King Of Gods Chapter 1183

Chapter 1183 Five Elements Shifting

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Chapter 1183 Five Elements Shifting

There was only one thought in the minds of everyone in the Sky Haze Races group when they saw more than fifty Phoenix-Tailed Birds attacking them run.

Fuuuuck, why are the Phoenix-Tailed Birds only targeting us?

Who cares? Just try to save yourself!

The Sky Haze Races group members used their fastest speeds to run away, but since the Phoenix-Tailed Birds specialized in speed and were familiar with the landscape, they were faster than most people.

Whoosh! Weng~~

Zhao Feng was at the very front of the retreat. Although his cultivation was low, his speed wasnt slow. Furthermore, he wasnt even retreating at full speed right now in case others became suspicious. The azure-robed elder was a Rank Three True God who specialized in the Dao of Lightning, so he could retreat without problem as well.

Arghhh! Help me!

Everyone heard a cry from behind, but the cry soon disappeared.

Many experts hearts turned cold when they felt the danger of death behind them, and they used some hidden cards.


The speed of several Quasi-God experts increased dramatically. It was obvious that they used some sort of escaping technique.

A small number of people also crushed some kind of pearl, releasing a profound Intent that covered them. They could control this Intent with their thoughts, increasing their speed to the level of a Rank Four True God.

Although Zhao Feng was at the very front when retreating, some people soon caught up to Zhao Feng. For example, the elder in cloth clothes and another expert from the Sky Haze Race that specialized in Wind caught up.

Brother Zhao, youre so smart. You didnt become one of the main attackers, so it was easier for you to run away! Yu Hen slowly caught up to Zhao Feng. Alongside him were the other two from the Golden-Armed Race.

The tall male relied on his own speed while the female in pink was using some sort of hidden technique to increase her speed.

I was just lucky! Zhao Feng gave a faint smile. This time, no one had obtained anything after attacking the phoenix nest except for Zhao Feng, who had obtained a bunch of stuff even though he was one of the weaker ones at the very back. He even obtained the tail feathers of the Phoenix-Tailed Birds ancestor.

Zhao Feng felt slightly embarrassed. Quasi-God Jian Feng had let him join their group, but Zhao Feng tricked all of them and ruined it for everyone else.

Bastard, we didnt even get anything! an angry roar sounded from behind. It was the male with silver skin.

He was a cultivator of the Dao of Ice, so he was one of the main attackers that assaulted the phoenix nest. This meant that he almost died when the Phoenix-Tailed Birds counterattacked.

At this moment, the Intents of Water and Wind could be felt beneath his feet. It was this power that allowed his speed to surpass Rank Three True Gods for a short amount of time and escape death.

A piece of trash like you is still alive!? The silver-skinned male felt extremely indignant when he saw that Zhao Feng was perfectly fine.

Before attacking the phoenix nest, he had mocked Zhao Feng for being a useless coward, but it was because Zhao Feng was at the back that he was fine. On the other hand, the silver-skinned male was one of the main attackers and almost lost his life because of it. He only managed to survive because he had used one of his hidden cards.

Trash, Ill give you to the Phoenix-Tailed Birds and buy us some time! The silver-skinned male revealed a deadly expression as he thrust out his palm toward Zhao Feng.

Crack! Weng~~

An icy power instantly washed over toward Zhao Feng. A layer of frost appeared on the nearby plants.

This male was very strong; his strength was close to Yu Hens. If Zhao Feng was hit by this palm, his speed would be heavily reduced, and the Phoenix-Tailed Birds would catch up. Only Zhao Feng knew that the reason why the Phoenix-Tailed Birds were so angry was because of himself. If Zhao Feng was left behind, he would die without a doubt.

Lightning Radiance Spatial Flash! The pair of golden wings behind Zhao Fengs back turned into lightning.


A ball of lightning exploded as Zhao Fengs figure flashed forward. The silver-skinned males attack missed.

