King Of Gods Chapter 115

Chapter 115 – Pill making genius (1)
Chapter 115 - Pill making genius (1)

Genius in pill making? He…

Yun Mengxiang slightly paused as suspicion and shock rose in her eyes. She never would have thought that the youth she thought was normal would be a ‘pill making genius’, and from old man Guan’s tone, apparently he had fought with another Vice Head for Zhao Feng.

Hearing this, Pill Master Yun Yao was also surprised as she surveyed Zhao Feng in a new light.

In terms of pill making, Yun Yao had to admit that Vice Head Guan was one of the best and knowledgeable. But no matter how hard she looked, she couldn’t find anything special about Zhao Feng. If the reason he was a genius was because he was young and had a lot of potential, he still couldn’t be compared with some pills masters in the clan that had started studying pill making ever since they were young. Looking at Princess Yun Mengxiang’s expression, Yun Yao started to think old man Guan’s eyes were off.

“Have you ever learnt pill making or helped someone make pills before?” Yun Yao asked.

Pill making needed a vast amount of knowledge as the foundation.

“Nope, I don’t know a thing.”

Zhao Feng didn’t hide this because both old man Guan and old man Zhang knew this. In reality, he was also curious as to why Vice Head Guan and Vice Head Zhang had chosen him.

Don’t know a thing?

Yun Yao and Yun Mengxiang looked at each other in disbelief. A youth without any knowledge of pill making had been fought over by a pill master and an array master.

Dissatisfaction immediately rose in Princess Yun Mengxiang’s heart. She didn’t believe that she was worse than Zhao Feng and Yun Yao also felt dissatisfaction for her niece because the latter had started learning pill making from a young age just for this day.

Thinking up to here, Pill Master Yun Yao called old man Guan to the side.

“Vice Head Guan, my niece is the Princess of the Cloud Country and she has learnt the path of pills since she was young. In terms of cultivation and pill making, she surpasses that youth named Zhao by far… ”

Yun Yao confidently recommended her niece to old man Guan.

What aspect was she weaker than Zhao Feng?

In terms of identity, she was a Princess and this surpassed even inner disciples. In terms of talent and knowledge of pill making, Yun Mengxiang easily beat Zhao Feng.

“Haha, Pill master Yun Yao, do you think my eyes have gone bad? I’ve been in the Clan for almost a hundred years, what kind of genius haven’t I seen?” Old man Guan laughed.

Throwing aside cultivation and authority, he beat Yun Yao in experience.

Yun Yao was speechless. Yes, she had only thought for her niece, but she had forgotten Vice Head Guan’s experiences. In almost 100 years time, the Vice Head had seen too many geniuses rise and fall.

Maybe there was something different about Zhao Feng.

Although she thought about this and still felt dissatisfaction, she wanted to see what was so special about Zhao Feng.

“Since you’ve just arrived at the Grass-Wood Division, you should familiarise with the books ‘Beginners Guide for Pill Making’ and ‘Pill Flame Heart Manual’, if you gain insights into these, it would be even better. Apart from this, you will follow Pill Master Yun Yao and learn the foundation of pill making… ”

Old man Guan soon told Zhao Feng what to do.

Zhao Feng took the ‘Beginners Guide for Pill Making’ and the ‘Pill Flame Heart Manual’, then he nodded his head and left.

“Old man Guan will be making some extremely important Spiritual Pills in the next few days, so I can answer your questions about pills.” Yun Yao said while smiling.

Like this, Zhao Feng and Princess Yun Mengxiang started to learn from Yun Yao.

“He doesn’t even know the basic knowledge of pill making, so how would he gain sights from Beginner Guide for Pill Making? Even I felt that it was hard to learn Pill Flame Heart Manual.”

Princess Mengxiang curled her lips in disdain.

Zhao Feng’s expression was innocent as he shook his head helplessly. He didn’t even choose to come here.

Princess Yun Mengxiang felt as if she had hit a pillow, how did Zhao Feng get such luck?

“Mengxiang, don’t be disrespectful.”

Yun Yao said harshly then turned apologetically towards Zhao Feng: “There’s a vast amount of knowledge in pill making. You must remember the elements of all types of plants and from this basis, you will only be able to gather the essence of these plants. In the Broken Moon Clan, every pill maker must familiarise themselves, or even memorise the “Ten Thousand Plant Illustrations.”

Yun Mengxiang on the side was stunned, it was extremely hard to familiarise the Ten Thousand Plant Illustrations.

Tens of thousands of resources were included in this book and normal pill makers could only memorise a bit of it. Even Princess Yun Mengxiang herself had only memorised 2000-3000 plants and their elements.”

What’s auntie’s intention by making Zhao Feng read the Ten Thousand Plant Illustrations?

Yun Mengxiang’s brain suddenly clicked and she understood. A smile appeared on her lips, when this brat saw the Ten Thousand Plant Illustrations, the vast amount of knowledge would make him quit.

“Thanks for your suggestion.”

Zhao Feng wasn’t suspicious at all.

