King Of Gods Chapter 1194

Chapter 1194 Chaotic Situation

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Chapter 1194 – Chaotic Situation

“Even if I’m willing to help you, with the strength on our side, it will be hard to contend with all these factions!” Little Ling did not mince words as she scanned the surrounding mountains.

“You don’t need to worry about that!” Zhao Feng’s answer was just as frank.

“I’m thinking about my own life here!” Little Ling shot Zhao Feng a vicious glare and then added, “Let me tell you, you aren’t the only people after this palace. Many ancient species are also hiding around this mountain range!”

The appearance of this palace created a great ruckus. It was naturally not just the humans that had come to this place. The ancient species nearby were no match for all these humans in a direct confrontation, so they chose to conceal themselves and wait for the right moment.

“I know!” Zhao Feng simply replied. From Zhao Feng’s point of view, the messier the situation, the better. This would make it easier for him to get in through the gaps.

The ever-composed Zhao Feng left Little Ling incensed. Was there nothing that could make this man shocked or panicked?

“Just stay here and wait for my instructions. Do whatever I tell you!” Zhao Feng looked at Little Ling and seriously said.

Little Ling was not Zhao Feng’s servant, so Zhao Feng could not strictly bind her movements.

“What about you?” Little Ling suddenly thought of something and asked.

“I, naturally, am responsible for commanding all of you!” Zhao Feng said with absolute confidence.

“What? You’re having us take the risks while you just hide!” Little Ling’s round eyes went wide. She had nothing but contempt for Zhao Feng’s behavior.

She glanced at Zhao Wan, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, and the blue-clothed elder. These three were all weaker than she was, but she had observed the battle earlier. She knew that the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s bloodline was terrifying and high-level, while Zhao Wan was the inheritor of the Eye of Myriad Forms. Little Ling was baffled as to why such talented people would follow Zhao Feng’s orders.

“Enough with the chatter. We still have some time left to increase our strength and mentally prepare ourselves!” Zhao Feng was a little speechless. This beauty really had a lot of questions.

The blue-clothed elder released the power of his Little World, took out a Lightning Whip, and began to refine it. He had his own divine weapon, but this one suited him more.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon also began to cultivate in its own Little World, raising its strength. The stronger it was, the greater its chances of getting a little of the treasure for itself.

Meanwhile, Zhao Feng attempted to comprehend the Space Intent in the air. Space Intent was an Intent that any expert would try to cultivate. Anyone who had a mastery of this Intent could use Instant Movement, Spatial Leap, and other such skills. Whether it was for escape, pursuit, or urgent travel, it was an incredibly useful Intent.

Of course, besides these skills, Space Intent could also serve as an aggressive skill, its primary advantage being its ability to ignore distance to catch opponents off guard.

“My God’s Spiritual Eye came with the ability to use the power of Space. Comprehending Space Intent shouldn’t be hard!” Zhao Feng muttered to himself.

Last time, Zhao Feng had been too careless and was almost killed by that True God expert who had comprehended Space Intent. This experience made Zhao Feng place extreme value on Space Intent.


Zhao Feng’s left eye was suddenly covered in a layer of faint golden ripples. Suddenly, the world before Zhao Feng transformed into one made of tiny golden grains, with the spatial ripples formed of Space Intent clearly reflected in Zhao Feng’s mind.

“Mm?” On the mountain occupied by the Spacetime Sacred Land, two figures noticed something strange, their eyes twinkling. One of them was Quasi-God Kong Yuan, and the other was a Rank Five True God of the Spacetime Sacred Land. Both of them possessed the Eye of Spacetime.

“What a strange feeling!” Quasi-God Kong Yuan murmured to himself. Just a moment ago, he felt like he was being spied on by someone, which caused a slight ripple to appear in his Eye of Spacetime.

“There might be another inheritor of a powerful God Eye among these people,” the elder lightly said. Nothing but geniuses and elites had gathered in the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension, so it would not be strange at all if an inheritor of a God Eye had appeared here.


The world was filled with the sound of the enormous spatial storm.

 Bzzzz! Booom!

Suddenly, a small portion of the concealed transparent palace surged outward.


The enormous crack in space unleashed a dreadful spatial storm. Since everyone had been maintaining their distance, many of the people were only lightly struck by these winds, but this was enough to tear open bloody wounds in their bodies. Some others could feel the terrifying spatial forces sucking them in and immediately withdrew.


The enormous spatial crack slowly began to close, and the spatial turbulence began to weaken.

“The treasure ground is about to appear!”

At this moment, all the nearby experts stood up, their hearts thumping in their chests as they stared at the transparent palace in the air. As the spatial storm weakened, the insides of the palace began to reveal themselves to the crowd.

“Treasure, it’s all treasure!”

Everyone leaned forward in excitement.

“This half-transparent palace is built in a style that’s extremely similar to the buildings of the Spacetime Sacred Land!” The prodigious Quasi-God of the Tianyun Sacred Land, Quasi-God Si Kong, had a very calm expression.

“Could it be a former residence of the Lord God?” One of the True Gods of the Spacetime Sacred Land gasped in shock, reverence on his face.

It was rumored that the Spacetime God lived in cracks within space, comprehending Spacetime Intent in the turbulence of the void. This palace hall might have been the residence of a Spacetime God that lived hundreds of millions of years ago. The objects might have started out as ordinary objects, but because the Spacetime God had lived there, they were contaminated by Space Intent or Time intent, their quality rising to divine levels.


