King Of Gods Chapter 1164

Chapter 1164 God Eye Duplication

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Chapter 1164 – God Eye Duplication

A bolt of scarlet lightning flashed by through a mountain range in Sky Feather Island. A fearsome light that caused all living beings nearby to tremble in fear chased after it.

“Just die obediently!” True God Guili laughed coldly. Being a Rank Two True God, his speed was obviously much greater than Zhao Feng’s. Even though Zhao Feng was using the Lightnings Wings Spatial Flash with his Lightning-Fire Obliteration, True God Guili was still getting closer to Zhao Feng.

A surge of Destruction and Fire suddenly appeared in Heaven and Earth.


A several-hundred-yard-long black dragon appeared beneath Zhao Feng’s feet.

“That is a descendant of the Destruction Dragon Race!” True God Guili’s heart shook.

Although the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon only had a wisp of the Destruction Dragon Race’s bloodline, this bloodline still suppressed True God Guili. If the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was truly from the Destruction Dragon Race, True God Guili wouldn’t even have the courage to stand in front of it.

“Hmph, even if you take out a flying spiritual pet, you won’t be able to escape!” True God Guili snickered coldly as he looked at the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon with greed.

Even though this dragon only had a very faint bloodline from the Destruction Dragon Race, it would strengthen his lower-ranked bloodline by a lot. In addition, the strength and talent of this dragon wasn’t bad either, and it could scare others off if he managed to enslave it.

“Who said I was going to run away?” Zhao Feng suddenly turned around and looked at True God Guili with battle-intent.

Zhao Feng’s figure looked extremely small on the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, but his aura and battle-intent rose into the sky. True God Guili’s gaze was unable to move away from him.

True God Guili’s heart shook. Zhao Feng wasn’t running away? He took out this rare pet to fight?

“Do you think you’ll be my match after taking out a serpent dragon with the faint bloodline of the Destruction Dragon Race?” True God Guili couldn’t help but smile.

While the bloodline of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon did indeed shock him, it was unable to cause much damage to him since the cultivation of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was too low. On the other hand, this was exactly what he wanted Zhao Feng coming to him.

“We shall see!” Zhao Feng’s eyes focused as cold killing intent appeared.


The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon turned into a male with dragon scales that stood next to Zhao Feng.

Whoosh! Weng~~

In the next instant, a pair of wings behind Zhao Feng’s back fluttered as he charged directly at True God Guili.

“Lightning-Fire Obliteration!” A scarlet-golden flame that gave off a golden light appeared in Zhao Feng’s right hand, and countless white bolts of lightning flickered within the fire.

The Lightning-Fire Obliteration was created by fusing the Fire of Wind Lightning, the Metal of Wind Lightning, and God Tribulation Lightning. It was technically a Sacred Power, but its strength surpassed the limits of Sacred Power and was completely comparable to the Divine Power that Zhao Feng refined.

However, since the Lightning-Fire Obliteration was created by three different powers, for each portion of Lightning-Fire Obliteration that Zhao Feng used, it would expend three times as much energy as other powers.

“Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm!” Zhao Feng thrust out a blazing scarlet-golden palm of fire and lightning. This palm radiated a terrifying aura that crushed toward True God Guili.

A peak-stage Mystic Light Realm was attacking a Rank Two True God, but his attack was extremely fierce.

At the same time, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon also released a ball of Destructive fire.

“Hmph, ignorant!” Although True God Guili was surprised, he still harrumphed coldly in disdain.


True God Guili circulated his Divine Power, and his divine weapon was simply slashed out.


A black screen with limitless power clashed with Zhao Feng and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s attack.


Zhao Feng instantly moved several miles away. In the next instant, a black sword-light flashed through the spot he was just in.

“So strong!” Zhao Feng was surprised.

Although he was controlling the power of Lightning-Fire Obliteration, this power was only a replacement for his Divine Power, which was currently low. True God Guili’s Divine Power was still stronger, and his attacks were unblockable when he used his Divine Power.

“Using eggs to break a stone!” True God Guili laughed coldly as a limitless air of ferocity charged toward Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng had used him to refine his own strength and caused him to lose face. True God Guili needed to kill Zhao Feng and put his head in the Exchange Spiritual Hall.

Zhao Feng’s left eye focused on True God Guili, and symbols of God Tribulation Lightning appeared alongside a terrifying eye-bloodline power.

“This brat’s Eye Intent is close to the level of a True God!” True God Guili was surprised. He knew that Zhao Feng was going to use an eye-bloodline technique, but True God Guili’s soul was very strong. Would Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline technique really be able to damage him?

Zhao Feng’s left eye suddenly brightened, and countless God Tribulation Lightning symbols transformed into a ball of fire. Each of these symbols contained soul flames.

“Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!”


A ball of God Tribulation Lightning symbols seemed to burn as it exploded in True God Guili’s face.

“Arrogant and cocky!”

Zhao Feng had a cold expression. He obviously knew that his Soul Intent would be unable to do much damage to a Rank Two True God, but the relationship between God Tribulation Lightning and Soul Intent wasn’t very strong. Only the number of God Tribulation Lightning symbols mattered.

Zhao Feng had more than five thousand God Tribulation Lightning symbols, and he had just used half. After using the eye-bloodline technique, the twitching in Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye became stronger than before, and the speed at which the mysterious golden ball spun within the God Eye Dimension increased.

