King Of Gods Chapter 1220

Chapter 1220 The Martial Gathering Begins

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Chapter 1220 – The Martial Gathering Begins

“The martial gathering is about to begin!” Zhao Feng opened his eyes and left the Spacetime Robe Dimension.

Twenty-four days had passed in the outside world, but Zhao Feng had spent two hundred forty days cultivating in the Spacetime Robe Dimension. In these two hundred-some days, he had made even further progress in the Five Elements Become One level of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique; Zhao Feng’s Five Elements Intent and Wind Lightning Intent had all reached Level Two.

His Space Intent was only a sliver away from reaching Level Three, but Time Intent was far too mysterious, and Zhao Feng had not placed any particular focus on comprehending it, so his progress on that front was slower.

Upon leaving the cultivation chamber, Zhao Feng realized that there were now ten vacant chambers on the seventh floor.

Zhao Feng left the Cultivation Pagoda and used a message token to communicate with Han Ning’er. Soon after, Zhao Feng met up with the Sky Haze Race group.

“Brother Zhao, if you were a little later, you would have missed the Gulong Martial Gathering!” Quasi-God Jian Feng teased.

“My apologies. I got lost in cultivation,” Zhao Feng explained.

Quasi-God Jian Feng said nothing more. Zhao Feng might have been experiencing the chambers of the Cultivation Pagoda for the first time and became so immersed in cultivation that he lost track of time.

“Who is he?” Zhao Feng’s gaze landed on a youth standing next to Han Ning’er.

“He’s my senior brother,” Han Ning’er softly said.

Secretly, Han Ning’er messaged Zhao Feng; “To cover my escape, the Gate Master sent out many other members of the Gate. The majority of them were captured and executed by Yellow Dragon Pavilion, but he was fortunate enough to escape. I ran into him in the Exchange Spiritual Hall and wanted to take him with us to the Ziling Zone.”

Of the people the Gate Master had sent out to cover Han Ning’er’s tracks, many of them were members of the Gate Master’s own bloodline. These people were all sacrifices made for Han Ning’er’s sake, so Han Ning’er felt ashamed to face them. Thus, when she ran into this senior brother of hers, she planned to bring him with her to the Ziling Zone, but this required Zhao Feng’s agreement.

“Oh?” Understanding the reason, Zhao Feng stared even harder at this youth.

The youth couldn’t help but look at Zhao Feng’s golden left eye.


He felt like his soul was sinking into it, unable to escape. He felt like everything about himself, including his innermost thoughts, had been seen through by Zhao Feng.

A hint of shame inadvertently appeared in the youth’s eyes.


Suddenly, Zhao Feng’s left eye turned away from him.

“Greetings! I am Han Ning’er’s senior brother!” The youth averted his gaze, not daring to meet Zhao Feng’s eyes again.

The other people present also noticed the peculiar situation just now. It was only now that they noticed Zhao Feng’s eyes, which seemed to belong to some unique bloodline. However, just based on the traits of this eye, they were not able to determine any specific bloodline.

“Han Ning’er, this person was sent by Yellow Dragon Pavilion. Your whereabouts have been exposed!” Zhao Feng silently messaged Han Ning’er.

This person had only reached the Demigod level, and he had a poor personality, so Zhao Feng was able to use illusion arts to affect his mind. Moreover, Zhao Feng’s left eye also noticed the Soul Intent of a powerful True God on this youth’s body; it was clear that his life was under the control of another.

The people of Yellow Dragon Pavilion knew that finding a single person in the Gulong Zone was far too difficult. Thus, Yellow Dragon Pavilion had enslaved many people of Spirit Grass Gate and had them wander around the nearby territories.

Just as they expected, Han Ning’er saw someone from Spirit Grass Gate and went up to speak with them. It probably wasn’t too long ago that Han Ning’er’s senior brother had secretly sent the information of her location to Yellow Dragon Pavilion.

“No, how could that be?” Han Ning’er naturally understood the meaning of Zhao Feng’s words, but she didn’t believe that her senior brother would do such a thing.

“Quasi-God Jian Feng, where do you plan to go once the Gulong Martial Gathering is over?” Zhao Feng inquired.

“Once the Gulong Martial Gathering is over, the Gulong Zone Quasi-God Ranking Competition will start soon afterward, so I’m prepared to return to the race and enter secluded cultivation!” Quasi-God Jian Feng’s eyes burned with the will to fight. His goal was the top twenty of the Quasi-God Ranking.

Zhao Feng nodded. If there was no other way, he could only bring Han Ning’er with him and temporarily take shelter with the Sky Haze Race. Of course, if he had a chance, Zhao Feng could also form a relationship with some other powerful faction during the martial gathering.

One day later…

The Exchange Spiritual Hall was almost empty of people. The Sky Haze Race and Zhao Feng’s group had also headed off for Five Star Mountain.

“Brother Zhao, I hear that six prodigies of the Quasi-God Ranking have come to the Gulong Martial Gathering!” Quasi-God Jian Feng was extremely excited, and he was itching to fight.

Other than the organizers – Quasi-Gods Zi Feng and Tian Xue – and the Quasi-God that Zhao Feng met earlier – Quasi-God Lin Guang – three other geniuses of the Quasi-God Ranking were taking part in this martial gathering. These six were essentially the six strongest people at this martial gathering, as well as the six that every other Quasi-God prodigy wanted to challenge.

Five days later, everyone arrived at Five Star Mountain.

The pavilions and towers built upon the five corners were packed with people. These people either belonged to some major faction or possessed incredible power in their own right.

Cultivators at the Demigod level or below who did not have the backing of a major faction could only remain on the perimeter of Five Star Mountain.

“Let’s go.” The Sky Haze Race group flew to a pavilion on one of the mountains.

