King Of Gods Chapter 1162

Chapter 1162 Xi Feng Defeated

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Chapter 1162 – Xi Feng Defeated

Several dozen thousand spectators in the Exchange Spiritual Hall were still in shock. Even someone as strong as Gu Lan was defeated by Zhao Feng in just one move. None of them expected the winner to be the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race, which was the weakest force in Sky Feather Island.

“He’s even stronger than before!” True God Giant Flame from the Scarlet Sun Race said. In the fight against Zhao Feng last time, he was at least able to make sure that he wasn’t utterly defeated by Zhao Feng, but now, he didn’t even dare to fight against Zhao Feng.

“Hmph, what’s the point of the measly Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race being in charge of the Exchange Spiritual Hall for a thousand years?” The Patriarch of the Shark Tooth Race harrumphed coldly.

Although the Shark Tooth Race’s performance in the fight for the Exchange Spiritual Hall wasn’t very good, at least the victory didn’t belong to the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race. Even if the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race was able to control the Exchange Spiritual Hall for a thousand years, they wouldn’t achieve much because they were too weak.

Just when everyone thought that the witness from Sky Feather Island would announce the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race as the victor, Xi Feng stood up.

“Wait, I just remembered that you are Zhao Feng, the evil person that killed my very good friend Chen Yuhai!” Xi Feng said with regret as deadliness flashed through his eyes.

“Your very good friend?” Zhao Feng revealed a surprised expression.

Although his impression of Xi Feng wasn’t very good, he didn’t think that Xi Feng would be able to say something like this. Back at the Auction Hall, Chen Yuhai immediately apologized after learning Xi Feng’s identity. Was that something that very good friends would do?

It was obvious that Xi Feng was just finding an excuse to take action against Zhao Feng, but Zhao Feng indeed killed Chen Yuhai in front of the Exchange Spiritual Hall. Everyone had clearly seen it, so he wouldn’t be able to deny it.

“Am I not?” Xi Feng looked at True God Sun Flame on the side.

“That’s right, Young Sir Xi Feng and Chen Yuhai are best friends!” True God Sun Flame hesitated for a moment before saying through gritted teeth.

The Scarlet Sun Race didn’t dare to go against Sky Feather Island. Furthermore, once Xi Feng successfully broke through to the Heavenly Divine Realm, the forces of the Sky Feather Island Lord would become even stronger.

Besides, the relationship between the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race and the Scarlet Sun Race wasn’t very good, so there was no need for the Scarlet Sun Race to offend Xi Feng anyway.

All the experts of the other forces also started to understand that Sky Feather Island was just finding an excuse to take action against Zhao Feng, but they didn’t dare to say anything. The strongest force present was the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race, and they would obviously love if Xi Feng could finish off Zhao Feng. The Exchange Spiritual Hall would be theirs.

True God Sky Fire and company were dazed, and they stood there with bitterness. Although they had won, the judges of the competition wanted to take action against Zhao Feng? In this world, strength was everything. If one wasn’t strong enough, there was no such thing as fairness.

“So, what do you want?” Zhao Feng’s expression was cold as he said. Chen Yuhai had definitely come to kill Zhao Feng under Xi Feng’s orders, so Zhao Feng already disliked Xi Feng.

“Repay a life with a life. Since you dare to kill my very good friend, I will personally send you to accompany him. However, seeing that you are very talented and won the competition this time, as long as you cripple your cultivation, I will forgive you!” Xi Feng’s handsome face revealed a smug, cold smile.

Cripple your own cultivation? If one didn’t have strength in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, it was better to just die.

Everyone sighed in their hearts. They didn’t expect Xi Feng to be so ruthless as to give Zhao Feng a choice between “dying” and “better off dying.”

The members of the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race had arrogant and smug expressions as they looked at Zhao Feng on the arena.

“Hahaha!” Zhao Feng suddenly started to laugh as he radiated a terrifying aura.

Xi Feng’s expression became cold. This would be the only time that Zhao Feng could laugh.

“If that’s the case, then I’ll have to choose the second path!” Zhao Feng said.

“Ai, so unfortunate!”

“Who told him to offend Xi Feng?”

The experts and forces present felt slightly regretful. They didn’t expect Zhao Feng to cripple his own cultivation in order to live.

“Good!” Xi Feng revealed a satisfied smile as he looked down from above. He was the strongest genius of Sky Feather Island. Everyone in the younger generation had to bow to him.

