King Of Gods Chapter 1137

Chapter 1137 Spiritual Race True God

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Chapter 1137 – Spiritual Race True God

“So, the Grand Imperial Hall wishes for you to hand over the secret technique!” Demigod Taichi said righteously. This was the true goal of the Grand Imperial Hall. Whatever else they said could basically be ignored.

Sacred King Samsara’s secret technique was just too terrifying. Even a True God expert couldn’t block it. Zhao Feng had already enslaved the owner of the Eyes of Myriad Forms, and the Hall of Gods had someone that had one Eye of Death.

It was impossible for the Grand Imperial Hall to just leave such a big threat alone. Although the Grand Imperial Hall didn’t have any God Eye descendants, if they were able to obtain this secret technique, they might be able to find another way to use it, or they could also search for God Eye descendants in the lord dynasty. All in all, the Grand Imperial Hall had come this time for themselves so that they could maintain absolute dominance in the continent zone.

Since the Hall of Gods currently had only two God Eye descendants, they couldn’t use Sacred King Samsara’s secret technique. Besides, even if the Hall of Gods had a thousand or ten thousand more years, they wouldn’t be a match for the Grand Imperial Hall, so those from the Grand Imperial Hall all believed that the Hall of Gods would hand it over.

“Sorry, Sacred King Samsara self-destructed, and even his interspatial dimension was destroyed!” Zhao Feng replied, and this was indeed the case.

The expressions of the four from the Grand Imperial Hall became cold. Even Demigod Dragon Emperor gave a deep glance at Zhao Feng, and he seemed to become unhappy; he personally came to the Hall of Gods, but Zhao Feng didn’t give them any face at all and wasn’t willing to hand over the secret technique.

“Zhao Feng, this secret technique is very precious; the Grand Imperial Hall knows this. We won’t take something from the Hall of Gods for nothing. The Grand Imperial Hall will give something in return, and the Hall of Gods will be protected by the Grand Imperial Hall in the future.” The Sacred King wearing a phoenix robe spoke slowly.

The Grand Imperial Hall had come with some preparations in mind. Demigod Taichi and this female were a duo the first acted tough while the other acted soft.

“This junior really didn’t obtain Sacred King Samsara’s secret technique!” Zhao Feng sighed and continued to explain, but the expressions of the four from the Grand Imperial Hall became even uglier.

Demigod Dragon Emperor and the phoenix-robed Sacred King were even thinking about whether Zhao Feng already had three God Eye descendants. Otherwise, why would he not give any face to the Grand Imperial Hall?

“Hmph, Zhao Feng, are you thinking of doing something bad to the Great Gan Lord Dynasty by keeping this secret technique?” Demigod Taichi became enraged. He was declined by Zhao Feng last time in the God corpse when he asked for the God blood, and now Zhao Feng dared to reject Demigod Dragon Emperor and the entire Grand Imperial Hall!

Demigod Taichi was already laughing coldly in his heart. He looked at Zhao Feng as if he was looking at a dead body.

“I already said that I don’t have the secret technique. What are Demigod Taichi’s intentions in blaming us?” Zhao Feng’s expression became solemn, and his tone started to change. He realized that, the kinder he acted, the fiercer the opposing party acted.

“We shall see if that’s true after I personally search for it!” Demigod Taichi’s mouth curled upwards into a deadly smile. Demigod Taichi’s “search” meant searching Zhao Feng’s soul.

On the side, Demigod Dragon Emperor was silent. It was obvious that he agreed to Demigod Taichi’s actions.

“Search? What right do you have to search anything in the Hall of Gods!?” Zhao Feng’s tone was cold, and he spoke every word with a pause.

At this moment, although the Hall of Gods wasn’t the Grand Imperial Hall’s match, only four people from the Grand Imperial Hall had come. The Hall of Gods didn’t need to be scared to such a degree.

“You!” Demigod Taichi’s expression froze before becoming enraged again, and he released his Demigod Intent, which merged into space.

