King Of Gods Chapter 1191

Chapter 1191 The Prodigies Of The Sacred Lands

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Chapter 1191 – The Prodigies of the Sacred Lands

“Everything here is due to people from the Spacetime Sacred Land.” Zhao Wan looked in the same direction as Zhao Feng and commented.

Only the experts of the Spacetime Sacred Land, who were skilled in Space Intent, could have discovered this treasure ground hidden in the void. However, it was obvious that, even with their skills, they could not bring out the entirety of the transparent palace.

Fortunately, this palace was slowly emerging from the void on its own.

This transparent palace had a circumference of ten thousand li, but it was completely empty. This was because it was surrounded by terrifying spatial turbulence. Zhao Feng estimated that not even Ancient God experts would dare to recklessly approach, or else they would be torn apart by the spatial turbulence.

“There weren’t many people here at the start, but when the experts of the Spacetime Sacred Land discovered this building, they gathered all the people they could to guard the area and even prevented any outsiders from approaching. However, their actions only drew more attention to this place!”

Zhao Wan had been in this area the entire time, so he had a rather good understanding of the situation. He added, “Later on, the people from the Heaven Devouring Sacred Land also arrived. I hear that the two groups even had a few clashes. Afterward, more and more groups of experts were attracted over. Even with the extreme authority of the two Sacred Lands, they couldn’t keep all the factions out, resulting in the situation you see now!”

As Zhao Feng listened to Zhao Wan’s report, faint ripples of golden light appeared in his eyes as he continued to focus on the transparent palace.

Although the palace was transparent, each of its walls was a spatial barrier. The space within the palace was also exceptionally unstable, with many areas showing tiny spatial cracks.

“It’s all treasure!” After observing it for a long time, Zhao Feng finally exclaimed in wonder.

The palace hall was furnished with decorations that were standard for regular halls, but each of the decorations and ornaments seemed to be made of extremely precious materials. This was only the conclusion Zhao Feng had obtained through his vision; after all, he could not sense the auras of the items from here.

In the central hall of this palace was an obscured item, shrouded in layers of space. Not even Zhao Feng could clearly make it out.

“Haha, it is truly a land of treasure that can amaze the world, but it will be far too difficult for Master to gain much from it!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon faintly chuckled, but it was also filled with a yearning for the treasures in the transparent palace.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon could not see what was within the palace, but based on its experience, it was sure that this was a place full to bursting with wondrous treasures. A sufficiently large discovery inside might be able to turn one’s whole life around. But the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was too weak at the moment, so it did not have very high hopes.

“That’s not guaranteed. Treasures are obtained through the intersection of opportunity and destiny. Opportunities need to be seized on one’s own, while destiny is already decided!” Zhao Feng indifferently said.

However, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s worries had merit. All the factions gathered here possessed terrifying strength. The strongest of them were the two God Realm Sacred Lands and several large five-star powers. Any one of them could easily exterminate Zhao Feng’s group.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was slightly stunned. Zhao Feng’s confidence and spirit made it feel ashamed of its inferiority.

“If you had allowed me to come here earlier and helped me recover my strength, we might have been able to get a few things from this place!” the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon grumbled.

“It’s not like you didn’t get anything from this excursion, right?” Zhao Feng replied, neither accepting nor denying these complaints.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was capable enough to have snatched many precious resources for itself, but it still had the nerve to complain to him. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon could be considered a great source of assistance when taking on this land of opportunities, but it was not the primary force.


Zhao Feng waved his right hand, causing Zhao Wang to appear at his side. Zhao Feng and Zhao Wang then both entered the Misty Spatial World.

“I’ll help you control this divine weapon!” Zhao Feng took out the staff of death from his God Eye dimension. If Zhao Wang could use this death staff, he would not only increase his power in battle in general, but at crucial moments, the staff could serve as a powerful trump card that could turn the tides.

“Refine it!” Zhao Feng handed the staff to Zhao Wang.


Zhao Feng activated his left eye, locking it onto the death staff. If it made any strange movements, Zhao Feng would immediately take the appropriate measures.

Bzzz! Hwoom!

Zhao Wang circulated the Divine Power of Death, pouring it into the staff of death to refine.

Buzz! Bzzz!

The death staff naturally understood what Zhao Wang wanted to do. It immediately began to tremble as it tried to resist Zhao Wang’s strength and will.

“Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!” Zhao Feng immediately attacked it.

Three days later, Zhao Wang managed to connect himself to the death staff and brand his soul into it.

“The Staff of Death Curse!”

Zhao Wang gripped the death staff, and his entire body was engulfed by a sinister black fog that would occasionally shriek with the wails of ghosts.

Zhao Feng sensed that the aura of Zhao Wang’s body had soared. His entire body was shrouded in a black fog, and his face was demonic and sinister, like some revered warlock or god of death. The very sight of him would inspire fear.

“The Staff of Death Curse, that’s its name?” Zhao Feng’s heart trembled.

From the name, one could see that this staff not only contained Death Intent, but the even more profound and mysterious Curse Intent.

“I’ll give this God Sealing Stone to you. When not using this divine weapon, use the God Sealing Stone to suppress it!” Zhao Feng took out the largest chunk of the God Sealing Stone and gave it to Zhao Wang.

Although Zhao Wang had already refined the Staff of Death Curse, the Staff of Death Curse was now invisibly contaminating and corroding Zhao Wang’s personality and rationality. If not for the fact that the Staff of Death Curse was extremely weak, Zhao Wang might have turned completely evil while refining it, with Zhao Wang’s entire body falling under the Staff of Death Curse’s control.

