King Of Gods Chapter 1173

Chapter 1173 Increasing Battle Power

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Chapter 1173 – Increasing Battle Power

Wei Ke and Ma Lingshi’s body turned cold when they felt the aura behind them.

“I didn’t think that Hu Cheng was someone like this!” Ma Lingshi revealed a look of despair.

If all four of them worked together, they would have a hint of hope against a Rank Three True God, but at the critical moment, Hu Cheng left them and ran away by himself. Not only that, he even attacked them, forcing Wei Ke and Ma Lingshi to stall the Azure Sky Fierce Tiger so he could get away.

Ma Lingshi felt that her eyes were blind that she even knew someone like this. At the beginning, Ma Lingshi thought that Hu Cheng wasn’t bad since he was the one that went to deal with the beasts first.

“I’m sorry, Brother Zhao. It’s all my fault!” Wei Ke said guiltily. This had only happened because he invited Zhao Feng to join their group.

At this moment, Wei Ke was heavily injured. How could it be possible for Zhao Feng and Ma Lingshi to deal with this Azure Sky Fierce Tiger that had the strength of a Rank Three True God?

“Die, detestable humans!” The Azure Sky Fierce Tiger locked onto the three humans in front of it with blood-red eyes and slammed down with its iron paw that was burning with azure flames.

Ding! Ding!

A black shield suddenly appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand and blocked the Azure Sky Fierce Tiger’s flaming azure claw.

“I’ll stall it. You two, run!” Zhao Feng’s urgent voice sounded in their minds.

“That’s a defensive divine weapon!” Ma Lingshi looked at the shield in Zhao Feng’s hand and instantly understood. With Zhao Feng’s strength, it was normal for him to have a divine weapon.

“Go! My speed is very fast. Wei Ke knows this!” Zhao Feng revealed a faint smile as he faced the Azure Sky Fierce Tiger head-on.

“Let’s go!” Ma Lingshi instantly circulated her Intent, taking Wei Ke and leaving. Zhao Feng’s speed was indeed very fast, and he might be able to throw off the Azure Sky Fierce Tiger. If the two of them stayed here though, they would drag Zhao Feng down, and all of them might die here.

“Brother Zhao, please don’t die here!” Wei Ke clenched his fists and hated himself for being useless.


The two soon disappeared in the dark forest.

“Human, no matter how fast you are, do you think you’re faster than me?” The Azure Sky Fierce Tiger looked at Zhao Feng calmly and mocked.

“However, your divine weapon looks pretty extraordinary, so it shall be mine!” the Azure Sky Fierce Tiger laughed and said.

“Hehe, you overestimate yourself!” Zhao Feng laughed coldly and released a terrifying physical force that blocked the restrictive power around him.

“Hmm? You were hiding your strength?” The Azure Sky Fierce Tiger didn’t understand the golden-haired youth in front of him. He was only at the peak stages of the Mystic Light Realm, but the aura he radiated was close to a Rank Two True God.

“No matter what happens, you will die today!” The azure flames around the Azure Sky Fierce Tiger rose higher, but in the next moment, Zhao Feng put away the shield and retreated.


A pair of pure golden wings appeared behind him and released a dazzling golden light.


Zhao Feng flew toward a certain direction and escaped.


The Azure Sky Fierce Tiger obviously wouldn’t let go of Zhao Feng just like that, so it turned into an azure light and sped after him. However, there was a small distance between the two, and the Azure Sky Fierce Tiger was unable to catch up.

At this moment, a weird sensation appeared in the Azure Sky Fierce Tiger’s heart. It suddenly felt that the youth in front of him was unfathomable.

The Azure Sky Fierce Tiger had chased after Zhao Feng for a long time now, and they had left its territory. Zhao Feng suddenly spoke just as the Azure Sky Fierce Tiger was about to head back.

“I told you that I’m very fast!” Zhao Feng revealed a smug smile.

