King Of Gods Chapter 1212

Chapter 1212 Difficulties On The Road

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Chapter 1212 – Difficulties on the Road

Blue Ocean Bay was a region under the control of the Golden Jade Race. The bay was home to nearly ten islands of various sizes, with Sky Feather Island being one of them.

On this day, the teleportation array belonging to a four-star faction of Blue Ocean Bay suddenly began to flash with white light. As the light faded, a golden-haired man appeared.

This ancient teleportation array had two green-armored guardians with Demigod levels of cultivation. They were not merely guardians though; they also understood the art of arrays and were responsible for activating the array.

“Show your identification!” One of the green-armored guards glanced at Zhao Feng and barked.

“I’m a subordinate of the Sky Feather Island Lord!” Zhao Feng said.

Blue Ocean Bay was the territory of the Golden Jade Race, and Zhao Feng had killed Xi Feng, offended Quasi-God Di Lin, and also fought and killed True Gods of the Golden Jade Race. Moreover, when the transparent palace’s treasures appeared, Zhao Feng ordered the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s group to steal treasures from the hands of the Golden Jade Race.

One could say that the Golden Jade Race now hated Zhao Feng to the bone. The Golden Jade Race would probably never imagine that Zhao Feng was now within their territory.


Zhao Feng took out a golden token.

Zhao Feng had obtained this token from the Interspatial Dimension belonging to the three Sky Feather Island Lord brothers. This token represented Sky Feather Island and could be used throughout Blue Ocean Bay.

After showing his identity, Zhao Feng prepared to leave.

“Halt! You are currently at the Iron Ghost Gate of Azure Vault Island. A fee of twenty low-quality God Crystals is required to leave!” The green-armored guard stopped Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised.

A price of twenty low-quality God Crystals was neither too cheap nor too expensive for a Demigod. But if it was a late-stage Mystic Light Realm cultivator being teleported, they would never be able to pay twenty low-quality God Crystals.

Thus, Zhao Feng conjectured that there simply was no such rule. These people were using their strength and the backing of their faction to bully the weak. The Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods was rife with this sort of bullying and profiteering.

“Scram!” Zhao Feng harrumphed as he exuded an astonishing power of lightning.

 Boom! Hisss!

Zhao Feng’s surroundings became a domain of five-colored lightning suffused with the intimidating power of Sacred Lightning.


In an instant, the two green-armored guards were forced to kneel on the ground.

Of course, Zhao Feng didn’t overdo it. He only wanted to intimidate this pair.

“Good Sir, please calm your anger. We have eyes but were blind. The Iron Ghost Gate does not have this rule!” the two green-armored guards immediately confessed.

In that brief moment, they could tell that Zhao Feng’s strength was at least that of a Rank One Quasi-God. A Rank One Quasi-God was a Quasi-God with the strength of a Rank One True God.

But being a Quasi-God could also be considered a symbol of honor, and a Rank One Quasi-God had a far higher status than a Rank One True God. Moreover, the higher ranked the Quasi-God, the more glorious and dazzling they were.

For example, Quasi-God Heaven Swallower of the Heaven Devouring Sacred Land was a Rank Four Quasi-God. He could directly enter the Heaven Devouring Sacred Land as a Rank Four True God, and the lowest level he would be able to reach in the future would be a Rank Nine Ancient God. On the other hand, some Rank Four True Gods wouldn’t even be able to reach the ranks of Ancient God at all.

Zhao Feng removed his pressure and left.

 The Golden Jade Race doesn’t know that I’m in Blue Ocean Bay, so the inspection wasn’t too strict!  Zhao Feng thought to himself.

If the Golden Jade Race knew that Zhao Feng was in the area around Blue Ocean Bay, it would have definitely issue a wanted notice. If that was the case, the moment Zhao Feng appeared in this place, he would already be surrounded by the faction in this area.

