King Of Gods Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119 Start Of Samsara


Chapter 1119 – Start of Samsara

“Zhao Feng, since you saved Liu Qinyin, you can go die!”

Sacred King Samsara had a deadly expression. Although he hadn’t managed to kill Liu Qinyin, he could kill Zhao Feng if he used all his power. He would then slowly search for Liu Qinyin, and the result would be the same.

“Substandard God weapon?” Zhao Feng’s expression changed. He hadn’t managed to cultivate the Divine Forming Technique yet, so he was unable to use the Ancient God Seal yet. Zhao Feng had a substandard God weapon as well, but it was the Misty Spatial World, which was used for support. Therefore, Zhao Feng was extremely wary against Sacred King experts that had offensive substandard God weapons.


A golden-white light shot out from the golden-white pearl in one of the Sacred King’s hand and released a faint wisp of divine aura toward Zhao Feng. The other Sacred King also waved the blue ruler in his hand.

Boom! Boom!

Countless green and blue whirlpools started to spin in Heaven and Earth. It was as if the entire area had turned into an ocean. In this blue-and-green whirlpool of water, Zhao Feng was heavily suppressed, and his ability to move was reduced.

Zhao Feng had the Ice-Water Bloodline and the Ice Imperial Spear, so he shouldn’t have been suppressed by the element of Water so much, but his Ice-Water Bloodline and Ice Imperial Spear were currently being used to seal the power of the God blood.


At the critical moment, Zhao Feng released the projection of his Little World of Wind Lightning to fight back against the ocean.

“Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm!” Zhao Feng released a giant scarlet-golden palm of lightning by combining his physical strength and Mystic Light Sacred Power.

The Sacred Lightning Palm instantly flashed with lightning as it landed on the ocean around him and destroyed the element of Water. Zhao Feng then used his Little World of Wind Lightning to struggle free, but a golden-white beam of light shot toward Zhao Feng at the same time.

Boom! Bam! Peng!

Zhao Feng circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and used it with the Little World of Wind Lightning to block the attack from this substandard God weapon.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The golden-white light pierced through the Little World of Wind Lightning’s defense, but the remaining power didn’t cause much damage when it landed on Zhao Feng.

“Luckily, these two Sacred Kings don’t have Divine Power!” Zhao Feng felt extremely lucky. No Divine Power meant that they couldn’t unleash the full power of the substandard God weapons, and so Zhao Feng, who had great defense, was able to counterattack.

“Continue attacking!” Sacred King Samsara roared in anger and felt frustrated.

The two Sacred King Samsara Immortal Bodies activated their substandard God weapons once more and attacked Zhao Feng. However, right at this moment, a dark gray light flashed past the two Sacred Kings.

“You’re courting death!” The two Sacred Kings sensed this disturbance, and one of them used his substandard God weapon to try to kill the little thieving cat that was trying to ambush them.

Whoosh! Ding!

The little thieving cat slashed out a ripple of darkness that collided with the golden-white pearl of light.


A crack started to appear on the surface of the golden-white pearl of light.

“How how is this possible? My substandard God weapon!” the Sacred King exclaimed as he looked at the substandard God weapon in his hand.

“That’s impossible!” Sacred King Samsara’s expression changed dramatically as he looked at this scene in disbelief. How could a legendary substandard God weapon be damaged so easily?

Sacred King Samsara then glanced toward the battlefield where the little thieving cat and Sacred Lord Myriad Forms were fighting. The late-stage Mystic Light Realm Samsara Immortal Bodies were sliced into countless tiny pieces and recovered very slowly.

“Could it be adivine weapon?” Sacred King Samsara stared at the short black blade in the little thieving cat’s paws.

One of the main reasons why True God Tian Fa could fight against all the experts of the two lord dynasties was because of his two divine weapons. From this, one could see how strong a divine weapon was.

“Little thieving cat, good job!” Zhao Feng exclaimed.

After recovering for such a long time, the little thieving cat finally had the ability to use the divine weapon again. However, since the little thieving cat’s cultivation wasn’t high enough, the Sacred King had sensed the little thieving cat approaching or else it would have been able to critically damage or completely destroy the substandard God weapon.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat signaled to Zhao Feng that it had just used up all the Divine Power that it could and would be unable to use the divine weapon within a short amount of time.

“Good, let’s fight together!” Zhao Feng’s battle-intent rose.

The little thieving cat’s strongest attack had broken the stalemate. Besides, even if the little thieving cat didn’t actually circulate the divine weapon, the sharpness and other characteristics of the divine weapon itself weren’t weaker than normal peak-tier Heaven-grade weapons.

“I’ll finish you off first!” Zhao Feng looked at the Sacred King whose substandard God weapon was broken.

“Sacred Lightning Dominating Punch!” Zhao Feng circulated his power and unleashed countless scarlet-golden punches of lightning as he blocked the path of retreat for this Sacred King.

At the same time, the little thieving cat used the divine weapon to heavily injure him.

Boom! Peng!

The human and cat combination managed to instantly maim this Sacred King. Even though the Sacred King had a Samsara Immortal Body, damage caused by the power of God Tribulation Lightning and a divine weapon was really hard to recover from.

“Dark Blue Tsunami!” The other Sacred King immediately circulated his substandard God weapon and tried to stop Zhao Feng.

Physical Force Lightning Domain!

Zhao Feng circulated his of Earth of Wind Lightning Sacred Power and released a powerful domain of lightning and gravity. This domain combined with the power of Zhao Feng’s Little World of Wind Lightning and clashed with the waves head-on.

