King Of Gods Chapter 1216

Chapter 1216 Quasi God Jian Feng

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Chapter 1216 – Quasi-God Jian Feng

“That’s Sky Lotus Dark Green Grass and Golden Essence Fruit!” The owner of the stall next to Zhao Feng’s saw the two items Zhao Feng had taken out, and his eyes instantly went ablaze with desire.

Sky Lotus Dark Green Grass and Golden Essence Fruit were precious resources that presented an enormous temptation to any Rank Four True God.

Afterward, he glanced at Zhao Feng and realized that he wasn’t even a True God. He couldn’t help but sigh and shake his head. If Zhao Feng was taking out these two precious resources to exchange for a map, he was definitely looking for a map of very high quality. Probably only a small number of Rank Three True Gods or Rank Four True Gods would be able to give Zhao Feng such a map.

But in this Exchange Spiritual Hall, Rank Three True Gods were a rare sight, and Rank Four True Gods would only visit once every few years. This meant that Zhao Feng’s two treasures would probably go unexchanged.

Although the Exchange Spiritual Hall forbade fighting, Zhao Feng had taken out two extremely precious treasures and didn’t have the strength to keep them. He was definitely being watched, and once he left the Exchange Spiritual Hall, it would be over for him.

“These two herbs are too precious!” a woman wearing a white veil standing next to Zhao Feng messaged him.

This woman was naturally Han Ning’er.

Since Yellow Dragon Pavilion was not far from this place, the news that Han Ning’er was wanted had definitely been secretly spread through the area. For the sake of safety, Zhao Feng had bought a special veil that could keep out Divine Sense and conceal Han Ning’er’s face.

But even so, the bearing she exuded and the natural vitality around her were impossible to conceal. Even if bystanders couldn’t see her face, they could definitely tell that she was a beauty.

“There’s nothing to be done. If we don’t have a map, the time it will take to reach the Ziling Zone will be at least doubled, and the chance of running into danger will be higher as well!” Zhao Feng messaged back.

“Do you really not belong to some major faction?” Han Ning’er suddenly asked.

Zhao Feng had a powerful bloodline, immense strength, astonishing talent, and could use many different kinds of Intent. It was difficult to imagine that such a person was not a member of some large faction.

But if Zhao Feng had the backing of a major faction, he wouldn’t need to fear Yellow Dragon Pavilion and could use the teleportation arrays of four-and-a-half-star and peak four-star factions.

“I’m not,” Zhao Feng simply replied.

In truth, Zhao Feng wanted to create an identity that would allow him to use the teleportation arrays of four-and-a-half-star factions. However, it was extremely difficult to forge such an identity. Moreover, Zhao Feng had offended many factions of the Gulong Zone. In these uncertain circumstances, he could not carelessly expose himself.

“Sky Lotus Dark Green Grass!” Many of the people strolling through the crowd would stop in front of Zhao Feng’s stall.

It didn’t take long before most of the people on the street had gathered.

“Boy, what sort of map do you want?” a middle-aged man asked. His body seemed to unconsciously exude the energy of the Ghost Dao. Those of weaker strength who got too close could inadvertently have their personalities affected.

“Rank Two True God!” The weaker Mystic Light Realm experts immediately chose to back up.

Although it was only a Rank Two True God, this man was a Ghost Dao cultivator, so it was better not to provoke him.

“A complete map of at least eight four-and-a-half-star factions,” Zhao Feng straightforwardly said.

The Sky Feather Island Lord’s map contained information on six four-and-a-half-star factions, but none of the information about the factions was complete.

“Boy, that price is too high. I have a complete map of six four-and-a-half-star factions. Do you want to trade?” The middle-aged man’s face turned cold, and a ghostly pressure began to gather around Zhao Feng.

Han Ning’er gave a soft groan. It was evident that her peak Mystic Light Realm cultivation found it hard to resist the pressure of this Rank Two True God.

