King Of Gods Chapter 1205

Chapter 1205 Refining The Spacetime Robe

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Chapter 1205 – Refining the Spacetime Robe

The stairs beneath Zhao Feng had stopped going backward, and the enormous weight bearing down on Zhao Feng’s body had been greatly reduced.

“No… how?” Quasi-God Kong Yuan was so stunned that his eyes went round and almost fell out of their sockets.

“The stairs under that boy’s feet stopped moving!”

“What sort of treasure is that in his hand?”

Everyone instantly focused on Zhao Feng. They originally believed that the contest between Zhao Feng and Quasi-God Kong Yuan was still unsettled, but the sealing power exuded by the enormous white stone that had appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand stopped the stairs and reduced the weight on Zhao Feng.

“That’s… a God Sealing Stone!” The Rank Four True God of the Spacetime Sacred Land was staring at the white stone in Zhao Feng’s hand.

Although the stone had an ordinary and unpolished surface, the strength it emanated was exactly that of the legendary God Sealing Stone.

“Could this person be a descendant of the God Sealing Race?” the Rank Four True God wondered in shock. They tried to kill Zhao Feng earlier, but if Zhao Feng was really a descendant of the God Sealing Race, such an action was unacceptable.

“I forgot that Master also had the God Sealing Stone!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon grinned.

 Thump! Thump! Thump!

Zhao Feng began to slowly and gracefully ascend.

At that moment, everyone else forgot about climbing. Their eyes were fixed onto Zhao Feng’s every step. They all knew that Zhao Feng was the victor!

Quasi-God Kong Yuan stood in a daze, Zhao Feng’s every step a stomp on his heart, a disgrace to his name.

“Not bad!” On the summit, the elder gave Zhao Feng a warm smile.

He had already noticed Zhao Feng in the first round because Zhao Feng had shown to be rather capable of comprehending Spacetime Intent. But now, the elder understood that Zhao Feng was not just abnormally talented in Spacetime Intent, but in many other Intents as well.

Zhao Feng had shown the Intent energy of Five Elements Intent, Wind Lightning Intent, and Spacetime Intent. For a mere Quasi-God to comprehend nine different Intents was simply unheard of.


As everyone watched, Zhao Feng reached the summit.


In a flash, the white mountain fell apart and vanished.

“I lost! I lost to him!” Even now, Quasi-God Kong Yuan was still not willing to admit this. In a struggle for a spacetime treasure, he – the proud Quasi-God genius of the Spacetime Sacred Land – had lost!

“Quasi-God Kong Yuan, do not be discouraged. This person used a God Sealing Stone just now. He might be a descendant of the God Sealing Race!” the Rank Four True God of the Spacetime Sacred Land immediately messaged Quasi-God Kong Yuan.

“Is that what it was?” Quasi-God Kong Yuan was not fully convinced. However, if Zhao Feng really was a descendant of the God Sealing Race, his loss was not completely unjustified.

The God Sealing Race was ranked 14th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. Many demons of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods had been suppressed by the God Sealing Race. The territory of the God Sealing Race was also a major God Realm Sacred Land – the God Sealing Sacred Land.


As the mountain disappeared, everyone except Zhao Feng was sent out of the dimension. The trial for the Spacetime Robe had already concluded.

“Senior, can you leave these two here?!” Zhao Feng saw that Little Ling and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had vanished and immediately asked.


With a wave of his hand, Zhao Feng produced pictures of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon and Little Ling.

“Okay, I’ll help you out!” The transparent elder nodded.

After a brief moment, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon and Little Ling reappeared in the dimension.

“What’s the situation outside?” Zhao Feng immediately asked.

“We just got out when the experts of the Spacetime Sacred Land started questioning us. There are countless casualties outside. The battle between the Ancient God and the Rank Five True Gods is already over!” the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon fearfully said. Fortunately, they had been sent back. Otherwise, who knew what the Spacetime Sacred Land would do to them?

“The Rank Five True Gods are done fighting with the Ancient God? What about the other treasures?” Zhao Feng continued asking.

“Only that ball of violet flame and the silver sword are left!” the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon swiftly answered.

Of the four supreme treasures, the Spacetime Robe was in Zhao Feng’s hands, and the Heaven Yuan Stone Disc had been taken by Quasi-God Si Kong of the Tianyun Sacred Land.

The battle in the outside world had resulted in terrible casualties. Many experts had immediately left after extracting a little gain from the event.

“Okay! You’ve obtained the Spacetime Robe, so hurry and refine it!” the transparent elder suddenly said.

 Buzz! Bzzz!

The elder’s body began to fade away, but the Spacetime Robe he wore grew brighter and brighter, the runes upon it shining with a dazzling and profound light. In the end, the elder’s body completely vanished, and the radiance of the robe dimmed as it floated in the air.

Zhao Feng stretched out his hand and took the Spacetime Robe.

“Once you refine the Spacetime Robe, you can leave this place on your own!” A message flew into Zhao Feng’s mind.

“Zhao Feng, is our collaboration over?” Little Ling chose this moment to ask.

Little Ling’s attitude now compared to when she first joined the team was as different as the heavens and the earth.

“It’s over, but there’s no need for you to leave in such a hurry. The Spacetime Sacred Land’s people are still outside waiting for you!” Zhao Feng straightforwardly said.

“You should return the ancestor’s tail feathers to me!” Little Ling saw that Zhao Feng might have forgotten this matter and immediately demanded her reward.

Zhao Feng’s expression froze for a moment, and then he took out three tail feathers, now drained of energy.

