King Of Gods Chapter 1214

Chapter 1214 Entrusted

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Chapter 1214 – Entrusted

“The Eye of Life!?” Zhao Feng turned toward the woman in shock.

Floating in the air, she gave off a transcendent aura of unstained divinity. Even though the sky was overcast and seething with killing intent, the area around her remained an island of vitality and tranquility.

She was actually a descendant of one of the Eight Great God Eyes – the God Eye of Life!

Of the Eight Great God Eyes, the Eye of Life was one of the weaker ones when it came to combat. However, it was rumored that, as long as one’s soul was not destroyed, any wound or illness afflicting one’s body could be easily healed by the Eye of Life.

The various large factions of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods would often fight with each other. If any one of these factions had a descendant of the Eye of Life assisting them from the rear, their members would be nigh-immortal, and their overall fighting power would increase many times over.

For this reason, the inheritors of the Eye of Life were even more useful to these large factions than the inheritors of the more powerful God Eyes.

“I just knew that Han Ning’er hadn’t left the territory of Spirit Grass Gate yet!” True God Zhongtu looked at Han Ning’er, then looked up to the sky and laughed.

In the war between Spirit Grass Gate and Yellow Dragon Pavilion, Spirit Grass Gate had begun to secretly spread out its bloodline descendants. One of the reasons was to divide the forces of Yellow Dragon Pavilion, but the other was to conceal Han Ning’er. As long as Han Ning’er could be successfully sent away, Spirit Grass Gate would rise again.

But Yellow Dragon Pavilion knew that Spirit Grass Gate would not risk putting Han Ning’er in danger and must have hidden her somewhere within its territory, waiting for the right moment to secretly send her away. For this reason, Yellow Dragon Pavilion had been scouring the territory of Spirit Grass Gate for any signs of her.

The green-robed elder glanced at Han Ning’er, his eyes half-closed in thought.

“Elder, there’s nothing else to be done!” Han Ning’er spoke in a light and pleasant voice. Her expression was apathetic, as if she had no fear of death.

“What? You still want to resist?” True God Zhongtu looked at the green-robed elder and Han Ning’er with a playful smile on his face.

“Han Ning’er, at this point, this old man can only hand you over!” The green-robed elder’s eyes suddenly flew open, an invisible Intent completely paralyzing Han Ning’er.

In this situation, Han Ning’er only calmly stared at the green-robed elder with her bluish-green eyes, voicing no objection.

“Haha, a wise man knows when to submit to fate. If you’re willing to hand over Han Ning’er and come under the wing of Yellow Dragon Pavilion, the pavilion master won’t treat you poorly!” True God Zhongtu roared in laughter.

At this moment, a voice rang out in Zhao Feng’s mind.

“Young man, help me send Ning’er to the Ziling Zone. With Ning’er’s Eye of Life, she can definitely join a five-star faction, perhaps even a God Realm Sacred Land. At that point, you will also stand to benefit greatly!” the green-robed elder messaged Zhao Feng while his face remained emotionless.

“Senior regards me too highly!” Zhao Feng messaged back.

The green-robed elder was trying to use the allure of a five-star faction or God Realm Sacred Land to tempt Zhao Feng into helping him out. If Zhao Feng succeeded, he would supposedly develop a relationship with a five-star faction or God Realm Sacred Land, something that most people could only dream of.

But even if Han Ning’er had the Eye of Life, God Realm Sacred Lands were not some existence Zhao Feng could interact with as he pleased.

“Your talent isn’t bad. You should be the disciple of some major faction. If Ning’er is willing, you can become partners. You only stand to gain from this!” the elder continued.

He had seen that Zhao Feng’s strength was truly abnormal.

Crucially, in this situation, Zhao Feng was the only person the elder could entrust his hopes to. He was even using Han Ning’er herself as a sort of bargaining chip. Any other man would have been so struck by Han Ning’er’s beauty and temperament that they would have immediately agreed, swearing to protect this “Goddess of Life” for the rest of their life. It would be even better if Zhao Feng was a genius of some major faction; if Zhao Feng married Han Ning’er, Spirit Grass Gate might even be saved.

Alas, Zhao Feng was not!

“Senior, you regard me too highly. I’m alone and even have many people who have grudges against me!” Zhao Feng messaged back.

He was not some genius from any major faction, and he even had to act very restrained within the Gulong Zone.

The green-robed elder sighed and began to circulate his Intent, apparently ready to hand over Han Ning’er to True God Zhongtu.

“However, the two of you are in this situation because of me, and my destination is also the Ziling Zone…” Zhao Feng continued his message.

All of this was true. Zhao Feng had accidentally exposed the location of the elder and Han Ning’er. In addition, based on the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s memories, the Spiritual Race that Zhao Yufei was located in was also in the Ziling Zone. This meant that there was no conflict in terms of destination.

Besides, there were far too many factions that wanted to deal with Zhao Feng. Adding Yellow Dragon Pavilion to the list hardly mattered. In addition, Yellow Dragon Pavilion was at war with Spirit Grass Gate and probably wouldn’t be able to send anyone too powerful after him anyway.

“Hurry and hand her over!” A sneer floated on True God Zhongtu’s face as he stared at the green-robed elder.

“Okay!” With this reply, the elder used his Intent to throw Han Ning’er, but his target was Zhao Feng.

The moment he threw Han Ning’er, the elder’s body began to burn with an astonishing Divine Power.


Green ocean waves began to churn through the world as the elder’s strength soared.

“Hmph, old fellow, this reckless action of yours is only harming that young man!” True God Zhongtu harshly rebuked, his voice as loud as the roar of a tsunami.

In this, he was hinting to Zhao Feng that he should act rationally. At the same time, True God Zhongtu was using his Rank Five True God pressure to intimidate Zhao Feng.