At this moment, Demigod Taichi was putting pressure on Zhao Feng and didn’t hold back at all. If it was a normal late-stage Mystic Light Realm, they would probably be unable to withstand even a moment against the Intent of a Demigod and would utterly crumble.

“Hmph!” Zhao Feng harrumphed coldly as small crackles of white lightning flashed around his skin.


A surge of Destructive lightning aura destroyed Demigod Taichi’s Intent when it descended around Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng was covered in thin crackles of lightning, and Demigod Taichi’s Intent was unable to even approach Zhao Feng’s body to cause any effect at all.

The four from the Grand Imperial Hall were shocked. They knew this power of lightning it was the power of God Tribulation Lightning.

At the same time, two powerful auras appeared elsewhere in the Hall of Gods. Kun Yun and Nan Gongsheng were summoned by Zhao Feng and appeared in this secret hall.

At this point in time, Nan Gongsheng had purple-and-blood-colored hair. He had a cold and cruel expression and radiated a bloodthirsty killing intent. Kun Yun wasn’t simple either; although he was still just a Sacred King, even normal Demigods wouldn’t be his match.

“If there’s nothing else to discuss, Senior Dragon Emperor can go back now!” Zhao Feng suddenly stood up and said. There was nothing they could do apart from offending the Grand Imperial Hall, but that wasn’t enough for the Hall of Gods to be destroyed. The Hall of Gods wasn’t a small force anymore; it was the number one force below the two four-star powers!

On the side, Kun Yun’s heart tightened. He didn’t think that the relationship between Zhao Feng and the Grand Imperial Hall had reached such a bad level, but he soon relaxed after remembering the resources that Zhao Feng had and how he could easily get other forces in the lord dynasty to join him.

The expressions of the four from the Grand Imperial Hall were extremely ugly. The Hall of Gods, which was only just created recently, dared to go against a four-star power of the lord dynasty that had existed for hundreds of millions of years? If it wasn’t for the fact that the Grand Imperial Hall was still worried about the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty, they might have already used forceful methods against the Hall of Gods.

“Zhao Feng, the ruler of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty is the Grand Imperial Hall!” Demigod Dragon Emperor spoke at this moment and released a surge of power in every direction. Being the strongest force in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, the Grand Imperial Hall couldn’t allow the momentum of the Hall of Gods to suppress them.

Even if Zhao Feng had helpers like Nan Gongsheng and Kun Yun, Demigod Dragon Emperor didn’t put them in his eyes because he was the strongest Demigod of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty!

At this instant, it was obvious that Demigod Dragon Emperor was relatively angry. The atmosphere within the hall was extremely tense, and even the air itself seemed to freeze. The aura of Magnificent Power and draconic providence in Heaven and Earth started to rapidly rise.

However, right at this instant:


Heaven and Earth suddenly shook as a terrifying storm of power appeared. All the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within several dozen thousand miles was instantly sucked over.

This sudden change made Zhao Feng, Kun Yun, Demigod Dragon Emperor, and everyone else in the hall looked over.


The air itself suddenly ripped apart and formed a bottomless hole.

Hu~ Whoosh! Whoosh!

Surges of terrifying power blew out from the spatial cracks next to the hole.

“Tell everyone to retreat!” Zhao Feng immediately gave the order to Bi Qingyue.

Luckily, this hole had appeared very far away in the sky, or else the Hall of Gods would have been destroyed.

“This!” Even Demigod Dragon Emperor had a solemn expression.

“Yufei!” Zhao Feng looked toward where Zhao Yufei was in seclusion. Zhao Feng tried to interrupt her with his Intent, but Zhao Yufei had no reaction.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Zhao Feng and those from the Grand Imperial Hall retreated several thousand miles, but even then, they felt as if their bloodlines and power were completely suppressed. It was hard for them to even breathe.


A heart-shaking forbidden Divine Power suddenly descended.