That peak Mystic Light Realm has such a technique?

What a profound spatial technique!

Many of the experts that were escaping looked at Zhao Feng in a new light.

He actually managed to avoid it!? The silver-skinned male was surprised. A peak Mystic Light Realm actually managed to evade his attack.

Ill also give you a present! Zhao Feng turned around and inspected the silver-skinned male with cold eyes.

Luckily, Zhao Feng had managed to comprehend this new flying secret technique the Lightning Radiance Spatial Flash or else he would have needed to use a hidden card.

He had never even met this silver-skinned male before, but the latter kept on making trouble for him. Originally, Zhao Feng didnt really mind, but now that the silver-skinned male wanted to kill him, there was no need for Zhao Feng to be respectful to him anymore.

Physical Force Lightning Domain! Zhao Feng waved his palm, and a transparent dark yellow domain covered the silver-skinned male.


When this domain of lightning and gravity covered the silver-skinned male, a surge of lightning crushed down. The lightning stunned and disrupted him while the gravity domain slowed him down.

How is this possible? Your power The silver-skinned male was shocked. He had used a hidden card to become faster, but he was now being suppressed. The power of Zhao Fengs domain was not simple!

However, although his boosted speed was being suppressed, he himself wasnt slow, so the Phoenix-Tailed Birds hadnt caught up yet.

From Earth comes Metal Metal Lightning Spike! Zhao Feng waved his hand, and the laws of Earth covering the silver-skinned male transformed into the laws of Metal.

Boom! Weng~~~

Terrifying golden light pierced through the silver-skinned males body.

How is this possible!? The silver-skinned male didnt expect that a measly peak Mystic Light Realm had such a technique that he could turn a gravity domain into such a terrifying attack. Caught off guard, the silver-skinned male was heavily injured by Zhao Fengs Metal of Wind Lightning.

However, this Metal of Wind Lightning soon turned into Water of Wind Lightning, which rampaged through the silver-skinned males body and caused destruction.

Arghhhhh, dont! The silver-skinned males speed decreased dramatically.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several colored lines of fire sliced through his body, and he slowly disappeared within the flames.

What a deadly technique! He can easily change the five elements!

Even a True God probably couldnt do that unless they had the Eye of Myriad Forms!

The hearts of the experts running alongside Zhao Feng shook as they viewed this peak Mystic Light Realm youth in a new light yet again.

Almost all experts would try to comprehend the five elements before breaking through to the Heavenly Divine Realm in order to strengthen their Sacred Power Whirlpool. However, most could only comprehend a bit since they didnt have enough time to master each element to a very high level. Therefore, only a few True Gods could shift between the five elements, but they couldnt do so as quickly and skillfully as Zhao Feng.

I didnt think that I would be able to shift between the five elements so easily! Zhao Feng revealed a joyful expression.

Zhao Wan had played a part in this. One of Zhao Fengs clones had the Eyes of Myriad Forms. The cultivation experience and knowledge gained from Zhao Wan kept entering his mind. Regardless of what Zhao Feng himself did, he would know a little bit about Myriad Forms as well.

Zhao Feng found that, ever since he gained the second clone Zhao Wan, his cultivation speed of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique had increased.

Stop chasing, the other two forces are attacking the phoenix nest! a Phoenix-Tailed Bird with a powerful aura suddenly said.


All of the Phoenix-Tailed Birds immediately returned. While the tail feathers of their ancestor were important, they couldnt let the entire phoenix nest be conquered by the enemy because of this matter.

Little Ling, turn into human form, follow this person in secret, and take back the tail feathers of our ancestor. There should be no problem with your Rank Four True God strength, right? the chief Phoenix-Tailed Bird talked to another Phoenix-Tailed Bird.

The tail feathers of this Phoenix-Tailed Bird burned with a purple-blue flame, and the aura radiating from it was extremely strong.


A beam of fire entered its mind and showed the appearance of Zhao Feng.

