King Of Gods Chapter 1186

Chapter 1186 God Sealing Stone

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Chapter 1186 – God Sealing Stone

Seeing that Zhao Feng had agreed, the Golden-Armed Race trio revealed joyful expressions.

The azure-robed elder wasn’t a body cultivator, so he would be useless in the Forest of Death. Thus, Zhao Feng told him to wait at the border.

“Let’s go!” Zhao Feng said.

The Golden-Armed Race trio had spent a lot of effort to get this far. They formed their plan the first time they met Zhao Feng, but they didn’t immediately tell him about it because they wanted to maintain a good relationship.

“These are some Divine Power Pills that the patriarch prepared. It can increase one’s power to another level!” Yu Hen took out several pills from a bottle and handed them to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng took the pills with some hesitation.

“I said that I would guarantee Brother Zhao’s safety to the center of the Forest of Death!” Yu Hen took out a few more pills and gave them to the other two from the Golden-Armed Race.

Zhao Feng instantly felt that the physical force radiating from the Golden-Armed Race trio become stronger. Zhao Feng ate the pill and felt a fierce force travel through his limbs and body.

“This pill is probably very expensive!” Zhao Feng smiled and said. There was nothing wrong with these pills.

At this moment, he could defeat Rank Two True Gods and fight against Rank Three True Gods with his physical strength alone.

The Divine Power Pill didn’t just increase Zhao Feng’s power for a short amount of time; it was also of great help to Zhao Feng’s lifeforce, and his Sacred Lightning Body started showing signs of breaking through.

“It’s nothing compared to the divine weapon in the Forest of Death!” Yu Hen’s tone was slightly impatient.

Teng! Teng!

The group of four headed toward the center of the Forest of Death.


Terrifying howls started to sound just as they progressed forward.


With a flash of black, a terrifying ancient race creature appeared before the group.

Apart from their own strength, the ancient races in the Forest of Death all had an air of Death as well. Maybe this was why they stayed in the Forest of Death forever. However, their consciousnesses weren’t clear, and they only knew about killing, so it wasn’t very hard for the group to deal with it.

“Go!” Yu Hen roared in a deep voice as he charged out.

The Golden-Armed Race was considered a body-strengthening race, and Yu Hen had made preparations from the start. The trio had all cultivated their bodies to an extremely high level. Amongst them, the tall male had the strongest body; it was even slightly stronger than Zhao Feng’s Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body.

“Kill!” The four soon finished off this beast.

“Big brother, there’s a skeleton there!” the female yelled. The Golden-Armed Race trio arrived next to the skeleton and took its items away.

“Brother Zhao, don’t laugh at us. The skeletons here are mainly from the people that entered this place in the past and were killed by the air of Death. They have many good items on them!” Yu Hen said to Zhao Feng, and he nodded his head.

Places that contained great danger also contained great fortune. Strong experts had definitely entered this place in the past, and since they had never returned, it warned others not to enter the Forest of Death easily.

Zhao Feng then looked over and saw many skeletons and interspatial dimensions on the way.

However, in comparison to the fortune, there was more danger. They would meet ancient races at almost every moment. The closer they got to the center of the Forest of Death, the great the numbers of these beasts. If it wasn’t for the help of the Divine Power Pill, the four probably wouldn’t have been able to continue.

At this moment, Zhao Feng realized something; many body cultivators had entered the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension. There were Rank Four and maybe even Rank Five True God body cultivators.

Normally speaking, a body-strengthening expert with a higher cultivation would increase the chances of the Golden-Armed Race successfully obtaining the divine weapon. However, what the Golden-Armed Race trio needed was someone with a strong body but a weak cultivation so that the three of them would have the advantage. In their eyes, Zhao Feng fitted the criteria perfectly; he wasn’t their match inside the Forest of Death or outside. Of course, this was just what they thought.

The four finally managed to enter the center region with the help of the Divine Power Pills and their physical strength.

“Brother Zhao, you can relax now. Now that we have reached this place, the ancient races won’t appear anymore!” Yu Hen laughed with excitement. The Golden-Armed Race trio then headed forward, and Zhao Feng followed closely behind them.

The closer they got to the center, the darker the mist of Death. If someone used other powers here, the erosion from the mist of Death would become faster, killing them quickly.

A giant black stone soon appeared before the group. Countless profound and unique lines were drawn around the giant stone and radiated a majestic power that suppressed Heaven and Earth.

Zhao Feng felt that it was extremely hard to use any power within his body when he got close to this giant stone.

“This is the God Sealing Stone?” Zhao Feng revealed a surprised look.

The God Sealing Stone was a treasure of the God Sealing Race, which was ranked 14th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, and it could suppress all treasures in the world. However, at this moment, the surface of the God Sealing Stone was radiating a heavy air of Death, as if it had been eroded.

What kind of divine weapon was being suppressed that it could even erode the God Sealing Stone? Within several dozen millennia, the divine weapon underneath would be able to fully erode the God Sealing Stone.

Of course, this might also be because the grade of this particular God Sealing Stone wasn’t high enough. The God Sealing Race had experts of different levels, and that was the same with God Sealing Stones.

