King Of Gods Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122 Attacking The Earth Crystal Race

Chapter 1122 – Attacking the Earth Crystal Race

In order to test the power of the divine weapon, Zhao Feng entered the Ancient Dream Realm. He then poured the first surge of Divine Power that he had refined into the Ancient God Seal.

Zhao Feng’s consciousness seemed to enter the inner region of the ancient God weapon and arrive in a black metallic world. Countless bits of information regarding this divine weapon then entered Zhao Feng’s mind.

“Several dozen forms with the characteristics of close combat, long-distance combat, defense, and support!”

Zhao Feng’s heart shook. He didn’t expect to obtain an all-round divine weapon.

Ding! Ding!

The triangular piece of metal in Zhao Feng’s hand split in the middle and extended into a long black sword.

“Sword form!”

Zhao Feng gripped the black metallic sword, but he felt that it was extremely heavy and was unable to control it.


Zhao Feng slashed out, and a wave of darkness radiated a powerful and fierce Divine Power as it shot out. The wave of darkness slashed through an entire patch of forest and landed on a small mountain before exploding.

“Such power!” Zhao Feng could not help but sigh and exclaim. One had to know that the dimension of the Ancient Dream Realm was different from the continent zone. All powers here would be heavily suppressed by this dimension, but Zhao Feng’s attack swept past an entire forest and exploded on a small mountain several miles away.


Deafening roars started to sound one after another from the small mountain range. Earth started to shake as giant gray crystal rock giants jumped out from mountains and the earth and released deafening roars.


Several blasts of powerful air shot toward Zhao Feng.

“I’ll take care of you all next time!” Zhao Feng looked at the Earth Crystal Race and left the Ancient Dream Realm right away.

Although he had many resources and could duplicate them endlessly, it was hard to increase the overall battle-power of the Hall of Gods dramatically within a short amount of time like that. Therefore, Zhao Feng needed to plunder resources form the Ancient Dream Realm, and the Earth Crystal Race was, without a doubt, the best target.

Ding! Ding!

The Ancient God Seal in Zhao Feng’s hand turned back into a triangular piece of metal.

“There seems to be a seal in the depths of this divine weapon!” Zhao Feng realized, but he put this aside for now. It wouldn’t be too late to explore this divine weapon more after his strength reached a certain level.

Zhao Feng continued his seclusion even after testing out and understanding the Ancient God Seal. Since Divine Power that was refined through the Divine Forming Technique couldn’t recover automatically, Zhao Feng needed to store as much Divine Power as he could beforehand. Zhao Feng also needed to practice how to properly use Divine Power. Divine power was an extremely strong hidden card for him

“With this divine weapon, even normal Demigods won’t be my match!” Zhao Feng was extremely excited. The journey through the God corpse had increased his strength dramatically, but because he killed Sacred King Samsara, both lord dynasties had now set their sights on him, so it was best not to reveal that he had a divine weapon.

Zhao Feng was currently inside the dimension of his God Eye, comprehending and crafting God Tribulation Lightning symbols. He didn’t need to worry about not having enough God Tribulation Lightning power anymore after receiving the Lightning God Crystal, so he could absorb as much as he wished.

The power of God Tribulation Lightning was also one of his biggest hidden cards. Furthermore, comprehending the power of God Tribulation Lightning was extremely useful for when he needed to pass the God Tribulation in the future.

Zhao Feng opened his eyes after several dozen days.

“I’ve managed to analyze the clone secret technique!”

Zhao Feng was looking forward to it. He started to craft the body of his clone, and he would split his soul after the body of the clone was created.

Shua! Shua!

A Blood Crystal Yao Spirit that hadn’t fully grown yet appeared before Zhao Feng, and it was covered in blood-red liquid.

“I first need to wipe out the faint consciousness of this Blood Crystal Yao Spirit!”

Zhao Feng started to act with the method that he analyzed.

Six days later, a completely crystalline red body that radiated a powerful bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races appeared within the Misty Spatial World. The core of this body was the Blood God Crystal that he had obtained within the God corpse.

“Not bad. It’s state of existence is far stronger than normal Sacred Lords!”

Zhao Feng was extremely satisfied with this body. The cost of creating this clone was countless times more expensive than creating his first clone, but it was all worth it.

Zhao Feng also felt that the appearances of himself and his clones shouldn’t be completely the same, so Zhao Feng changed the appearance of this body into a muscular male.

“The clone is created. Now, I just need to split my soul!”

Zhao Feng had a solemn expression. Although splitting his soul would weaken his Soul Intent, once the second clone was formed, Zhao Feng would have a helper whose battle-power was much stronger than normal Sacred Lords. Furthermore, the body of the second clone was unique; as long as he kept on replenishing it with bloodline-essence resources, it would be able to become stronger very quickly.

After confirming what he was doing, Zhao Feng started to circulate the Soul Splitting Technique to split his soul. With the experience of last time, he managed to split his soul in twenty days.

The Soul Intent of the split-off soul was at the level of a Sacred Lord, but it was nothing in comparison to Zhao Feng’s Sacred King Soul Intent.