However, the Golden Jade Race was not the only one that wanted to kill Zhao Feng. The factions of the Gulong Zone, Yangling Zone, and Tianyun Zone had entered the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension, and Zhao Feng had run into quite a few factions from the Gulong Zone.

“As long as I can get out of the Gulong Zone, I’ll be safe!”

Although this was true, the Gulong Zone was absolutely enormous. There were at least thirty four-and-a-half-star powers that controlled regions like Blue Ocean Bay in the Gulong Zone. From this, one could easily imagine just how tiny Sky Feather Island was.

“A four-star faction like the Sky Feather Island Lord’s had control of a small-scale teleportation array. A four-and-a-half-star faction should control a large-scale teleportation array that can travel a little farther…” Zhao Feng gathered all this information before leaving.

This meant that, if Zhao Feng had safety in mind, he could use the small-scale teleportation arrays of four-star factions. But if he wanted to leave the Gulong Zone as quickly as possible, he needed to use the large-scale teleportation arrays of four-and-a-half-star factions, or even five-star factions. He would save five times as much time, perhaps even more.

On one hand, Zhao Feng had offended far too many factions and needed to be cautious. On the other hand, Zhao Feng didn’t have the identity to use these teleportation arrays in the first place.

Just like now; even though Zhao Feng had only teleported from Sky Feather Island to another large island, the guards of the array required him to show his identity. Otherwise, it would have not been so easy for Zhao Feng to leave.

“I’ll think about it once I leave Blue Ocean Bay.”

The Sky Feather Island token could only be used in Blue Ocean Bay, so Zhao Feng would think about this problem once he left this region.

Ten-some days later, Zhao Feng stood in a teleportation array within an ancient tower.

“I’m about to leave Blue Ocean Bay,” Zhao Feng muttered.

Once he used this teleportation array, Zhao Feng would be beyond the territory of the factions of Blue Ocean Bay.

At this moment, a teleportation array next to Zhao Feng flashed with white light.


Three figures emerged within it. Two were silk-clothed youths and one was a golden-robed elder.

“It’s you!” One of the youths looked at Zhao Feng in extreme shock. A moment later, shock morphed into rage, and the youth’s eyes began to seethe with killing intent.

This person was Quasi-God Di Lin.

Of course, Zhao Feng was also dazed for a moment. He never imagined that he would run into Quasi-God Di Lin just as he was about to leave Blue Ocean Bay.

However, by the time Quasi-God Di Lin came around, Zhao Feng had already been teleported away.

“Quasi-God Di Lin, what’s wrong?” the other youth, who had a sharply outlined face and healthy complexion, asked.

“That person just now was someone who kept targeting the Golden Jade Race in the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension, even stealing our resources!” Quasi-God Zhao Feng explained Zhao Feng’s crimes.

In the end, the Golden Jade Race’s harvest from the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension was unsatisfactory compared to the other factions. True God Tianhua had even personally reproached him over this matter.

The Golden Jade Race only decided to attack Zhao Feng due to Quasi-God Di Lin’s prodding, but they ended up losing two Rank Three True Gods. Later on, Zhao Feng’s small group especially targeted the Golden Jade Race.

“After him! We can’t let him go!” Quasi-God Di Lin immediately said.

The three of them stepped onto the teleportation array that Zhao Feng just used to leave.

“Just who is this person? Why was he in the territory of our Golden Jade Race?” the healthy-looking youth asked in confusion.

Based on what Quasi-God Di Lin said, Zhao Feng was an enemy of the entire Golden Jade Race. Wasn’t it strange for this sort of person to appear in the territory of the Golden Jade Race? One had to realize that, in all of Blue Ocean Bay, only the Golden Jade Race was capable of connecting to the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension.

“This…” Quasi-God Di Lin’s expression froze.

Why had Zhao Feng appeared in the territory of the Golden Jade Race? His mind was in complete disorder when he saw Zhao Feng, so he had completely missed this point.