“Get out of my face,” Zhao Feng flatly said. The moment he said these words, all the Ghost Dao energy around him immediately dispersed.

“You…!” The Rank Two True God was stunned. He wanted to say something, but then he stopped himself. From Zhao Feng’s display just now, he could see that Zhao Feng was not weaker than himself.

“Hmph, a trifling Rank Two Quasi-God taking out such treasures! The Exchange Spiritual Hall’s hunters won’t let you get away!” The Rank Two True God retreated to the side with a cold harrumph.

In Exchange Spiritual Halls, anyone who paid the fee could enter. However, a certain class of people didn’t come to the Exchange Spiritual Hall to trade for anything, but to search for prey. These were people were called hunters.

Once these hunters saw an item they wanted, they would hide nearby and wait for their target to leave the Exchange Spiritual Hall. Moreover, these hunters would always gather in groups of three to five.

For this reason, people would normally form groups when going to an Exchange Spiritual Hall or hire experts as bodyguards.

“Haha, hunters?” Zhao Feng softly chuckled.

A while ago, when he went to the Exchange Spiritual Hall of the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race and took out a bunch of treasures, he ended up being targeted by the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race. But in the end, Zhao Feng had killed all of their hunters, one by one.

At this moment, Zhao Feng could already sense that several vicious and bloodthirsty gazes were watching him from the shadows. However, the cultivation levels of these people weren’t very high. After all, this wasn’t a very high-ranked Exchange Spiritual Hall. Rank Three True Gods rarely appeared here.

More and more people came to Zhao Feng’s stall to inquire about an exchange.

Two of them actually reached Zhao Feng’s requirement of a complete map of eight four-and-a-half-star factions. However, these two maps contained information on factions that Zhao Feng already knew, so no deal was made.

One day later, Zhao Feng had still not obtained the map he wanted, but he had even more people watching him from the shadows.

“Too few Rank Four True Gods frequent this Exchange Spiritual Hall. It seems like it will be very difficult for me to make a deal,” Zhao Feng sighed.

“Eh? Sky Lotus Dark Green Grass!”

At this time, several loud and astonished voices came from nearby.

Four people stepped over to Zhao Feng’s stall. Two were young men, one was a woman, and the other was a very reserved elder with an unfathomable aura. The three youths all had unique traits; their skin was black, their pupils were white, and their faces were cold and frightening.

“It’s the Nether Ghost Race!”

“Aren’t these three all Quasi-God prodigies of the Nether Ghost Race? That young man leading them is Quasi-God Mo Gui!”

A few bystanders recognized this group and began to stand aside. The Nether Ghost Race was a four-and-a-half-star faction of the Gulong Zone. It was a somewhat stronger existence on par with Yellow Dragon Pavilion.

“I want this Sky Lotus Dark Green Grass!” Quasi-God Mo Gui turned his sinister white pupils toward Zhao Feng and declared.

“A complete map of eight four-and-a-half-star factions,” Zhao Feng looked back and replied.

Quasi-God Mo Gui was only a Rank Two Quasi-God, on the same level as Quasi-God Di Lin and Quasi-God Lan Ye, the ones he met in the Ancient Dream Realm.

“Mm?” A hint of killing intent flashed through Quasi-God Mo Gui’s eyes.

He had not expected that a Quasi-God who set up a stall in this Exchange Spiritual Hall would decide to not give him any face. After all, his Nether Ghost Race was a four-and-a-half-star faction presided over by an Ancient God. A single four-and-a-half-star faction governed over dozens of four-star factions and controlled nearly twenty Exchange Spiritual Halls.

The rules of these Exchange Spiritual Hall were binding on the four-star factions, but they were useless on the four-and-a-half-star faction that administrated them all. Rules were just the tools used by those above to restrict those below. Only the weak needed to obey them!

“Don’t stir up trouble,” the elder next to Quasi-God Mo Gui lightly said.

