King Of Gods Chapter 1178

Chapter 1178 Meeting The Blue Scaled Race Again

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Chapter 1178 – Meeting the Blue Scaled Race Again

“Hou Qing is a descendant of the Sky Water Yao Race’s First Elder. He is extremely cocky, but his talent and strength aren’t bad.” Seeing that Zhao Feng didn’t know anything about Hou Qing, Yu Hen started to tell him some stuff.

“His strength and talent are indeed not bad!” Zhao Feng nodded his head.

Hou Qing’s strength was on par with Zhao Feng’s before the latter had broken through to the peak stages of the Mystic Light Realm. One had to know that Zhao Feng had the Ancient Dream Realm and the God’s Spiritual Eye. Although Hou Qing was a disciple of a peak four-star power and had plenty of resources as well, such an achievement surpassed all the other geniuses Zhao Feng had met in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods so far.

“Brother Zhao, you didn’t even use your bloodline power, but you still managed to scare Hou Qing away. Looks like Brother Zhao’s strength is not simple!” Yu Hen gave a deep glance toward Zhao Feng and praised. However, he guessed in his heart that, the real reason why Hou Qing ran was because Zhao Feng had the help of a Rank Three True God while Hou Qing was alone.

“My bloodline is extremely normal, so it’s not of much use!” Zhao Feng said. Yu Hen was trying to find out what force Zhao Feng was from, and Zhao Feng’s reply meant that he didn’t have an ancient bloodline.

“It’s admirable that Brother Zhao managed to cultivate to such a level with a normal bloodline!” Yu Hen smiled faintly. He originally thought that Zhao Feng only dared to chase after Hou Qing because he was from a big power. At this moment though, Zhao Feng admitted that he didn’t have an ancient bloodline.

What Zhao Feng said caught the attention of the tall female and the middle-aged male from the Golden-Armed Race. They circulated their bloodline power and confirmed that Zhao Feng indeed didn’t have any ancient bloodline power.

Zhao Feng’s expression paused for a moment as he looked at Yu Hen. This group’s attitude was too friendly. Maybe Zhao Feng just felt it was weird because he had always received a cold shoulder ever since he arrived in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

On the way, Zhao Feng learned that Phoenix Forest was in the territory of the Phoenix-Tailed Bird Race. The Phoenix-Tailed Bird Race was one of the four prettiest races, and they were ranked 1258th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

Only forces that were also extremely strong, such as peak four-star powers or near-peak four-star powers like the Sky Water Yao Race and the Golden-Armed Race, dared to enter the forest. Of course, some members of the smaller forces would also try to sneak in. After all, any fortune from such a special place would be worth as much as what they would have obtained in another place over several dozen days.

Phoenix Forest was extremely far away, and the group would need close to a month’s time even if they flew at full speed.

This should be the edge of the central region of the Ancient Dream Realm!Zhao Feng murmured in his heart. He hadn’t scouted the Ancient Dream Realm much, and he was only operating in the territory of the races ranked in the five to six thousands before this. However, he was now heading to the territory of the Phoenix-Tailed Bird Race, which was ranked in the one thousands.

The strength of these Quasi-Gods and True Gods is extremely high. They will be a terrifying force if they team up!Zhao Feng had a solemn expression. Zhao Feng’s beast horde wouldn’t be a match for any single race that managed to gather together.

However, Zhao Feng didn’t have any intention of fighting against them head-on. Since these experts were planning to go and conquer places with inheritances, he could tag along and obtain some benefits as well. This was why Zhao Feng decided to come with the Golden-Armed Race to come here.

Zhao Feng had the advantage in terms of senses and speed in the Ancient Dream Realm. He also had plenty of life-saving techniques.

“This is Phoenix Forest!” The Golden-Armed Race trio revealed overjoyed expressions.

Countless large vines and trees could be seen in the distance. These plants intertwined with each other and blocked out half the sky.

Before they got close, the group could feel a strong surge of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi with a refreshing sensation. One deep breath made their bodies feel extremely comfortable.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

A group of four flew past them. The leader radiated a terrifying aura of Fire, and his cultivation had reached the level of a Rank Three True God.