“Go!” Zhao Feng and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon both immediately charged at True God Guili.

“Sky Penetrating Finger!”

“Destruction Dragon Blow!”

Zhao Feng and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s attacks both shot toward True God Guili

Boom! Hu~~

True God Guili’s long sword blocked the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s attack, but Zhao Feng’s quick finger-attack shot into his body. However, while the Sky Penetrating Finger could heavily injure or kill Rank One True Gods, it didn’t do much damage to Rank Two True Gods.

“You’re courting death!” True God Guili was enraged, and he circulated the ancient bloodline within his body. He had a Ghost Dao bloodline that increased the strength of his Divine Body and Divine Power.

“Master, with our strength, we aren’t this Rank Two True God’s match!” the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon said.

True God Guili’s Divine Power and divine weapon were too strong. If the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had recovered to the level of a Rank One True God, their chances of winning would be very high, but it hadn’t had time yet.

However, Zhao Feng shook his head. Even if they tried to run, True God Guili wouldn’t let them go. Furthermore, if Zhao Feng used the Misty Spatial World to leave, True God Guili might go and slaughter the several dozen thousand clansmen of the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race. While Zhao Feng didn’t have any great feelings for this race, he didn’t want to see several dozen thousand people die because of him.


Zhao Feng waved his left arm, and a crystalline red male that radiated a powerful ancient bloodline aura appeared.

“More helpers?” True God Guili’s expression became faintly cold. Although the strength of this newcomer wasn’t very high, the bloodline aura radiating from him shook True God Guili’s body.

“Attack together!” Zhao Feng roared, and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon and Zhao Wan took action as well.

“Earth Wood Restriction!”

“Destruction Dragon Blow!”

“Sky Penetrating Finger!”

The three clashed against True God Guili. Zhao Feng and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon were at the front while Zhao Wan was there for support.

Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Body had reached the early stages of the 7th level and contained the power of God Tribulation Lightning, so normal Rank One True Gods were unable to do anything to him. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had the Destruction Dragon Body, which was on par with Zhao Feng’s body. However, True God Guili was even more terrifying after using a divine weapon. Neither of them dared to take his slashes of darkness head-on.

“Two ancient bloodline auras and the descendant of a God Eye.” True God Guili’s heart shook when he saw Zhao Wan hiding behind Zhao Feng.

Zhao Wan’s body contained two powerful ancient bloodline auras, and one of them was the Eyes of Myriad Forms. One had to know that the descendants of God Eyes were very talented in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, and they would definitely be sent to peak four-star forces or five-star powers when discovered.

“All of you must die!” True God Guili decided. If Zhao Feng left Sky Feather Island alive, he and his allies would become experts in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods in the future and would definitely come back to take revenge in the future.

“Black Sha Hell Destruction!” True God Guili burned his bloodline Divine Power and gripped his long sword with both hands as a fearsome aura shot into the sky.

“Not good a Rank Two True God’s ultimate move!” Zhao Feng’s expression changed dramatically.

At this moment, True God Guili was going to use an ultimate move without regard for the price.

Zhao Feng had lured True God Guili out so he could use some hidden cards, but the same was true for True God Guili. Now, he was going to use an ultimate move on a peak Mystic Light Realm.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Heaven and Earth turned dark as ghosts started to howl.


True God Guili slashed out with his long sword, and a fearsome dark sword-light swept toward the trio. Everything that it passed died.

True God Guili revealed a victorious smile after using this move. Even normal Rank Two True Gods wouldn’t dare to easily block this attack.

“Zhao Feng!” the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon cried out.

Even if the power of this attack was scattered and attacked the three of them simultaneously, it was still enough to severely injure the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s foundation. It was putting its hopes on Zhao Feng because it knew he had a very strong defensive weapon. Once this defensive weapon was taken out, it would definitely be able to block this blow.

Divine weapon?At this critical moment, Zhao Feng was calmer than anyone else. His thoughts moved quickly, but he still didn’t take out the Ancient God Seal because the mysterious golden ball in his God Eye suddenly released a dreamy color that stunned Zhao Feng. This was the source of Origin in his God Eye.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon started to panic after seeing Zhao Feng standing there in a daze without taking out his divine weapon. It couldn’t understand why Zhao Feng wouldn’t use the divine weapon even now.

Right as it was feeling puzzled, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye released a terrifying force. In an instant, a dreamy light flashed through Zhao Feng’s left eye before turning into a sea of gold.

“This aura!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s expression changed dramatically, and its heart shook. It had seen this aura back at the God Corpse; Zhao Feng used this power to cooperate with the other God Eye descendants and almost kill True God Tian Fa. However, Zhao Feng was currently alone. Would this power be as strong as before?

“What’s going on?” True God Guili’s smile froze, and he started to tremble instinctively.


Zhao Feng’s left eye locked onto True God Guili’s attack, and the dreamy color within the mysterious golden ball instantly started to twist the attack’s power. In the next instant, a fearsome sword-light shot out from Zhao Feng’s left eye!

This attack was the exact same as True God Guili’s ultimate attack. Even its power was extremely similar! It was as if he had duplicated True God Guili’s ultimate attack!

Boom! Peng!

The two blows clashed, causing sand and stone to fly everywhere as the skies turned dark.