At the same time, the captain of the small team and all the Rank One True Gods under his command flew at Zhao Feng.

“Let’s go!” Zhao Feng circulated his Intent Energy and snatched up Han Ning’er.


Golden wings of light condensed on his back, and then Zhao Feng was gone in a flash of faint golden light.

“Eh? This junior…” True God Zhongtu was somewhat surprised.

There was a Space Sealing Array here, which made it impossible for Zhao Feng to use any spatial escape techniques. However, Zhao Feng seemed to have predicted this move and used a flight technique to flee. Despite this, Zhao Feng was extremely fast – far faster than an ordinary Rank Three True God.

“After them!” True God Zhongtu immediately roared.

“Don’t even think about it!” Facing death with a smile, the green-robed elder charged at True God Zhongtu with a thunderous momentum. Zhao Feng was stronger than even the Rank Three True God captain, so if the green-robed elder could hold down True God Zhongtu, Han Ning’er still had a chance of escaping alive.

“Blue Clouds Cover the Heavens!” The elder’s cry rang in the air as his attack descended.


A palm formed of glimmering dark green light, suffused with powerful Water and Wood Intent, swept toward True God Zhongtu like an enormous cloud.

“You’re seeking death, old man!” True God Zhongtu bellowed as he formed his Divine Power into the terrifying image of a yellow dragon.

To have Han Ning’er flee right before his eyes, robbing him of a great achievement, how could True God Zhongtu not be angry? Moreover, he had not expected for a trifling Quasi-God like Zhao Feng to actually agree to the green-robed elder’s request to escort Han Ning’er.

“Hold the brat down and wait for reinforcements!” True God Zhongtu messaged the squad captain.

Zhao Feng was too fast for him to have any hopes that the Rank Three True God could capture Zhao Feng. He could only ensure that they didn’t lose track of Zhao Feng before reinforcements arrived.

“Yes!” The Rank Three True God began to closely follow Zhao Feng.

“Instant Movement!” Zhao Feng’s body surged with Space Intent as he brought Han Ning’er in a leap through space.

“He knows Instant Movement?” The Rank Three True God was flabbergasted.

A Quasi-God capable of using Instant Movement was no normal sight in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. Even some Rank Two and Rank Three True Gods could not use Instant Movement, having failed to comprehend Space Intent.

Moreover, Zhao Feng was bringing someone else with him while using Instant Movement. He truly did not fear death! One extra person was one extra burden. If one lacked sufficient strength, there was a very possible danger of falling into a spatial crack and dying without a grave.

“I also know Instant Movement!” The Rank Three True God sneered as he used Instant Movement to leap through space.

When he lost to Zhao Feng in their exchange of techniques earlier, he took Zhao Feng to be a genius of some major faction. But it now appeared that Zhao Feng was alone.

If this was the case, then by offending Yellow Dragon Pavilion, Zhao Feng had only doomed himself.


Zhao Feng jumped out of space, quickly condensed his wings of lightning, and took flight.

“Carrying a person while using Instant Movement reduces the distance and takes up more energy!” Zhao Feng silently cursed.

Fortunately, he had reached Level Two Space Intent, or else his Instant Movement could have possibly failed. Moreover, while wandering around, Zhao Feng could not recklessly take out the Spacetime Robe, so he had to rely on himself.


In the next moment, the Rank Three True God appeared where Zhao Feng had been just moments ago.

“This brat definitely has some secrets!” The Rank Three True God became pensive as he continued the pursuit.

If Zhao Feng could successfully use Instant Movement while carrying a person, he must have some sort of support treasure on him. Moreover, even though Zhao Feng was an independent expert, he had somehow reached the strength of a Rank Three Quasi-God. These were signs that Zhao Feng had probably received some incredible legacy.

“Young Sir, this young Miss Han Ning’er is filled with gratitude for your kindness in saving me, but if you carry me, the difficulty of escaping will be much greater, and it will be impossible to throw off that True God. Once the reinforcements from Yellow Dragon Pavilion arrive, you and I will die without a grave!” Han Ning’er apologetically explained to Zhao Feng, her voice as melodious as the gurgling of a stream and the chirping of songbirds. Just listening to it was extremely relaxing.

In truth, Han Ning’er was also very surprised to see that Zhao Feng had the strength of a Rank Three Quasi-God and that he could even use Instant Movement while carrying her. This was the first time she had ever seen such an astounding Quasi-God prodigy.

“True,” Zhao Feng simply replied.

That Rank Three True God could use Instant Movement as well and was not that easy to throw off.


The lightning wings behind Zhao Feng crackled with Lightning energy. With this burst of lightning, Zhao Feng suddenly turned around and began to fly at the Rank Three True God.

Han Ning’er was taken aback. Was Zhao Feng going to give her up?

For the sake of her escape, Spirit Grass Gate had sacrificed innumerable lives. Han Ning’er was extremely unwilling to see things end like this, but there was nothing she could do. After seeing so many people die for her, Han Ning’er no longer feared death. She even found death preferable; everything would come to an end, and she would be spared all the suffering and torment.

“Mm?” The Rank Three True God was also stunned to see Zhao Feng flying at him.

But then, Zhao Feng suddenly put Han Ning’er down and activated his Sacred Lightning Body and Ancient Blood Devil Sun bloodline, assaulting the Rank Three True God with his Five Elements Divine Power.

“Rather than being chased down, I might as well kill you now!” Zhao Feng’s face was a sheet of ice as his left eye began to circulate Eye Intent.

Han Ning’er’s small mouth instantly dropped open as she stared in Zhao Feng in disbelief. Zhao Feng had turned around not to give her to Yellow Dragon Pavilion, but to kill this Rank Three True God!