King Of Gods Chapter 1166

Chapter 1166 Hiding

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Chapter 1166 – Hiding

The reason the Sky Feather Island Lord could rule over Sky Feather Island wasn’t because his forces were very strong; it was because he had two True God experts under him. Apart from them, the Island Lord’s Palace only contained a few disciples and servants.

Although it was called an island, its size was comparable to the entire Great Gan Lord Dynasty. From this, one could see how strong the three True Gods were for them to be able to rule all of Sky Feather Island. They were all rather strong compared to others at the same cultivation level.

Zhao Feng had only killed the weakest one of the three, and it required many hidden cards as well as the help of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, Zhao Wan, and the little thieving cat.

At this moment, the second strongest person from the Sky Feather Island Lord’s forces, True God Guisha, was charging at Zhao Feng.

There were nine ranks for True Gods. Although the difference between each rank wasn’t super terrifying, a Rank Three True God wasn’t an existence that Zhao Feng could fight right now.

Zhao Feng prepared to use the Misty Spatial World but hesitated for a moment.

If I use the Misty Spatial World to leave, this person will definitely try to look for me, and once he can’t find me, he will most likely slaughter the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race!

Zhao Feng’s heart dropped. Although the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race was as small as an ant in the eyes of True God Guisha, once he couldn’t find Zhao Feng, he would slaughter the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race just to save face.

True God Guisha arrived while Zhao Feng was hesitating.

“What speed!” Zhao Feng’s heart jumped up in surprise.

True God Guili was only slightly faster than Zhao Feng, but True God Guisha was much faster. He was dozens of thousands of miles away, but in the short while that Zhao Feng was pondering, he had already arrived.

“How dare you kill my third brother!? Go die!” True God Guisha had a gruesome and enraged expression.

In reality, he hadn’t paid much attention when True God Guili had asked for help. From his perspective, no one in Sky Feather Island was True God Guili’s match. Besides, they wouldn’t dare to kill True God Guili anyway, so True God Guisha didn’t rush over at full speed.

However, when he finally arrived, he saw True God Guili get killed right in front of his eyes. This meant that True God Guisha was partially responsible for True God Guili’s death. If his big brother learned of this, he would be punished. This was why True God Guisha needed to kill Zhao Feng no matter what.

Boom! Hu~

A cold fist covered with the air of ghosts crushed toward Zhao Feng.

“Master, what should we do?” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was frightened. This time, their opponent was a Rank Three True God who cultivated in the terrifying Dao of Ghosts. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s cultivation was too low, so it wasn’t able to run away or defend. It could only place its hopes on Zhao Feng.

The little thieving cat had hidden in the Misty Spatial World already.

“There’s no time to hide in the Misty Spatial World or teleport away!” Zhao Feng’s expression sunk.

Entering the Misty Spatial World and teleporting away both required time. Teleporting also required a stable pathway.


Zhao Feng’s eyes tightened, and a triangular piece of metal appeared in his hand. This piece of metal instantly changed shape and turned into a black shield.

Zhao Feng gripped the divine weapon and faced this attack from a Rank Three True God head-on. A black circular barrier blocked True God Guisha’s attack.

Zhao Feng could also have used the God Eye duplication ability to block this attack, but duplicating the attack from a Rank Three True God would use up a lot of energy, so Zhao Feng chose to use the divine weapon instead.

Even though True God Guisha’s killing intent toward Zhao Feng would probably be even stronger after Zhao Feng took out such a strong divine weapon, it didn’t matter at this point because he wasn’t going to let Zhao Feng off anyway.

“Is that a defensive divine weapon?” True God Guisha’s expression turned to surprise. Even if Zhao Feng had a divine weapon, he shouldn’t have been able to block his attack so easily. This meant that Zhao Feng’s defensive divine weapon must’ve been a middle-tier divine weapon at the very least.

True God Guisha’s eyes were instantly filled with greed.

After blocking the attack, Zhao Feng quickly retreated and covered the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon and Zhao Wan with his Intent.


Zhao Feng and company disappeared.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon paused for a moment within the Misty Spatial World before immediately speaking, “Master, there’s no use hiding in the Misty Spatial World!”

“There’s no use hiding here?” Zhao Feng was surprised.

“When one reaches the True God level, their control over the laws of Heaven and Earth will reach a brand-new level, including the laws of Space. Although we’re hiding within the Misty Spatial World, we are just hidden within the laws of Space. This person is very strong, so he will definitely be able to sense where we are hiding!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was extremely knowledge.

The Little World that they were hiding in instantly started to shake.

“Idiot! Do you think I can’t find you after you hide in a spatial Little World? You must be from another dimension!” True God Guisha laughed.

He had already found where Zhao Feng and company were hiding. All he needed to do was bombard the dimension and force them out. True God Guisha’s ultimate move was ready; once Zhao Feng and company appeared, they would die.


True God Guisha punched out. While this fist didn’t seem to contain much strength, it contained a strong power of laws that entered the air and caused Heaven and Earth to shake. True God Guisha was obviously unable to break through the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods’ spatial structure with his strength, but as long as he was able to rattle it a bit, it would cause a lot of damage to the Misty Spatial World.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon immediately spoke, “Master, if this continues, the Little World within the Misty Spatial World will be destroyed!”