Shua! Shua Shua!

Zhao Feng first flipped through the Beginners Guide for Pill Making and Pill Flame Heart Manual and soon, he memorised them both.

The Beginners Guide for Pills Making was pretty easy to understand because the contents were lodged in his head and therefore, it was easier to understand. Apart from that, Zhao Feng’s understanding and analysis far surpassed other youths of the same age.

It was the Pill Flame Heart Manual that was tricky, it was almost as hard as a Low Class Mortal skill, but the true problem was because Zhao Feng lacked basic knowledge.

“It looks like Pill master Yun Yao is right.”

Zhao Feng went to find the Ten Thousand Plant Illustrations. The Ten Thousand Plant Illustrations was expensive and normal outer disciples weren’t allowed to read it, but with Pill master Yun Yao’s help, this wasn’t a problem.

Zhao Feng soon got the Ten Thousand Plant Illustrations but he paused when he saw it.

This book was the size of a horse cart and contained the elements and information about different types of plants.

Seeing Zhao Feng’s dazed expression, Yun MengXiang laughed in her heart.

Shua! Shua! Shua… !

Without saying another word, Zhao Feng started to flip through the Ten Thousand Plant Illustrations. His actions stunned Yun Yao and Yun Mengxiang.

“Zhao Feng, don’t be too rash. Even geniuses need a few years to fully comprehend it.” Yun Yao laughed.

Zhao Feng didn’t reply, instead, his speed increased even more like he wanted to eat this Ten Thousand Plants Illustrations.

Seeing Zhao Feng’s ‘rash’ expression, Yun Yao and Yun Mengxiang looked at each other and smiled.

Half an hour later.


Zhao Feng let out a long breath as he returned the Ten Thousand Plant Illustrations with excitement in his eyes. After reading this book, his knowledge had increased significantly, the book contained things that he hadn’t even heard of.

Some of the legendary items had heaven defying effects.

For example, Zhao Feng saw this plant called the ‘Mystic Heavens Spiritual Root’, which could immediately upgrade one’s normal Spiritual Body to the Earth or Sky Body.

There were other weird sorts of plants such as Thousand Year Sleep Grass, which could make one fall into a deep sleep for a thousand years while maintaining their body without rotting; or ‘Ancient Gods Blood’, where could one gain the power of Gods and turn into a three headed six armed figure…

All in all, the Ten Thousand Plants Illustrations made Zhao Feng realised that there was a greater world out there and from what he felt, the Clan he was at was only the corner of the true world.

“Thank you for making me realised how colorful the world truly is.” Zhao Feng’s face was flushed red as he returned the book.

Yun Yao expression was extremely weird, she didn’t think that Zhao Feng would return the Ten Thousand Plant Illustrations so quickly.

“Don’t you want to read it a bit more?”

Yun Yao thought that Zhao Feng would realised how hard it was and quit, but Zhao Feng’s expression didn’t seem like that.

“It’s fine just looking at it once.”

Zhao Feng smiled, but he didn’t explain because a normal pill master needed at least tens of years to memorise the Ten Thousand Plant Illustrations.

For the next two days, Zhao Feng quickly looked through the contents of the Ten Thousand Plant Illustrations in his mind and he had a bit of understanding on how they were used.

On this basis, he found the Beginner Guide for Pill Making extremely easy to learn and as for the Pill Flame Heart Manual, Zhao Feng also learnt a bit. But the reason he couldn’t fully understand it was because this manual needed one to actually practice pill making.

After the two days, Zhao Feng got a few more books from Yun Yao to increase his knowledge and when he had questions, he would ask Yun Yao.

At first, Yun Yao was full of disdain but later on she was shocked. The questions he asked didn’t seem like someone who had just started learning pill making.

Zhao Feng was like a sponge in the ocean quickly absorbing the water.

Time flew by without realisation and on this day Zhao Feng finally remembered something.

“S***! Today’s the day I challenge Ji Fengyun!”

Zhao Feng’s expression changed as he immediately told Yun Yao and old man Guan.

“Challenging a substitute inner disciple?”

Yun Yao was surprised as she looked at Yun Mengxiang for confirmation. The latter nodded her head since she knew this was true.

“Ridiculous! Your talent in cultivation is only so-so, you should put it on pill making instead.” Old man Guan said.

No one thought Zhao Feng would win since he only had normal talent and he was a new disciple.

From old man Guan’s point of view, Zhao Feng would become his disciple in the future and he didn’t want the latter to lose face.

“Firstly, I have confidence in this battle. Secondly, I have learnt what you’ve taught me.”

Zhao Feng didn’t retreat.

You have confidence?

Old man Guan was so angry that his beard almost fell off, but then his eyes twinkled as he smiled: “Did you just say… You’ve learnt what I’ve taught you?”

“That’s right.” Zhao Feng said confidently.


Old man Guan snorted coldly due to disbelief: “I’ll ask you a few questions and if you’re able to answer them, no one will stop you from going to this battle.”