Back at the Exchange Spiritual Hall, Zhao Feng had rejected his meeting, and Xi Feng remembered this very clearly. Now, Zhao Feng needed to cripple his own cultivation due to his orders. This made Xi Feng feel extremely proud.

The Patriarch of the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race and True God Guili exchanged smiles, but their smiles froze the next moment.

“Then I’ll be troubling Young Sir Xi Feng to cripple my cultivation for me!” Zhao Feng’s eyes radiated cold intent, and his golden hair blew in the wind.

Silence! Everything became silent once more!

Zhao Feng wasn’t actually giving in at all. Instead of choosing to cripple his own cultivation, he was challenging Xi Feng, the strongest genius in Sky Feather Island and the disciple of Sky Feather Island Lord. This was an extremely courageous, bold, and cocky action.

Those from the Scarlet Sun Race saw Zhao Feng standing up straight and couldn’t help but reveal guilty expressions.

“You brought this upon yourself!” Xi Feng paused for a moment before revealing a deadly and fierce glint.

Zhao Feng was just toying with him. Xi Feng instantly leapt into the air and glared at Zhao Feng as he radiated an invisible force.

When Xi Feng landed on the arena, the winds of Heaven and Earth blew as countless white blades of air surrounded him. Even normal True God experts that were close to him felt a dangerous aura from Xi Feng and couldn’t help but retreat.

Everyone’s gaze focused on Xi Feng. They didn’t expect that they would be able to see Xi Feng fight personally. His opponent Zhao Feng was very unlucky.

“I’ll let you witness the strength of the number one genius of Sky Feather Island!” Xi Feng’s eyes were cold as he stared at Zhao Feng. The nearby countless blades of wind were easily controlled by him.

“You talk a lot of nonsense!” Zhao Feng murmured as his figure flashed. He circulated the Metal of Wind Lightning as he charged toward Xi Feng in a bright flash of golden light.

Zhao Feng also knew the element of Wind, so the force around Xi Feng couldn’t stop Zhao Feng.

“Wind Lightning Raging Finger!” Zhao Feng pointed out, and the power of Wind Lightning struck out.


Golden lightning flashed as the barrier of wind around Xi Feng was instantly pierced through. The bolt of golden lightning instantly shot toward Xi Feng’s chest.

“What a shameless bastard! How dare you attack me by surprise!” Xi Feng cursed with a noble expression.

“Wind Essence Palm!” Xi Feng waved his palm, and the power of Wind nearby gathered into one white palm that thrust forward.

Whoosh! Shu~~~~

The two powers of Wind interacted with one another. Wind howled as blades of wind flew forward.

“So strong! Young Sir Xi Feng’s strength isn’t any weaker than the True God experts of the older generation!”

“Quickly retreat! Young Sir Xi Feng’s Wind Essence Heavenly Technique is too strong!”

Apart from the strong races on the stone stands, the surrounding spectators quickly retreated.

“I admit that you’re very strong, but today, you will die!” Xi Feng could feel that Zhao Feng was very strong the instant they exchanged blows, but he was Xi Feng! He couldn’t lose. He was going to let Zhao Feng see his true strength.


A thin tornado instantly appeared around Xi Feng. The power of Wind became stronger and stronger until it finally formed a giant tornado that lifted him up.

At this moment, Xi Feng floated in the middle of the tornado. He seemed to become one with it as his hair blew wildly, and he had a gruesome expression.

“Hmph, I didn’t expect Xi Feng to use his bloodline power right away. This brat’s done for!” True God Guili smiled faintly as he looked at Xi Feng.

Xi Feng had the bloodline of the Sky Hell Wind Race, which was ranked 3562nd among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. They had terrifying power, and no one’s bloodline in Sky Feather Island was stronger than Xi Feng’s.

“As expected of Young Sir Xi Feng, the disciple of Sky Feather Island Lord. His bloodline is so noble!” Those from the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race said respectfully.

In a place like Blue Ocean Bay, the bloodlines of most people were in the seven thousands or even lower, but Xi Feng had a bloodline that was ranked in the three thousands. There was no need to explain how noble and unique his bloodline was.

The bloodlines of the nearby people started to tremble as they looked at the god-like Xi Feng with admiration.