“Brother Yu, how are you planning to control the divine weapon under this God Sealing Stone? It’s very strong.” Zhao Feng asked with a solemn expression.

This terrifying divine weapon could even erode the God Sealing Stone. Once it was taken out, how would the Golden-Armed Race control it?

“Brother Zhao, don’t worry. The divine weapon beneath the God Sealing Stone should be busy fighting against the God Sealing Stone and should be very weak right now. It’s not very hard to control it after we take it out!” Yu Hen said with a smile.

“What do we need to do?” Zhao Feng asked.

Yu Hen flipped his right hand, and various weapons and resources containing the Intent of Death appeared in his hand. The value of these materials and weapons wasn’t lower than some of the treasures Zhao Feng had taken from the Phoenix Nest. It seemed like Yu Hen’s lineage had prepared a lot for this divine weapon in the Forest of Death.

“The God Sealing Stone has been fighting against the divine weapon for a very long time. Both items have lost a lot of power. These materials and weapons that contain the Intent of Death will be able to provide some power for the divine weapon below the God Sealing Stone. We can also reduce the power of the God Sealing Stone from outside!” Yu Hen told Zhao Feng what their next step was.

“Is Young Sir Zhao not willing?” the female in pink asked with a smile.

“Whether I’m willing or not doesn’t matter, right? You wouldn’t let me leave anyway. Besides, I do want to use the power of this divine weapon to get rid of the Sky Water Yao Race!” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

Zhao Feng wanted this divine weapon as well. Besides, he had some hidden cards, so he wasn’t scared of the Golden-Armed Race trio. It would be very good if he could use these three to obtain the divine weapon below the God Sealing Stone for himself.

“Then, let’s start!” Yu Hen immediately started to take action. He spread the items containing the Intent of Death around the God Sealing Stone.

As expected, an invisible surge of power started to erode the God Sealing Stone.

“Come with me!”

Zhao Feng followed the Golden-Armed Race trio to the top of the God Sealing Stone. Yu Hen took out a white jade slip that had many profound lines on it, and it gave off a mystic aura.


Yu Hen stuck this jade slip onto the God Sealing Stone.

“This is a jade slip crafted by my ancestor. We can attack this jade slip, and it’ll increase our power!” Yu Hen explained to Zhao Feng.

The skills that powerful True Gods have up their sleeves are immeasurable! Zhao Feng didn’t dare to underestimate any of them. He had seen mysterious methods from the experts of the Gulong Zone in the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension, and Sky Feather Island was just a corner in the edge of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. Zhao Feng wasn’t experienced enough.


The quartet attacked this white jade slip together. A strong surge of power came from the jade slip and charged toward the God Sealing Stone.


Wisps of Death Intent around the God Sealing Stone started to erode it faster. With the combined forces, the power of the God Sealing Stone started to become weaker.

“Stop! Let the divine weapon break through the suppression of the God Sealing Stone by itself now!” Yu Hen took the jade slip back.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions sounded from beneath the God Sealing Stone. A gap appeared in the God Sealing Stone, and surges of the mist of Death started to appear.

“The divine weapon is about to come out!” Zhao Feng’s eyes moved.

“Brother Zhao, it’s time for you to come into play!” Yu Hen on the side suddenly spoke as he revealed a cunning and cruel smile.


A silver jade slip that radiated a unique spatial Intent appeared in his hand. At the same time, the female and tall male attacked Zhao Feng.

Under the circumstance that no one could use any other power within the Forest of Death, Zhao Feng wasn’t the match for the Golden-Armed Race trio. Furthermore, these three people had used their divine weapons in order to suppress Zhao Feng and disregarded the erosion from the air of Death.

“Brother Zhao, give your life to us!” Yu Hen smiled cruelly and spoke as he led the attack.


Right at this moment, Zhao Feng waved his right hand, and a man covered in black scales appeared. Zhao Feng and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon both used their Divine Power without a care for the air of Death and clashed against the Golden-Armed Race.

The Golden-Armed Race trio had grim expressions when they saw Zhao Feng with more hidden cards. The instant they clashed, they could feel that this male in black scales didn’t just have strong physical power – his bloodline was terrifying as well.

“My jade slip!” Yu Hen suddenly exclaimed as the jade slip he took out had disappeared.

Miao miao!

Right at this moment, a black ripple appeared behind Yu Hen and his chest was critically wounded.


At the same time, Zhao Feng and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon charged forward and punched fiercely toward Yu Hen, sending him flying.


A dark silver light flashed as the silver jade slip was placed on Yu Hen.

“Don’t-!” a scream sounded as a spatial power enveloped Yu Hen’s body and sent him through the gap into the dimension sealed by the God Sealing Stone.

“Hahaha, the power of this divine power is extremely weak after fighting against the God Sealing Stone after so long. The Golden-Armed Race wanted to sacrifice your life in order to recover some of its power!” the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s horrifying face smiled wickedly as it revealed what the Golden-Armed Race trio was thinking.

In their eyes, Zhao Feng had lost his worth now, so it was better to use his life to help recover some of the divine weapon’s power.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat stood on Zhao Feng’s shoulder and looked at the God Sealing Stone as it threw several old bronze coins into the air.