s body.

Zhao Feng saw all of this from the outside world with his left eye.

“So, all the fortune therewasset up by Xin Wuheng!” Zhao Feng said with surprise. The reason why Xin Wuheng did so was because he might’ve expected True God experts to appear and felt guilty about it, so he left fortune for the experts of the two lord dynasties.


A majestic Divine Power flowed out from the head of the God corpse and sent everyone to the surface.

“Zhao Feng, I will wait for you at the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods!” a voice sounded in Zhao Feng’s mind as everyone left the God corpse. Zhao Feng used the Misty Spatial World right away after leaving the God corpse and teleported to a spatial mark nearby.

“I shocked both lord dynasties, and they all have their eyes set on me now!” Zhao Feng had a grim expression.

Discussion broke out the instant everyone appeared on the battlefield of the three provinces. Although they were outside, they could still feel the changes underground.

“Grand Elder!”

“Senior Dragon Emperor!”

The members of the various forces came out to greet the upper echelons of their respective powers that came out. Those that didn’t appear had obviously died.

“What did that senior mean by ‘barren ground’?” a Sacred King asked.

“That expert should be undergoing the tribulation now!” Demigod Dragon Emperor said.

Xin Wuheng said that he was going to enter the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods soon. This meant that he was going to undergo the God Tribulation.

“True God Lightning Tribulation!” The hearts of the experts present shook.

“Tell all the forces of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty not to approach this place!” Demigod Dragon Emperor gave the order.

Firstly, the God Tribulation of that mysterious expert would definitely not be simple. Secondly, he couldn’t allow anyone to disturb this mysterious expert during his God Tribulation.

On the other side, Demigod Dark Dragon from the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty gave the same orders. However, no one wanted to miss the God Tribulation to become a True God. Although the peak experts of both lord dynasties were severely injured and needed to enter seclusion to recover, they didn’t want to miss this chance. Maybe this would help them face the God Tribulation themselves in the future.

The upper echelons of the two lord dynasties retreated several dozen thousand miles and settled down.

No one sensed a purple-black light flash in a corner several dozen thousand miles away.

“There must be some sort of secret on that brat!” A dark mental energy undulation sounded from True God Tian Fa’s soul.

“In order to recoup my losses, I True God Tian Fa will kill him!” True God Tian Fa decided.

At the same time, he was very interested in Zhao Feng’s eye. Being an expert from the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, his understanding of the Eight Great God Eyes surpassed everyone on the continent zone.

At this moment, a normal skinny King flew by in the distance.

“It’s going to be you!” True God Tian Fa’s soul charged into the King’s body.

“Arghhh!” After a series of screams, the eyes of the King flashed with a purple light before he revealed a cold smile.

True God Tian Fa found some information related to Zhao Feng when organizing the memories of this King.

“Zhao Feng? I will kill you personally!”