“Sky Hell Wind Race bloodline!” Zhao Feng’s gaze focused on Xi Feng. Xi Feng’s bloodline was indeed the strongest bloodline Zhao Feng had encountered after coming to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye started to jump, stopping the Ancient Blood Devil Sun bloodline within his body from shaking. At the same time, a battle-intent that was unwilling to bow down radiated from the God’s Spiritual Eye.

“Powerful bloodlines seem to be able to pressure and improve my God’s Spiritual Eye!” Zhao Feng revealed a joyful expression.

Whoosh! Weng~~

A pair of scarlet wings of lightning condensed behind Zhao Feng’s back as he turned into a ball of scarlet fire and lightning that shot toward Xi Feng.

“You’re courting death!” Xi Feng laughed coldly.

Now that he had activated his bloodline power, it was impossible for Zhao Feng to be his match. The purity of the bloodlines in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods were different from normal. High-tier bloodlines were able to suppress low-tier bloodlines very easily.

“Anger of the Windstorm!” Xi Feng controlled the power of Wind in Heaven and Earth as he unleashed an attack against Zhao Feng.

“Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm!” Zhao Feng activated the Sacred Lightning Body and released the power of God Tribulation Lightning, which destroyed all the power of Wind that tried to approach. At the same time, Zhao Feng thrust out a golden palm.

This Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm was created by the Metal of Wind Lightning, and it was extremely strong when used with the Sacred Lightning Body. It was like a golden mountain that could destroy everything.


Xi Feng revealed a stunned expression as he was hit by the wind pressure of Zhao Feng’s palm, but since he had the bloodline of the Sky Hell Wind Race, his resistance toward the element of Wind was slightly stronger.

However, Zhao Feng suddenly waved his fists and punched out.

Boom! Peng!

Xi Feng instantly started to defend, but he was still damaged by Zhao Feng.

“How is this possible?” Xi Feng spat out a mouthful of fresh blood in disbelief.

How could Zhao Feng become stronger in just an instant? He had already activated his bloodline power but wasn’t Zhao Feng’s match?

It wasn’t just Xi Feng that was surprised. Everyone else didn’t believe it, and explosions rang across their minds. Young Sir Xi Feng had already activated the bloodline of the Sky Hell Wind Race but was still at a disadvantage? How was this possible?

“Sky Feather!” Xi Feng roared as a fan made of feathers appeared in his hand. The pure white feathers on it radiated an invisible Divine Power of Wind.

This Sky Feather was a hidden card that the Sky Feather Island Lord had given him. It was a low-tier divine weapon.

Being the strongest genius of Sky Feather Island, he was not allowed to lose. He had to defeat and humiliate Zhao Feng with overwhelming power.

“You can die peacefully after knowing that you forced me to use my divine weapon!”

Xi Feng’s expression was unusually terrifying. Only strong True Gods in Sky Feather Island had divine weapons. Normal Demigods were unable to obtain a divine weapon, and even if they did, it was hard for them to control it. However, Xi Feng was very talented and was able to use the power of this divine weapon after practicing with it for a long time.

But in the next instant, he couldn’t help but look at Zhao Feng’s left eye. He seemed to see a purple-and-gold mist, and he was unable to find the exit to this world.

Whoosh! Weng~~

A bolt of scarlet lightning flashed across his eyes.


Xi Feng felt a searing pain from his stomach, and he woke up from the illusion.

Peng! Boom!

Xi Feng went flying into the large stone stand behind him while Zhao Feng floated in the air and held the Sky Feather that Xi Feng just took out. It would have been troublesome if Xi Feng had used the divine weapon after activating his bloodline power, so Zhao Feng used the Forbidden Illusion Lost World against Xi Feng without any hesitation. Zhao Feng was able to easily control Xi Feng with his illusions.

“Xi Feng lost!”

“Who is this person?”

The spectators cried out.

Xi Feng wasn’t Zhao Feng’s match even after activating his bloodline power, so he took out a divine weapon but was humiliated once more. Now, even his divine weapon had been taken away. Xi Feng utterly lost to Zhao Feng.

“So strong!”

On the side, Gu Lan watched the fight from beginning to end. It wasn’t a coincidence that Zhao Feng could defeat him in one move. He definitely had real strength.

“Isn’t Young Sir Xi Feng going to cripple my cultivation? Why are you going easy on me?” Zhao Feng laughed coldly as he slowly walked toward Xi Feng.

“I’m going to kill you!” Xi Feng roared in anger as his eyes went blood-red, but fear appeared in his heart when he saw Zhao Feng slowly walking over.