“My Soul Intent hasn’t become too much weaker!” Zhao Feng said after close inspection. This time, splitting his soul didn’t weaken Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent by too much. With the help of the vine fruits that he obtained in the God corpse, he would be able to quickly recover.


A dark purple soul entered the body that Zhao Feng created.

“Become an early-stage Sacred Lord as soon as possible!” Zhao Feng organized his resources and gave some to his second clone.

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm, so the success rate of merging with the Eyes of Myriad Forms would be higher when the second clone reached the level of an early-stage Sacred Lord as well.

Zhao Feng started to heal his Soul Intent after giving the order.


Three transparent red leaves appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand. Zhao Feng had obtained these leaves from the giant vine within the God corpse. They contained a very strong Intent and an aura of bloodline Divine Power.

“Although these leaves aren’t as effective as the fruits, they suit me better right now!”

Zhao Feng put one of the leaves into the dimension of his left eye and started to duplicate it while he absorbed and comprehended the other two leaves.


A condensed Intent of Earth and Wood entered Zhao Feng’s mind. At the same time, a clear and cool bloodline sensation washed over him, taking away all his fatigue.

Two months later, Zhao Feng expended more than a dozen red leaves and managed to recover his Soul Intent back to its peak state. At the same time, understanding the power of these crystal red leaves increased his level of comprehension.

At this time, Nan Gongsheng, Zhao Yufei, Kun Yun, and some people from the Tie Family came to the Hall of Gods.

“Zhao Feng, you won’t try to lie to me, right?” Kun Yun rushed toward Zhao Feng, but he suppressed his anger after thinking about Zhao Feng’s performance in the God corpse. On the way, he also heard that Zhao Feng had killed Sacred King Samsara, which Kun Yun even more scared of Zhao Feng.

“There was an important matter, so I had to rush back!” Zhao Feng handed over an interspatial ring that he had prepared a while ago to Kun Yun.

Kun Yun’s expression changed slightly. Zhao Feng’s important matter was most likely killing Sacred King Samsara and obtaining that secret technique.

Kun Yun’s consciousness then entered the interspatial dimension, and his expression turned to joy as he prepared to leave.

“Kun Yun, do you want even better resources?” Zhao Feng messaged Kun Yun directly. The current situation wasn’t looking very good for the Hall of Gods, mainly because they lacked peak battle-powers, and Kun Yun was a good option.

“Who have I ever been scared of? As long as you can pay me, I’ll do anything!” Kun Yun’s expression became even more joyful as he started to boast about his strength.

Zhao Feng gave a helpless smile. Back when Zhao Feng first negotiated with Kun Yun, Kun Yun declined Zhao Feng right away when he heard that the enemy was Nine Darkness Palace. However, Kun Yun was now very strong and probably had the strength of a normal Demigod.

Nan Gongsheng’s expression was grim, and he stared at Zhao Feng with unwillingness. He had given up his personality for the power of the Evil God but was still unable to chase after Zhao Feng’s footsteps.

“Brother Feng, did you encounter any problems?” Zhao Yufei went forward. She felt that there was some other reason Zhao Feng killed Sacred King Samsara.

Zhao Feng hesitated for a while. He didn’t know where to start when talking about Liu Qinyin.

Amongst the group from the Tie Family, Tie Hongling’s heart shook slightly when she looked at Zhao Yufei. No wonder Zhao Feng remained unmoved by her; he already had such an elegant and stunning goddess next to him.

Right at this moment, an Elder of the Tie Family took a step forward.

“I am Tie Kun from the Tie Family, and we have come with five very talented disciples of the Tie Family as promised. I hope that Brother Zhao will help the Tie Family raise them!”

The five geniuses of the Tie Family then went forward and bowed to Zhao Feng. Of the five, Zhao Feng already knew Tie Lingyun and Tie Hongling. The cultivations of the other three disciples were relatively low, but their bloodline potential wasn’t any weaker.

Tie Lingyun had complicated emotions when looking at Zhao Feng. After his first fight with Zhao Feng, he made the decision that he would fight Zhao Feng again until a victor was decided, but in just a few years, Zhao Feng had reached a level that he could only look up to. Apparently, even Sacred King Samsara was killed by Zhao Feng.

The other three younger members of the Tie Family knew why they had come to the Hall of Gods. They were excited and nervous.

“Of course!” Zhao Feng nodded his head. Now that both lord dynasties had their eyes on the Hall of Gods, it was definitely worth building a connection with the Tie Family.

Zhao Feng had the members of the Hall of Gods accommodate Kun Yun, Zhao Yufei, and the group from the Tie Family. Zhao Feng still needed to think carefully about how to help awaken the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline of the Tie Family, so he didn’t take any action just yet.


Zhao Feng entered the Ancient Dream Realm. The Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers, the Earth Shattering Raging Bulls, the Five Poison Distinct Bees, and the Sky Fire Lightning Ape all sensed Zhao Feng’s arrival and hurried to his side.

While plundering resources from these ancient races, he didn’t forget about raising them. At this point in time, the strength of Zhao Feng’s pets had all increased dramatically.

“Attack the Earth Crystal Race!” Zhao Feng ordered as he led a large group and charged into the forest.