Two figures walked out from the hole. One of them was a young male. He had a slightly childish face, but his appearance could make even females jealous, and a disdainful and arrogant look could be seen from his eyebrows. Next to him was an elder with a faint aura.

The two shared one common trait their bodies were crystal, transparent, and glittered with a glass-like light.

The sky itself shook when these two appeared in Heaven and Earth, as if it was going to crumble.

“True Gods from the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods!” Demigod Dragon Emperor’s heart was shocked. His senses told him that the strength of the elder was even stronger than True God Tian Fa.

“Descension of True Gods!” Zhao Feng’s expression became ugly. More True Gods had come from the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods within such a short amount of time!

“Could they be here for True God Tian Fa?” Demigod Taichi’s expression turned to panic.

“Yuan Long, change your bloodline and body so that it suits the Yuan Qi structure here!” the elder said to the young person.

“Understood!” The young male closed his eyes, and a crystal glow flowed across his body. The tremors in the sky soon started to calm down.

“This is the Spiritual Race bloodline!” Zhao Feng had known Zhao Yufei for a long time and immediately sensed it when the male released a wisp of his bloodline aura.

“Could these people be here for Yufei?” Zhao Feng guessed in his heart.

“Master, the descendant of someone with the Spiritual Race bloodline is right there!” Yuan Long pointed toward where Zhao Yufei was in seclusion.

Zhao Feng and those from the Grand Imperial Hall several thousand miles away were completely ignored by this elder and junior.

“En!” The elder looked in Zhao Yufei’s direction and pointed out.


A mysterious light shone on Zhao Yufei’s body.

Weng~~ Boom!

Zhao Yufei’s body instantly released a peerless ancient bloodline aura.

“She broke through!” Kun Yun’s expression froze, and he took a deep breath when he felt Zhao Yufei’s cultivation.

“What kind of power is this!?” Demigod Dragon Emperor was also stunned. This mysterious elder just pointed out with one finger, and Zhao Yufei suddenly managed to become a Sacred King.

At this moment, Zhao Yufei opened her bright eyes and looked at the two in the sky as she seemed to sense something.

“Child, come back to the Ancient Spiritual Race. That is where you belong!” The elder’s voice resounded across Heaven and Earth.

“Ancient Spiritual Race Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods!?” Zhao Yufei’s expression changed dramatically. It was obvious that she knew a bit about the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods as well.

According to her bloodline, these two were probably experts from the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods with the Spiritual Race bloodline, and they had come to this dimension to take her back to the Ancient Spiritual Race!

A warm sensation appeared from Zhao Yufei’s bloodline as if it really wanted to go to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods and return to the Ancient Spiritual Race.

Kun Yun and those from the Grand Imperial Hall became full of envy and jealousy. They didn’t expect that these two True Gods from the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods had come to take Zhao Yufei. With Zhao Yufei’s bloodline, she would be able to become a God straight away if they entered the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

“I don’t want to go right now!” Zhao Yufei hesitated for a while before replying. She then turned toward Zhao Feng and looked at him with love and hesitation. It was obvious that Zhao Yufei really wanted to go to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

“What!?” Kun Yun was speechless, and those from the Grand Imperial Hall froze and became dazed. None of them expected Zhao Yufei to reject the invitation of a True God from the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

Zhao Yufei rejected such heaven-defying fortune!? One had to know that it had been several dozen millennia since the last person from the continent zone managed to break through to the Heavenly Divine Realm!

“What, you!” Yuan Long’s expression changed dramatically in disbelief. This female from this weak dimension had rejected his master!?

The elder’s expression changed slightly as his gaze landed on Zhao Feng. He could obviously tell that Zhao Yufei had rejected him because of this male.

So strong!In an instant, Zhao Feng felt that, apart from his God’s Spiritual Eye, the elder saw through his entire body.

“Hmm?” The elder’s gaze landed on Zhao Feng’s left eye, and he was surprised.

“Human, you can come with us to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods as well!” the elder said with a faint smile