King Of Gods Chapter 1136

Chapter 1136 Arrival Of The Dragon Emperor

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Chapter 1136– Arrival of the Dragon Emperor

“Zhao Feng, I know that you definitely have more resources that contain the aura of Ancient Origin!” Kun Yun revealed a you-know-what-I’m-talking-about expression.

It was obvious that Kun Yun was asking Zhao Feng for resources, and his voice contained a hint of a threat.

If the other Sacred Kings and Demigods of the continent zone were to learn that Zhao Feng had resources that contained Ancient Origin aura, all of them would become Zhao Feng’s enemy. After all, upon reaching the level of a Sacred King, everyone wanted to reach the Heavenly Divine Realm and head to the legendary Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. They wouldn’t care even if they had to sacrifice their entire clan for a chance to break through to the Heavenly Divine Realm.

“Kun Yun, don’t overestimate yourself!” Zhao Feng said in a cold tone. Although Kun Yun had played a crucial role for Zhao Feng and the Hall of Gods recently, Zhao Feng already repaid him. If Kun Yun needed Zhao Feng’s help to break through to the Heavenly Divine Realm, Zhao Feng would help him, but if Kun Yun wanted to threaten Zhao Feng, he was being too naive. With Zhao Feng’s current strength, he wasn’t scared of Kun Yun.

“Zhao Feng, me becoming stronger will help both you and the Hall of Gods!” Kun Yun continued speaking. Although the Hall of Gods was calm right now, almost all the big forces in the continent zone right now could sense that the Grand Imperial Hall wouldn’t just keep one eye closed for much longer.

“I do have those resources, but that is one of my hidden cards!” Zhao Feng suddenly stood up and released a surge of terrifying aura that pressured Heaven and Earth nearby.

Zhao Feng had been in seclusion for several months after the fight with the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, and all of his aspects had strengthened. Amongst them, his Soul Intent and Sacred Lightning Body were the most obvious. In terms of comprehension, Zhao Feng had the fruits, and he also had countless resources for his lifeforce and body. Furthermore, the God blood in his finger was also strengthening Zhao Feng’s body.

Zhao Feng’s intentions were also rather clear. Since he had resources that could move the hearts of all Sacred Kings and Demigods, he would have a huge group of helpers if he used his resources wisely. At that point, there would be many people who would want to help Zhao Feng, so he wouldn’t need Kun Yun anymore. Of course, Zhao Feng didn’t want to reveal everything unless he had to.

What a strong body!Kun Yun was secretly shocked. At this moment, even he felt pressured by Zhao Feng’s physical body.

Although Zhao Feng’s body-strengthening technique was more profound than Kun Yun’s, Kun Yun had revived from blood and had the experience of his previous life, so his cultivation speed was extremely fast. From the looks of it though, the stage of Zhao Feng’s body-strengthening was on par with Kun Yun, but since Zhao Feng’s body-strengthening technique was more profound, Zhao Feng’s body was slightly stronger than Kun Yun’s.

What made it even scarier for Kun Yun was that he felt that Zhao Feng’s Intent wasn’t any weaker than his own.

Zhao Feng can fight me even without his eye-bloodline now!Kun Yun was stunned and frustrated at the same time. He was a revived Demigod, but he was worse than someone who was only a King in his previous life. When thinking up to there, Kun Yun felt that he had lost all his face.


Zhao Feng returned to his hall.

“Kun Yun is most likely preparing to break through to the Heavenly Divine Realm or else he would have already recovered to the level of a Demigod by using what he obtained in the God corpse,” Zhao Feng murmured.

Kun Yun had purposely reduced his cultivation speed in order to consolidate his strength and try to break through in the strongest manner possible. Therefore, Zhao Feng also gave up on increasing his cultivation speed and chose to consolidate.

Zhao Feng continued to cultivate with the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, but this time, he put more of his focus on the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body. According to what Kun Yun said, the most difficult part to breaking through to the Heavenly Divine Realm was the True God Lightning Tribulation.


Zhao Feng put the Lightning God Crystal into his God Eye Dimension.

“Zhao Feng actually has a God Crystal that contains the power of God Tribulation Lightning!?” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s expression turned to shock. With this Lightning God Crystal, Zhao Feng’s chances of breaking through to the Heavenly Divine Realm increased by at least 20%.

Zhao Feng used part of his focus to absorb and comprehend the power of God Tribulation Lightning from the Lightning God Crystal. At the same time, Zhao Feng fully activated the God Tribulation Lightning symbols in his Lightning Soul Body to refine his Sacred Lightning Body.


More than four thousand and five hundred God Tribulation Lightning symbols flashed in his Lightning Soul Body, giving off an immortal and undying power of God Tribulation Lightning. Zhao Feng’s mental energy quickly grasped control of this power and used it on the Sacred Lightning Body.

Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Body was extremely resilient to the power of lightning, but the power of God Tribulation Lightning was different. It contained the laws of Destruction and caused devastating damage to everything. Therefore, even though Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Body had reached the peak stages of the 6th level, it was still unable to withstand the power of God Tribulation Lightning refining his body.

In just a couple breaths’ time, black scorch marks appeared on Zhao Feng’s body.

“I’ll rest for a while, then continue!”

Zhao Feng was surprised, and he immediately stopped. He used some resources to recover his lifeforce and injuries, and his Undying Sacred Lightning Body also started to recover.

There was a limit to using the power of God Tribulation Lightning to refine the Sacred Lightning Body. If it was exceeded, then it was the same as harming oneself.

Half a year passed by in a flash.

Within the Misty Spatial World:

Weng~~ Shu!