Zhao Wang took the chunk of God Sealing Stone and placed it on the Staff of Death Curse. He immediately felt the evil thoughts in his mind weaken, and his heart grew cold in fear.


Zhao Wang swiftly seated himself cross-legged on the ground, both to dispel these evil thoughts and also to cultivate using the Staff of Death Curse.


Zhao Feng left Zhao Wang in the Misty Spatial World.

“If the Staff of Death Curse wants to corrupt Zhao Wang, it won’t be that easy!” A faint smile formed on Zhao Feng’s face.

The souls of Zhao Feng’s three clones were all connected to him, the original body. If anything happened to Zhao Wang’s soul, Zhao Feng and the other clones would immediately notice. If the Staff of Death Curse wanted to completely corrode Zhao Wang’s will, it would have to do the same to Zhao Feng and the other clones as well.

“I should also break through now!” Zhao Feng seated himself cross-legged in a cave.

There were far too many experts gathered around this land of treasure. Only by breaking into the Demigod level would Zhao Feng have a chance to vie with them for these treasures. Otherwise, he would just be cannon fodder.

Zhao Feng released the energy of his Little World to shroud him, and only then did he take out his precious resources and begin to cultivate.

If one looked carefully, one would realize that many people were cultivating on this mountain range. Everyone had realized that this was no ordinary treasure ground. Otherwise, the experts from two God Realm Sacred Lands would not be standing guard around it. In a place with such valuable treasures, only the strong had a chance of getting their hands on anything.

Moreover, this long and unbroken mountain range was suffused in the power of Space Intent, making it an ideal place for understanding the mysteries of space.

On the mountain closest to the transparent palace, nearly twenty experts were seated cross-legged, each of them possessing powerful auras and unusual bearings.

Buzz! Bzzz!

Spatial ripples could be seen on all their bodies. In front of these nearly twenty people was a white-haired youth. The ripples of Space Intent on his body were the strongest and most obvious.


At some point, a dark silver Eye of Void had condensed behind the youth’s back. Suddenly, the white-haired youth opened his own dark silver eyes, and the Eye of Void behind him seemed to solidify, exuding a silvery luster. The deep pupil had so many layers that it seemed to lead to an infinite dimension.

“Quasi-God Kong Yuan, your Space Intent has reached Level Four. You should be able to see inside that palace hall a little!” An elder with a very deep and reserved aura spoke out from behind the white-haired youth.

“Level Four Space Intent!”

All the other experts were stunned by these words. To have already reached Level Four Space Intent at only the Quasi-God level, Quasi-God Kong Yuan was the only member of the Spacetime Sacred Land’s new generation to have reached this level.

“I see a little. There’s treasure everywhere, and its mostly space-type treasure!” Quasi-God Kong Yuan’s silver eyes roamed here and there.

The people around him were all ecstatic at this news.

Elsewhere, on a steep mountain not far away was another group of nearly twenty people. These people were taller and larger, and some of them had strange black tattoos on their faces.

“I didn’t think that Quasi-God Kong Yuan’s Space Intent had already reached Level Four!” a middle-aged man said in shock.

Space Intent was an Intent that any expert would try to cultivate. Anyone who had a mastery of this Intent could use Instant Movement, Spatial Leap, and other such skills. Whether it was for escape, pursuit, or urgent travel, it was an incredibly useful Intent.

“It’s rumored that Quasi-God Kong Yuan’s Eye of Spacetime bloodline is extremely pure. He’s even obtained pointers from the Spacetime God!” another Quasi-God from the Heaven Devouring Sacred Land said.

“Even if that’s the case, he’s still no match for me!” an icy and savage voice spoke, one that seemingly feared nothing. It was as if these words were said specifically so that Quasi-God Kong Yuan could hear them.

None of the people present retorted. This was because the person who said these words was Quasi-God Heaven Swallower, the proud Quasi-God genius of the Heaven Devouring Sacred Land.

“That’s obvious. Space Intent is just used for travel. How could it compare to Senior’s Devouring Intent!?” a youth immediately began to flatter Heaven Swallower.

Suddenly, Quasi-God Heaven Swallower sensed something and turned toward a certain direction. The experts of the Spacetime Sacred Land also noticed something.


The clouds in the distance roiled as an enormous warship one hundred zhang long flew over like a bolt of lightning. At the front of the warship stood a scholarly youth, who gently smiled into the wind.

“What’s that? What a large warship!”

“Which faction is that!?”

“Many of the experts on the mountains were alarmed and shocked by this enormous warship.

“As expected of someone from the Tianyun Sacred Land, he truly has some style!” Quasi-God Heaven Swallower stood up, his eyes flashing as he stared at the dark yellow warship.

The Tianyun Sacred Land was a Sacred Land that was established rather late in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. Although its reputation was not on par with the other Sacred Lands, it could not be ignored.

“Tianyun Sacred Land, Quasi-God Si Kong,” Quasi-God Kong Yuan indifferently said. Compared to Quasi-God Heaven Swallower, he was more interested in Quasi-God Si Kong.

“It’s only because I was afraid of being late that I used this method of transportation. If I come back with nothing, I really wouldn’t know what to say to Master!” Quasi-God Si Kong gave a smile and a nod, his every movement relaxed and gentle, completely unlike the prodigies of the other two Sacred Lands.

At the same time, on a certain lower mountain…

The Little World in which Zhao Feng resided suddenly began to explode with golden lightning and faint ripples of dreadful Divine Power.

“Master is on the verge of breaking through!” The blue-clothed elder rejoiced.

With this breakthrough, Zhao Feng could now be considered a Quasi-God, though it was hard to say what rank of True God his strength would compare to.