“What? Destroyed!?” Zhao Feng’s face was filled with shock as he started to panic. Once the Misty Spatial World was destroyed, then all the resources within the Misty Spatial World would be revealed as well. However, going out right now was the same as dying! Did he have no path of escape anymore?

“No, there’s still a path of survival!” Zhao Feng revealed a faint smile as merged his Intent into his left eye.

True God Guisha was still bombarding the dimension in the outside world and causing it to ripple.

“Come out!” True God Guisha revealed a cold smile as he punched. He was confident that this punch would make Zhao Feng and company appear.


True God Guisha’s punch hit the air and merged into space, but his expression suddenly froze.

“How is this possible? I can’t sense them anymore?” True God Guisha instantly panicked. All of a sudden, he couldn’t sense where Zhao Feng and company were hiding anymore. There was no disturbance in space either. Zhao Feng and company had disappeared without a trace.

A golden-haired figure soon appeared in the Ancient Dream Realm. Zhao Feng’s thoughts then entered the Misty Spatial World and didn’t find any weird traces.

In the past, Zhao Feng could’ve entered the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods long before he did, and it was because he had spent so much time in the Ancient Dream Realm. The Ancient Dream Realm was full of Ancient Origin aura, so it was clearly special.

“As I thought, I will disappear completely from the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods after I enter the Ancient Dream Realm. What kind of dimension is the Ancient Dream Realm, and where is it in the Fan Universe!?” Zhao Feng smiled then sighed.

“True God Guisha’s about to leave!” Zhao Feng could sense the situation in the outside world through the Misty Spatial World. Zhao Feng couldn’t allow True God Guisha to leave just like this; if True God Guisha couldn’t find Zhao Feng, he would definitely search across the entire island and take action against the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race.


Zhao Feng returned to the Misty Spatial World.

In the outside world, the suspicious True God Guisha suddenly felt a faint disturbance in space and sensed where Zhao Feng was hiding.

“Dammit, he’s still here!” True God Guisha was becoming angry.

Just when he was about to attack, the space returned to normal, and the target that he had just locked onto disappeared.

“How is this possible? What’s going on?” True God Guisha couldn’t understand and was filled with embarrassment and rage. He could do nothing to a peak-stage Mystic Light Realm?

“That brat is definitely still hiding here!” True God Guisha revealed a thoughtful expression. Although he couldn’t force Zhao Feng and company out, Zhao Feng would definitely appear as soon as he started to leave.

“I don’t believe that you will stay there forever!” True God Guisha roared in anger and took out a message token.

“All of you come here!” True God Guisha sent out a message, and all the disciples and servants in the Sky Feather Island Lord’s territory headed toward True God Guisha.

Since the Sky Feather Island Lord had taken Xi Feng to the Golden Jade Race in Blue Ocean Bay, True God Guisha was in charge of Sky Feather Island.

There were ten peak-stage Mystic Light Realms and ten Demigods amongst the twenty servants. The three disciples were all Demigods as well, and their strength definitely surpassed normal Demigods.

“Guard this place and set up the Heaven Luo Earth Sha Array!” True God Guisha ordered coldly, and the group started to take action.

Apart from the territory of the Sky Feather Island Lord, Sky Feather Island now had another forbidden place. This forbidden place had a very strong array set up by the forces of the Sky Feather Island Lord around it. Rank One True Gods would definitely die if they entered, and even Rank Two True Gods would be unable to break through it.

No force in Sky Feather Island dared to offend the Sky Feather Island Lord’s forces anyway. However, many of the forces in Sky Feather Island were curious as to why an array was set up in this place. True God Guisha was even camping around this place. What kind of secret was there?

A black mountain that reached the clouds was located on the other side of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. The clouds around the black mountain were also black, and they were extremely thick. Even Divine Sense couldn’t enter.

Many mysterious figures sat in a great hall. The auras from these people were extremely strong; none of them were weaker than True God Guisha.

A weird figure that seemed to be made of black water sat at the very front of the hall. The figure had no face.

“Reporting to Divine Lord, we haven’t found Xin Wuheng!” A black-armored male knelt outside the great hall with an extremely respectful expression.

“A bunch of trash!” a voice sounded in the soul-dimension from the figure who seemed to be made out of black water. It caused the hearts of the experts present to tremble slightly.

Right at this moment, another figure entered the great hall.

“Divine Lord, we discovered a disturbance from the Ancient God Seal in the northwestern direction of the Gulong Zone!”

The figures present revealed stunned expression when they heard this, and the tense atmosphere instantly disappeared.

“Divine Lord, the journey is extremely far. This subordinate is willing to go and take back the Ancient God Seal!” A male in dark purple robes stood up. This was obviously the best time to complete such an important task.

“I shall go!” A bone-chilling voice sounded at this moment, and a male covered in purple tattoos and black bandages stood up.

The person who spoke previously instantly revealed a faint smile, then sat down.

“Okay, Ancient God Black Sky. Your mission is to take back the Ancient God Seal and kill anyone that stops you!”

The figure who seemed to be made from black water instantly disappeared, as if it didn’t exist in the first place. The other figures within the great hall also started to leave.