Thin crackles of lightning ran around Zhao Feng’s dark golden body. Everything within several yards of Zhao Feng had been destroyed by this God Tribulation Lightning aura and couldn’t be recovered.

Over the last half a year, Zhao Feng’s main focus was the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body. He kept on using the power of God Tribulation Lightning to refine his Sacred Lightning Body, which meant that the resilience of Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Body against the power of God Tribulation Lightning had increased, and it also contained the element of God Tribulation Lightning now. To a certain degree, the battle techniques related to the Sacred Lightning Body had all been strengthened as well.

“Lightning Soul Body Tribulation Lightning Sacred Body!”

Zhao Feng’s mind shook as joy filled his face. All he needed to do now was progress down these two paths, and his chances of breaking through to the Heavenly Divine Realm in the future would increase by at least 40%.


Zhao Feng’s consciousness entered the dimension of his left eye.


Zhao Feng unleashed a soul attack against the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, then formed a Dark Heart Seal and tried to imprint it in the depths of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s soul.

“It’s useless, Zhao Feng. Your weak Soul Intent and rough secret technique can’t enslave me!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon fought back, but in reality, its heart was already starting to move.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had witnessed many of Zhao Feng’s hidden cards and precious resources in this dimension. Even if the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon managed to escape, it wouldn’t dare to take revenge on Zhao Feng unless it managed to recover to its peak strength.

“Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, my patience is limited!” Zhao Feng left the God Eye Dimension with a cold expression.

He had tried many times to enslave the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon while he was in seclusion, but they all ended in failure. Zhao Feng decided that, if the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon didn’t bow before he tried to break through to the Heavenly Divine Realm, he would just kill it. After all, Zhao Feng might fail and disappear, so leaving the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon behind would only cause disaster.


Terrifying Heaven Earth Yuan Qi formed purple light around the area where Zhao Yufei was in seclusion. This shocking scenery instantly caught the attention of many upper echelon members of the Hall of Gods, and they scanned in that direction with their Divine Sense.

“Yufei still hasn’t exited seclusion?” Zhao Feng was surprised after scanning with his Divine Sense.

Zhao Yufei had the bloodline of the Spiritual Race. Logically speaking, none of her aspects should be any weaker than Nan Gongsheng, Kun Yun, or Zhao Feng, but since her bloodline purity was limited, she didn’t stand out amongst them. However, Zhao Feng believed that Zhao Yufei’s strength must have increased dramatically after this period of seclusion.

Right at this moment, Zhao Feng’s senses moved, and he suddenly turned his head toward a certain direction and looked into the distance.


An invisible power of draconic providence started to gather toward the Hall of Gods. Winds and clouds blew in the sky as the magnificent aura caused the hearts of all experts in the Hall of Gods to shake.

“It’s the imperials!”

“The Grand Imperial Hall has finally come!”

The upper echelon members of the Hall of Gods instantly moved their attention away from Zhao Yufei.

“Demigod Dragon Emperor!” Zhao Feng’s eyes focused on a golden figure several dozen thousand miles away.


In just an instant, Demigod Dragon Emperor led the other members of the Grand Imperial Hall and appeared in the air above the Hall of Gods. A terrifying draconic providence descended onto Heaven and Earth, and all Intents and powers seemed to freeze.

“Welcome, Senior Dragon Emperor from the Grand Imperial Hall!” Zhao Feng bowed slightly and said respectfully. He then scanned over the other members of the Grand Imperial Hall; apart from Demigod Dragon Emperor, there was also Demigod Taichi, Sacred King Feather Spirit, and another Sacred King expert in phoenix robes who had come from the Grand Imperial Hall.

“En!” Demigod Dragon Emperor replied as his gaze landed on where Zhao Yufei was in seclusion for a short moment.


In the next instant, Demigod Dragon Emperor and the other members appeared in the hall where Zhao Feng was in.

The members of the Grand Imperial Hall all radiated a strong surge of draconic providence, but no one knew if this was intentional or not.

“Is there a reason why the Grand Elder of the Grand Imperial Hall has come here?” Zhao Feng smiled faintly with a normal expression. His aura was extremely steady.

The hearts of the four from the Grand Imperial Hall moved slightly as they inspected Zhao Feng closely. It was hard to imagine that a measly late-stage Mystic Light Realm was able to act so nonchalantly against the pressure of two Demigods and two Sacred Kings.

“Zhao Feng, the lord dynasty was going to reward the Hall of Gods for destroying Nine Darkness Palace, who colluded with the non-humans recently.” Demigod Dragon Emperor first told Zhao Feng their perspective on destroying Nine Darkness Palace. After all, Zhao Feng’s actions helped the Great Gan Lord Dynasty get rid of a big danger, at least on the surface.

“That’s simply what we should’ve done!” Zhao Feng replied respectfully to Demigod Dragon Emperor.

“Zhao Feng, did you kill Sacred King Samsara?” At this moment, Demigod Taichi spoke with a cold gaze. In the God corpse, Zhao Feng had resisted Demigod Taichi, so he disliked Zhao Feng.

“That’s right. We had some personal problems!” Zhao Feng smiled faintly but didn’t elaborate.

“Zhao Feng, the Grand Imperial Hall is here this time for Sacred King Samsara’s technique that can gather the power of the Eight Great God Eye descendants!” Demigod Dragon Emperor continued and told Zhao Feng why they were truly here.

“That secret technique is too shocking and should be given to the Grand Imperial Hall to take care of. If it’s accidentally given to the non-humans, it might cause another war between the two lord dynasties, which will be a disaster for everyone,” Demigod Taichi said righteously. “So, the Grand Imperial Hall wishes for you to hand over the secret technique!”