“So many strong groups!” Zhao Feng exclaimed. He could see great distances, and he saw groups approaching Phoenix Forest from every direction. From the looks of it, this place was extremely famous.

“Phoenix Forest is where the Phoenix-Tailed Bird Race keep their dead. All sorts of rare and ancient resources can be found here. The further one goes in, the more precious the resources. The center of Phoenix Forest contains limitless fortune. If one is lucky, they can even obtain the tail feathers of powerful Phoenix-Tailed Birds.”

“Tail feathers of Phoenix-Tailed Birds?” Zhao Feng revealed a surprised expression.

“That’s right. The Phoenix-Tailed Birds have a certain relationship with the legendary phoenixes. Their tail feathers are extremely rare. They aren’t materials either; they might even contain the Origin of Fire from that Phoenix-Tailed Bird!” Yu Hen said as he led the group toward Phoenix Forest.

When they got close, the sound of battle could be heard within Phoenix Forest. Zhao Feng saw through the outer region of Phoenix Forest and noticed a group of three people fighting against a Rank Three True God Phoenix-Tailed Bird.

The Phoenix-Tailed Bird’s body was small, but its tail was longer than its body, and different colored flames burned throughout its tail.

Hu~~ Whoosh! Whoosh!

The Phoenix-Tailed Bird spat out countless wisps of fire that formed into a multi-colored net of fire, which fought against the three experts.

“What control!” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but exclaim. His eyes saw through Phoenix Forest, and he could clearly see this battle. The Phoenix-Tailed Bird’s control over the unique fire in its body was extremely precise; it was able to merge all of its fire into strings. One could imagine what would happen if these strings wrapped around them.

Maybe it was because their control over fire was so precise that they lived in a forest instead of a fire-attributed area.

Zhao Feng was absorbed in watching the Phoenix-Tailed Bird’s fight when he suddenly heard a voice that made him feel disgusted from not far away.

“Big brother, it’s that brat Zhao Feng!” Hu Cheng’s expression was filled with joy when he saw Zhao Feng fly over.

Back then, he and his brother discovered Zhao Feng, but the latter had managed to escape due to the beast horde. He didn’t think that he would see Zhao Feng again since the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension was so enormous. From the looks of it, enemies were bound to meet.

“Oh? This time, I’ll kill him!” Hu Cheng’s gaze moved away from Phoenix Forest and turned toward Zhao Feng.

“Hmm? There’s five people!” Hu Cheng’s expression changed slightly. This time, there were four other people next to Zhao Feng. Although he couldn’t tell what their bloodlines were, their auras were not simple. However, there were more people from the Blue Scaled Race next to Hu Sang; they had a total of eight people.

“Brother Zhao!” Wei Ke revealed a happy expression when he saw Zhao Feng. He could finally relax after seeing that Zhao Feng was fine despite encountering the terrifying beast horde.

On the other hand, Ma Lingshi was slightly worried. Now that they had met Zhao Feng again, Hu Cheng definitely wouldn’t let go of Zhao Feng.


Hu Cheng and Hu Sang immediately flew over and blocked the path of Zhao Feng and Yu Hen. The others from the Blue Scaled Race also saw their actions.

“Everyone, this person has a feud with the Blue Scaled Race. Leave him here!” Hu Sang had a normal expression as he spoke in a forceful tone and pointed at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng didn’t have an ancient bloodline while the others all had ancient bloodlines. This meant that they didn’t come from the same race. Hu Sang believed that the other three wouldn’t dare to offend the eight from the Blue Scaled Race just for Zhao Feng.

“He is my friend,” Yu Hen looked at the two in front and said emotionlessly.

The tall female had a faint smile as she saw what was happening, but she didn’t speak. The other big male had been silent the entire way, and so had the azure-robed elder.

“He offended us!” Hu Sang revealed a deadly expression.