Understood! This Phoenix-Tailed Bird immediately used a secret technique and turned into human form amidst a purple-blue flame.

She wore a long purple-blue dress and had a snow-white figure. There were no flaws in her appearance, and her eyes sparkled with a purple-blue light that could move ones soul. The Phoenix-Tailed Bird Race was one of the four most beautiful races, and their appearance in human form was just as stunning.

Little Ling was the one who personally saw the little thieving cat devour the tail feathers of their ancestor.

This person should be that cats master! Little Ling looked at the image of Zhao Feng in her mind, and cold killing intent surged from her eyes. Although she was extremely disdainful and hateful of the fact that she had to turn into human form, there was nothing Little Ling could do about it since she was doing it to take back the tail feathers of their ancestor. She could only turn into human form and find a chance to kill this person.

The Sky Haze Race group stopped at the outer edge of Phoenix Forest.

At this moment, there were only sixteen people left. Almost ten experts with the strength of a True God had been killed. The state of those that remained wasnt very good either; injuries of different degrees covered their bodies.

Theyve gone back!

Fuck, we attracted a bunch of Phoenix-Tailed Birds out. The other two forces definitely used this chance to push forward and might have obtained some treasures already! a person said unwillingly.

The elder in cloth clothes was also silent. The Sky Haze Race specialized in Wind, so their casualties were lower. However, the Phoenix-Tailed Birds seemed to purposely target them, so he didnt dare to attack the phoenix nest anymore.

Lets rest here for a while! the elder in cloth clothes said.

The Sky Haze Race will go to some other places now. If you want, you can follow us! The elder in cloth clothes looked around and paused when he saw the Golden-Armed Race and Zhao Feng.

If one followed a Rank Four True God through the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension, they would be able to obtain more fortune without a doubt, but the places that Rank Four True Gods wanted to scout out werent something that normal Quasi-Gods and True Gods could risk. For example, the phoenix nest contained a Phoenix-Tailed Bird that had reached the level of a Rank Five True God.

Im sorry, Brother Yu and Brother Zhao, for dragging you here and getting nothing in the end! Quasi-God Jian Feng smiled faintly and walked over to Zhao Feng.

No, no, no, this one is satisfied already just witnessing the strength of a Rank Four True God and the legendary phoenix nest! Zhao Feng smiled awkwardly and felt kind of bad. He had actually obtained a lot.

The remaining people then started to recover their Yuan Qi and heal their injuries. The Wild Ancient Secret Dimension was filled with danger, so it was best not to do anything if they werent at their peak state.

Part of Zhao Fengs consciousness entered the dimension of his God Eye to inspect what he had obtained while another part of his consciousness cultivated the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique.

The next level of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique was for the five elements to become one. It needed resources and comprehension, but now that Zhao Feng could shift between the five elements as he wished and had Zhao Wans help, it wasnt hard to combine the five elements.

A powerful aura suddenly appeared in front of the Sky Haze Races group, and everyone instantly opened their eyes as they looked over.

What is the meaning of this? The cloth-clad elder stood up and radiated an invisible pressure.

Hmph. Sky Haze Race, hand over what you obtained in the phoenix nest! an elder covered in black scales roared.

On the other side was the Sky Water Yao Races group. Although the Sky Haze Race had attracted away most of the Phoenix-Tailed Birds and allowed them to successfully enter the phoenix nest, the Phoenix-Tailed Birds returned and almost killed them all.

Although the two groups had obtained a lot of wealth, their losses were very heavy, and they only had twenty-eight people remaining.

They thought that the Sky Haze Race had definitely obtained an important treasure from the phoenix nest; why else would the Phoenix-Tailed Bird Race become so enraged and attack the Sky Haze Race specifically? The two groups decided to team up and pressure the Sky Haze Race group.

At this moment, within the Sky Water Yao Races group, Hou Qings eyes suddenly shook as his gaze landed on a youth with golden hair and a golden eye.