“What? You…!” Little Ling’s face grimaced, her eyes going wide and seeming ready to spit flames.

However, the elder of the Phoenix-Tailed Bird Race had only told her to retrieve the tail feathers, not do anything else. Moreover, even though the tail feathers had been emptied of energy, the Intent veins in the feathers still existed, allowing the members of her race to comprehend the Intent within them.

Little Ling rolled her eyes at Zhao Feng before putting the feathers away.

“The people of the Spacetime Sacred Land will probably stick around for a while. You should stay and cultivate here. Time moves ten times slower here, and it’s very easy to comprehend Spacetime Intent here. This is also a great opportunity for you!” Zhao Feng said.

Ten times more cultivation time truly was rather decent. If Little Ling was able to become a Rank Five True God, she would be the youngest Rank Five True God of her race and possess a revered status. One day, she would become a Rank Six True God or even an Ancient God. When the time came, she would leave behind her own tail feather and go to explore the vast world.

“Hurry and recover your cultivation!” Zhao Feng gave an Interspatial Dimension to the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had suffered a large drop in cultivation from the Origin Destruction it consumed and was no longer of much use.

“Yes, Master!” A hint of happiness appeared on the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s face.

After spending such a long time with Zhao Feng, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s personality had changed quite a bit.

In the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s view, Zhao Feng would definitely surpass where it had been at its peak, and perhaps even surpass Ancient Gods. Once Zhao Feng’s Ninth God Eye was fully awakened, his potential would be limitless. The entire Realm of Gods would quake. Becoming the mount of such a powerful character was no shame at all.


Zhao Feng floated into the void and assumed a cross-legged position.

“The Spacetime Robe!”

Whenever he saw this treasure, Zhao Feng would unwittingly get excited.

“I wonder what rank of divine weapon this Spacetime Robe is!” Zhao Feng exclaimed.

At the moment, all the divine weapons Zhao Feng had ever seen were low-quality divine rank. Of course, the other treasures Zhao Feng had obtained from the transparent palace could very well be average-quality divine rank.

 Buzz! Bzzz!

Zhao Feng began to refine the Spacetime Robe. However, Zhao Feng realized that the refining process was extremely slow.

One had to remember that when refining low-quality divine rank divine weapons, Zhao Feng needed at most four hours.

But this was also proof of the Spacetime Robe’s quality. Since the refining was so slow and this was such an excellent place for cultivation, Zhao Feng split his mind to cultivate other things.

“Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique, 11th Level – Five Elements Become One!” Zhao Feng’s mind sank into a vortex of Divine Power.

Now that Zhao Feng had reached the level of Five Elements Become One, his energy had transformed into Five Elements Divine Power. Thus, the source of power in his body naturally could not continue to be called a Sacred Power Whirlpool.

In the past, the five colors in Zhao Feng’s five-colored Sacred Power Whirlpool were clearly divided. But now, the five different kinds of energy had fused into a jade disc on which five different kinds of light slowly revolved.

Circulating the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique, Zhao Feng began to familiarize himself with and steady his new foundation. Zhao Feng had broken into the 11th level in such a rush that he had no time to familiarize himself with the new energy that was Five Elements Divine Power.

Five Elements Divine Power was a powerful force that mixed the five different kinds of Wind Lightning together, creating a power that was many times stronger than the Lightning-Fire Obliteration.

“I just formed Five Elements Divine Power, and it’s already on par with the Divine Power of a Rank Three True God!” Zhao Feng was a little excited.

The 11th and 12th levels of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique were completely different from the first ten. These two levels were minor realms. Advancing through them was faster and did not require as many resources as the first ten levels. What they required more was comprehension ability.

At present, Zhao Feng’s five types of Wind Lightning were only in the initial state of fusion. When he could perfectly fuse them, he could consider himself to have completed the 11th level.

“Five Elements Divine Power!”

With a thought, a five-colored light surged out of his body.

Each stream of Five Elements Divine Power drew on each of the different kinds of Wind Lightning. This meant that, in using Five Elements Divine Power, Zhao Feng consumed five times more energy than usual.

But Zhao Feng’s Divine Power Vortex had always been abnormal. It was extremely sturdy and could provide vast amounts of energy. As one progressed further in the 11th level, the Five Elements Divine Power would get stronger and stronger.

Time slowly passed. Zhao Feng’s aura slowly increased, and five-colored light illuminated the starry sky. But very quickly, this powerful aura receded into Zhao Feng’s body, making it impossible to see his true strength.

“I can now proficiently use Five Elements Divine Power!”

Zhao Feng clenched his right hand, sensing the vast power surging ceaselessly within his body.

“With the Five Elements Divine Power Vortex as the foundation, adding my bloodline and body, if I try for the Heavenly Divine Realm right now, I can at least become a Rank Three True God!” Zhao Feng was very confident in this conclusion.

However, he only reached the Demigod level rather recently. His Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and Sacred Lightning Body still had room for improvement. For this reason, Zhao Feng planned to continue storing up energy and increase his reserves, setting an even higher target for himself.

“A month has passed, and I’ve finally succeeded in refining the Spacetime Robe!” Zhao Feng smiled in delight.

A month had passed here, but that was only three days in the outside world.

“Let’s take a look at this Spacetime Robe. What mysteries does it hold?”

A hint of wonder appeared on his face.

This divine weapon definitely had an intelligence level equivalent to a human, and the dimension it created could make time move ten times slower than it did in the outside world. Zhao Feng was truly curious to see what sort of assistance such a powerful divine weapon could give him.