“We’ll know once we capture him. In addition, he’s got many treasures on his person. And with the strength of True God Earthsea, we can easily seize him!” Quasi-God Di Lin turned to the elder as he spoke.

“Oh?” The elder hadn’t cared very much, as the opponent was just a mere Quasi-God. But Quasi-God Di Lin’s words very clear – only if he joined in could they capture that boy. True God Earthsea was somewhat astonished to hear this.

“Hurry and activate the teleportation array!” Quasi-God Di Lin hollered at a nearby guard.

“Yes, yes!” The guard immediately inserted a few low-quality God Crystals and began to activate the array. The three before him were members of the Golden Jade Race, rulers of Blue Ocean Bay, so he did not dare to show any sign of neglect.


The three members of the Golden Jade Race were teleported away in pursuit of Zhao Feng.

The trio appeared at another ancient teleportation array. The three immediately flew into the sky, but they could see no sign of Zhao Feng.

“He runs rather fast!” Quasi-God Di Lin coldly snorted.

“Which way did the golden-haired man who just appeared here go?” Quasi-God Di Lin asked the guard next to the array.

“The east.”

The moment the guard spoke, True God Earthsea and the two youths shot toward the horizon in a ray dark golden light.

After flying some distance, True God Earthsea stopped.

“I don’t sense any ripples of power. The direction doesn’t seem to be right!” True God Earthsea’s brow slightly creased.

If Zhao Feng was fleeing, he would definitely be using some powerful flight technique. This technique was certain to leave traces of energy in the air. However, True God Earthsea had not noticed anything unusual as they flew.

But that guard would definitely not have deceived them.

“I can’t believe we let him escape!” Quasi-God Di Lin clenched his fists and yelled in frustration.

“We should continue on our way. We didn’t come out to play!” the Rank Five True God said to Quasi-God Di Lin and the other youth.

“Mm!” The two youths nodded, their expressions slightly shifting. They had come out this time for a mission.

 Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The trio soon took their leave.

Long after they were gone, a heavy spatial blur appeared in the area.


Zhao Feng slowly emerged from the void.

“I can’t believe I ran into Quasi-God Di Lin!” Zhao Feng sighed.

To run into Quasi-God Di Lin of all people just as he was about to leave the territory of the Golden Jade Race, his luck was truly awful. If he didn’t know Instant Movement and had the power of the Spacetime Robe, he really might have ended up being captured by the Golden Jade Race.


Zhao Feng placed the Spacetime Robe into his Interspatial Dimension.

The quality of the Spacetime Robe was comparable to the Staff of Death Curse. Both of them were supreme-quality divine weapons, and if they were flaunted in the outside world, he might bring yet another disaster on his head.

“I can only change directions!” Zhao Feng decided to alter his route.

After flying for several months, Zhao Feng arrived at an area occupied by a four-star power.

“Without sufficient strength, it’s truly hard to advance even a single step!” Zhao Feng exclaimed.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had once told him that, if he wanted to search for Zhao Yufei, he would need at least one thousand years. Now, Zhao Feng completely believed these words. Even at his current level of strength, Zhao Feng found it extremely difficult to cross zones, so one didn’t even need to mention him when he was only a late-stage Mystic Light Realm expert.

Using this four-star faction’s teleportation array, Zhao Feng continued on his journey.

One day, Zhao Feng appeared in an ancient golden tower. The moment he appeared, Zhao Feng sensed heaven-shaking ripples of Intent.

 Boom! Bang! Crash!

Terrifying explosions rang out in Zhao Feng’s ear. In the distance, he could see that the horizon was awash with ice, lightning, wind, and fire.

“This is… a faction war?” Zhao Feng guessed.

The faction wars in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods were different from those of the Continent Zone. Even though the battle was millions of li away, he could still feel the dreadful battle taking place.

 Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A small group of soldiers equipped with brown armor charged toward the faction that Zhao Feng had just appeared in.

“Kill everyone here!” the captain of this group ordered.