“Break!” Zhao Feng unleashed a Sacred Lightning Palm and easily destroyed this Sacred King’s restrictions. Zhao Feng then used the Wind Lightning Eye Flame and teamed up with the little thieving cat to kill the heavily-injured Sacred King.

“Hmph, he can’t die!” Sacred King Samsara circulated his left eye in the distance and released a powerful Intent of Samsara. The Samsara Immortal Body that had been completely killed by Zhao Feng started to form again.

As long as the Samsara Immortal Body wasn’t completely disintegrated, they could recover. However, once they were completely killed, Sacred King Samsara needed to use his Intent of Samsara to revive them.

“I was waiting for you to revive him!” Zhao Feng circulated his Scarlet Wings of Lightning and charged toward Sacred King Samsara.

Sacred King Samsara had been maintaining a certain distance from Zhao Feng, and since Zhao Feng had to face two Sacred Kings, he was unable to approach Sacred King Samsara. If this continued, Zhao Feng would be the one to lose.

However, at this moment, Zhao Feng teamed up with the little thieving cat and managed to kill one Samsara Immortal Body. The remaining Sacred King wasn’t able to threaten Zhao Feng alone, and Sacred King Samsara was using an eye-bloodline technique to revive the dead Sacred King. Thus, Zhao Feng quickly escaped from the other Sacred King and charged directly toward Sacred King Samsara.

“Not good, I fell into a trap!” Sacred King Samsara’s expression turned to surprise, and he immediately stopped reviving the dead Sacred King and started to run. His personal battle-power wasn’t actually very strong, whereas Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent had already reached the level of a Sacred King. As a specialist in the soul, Zhao Feng’s Soul eye-bloodline techniques were very threatening to him.


A powerful surge of soul energy and an aura of God Tribulation Lightning appeared from Zhao Feng’s left eye.

“Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!”

A ball of God Tribulation Lightning symbols appeared from Zhao Feng’s left eye. Each God Tribulation Lightning symbol contained a wisp of soul-fire as they turned into dark purple soul flames.

Boom! Peng!

A twisting ball of burning God Tribulation Lightning symbols landed in Sacred King Samsara’s face alongside a terrifying Soul aura.

“Arghhh!” Sacred King Samsara screamed as pain surged through his soul. He felt as if his soul was about to explode.

Weng~~ Weng~~

The dark golden necklace on Sacred King Samsara’s neck instantly blinked with a dark light and quickly helped Sacred King Samsara block the Soul eye-bloodline technique.


The next instant, a powerful surge of God Tribulation Lightning power landed on the necklace.


The golden-black necklace on Sacred King Samsara’s neck exploded.

“My soul-defending secret treasure!” Sacred King Samsara’s heart jumped. Even a peak Heaven-grade soul-defending treasure was destroyed by Zhao Feng. From this, one could see how strong his Soul eye-bloodline technique was.

“Start of Samsara!” Sacred King Samsara quickly unleashed another Samsara eye-bloodline technique while running away. The Sacred King Samsara Immortal Body chasing Zhao Feng started to disappear and suddenly jumped out of Sacred King Samsara’s left eye the next instant.

“The Eyes of Samsara!” Zhao Feng was slightly speechless. The abilities of the Eyes of Samsara were very annoying. Apart from controlling limitless people, they could also give immortal bodies.

Now that the Eyes of Samsara displayed another ability that allowed Sacred King Samsara to summon someone back into the Eyes of Samsara and unleash him again, this basically meant that Sacred King Samsara would always have Samsara Immortal Bodies protecting him.

Once Zhao Feng was stalled by this Sacred King, Sacred King Samsara would be able to escape very far away. However, Sacred King Samsara wasn’t at his peak right now, so it was Zhao Feng’s best chance to kill him. Once he missed this chance, the Eyes of Samsara would be able to create even more Sacred King Samsara Immortal Bodies, so it would be much harder for Zhao Feng to kill Sacred King Samsara then.

“I can’t let him escape!”

A strong surge of eye-bloodline power shot out from Zhao Feng’s left eye and formed a bottomless purple whirlpool that was connected to an endless purple abyss. A forbidden power appeared and started to suck out the soul of this Sacred King.

“What is this!?” The Sacred King felt his soul escape his body uncontrollably, and fear filled his eyes. He tried to struggle but was unable to escape the fate of his soul being sucked away.

Sacred King Samsara felt his heart shake when he saw Zhao Feng’s left eye, as if his soul was going to float out too.

“I can’t resist anymore!”

A dark blue human-shaped Yuan Soul slowly left the Sacred King’s body. Right at this moment, the little thieving cat turned into a silver-gray streak of light and stole the substandard God weapon from the Sacred King.

“Good job!” Zhao Feng praised.


The dark blue human-shaped Yuan Soul was pulled out by Zhao Feng. The God’s Spiritual Eye had become stronger after the evolution, and since this Sacred King’s Soul Intent was only on par with Zhao Feng’s, he obviously couldn’t stop Zhao Feng’s Gaze of the God Eye.


Zhao Feng sucked this Sacred King’s soul into the dimension of his left eye.

“Hehehe, idiot!” Sacred King Samsara snickered and laughed. Zhao Feng had just seen him summon the Samsara Immortal Body back, and yet he was still wasting his Eye Intent to suck away the soul of a Samsara Immortal Body?

“Start of Samsara!” Sacred King Samsara used the technique once more and prepared to recall the soul and body of that Sacred King, but he froze the next instant. He suddenly realized that he only managed to summon back the body. There was no soul.

“Sacred King Samsara, you have no more tricks left now, right!?” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but smile coldly. He was very confident in his God Eye dimension. As expected, after the soul was sucked into the dimension of his God Eye, even the Eye of Samsara wasn’t able to take it back.