Wei Ke and Ma Lingshi stared at Hu Sang and Hu Cheng with enraged eyes but didn’t dare to say anything. Of the eight from the Blue Scaled Race present, apart from the Hu brothers, one of them was the strongest Quasi-God of the Blue Scaled Race Quasi-God Lan Ye. The other three True Gods were all biased toward Hu Sang and Quasi-God Lan Ye, so they wouldn’t even bother with Wei Kei and Ma Lingshi.

Three elders of the Blue Scaled Race shook their heads and approached; “Everyone, there’s no need to make us all unhappy over a peak Mystic Light Realm!”

Although these three elders’ tones weren’t as forceful as Hu Sang’s, they contained a faint threatening tone. If Yu Hen and company didn’t hand over Zhao Feng, they would be offending the eight from the Blue Scaled Race.

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed as coldness flashed through his eyes. Of the eight Blue Scaled Race members in front of him, apart from the four that he already knew, one was a youth and three were elders. Of the three elders, two of them were Rank Three True Gods. If Zhao Feng wanted to run though, they wouldn’t be able to catch up.

However, the main point was that Zhao Feng had spent a long time to reach Phoenix Forest. He couldn’t just leave without obtaining anything.

“Are you threatening the Golden-Armed Race?” Yu Hen’s handsome face instantly turned cold as a sharp glint of light flashed through his eyes.


Golden lines appeared on his right fist. His entire arm then started to flash with a golden light, and a physical pressure was released that could make one find it hard to breathe.

“Golden-Armed Race!” The expressions of the three elders, Hu Cheng, and Hu Sang changed as they each squeezed out a smile. “I didn’t think that all of you would be Quasi-God prodigies from the Golden-Armed Race. I was blind!”

The Golden-Armed Race was one of the strongest four-and-a-half-star powers, and they had great hopes of becoming a peak four-star power. It wasn’t a force that a normal four-and-a-half-star force like the Blue Scaled Race could be compared to.

“All of this was an accident. We mistook him for a different person!” Hu Cheng had an ugly expression. This was the only thing he could say. If the Golden-Armed Race really wanted to protect Zhao Feng, there was nothing the Blue Scaled Race could do.

On the side, a wisp of battle-intent flashed through Quasi-God Lan Ye’s cold eyes.

Wei Ke and Ma Lingshi were surprised. They didn’t expect the relationship between Zhao Feng and the Golden-Armed Race to be so good.

The experts of the other groups also started to pay attention to this area. Most of their gazes focused on the Golden-Armed Race trio.

“I didn’t think that Phoenix Forest would also be one of the Golden-Armed Race’s targets this time!”

“They only have a few people. They won’t be a match for the bigger forces in Phoenix Forest!”

The nearby groups that had gathered around weren’t very strong, so they hadn’t taken any action yet.

“If you’ve mistaken my friend for someone else, apologize to my friend!” Yu Hen’s expression remained the same as he said coldly.

“What?” Hu Cheng and Hu Sang obviously didn’t want to do so. There were so many other people watching. They were the ones that wanted to cause trouble, but in the end,theyhad to apologize?

“Quickly apologize! There are a lot of people here. We can’t be enemies with the Golden-Armed Race!” a Rank Three True God elder of the Blue Scaled Race messaged the Hu brothers.

“Sorry, we mistook you for someone else!” The Hu brothers lowered their heads and spoke in a deeply unwilling tone.

“Let’s go!” The coldness in Zhao Feng’s eyes faded away. The two brothers couldn’t do anything to him due to the Golden-Armed Race, but Zhao Feng couldn’t kill them because of the Blue Scaled Race.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The Golden-Armed Race trio and Zhao Feng left toward Phoenix Forest.

“Fuck, the Golden-Armed Race hasn’t even become a peak four-star power yet and they’re already acting so cocky!” Hu Sang cursed in a low tone with a bright red face.

“There are too many people here. We can’t form a bad relationship with the Golden-Armed Race, at least on the surface!” an elder said in a low tone.

They were both four-and-a-half-star forces, but the Blue Scaled Race had to acquiesce. Anyone would feel unhappy.

“Let’s go in as well!” the elder said.

Hu Sang and Hu Cheng looked at each other. They understood what the elder meant and couldn’t help but reveal cold smiles.