This Exchange Spiritual Hall was not in the territory of the Nether Ghost Race, or else he would not have reminded Quasi-God Mo Gui.

“Give a little face to the Nether Ghost Race. I will give you a map containing the information on four four-and-a-half-star factions, and you give me the Sky Lotus Dark Green Grass,” the elder continued.

In Zhao Feng’s refusal just now, he refused to give any face to the Nether Ghost Race. Engaging in a fair exchange with Zhao Feng at this point would do even further harm to the Nether Ghost Race’s dignity.

Zhao Feng’s brow slightly creased in displeasure. If he had a powerful strength or intimidating identity, he would never be bullied around like this.

“I came to exchange for a map, not give you face!” Zhao Feng coldly retorted.

“Mm?” This time, the elder’s brow creased, and an invisible pressure began to bear down on the area.

 Aoooo! Hwooo!

The surroundings darkened, and the terrifying wails of ghosts could be heard.

“Rank Four True God!”

Stunned, quite a few people began to hurriedly back away.

This elder was a Rank Four True God backed by the Nether Ghost Race. Even if he killed someone in the Exchange Spiritual Hall, the controller of the hall probably wouldn’t say anything.

Quite a few people looked at Zhao Feng in pity. Even those hunters gave up on their target.

“Haha, the people of the Nether Ghost Race want to attack someone inside the Exchange Spiritual Hall?” Laughter came from nearby.

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled. He found the voice familiar, but he couldn’t remember from where.

“Isn’t this the Sky Haze Race’s Quasi-God Jian Feng?” The Nether Ghost Race’s Quasi-God Mo Gui turned with an icy stare toward the figure flying over here.

The elder of the Nether Ghost Race shot a few glances at the blue-haired old woman standing behind Quasi-God Jian Feng.

“Quasi-God Jian Feng, what do you mean by this? My Nether Ghost Race has certainly not done such a thing!” Quasi-God Mo Gui coldly glared at Quasi-God Jian Feng.

“Brother Zhao, I didn’t think I would run into you here!” Quasi-God Jian Feng walked straight to Zhao Feng with a smile on his face.

Quasi-God Jian Feng, the prodigy of the Sky Haze Race, was precisely the one in Phoenix Forest who invited Zhao Feng and the Golden-Armed Race to attack the phoenix nest.

“Hmph!” Quasi-God Mo Gui snorted, his expression gloomy. He just asked Quasi-God Jian Feng a question, but Jian Feng ignored him and went straight to the stall owner.

However, Mo Gui was rather surprised to hear Quasi-God Jian Feng call the stall owner “Brother Zhao.” Quasi-God Jian Feng had quite some reputation in the Sky Haze Race; anyone he called a brother had to be someone of some status.

“This is a map of eight four-and-a-half-star or above factions. I want the Sky Lotus Dark Green Grass!” the Nether Ghost Race elder suddenly spoke, taking a jade token that he had just branded the information onto.

The Sky Haze Race was a peak four-star faction, much stronger than the Nether Ghost Race. Quasi-God Jian Feng even knew Zhao Feng. In other words, if the Nether Ghost Race wanted the Sky Lotus Dark Green Grass, it could only make a fair exchange.

“Sorry, I’m closing up shop!” With a faint smile, Zhao Feng put away the two herbs, dismantled the stall, and began to walk toward Jian Feng.

Although he only met Quasi-God Jian Feng once, this Quasi-God had a very refreshing and relaxed personality. He was not one for schemes and treachery. Otherwise, Quasi-God Jian Feng would not have come over on his own to help Zhao Feng out of his problem. He clearly wanted to be friends with Zhao Feng.

Since this was the case, Zhao Feng could probably just get the map he wanted from the Sky Haze Race, or perhaps even use its teleportation array directly. As such, there was no need to continue displaying his wares at the stall.

“Junior, you are very bold…” The Nether Ghost Race elder’s eyes shone with a sinister light, and he paused between each of his words.