The transparent palace floated in the air, unleashing dreadful spatial ripples. Even the people from the Spacetime Sacred Land did not dare to recklessly approach.

“The spatial ripples around the palace are too terrifying. The slightest lack of care could result in being torn to pieces by spatial cracks!” one of the Spacetime Sacred Land experts said in shock.

The others silently observed the situation. Although the treasure ground had appeared, no one dared to approach, much less enter.

On the mountain where Zhao Feng’s group was located:


Zhao Wang emerged from the Misty Spatial World, his cold and sinister eyes seething with death energy as they looked up at the sky.


The little thieving cat appeared on Zhao Feng’s shoulder, tossing out an ancient bronze coin as it looked up with profound eyes at the transparent palace.

“He has even more helpers!” Little Ling was somewhat taken aback.

Although Zhao Wang did not have a high cultivation, the Death Intent on him was far too terrifying. Just getting a little too close would make one feel like one’s vitality was fading away. As for the little thieving cat, its aura was extremely strange. It was definitely not an ordinary being, but Little Ling couldn’t tell exactly what was so strange about it.


All the experts began to subconsciously float upward, all for the sake of sensing the treasures within the palace.

“Go, let’s take a look!” Quasi-God Kong Yuan suddenly said.

 Swish! Swish! Swish!

The Spacetime Sacred Land experts shot forward, getting closer to the transparent palace. However, they still did not dare to enter.

“Hurry and follow the people from the Spacetime Sacred Land!”

The groups from the Heaven Devouring Sacred Land and Tianyun Sacred Land immediately followed. They could tell that this palace was possibly related to the Spacetime Sacred Land. They could not rule out the Spacetime Sacred Land having some special method of entering the palace.


All the other experts also advanced.

“Damn, this palace is packed with spatial cracks and surrounded by spatial storms. It’s impossible to get close!” a young Quasi-God cursed.

But at this moment, an object dropped from the transparent palace. It was a white teacup, but its surface was covered by a ripple of Space Intent.

“Treasure dropped down!”

“Get it!”

No one expected for treasure to appear in this fashion. No one could enter the transparent palace, but the items within the palace were being carried out by the spatial turbulence.

 Swish! Swish! Swish!

The people from the Spacetime Sacred Land were the first to act.

Suddenly, the teacup unleashed a powerful spatial ripple.

“Ugh! Ah!”

The experts who had approached the white teacup were jolted back, shocked expressions on their faces as they vomited blood.

“Haha…” Only the Rank Five True God from the Spacetime Sacred Land, his body humming with powerful ripples of Space Intent, managed to reach the teacup’s side.

“Eh? I can’t take it into my Interspatial Dimension!” The Rank Five True God frowned.

The Space Intent ripples on the teacup were too intense, and his Interspatial Dimension was not of high enough quality to receive it.

There was still another method, which was to refine the teacup. Once it was refined, it would be easy to place it in an Interspatial Dimension, but a long time was needed to refine a divine weapon.

“Put down that treasure!”

Experts of the Heaven Devouring Sacred Land converged on the True God from several directions. The Tianyun Sacred Land experts were not too far behind.

 Boom! Bang! Thump!

For the sake of a teacup, the experts of the three Sacred Lands engaged in an intense conflict. Terrifying storms of energy swept through the world, causing the experts of the other factions to look on in dread.

“To be expected of people from the God Realm Sacred Lands, they’re all incredibly powerful!”

“Even while all those people are fighting, that teacup is still unharmed!”

Countless experts observed the battle between the three God Realm Sacred Lands as they slowly approached. They were still apprehensive, and none of them dared to be the first to strike.

But suddenly, several more objects dropped down from the sky. The descent of each object incited a struggle between many factions. However, to everyone’s vexation, these objects could not be brought into Interspatial Dimensions.

The people from the three God Realm Sacred Lands grimaced. This excessively chaotic situation was exactly what they didn’t want to see.

 Swish! Swish!

The people from the two other Sacred Lands immediately left to fight for the other objects.

“The six of you, go for the comb to the northwest. Listen to my orders, and don’t act carelessly!”

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, Little Ling, and the others suddenly heard Zhao Feng’s voice. Little Ling turned her head and noticed that Zhao Feng had vanished.

“Let’s go!” the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon called out and took off.

At this time, three other races were battling over the comb.

 Squelch!  The dark yellow comb unleashed a spatial thorn that happened to pierce a Rank Two True God through his chest, ending his life.

“How scary!”

The three races battling over the comb were all shocked.

This seemingly ordinary comb was actually an offensive-type spatial divine weapon. With its offensive power, it managed to kill a Rank Two True God.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon and the others entered the fray, assisting the weakest party in weakening the fighting power of the other parties.

Two hundred thousand li from this area, deep underground, Zhao Feng’s left eye was twinkling with a golden luster, seeing through all and taking in the entire situation. Zhao Feng hoped that the struggle for treasure would be chaotic, but he had never imagined that it would be this chaotic.

“The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s Origin Dimension and the little thieving cat’s stomach should be able to hold these objects!” Zhao Feng surmised.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had an extremely noble bloodline and had been a Rank Six True God in its prime, so its Origin Dimension was extremely high level. As for the little thieving cat, it was a mutant, its stomach a bottomless hole that could swallow anything.

“Why haven’t the ancient races hidden in the surroundings moved yet?” The realization of this problem left Zhao Feng surprised.