“Hmph, then I’ll let you see the true power of the Azure Sky Fierce Tiger Race!” The Azure Sky Fierce Tiger was enraged by what Zhao Feng said and instantly activated its bloodline power, doubling its speed. However, it realized that, even after activating its bloodline power, the distance between Zhao Feng and itself didn’t change.

“Not good!” Fear appeared in the Azure Sky Fierce Tiger’s heart. The youth in front of it was purposely maintaining the same speed as itself so that it would chase after him.


The Azure Sky Fierce Tiger instantly turned around, but its eyes became grim at what it saw.

“Bow down to Master!” A race that wasn’t very strong blocked the path behind the Azure Sky Fierce Tiger. However, their numbers allowed them to fight against the Azure Sky Fierce Tiger. There were also more and more races appearing.

“Human, how is this possible?” The Azure Sky Fierce Tiger looked at Zhao Feng in fear. It couldn’t imagine how Zhao Feng managed to enslave so many beasts at once. Such a force was enough to defeat some of the stronger races in this dimension.

“Charge!” Zhao Feng ordered, and all the beasts attacked. In just a short while, the Azure Sky Fierce Tiger lost its ability to fight and was enslaved by Zhao Feng.

“I urgently need some beasts with strong battle-power right now, so I lured you here because you weren’t bad.” Zhao Feng stood on the Azure Sky Fierce Tiger’s head and looked into the distance.

Now that a large number of experts had entered Zhao Feng’s territory and he was too weak to do anything alone, he needed to quickly increase his number of slaves and strengthen them.

“I won’t let Master down!” the Azure Sky Fierce Tiger said respectfully.


Zhao Feng used the Metal Lightning Radiance Wings Technique and flew toward a certain direction, The Azure Sky Fierce Tiger flew behind Zhao Feng and maintained a certain distance.

“Found them!”

Since Wei Ke and Ma Lingshi were heavily injured, they couldn’t have run very far away. Zhao Feng’s senses in the Ancient Dream Realm were very strong, so he soon found them.

Wei Ke ate some medicine to recover from his injuries. His state of existence wasn’t very high, and Hu Cheng used a divine weapon to wound him. It wasn’t very easy to recover from these injuries.

“What should we do next?” Ma Lingshi’s expression was slightly sad. When they met danger, Hu Cheng, who was of the same race, had thrown them behind and even attacked them, while Zhao Feng had stalled a Rank Three Ture God to let them live. The comparison between the two was just too big.

“Wait for Brother Zhao. He’ll be fine!” Wei Ke said simply.

Ma Lingshi paused for a moment. She didn’t know why Wei Ke trusted Zhao Feng so much. Under normal circumstances, Zhao Feng would definitely be dead. That Azure Sky Fierce Tiger was a Rank Three True God!

However, right at this moment, a surge of wind and lightning appeared from behind them.

“Zhao Feng!” Ma Lingshi’s expression changed, and she revealed a relieved smile. She didn’t think that Zhao Feng would be able to return.

“I told you that I was very fast. The Azure Sky Fierce Tiger can’t catch up to me at all!” Zhao Feng said.

The trio then rested for half a day. The Wild Ancient Secret Dimension was too dangerous, so they had to make sure they were in their peak state.

The trio spent half a day cultivating.

Wei Ke and Ma Lingshi felt how dangerous this place was. Powerful strength was the key to survival. After they experienced the danger of death, they made some progress in cultivation.

Zhao Feng also needed to increase his strength quickly in order to protect his resources as well as take resources from the invading experts.

Zhao Feng absorbed God Tribulation Lightning, cultivated his skills and perfected the Metal Lightning Radiance Wings Technique, analyzed the Soul Splitting Technique, and a few other things. The Ancient Dream Realm was extremely big, so Zhao Feng could only move around in a certain range. He was unable to travel to a lot of other places, but he had two clones. If he could create a third clone, he would be able to control even more places.

