King Of Gods Chapter 1190

Chapter 1190 Killing Xi Feng

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Chapter 1190 – Killing Xi Feng

Since Xi Feng had seen Zhao Feng in the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension, Zhao Feng could not let him leave alive. Once Xi Feng told the Sky Feather Island Lord about this, the Island Lord would definitely guess that Zhao Feng could enter the secret dimension whenever he wished.

If the Sky Feather Island Lord were to reveal this information to others, the entirety of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods would be after Zhao Feng. Thus, Xi Feng could not be allowed to leave the secret dimension alive. He even felt that he needed to kill Xi Feng right now to end any possibility of this secret getting out.

“Xi Feng, what are you standing around for? Hurry and keep up!” the golden-armored man leading the Golden Jade Race coldly called out.

“Yes!” The golden-armored man’s voice made Xi Feng tremble, and he replied out of instinct. From this, one could see how much Xi Feng respected and feared this man.

And just like Xi Feng, many other people in the group had nothing but respect for the golden-armored man. After all, this person was the pride of the Golden Jade Race, the hope for its future – Quasi-God Di Lin.


At this moment, a faint stream of golden light streaked over from the horizon, coming straight at Xi Feng.

“What… you dare!?” Xi Feng’s face grimaced in shock. Zhao Feng had unexpectedly chosen to attack him immediately, and he could even sense a hint of killing intent.

He was still thinking about how Zhao Feng had even appeared here. Had he used a Teleportation Array and joined some four-and-a-half-star faction? But at this moment, Zhao Feng was coming to kill him alone; this was someone who simply didn’t know fear!

Even if Xi Feng was no match for Zhao Feng personally, he was a part of the Golden Jade Race’s group. Zhao Feng’s actions were undoubtedly challenging the Golden Jade Race!

“Good Sir, who are you? Why are you attacking my Golden Jade Race?” Quasi-God Di Lin immediately called out.

Xi Feng showed a tinge of happiness when he saw Quasi-God Di Lin calling out. Although Di Lin didn’t like him, he at least considered Xi Feng as part of the Golden Jade Race. Quasi-God Di Lin was proud and conceited, and for his own pride and the pride of the Golden Jade Race, he would not act as a mere bystander.

“I have a few grudges with this person. I demand his life!” Zhao Feng coldly replied.


The golden light suddenly began to exude a searing heat, as if it had transformed into a blazing meteor.


Upon activation of the Ancient Blood Devil Sun bloodline, Zhao Feng’s speed immediately soared.

“What power! What a terrifying bloodline!”

Zhao Feng’s explosion of power frightened Xi Feng so badly that his face went as white as a ghost, his entire body trembling in fear. He clearly recalled that, in their last battle, Zhao Feng’s bloodline was not very strong.


Zhao Feng’s speed was too quick. Xi Feng could only rely on the Wind Intent that he was skilled in to move a small distance.


Zhao Feng was swiftly at Xi Feng’s side. Using the Sacred Lightning Body and the Ancient Blood Devil Sun bloodline, he savagely punched out.


Scorching heat energy impacted directly on Xi Feng’s body.

“Aaaaah!” With a miserable scream, Xi Feng’s body was pulverized.

Zhao Feng was direct and lethal, choosing to immediately obliterate Xi Feng’s fleshly body. Xi Feng had not expected this, nor had the people of the Golden Jade Race around him.


The terrifying scarlet flames set the area around Xi Feng ablaze, the blistering flames immediately devouring the remains of Xi Feng’s body.


A dark blue soul fled out from the scarlet flames.

Although Zhao Feng’s attack was vicious, and although the burning energy of the Ancient Blood Devil Sun bloodline had dealt some damage to Xi Feng’s soul, it was not enough to completely kill him.

“How could this be!?” Xi Feng was stunned. He had never imagined that he wouldn’t even be capable of blocking a single attack from Zhao Feng.

“Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!”

The symbols of the Tribulation Lightning on Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed, transforming into a writhing ember of Tribulation Lightning.


A dazzling bolt of lightning exploded against Xi Feng’s soul.

“Nooo…!” Xi Feng’s soul gave out a heart-chilling scream.

The power of the Tribulation Lightning was wreaking havoc in his soul; wherever it passed, his soul would utterly vanish! In the end, Xi Feng’s soul and the power of the Tribulation Lightning vanished into the air.

Xi Feng was dead! Not even Xi Feng had expected that his death would be so abrupt, so simple!

“The Ancient Blood Devil Sun bloodline and Level One Fire Intent… not bad!” Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

Zhao Feng could have relied on the Sacred Lightning Body alone to crush Xi Feng. However, the explosive and blazing energy of the Ancient Blood Devil Sun bloodline added on to that meant that Xi Feng stood absolutely no chance against Zhao Feng.

Thump thump!

All the members of the Golden Jade Race group could feel their hearts madly thumping. Even Quasi-God Di Lin, the strongest genius of the Golden Jade Race, was stunned by what just occurred. Although he could also have easily killed Xi Feng, he would have never been able to do it as easily as Zhao Feng, obliterating the body in one move and extinguishing the soul with another.


The golden-haired man stood there like a demonic god, an unbridled tyrant, his body of scarlet glass-like flames blazing with frenzied and scorching intensity.

At this moment, all the members of the Golden Jade Race felt like their bloodlines were burning before this man. This meant that this man’s bloodline was stronger than theirs!

“Who are you? Why did you kill a member of my Golden Jade Race?” After some time, Quasi-God Di Lin focused his eyes and voiced his question.

The man before him might be stronger, but this man was alone, while he had nine members of the Golden Jade Race with him, two of them being Rank Three True Gods. Zhao Feng killing a member of the Golden Jade Race right in front of them was a slap to the face of both him and the Golden Jade Race. Di Lin would naturally not remain silent.