At this moment, Zhao Wan and Zhao Wang hadn’t moved at all, and it was because Zhao Feng told them to increase their strength and break through to the Demigod Rank. Almost all the experts here were Quasi-Gods at the least. One wouldn’t be as suspicious if they had reached the level of a Demigod, and it was only then that they would be able to compete against the other experts.

Zhao Wang and Zhao Wan’s bloodlines had been strengthened in the Ancient Dream Realm. If they broke through to the Demigod Rank, their true strength should be able to surpass Wei Ke’s.

The trio continued on their way in the morning. Zhao Feng had now become the leader, and Wei Ke and Ma Lingshi answered any questions Zhao Feng had.

This was Zhao Feng’s current goal to understand and obtain all information regarding the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension and the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

Wei Ke even gave Zhao Feng the map that the Blue Scaled Race had taken a lot time to make. The map was very scattered, and Zhao Feng hadn’t been to many of the places. There were also some descriptions regarding some dangerous places and places filled with fortune.

The sound of battle suddenly travelled to their ears.

“It’s in that direction. Let’s go over and have a look!” Zhao Feng said.

In reality, Zhao Feng could see what was happening hundreds of thousands of miles away. He had purposely led the group in this direction.

The trio slowly approached the place where the sound of battle was coming from. An elder and two youths were fighting against several Golden-Horned Fire Rats near the entrance of a cave. The Golden-Horned Fire Rats were extremely fast, and they could use fire. They also had bull-like horns on their heads, which were sharp offensive weapons.

Several fiery lights flashed near the elder and two youths. Their auras were extremely strong.

“Dammit, these Golden-Horned Fire Rats are so fierce!”

The two young disciples were both Quasi-Gods. One of them had the strength of a Rank Two True God while the other was slightly weaker.

“The two of you, combine your attacks onto one point and attack the Golden-Horned Fire Rats’ stomachs!” the elder roared coldly with a grim expression.


The elder waved his hands, and several bolts of lightning rushed out to stall three Golden-Horned Fire Rats.

“Kill them all!” a Golden-Horned Fire Rat with the brightest golden horns roared.

Wei Ke’s and Ma Lingshi’s expressions changed when they saw the trio fighting against the Golden-Horned Fire Rats.

“Brother Zhao, that elder is a Rank Three True God. Let’s leave!” Wei Ke’s eyes landed on the elder with wariness.

Although the cave gave off a weird smell, the two forces ahead were too strong. They weren’t something their weak group could fight back against.

“Let’s go find the experts of the older generation from our race. Only then will we be able to obtain more fortune in the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension!” Ma Lingshi suggested.

The two youths were members of the Fire Winged Race, and no one could tell the bloodline of the elder, but the strength of all three was too high. The elder in azure clothes was a Rank Three True God, one of the two youths was even stronger than Hu Cheng, while the last was on par with Ma Lingshi.

“If you two want to go, then you can go. I need what’s inside that cave!” Zhao Feng said.

Zhao Feng only got close to Wei Ke and Ma Lingshi to obtain more intel and their map. Zhao Feng needed to interact with other experts and obtain their maps too.

Right at this moment, the elder in azure’s eyes flashed as he roared out loud, “To the friends hiding in the dark, if you’re willing to help, we can split the fortune within the cave evenly!”

The two youths and the Golden-Horned Fire Rats instantly revealed wary expressions as they looked toward the forest on their right.

Zhao Feng and company soon appeared.

“Nevermind, you can go. Such strength is of no help to us!” The elder in azure glanced at Zhao Feng and company and spoke coldly as he continued to fight against the Golden-Horned Fire Rats.

The Golden-Horned Fire Rats didn’t bother with Zhao Feng and company either. They originally thought that an extremely strong human had appeared. If that was the case, the situation would be bad for them, but the three that appeared were too weak. Even if they teamed up with the elder in azure and company, it would make no difference.