“This has nothing do with your Golden Jade Race. I had a grudge with him, so I took his life!” Zhao Feng indifferently looked at Quasi-God Di Lin.

“Di Lin, just forget it. This person has an amazing talent; he’s probably the disciple of some major power. Besides, Xi Feng wasn’t really a member of the Golden Jade Race!” One of the Rank Three True Gods behind Di Lin sent him a message advising him to let the matter go.

The golden-haired man in front of them showed not the slightest sign of fear in front of their group. This was proof that he either had an amazing background or still had more cards up his sleeve. The True God’s tens of thousands of years of experience told him that it was best to just let the matter go.

“If Sir just kills one of the people of my Golden Jade Race like this, does this not show too little regard for others?” Quasi-God Di Lin coldly snorted and ignored the elder’s advice.

How could anyone who had a grudge with Xi Feng be a genius from a major power? And if Zhao Feng was the genius of some powerful faction, he should have many experts protecting him. How could he possibly be traversing the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension alone? Besides that, Zhao Feng’s cultivation was far too low!

“What do you plan to do then?” Zhao Feng coldly replied.

Zhao Feng had killed Xi Feng with lightning-fast speed. If Xi Feng had been allowed to reveal Zhao Feng’s secrets, he would have had an even greater problem on his hands. Though this group had nine people, Zhao Feng was fast enough that none of them would be able to catch him unless they used their trump cards.

“As long as you lower your head and admit your mistake, I will treat this matter like it never happened!” Quasi-God Di Lin swiftly replied.

Di Lin had always been the pride of his race, adored and respected by all. But Zhao Feng had ignored his entire group and swiftly executed Xi Feng, leaving all of them stunned. This event left Quasi-God Di Lin extremely unhappy.

But as long Zhao Feng lowered his head to him, Zhao Feng would be essentially admitting that he was Di Lin’s lesser.

“Scram!” Zhao Feng’s brows slightly rose, and his eyes exuded cold light. Quasi-God Di Lin didn’t even like Xi Feng, nor did he care about Xi Feng’s death. He just wanted to use this occasion to raise his own reputation.


Zhao Feng collected the power of his bloodline to form two blindingly bright wings of golden light on his back and readied to leave.

“Stop him!” Quasi-God Di Lin immediately shouted out and charged forward with the two Rank Three True Gods in his group.

“Jade Light Binding!” The trio immediately used the power of their Intents.

Swoosh swoosh!

Three golden-jade belts of light, sparkling with golden-jade radiance, shot toward Zhao Feng to hold him down.

“Seeking death!” Zhao Feng harrumphed in extreme displeasure.


With a wave of his right hand, a black-robed man and several savage ancient beasts appeared at Zhao Feng’s side. Ancient beasts that Zhao Feng would summon by themselves had the combat abilities of a Rank Two True God at the least.


The beasts worked together with Zhao Wang to unleash a powerful attack that immediately destroyed the techniques used by the three members of the Golden Jade Race.


The remaining power of this attack shot straight toward Quasi-God Di Lin.

“Di Lin, watch out!” The two Rank Three elders immediately moved to block the attack for Di Lin.

“Don’t force me to kill you!” Zhao Feng’s gaze bored like a thorn of ice into Quasi-God Di Lin’s mind.


With a wave of his robe, Zhao Wang and all the other beasts disappeared.


And Zhao Feng transformed into a golden light that vanished into the distance!

“Di Lin, I told you before, don’t provoke that man!” one of the elders immediately said.

“I didn’t that think that he would be a beast tamer with so many ancient beasts. Moreover, that black-robed man is also not simple; he actually managed to comprehend Death Intent to Level One!” the other elder said with a sigh. It would be very difficult to find such a young and powerful beast tamer in the entire Gulong Zone.

“All of you are truly trash!” Quasi-God Di Lin retorted through gritted teeth. If he had been traveling with the Rank Four True Gods of the race, or perhaps even the Rank Five True God Tianhua, he would have definitely been able to capture Zhao Feng.

But even though he was furious, when Quasi-God Di Lin recalled Zhao Feng’s chilling eyes, he felt a tinge of fear. It felt like that man could take his life at any time he wished.

“Let’s go. We should first rejoin with the main group of the Golden Jade Race. Let’s not miss out on that astounding treasure. When the time comes, if True God Tianhua is willing to help you, it will be easy for you to get revenge,” the elder advised.

He didn’t stop Quasi-God Di Lin from thinking about revenge, but if he wanted to get revenge, he needed to kill his foe with 100% certainty and make sure he was never troubled again.

After killing Xi Feng and throwing off the Golden Jade Race, Zhao Feng continued on his journey. On his journey, Zhao Feng encountered quite a few groups. There were numerous people in these groups, and they all had Rank Three True Gods in them, with some of them even having Rank Four True Gods. Moreover, they all seemed to share the same destination as Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng couldn’t help but speed up. Several dozen days later, Zhao Feng arrived at a region of towering mountains.

Zhao Feng noticed that all the nearby mountains were inhabited by various groups. In addition, the space here was extremely stable, making flight incredibly difficult. Besides that, the distant horizon was hazy and indistinct, making it impossible to see anything clearly.


Zhao Feng flew straight toward a low mountain.

“Master, you’ve come!” a blue-robed old man respectfully said to him.

Zhao Wan and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon were also present.

Upon arrival, Zhao Feng activated the see-through ability of his God’s Spiritual Eye and looked into the distance. His gaze pierced through the turbulent flow of space, eventually sighting a transparent palace towering in the void. Only half of this palace was visible, while the other half remained hidden in the void!