“That brat came!” Hou Qing immediately focused on Zhao Feng. In this martial gathering, he cared for nothing else except humiliating Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng…!” Quasi-God Di Lin of the Golden Jade Race stared in shock.

When leaving the Golden Jade Race, he had run into Zhao Feng, but he lost him soon afterward. Little did he think that he would run into Zhao Feng again at the martial gathering.

But he felt no joy at this encounter, as Zhao Feng was with people from the Sky Haze Race. Although Quasi-God Jian Feng next to Zhao Feng was not an individual on the Quasi-God Ranking, he was still a rather famed Quasi-God genius of the Gulong Zone.

At the same time, more than half of the young Quasi-Gods present stared at Zhao Feng, their eyes clearly glowing with hostility.

“I hear that this brat disrespected Quasi-God Tian Xue!”

“It was that golden-haired rascal who provoked Quasi-God Tian Xue? During the martial gathering, I’ll let him get a good look!”

Many young Quasi-Gods on Five Star Mountain discussed Zhao Feng as they shot loathsome glares at him.

It was clear that the matter of Zhao Feng displeasing Quasi-God Tian Xue had spread far and wide, and it only became more exaggerated the more it spread. In truth, all Zhao Feng did was slightly shake his head when looking in Quasi-God Tian Xue’s direction.

“Quasi-God Tian Xue, did someone offend you?” a handsome youth dressed in a violet robe, his body exuding a violet glow, asked in concern.

Quasi-God Tian Xue might have been ranked seventh on the Gulong Zone Quasi-God Ranking, but in looks, she was definitely number one. In the top twenty of the Gulong Zone Quasi-God Ranking, all the men wanted nothing more than to obtain Quasi-God Tian Xue’s favor. He – Quasi-God Zi Feng – was no exception.

“No,” Quasi-God Tian Xue indifferently replied.

In truth, Zhao Feng could not really be considered to have offended her. He just slightly shook his head while looking at her. This was a great shock to Tian Xue and instinctively stimulated her disgust.

“It must be that brat!” Quasi-God Zi Feng’s gaze fell upon Zhao Feng, and his lips curled with disdain.

“Once the gathering begins, challenge that man and humiliate him for me!” Quasi-God Zi Feng messaged the Quasi-Gods standing behind him.

As one of the organizers of this martial gathering and the fifth-ranked Quasi-God genius, Zi Feng naturally could not challenge Zhao Feng himself.

“That is…?” Han Ning’er suddenly noticed several people on another mountain. These people were all True Gods, and the one leading them was none other than True God Zhongtu.

“Zhao Feng spoke the truth!” Han Ning’er’s eyes instantly dimmed.

Next to her, Han Ning’er’s senior brother noticed nothing at all.

As night fell, more and more people gathered around Five Star Mountain.

Suddenly, Quasi-God Tian Xue and Quasi-God Zi Feng stood up together. This action immediately caused an uproar

“Quasi-God Tian Xue!”

“That’s Quasi-God Zi Feng, the fifth-ranked prodigy on the Quasi-God Ranking!”

Everyone’s eyes turned toward this pair. One was a supreme genius of the Gulong Zone while the other was the goddess that reigned supreme in everyone’s hearts.

Upon standing, the pair announced the start of the Gulong Martial Gathering.


A tall and thin figure next to Quasi-God Zi Feng immediately jumped onto the stage down below.

“This one is Tao Jin of Violet Night Hall! Is there anyone here willing to exchange a few pointers?” The tall and thin figure scanned the crowd.

Violet Night Hall was one of the Gulong Zone’s three five-star factions. Although Tao Jin didn’t have much of a reputation, given that he was a Quasi-God of Violet Night Hall and the first to step onto the stage, he could not possibly be a weakling.

“Let me experience Brother Tao’s Illusion Wind Technique!” A muscular man with rough and dark yellow skin jumped down from another mountain.

“Okay! I haven’t fought you in a while!” Tao Jin looked at this muscular man, his eyes brimming with the will to fight.

It was clear that the two knew each other and often sparred.


Once the two of them stepped onto the stage, the protective array around the stage activated.

“Three Strikes of Illusion Wind!” Tao Jin’s body exploded with dazzling violet light which transformed into countless gusts of illusory violet wind that circled the muscular man.


Suddenly, several hundred violet silhouettes attacked the muscular man from within this illusory wind.

“Golden Tyrant Body!” The muscular man’s body suddenly grew twenty feet, and a pressure that could shake the heavens began to exert itself on the surroundings.

However, these violet silhouettes were imbued with Wind Intent and were in harmony with the earth, minimizing the effects of this pressure.

 Boom! Bang! Crash!

The two descended into a fierce clash, the fighting stage covered in violet silhouettes and dark yellow fists. The array around the stage blocked all the power of these attacks.

“These two are both very strong!”

“Of course. They’re both Quasi-God prodigies of major factions!”

The spectators were all effusive with their praise.

Tao Jin was a genius of a five-star faction while the other man was a member of a peak four-star faction. Both of them were extremely strong.

“Endless Illusion Wind!” Tao Jin seemed to transform into an enormous illusion that struck the muscular man with a dreadful Wind energy that sent him flying to the edge of the stage.

“I concede!”

After his victory, Tao Jin left the stage. The martial gathering had a rule that the same person could not fight two battles in a row.

With the first battle concluded, many Quasi-God geniuses were itching to fight and show off their own skills.


In an astonishing flash of lightning, a white-clothed man appeared on the stage.

“That’s Quasi-God Thundercry!”

The faction behind Quasi-God Thundercry was weaker than the factions behind the previous two fighters, but in his four-and-a-half-star faction, Quasi-God Thundercry could be considered the most outstanding genius, and his reputation was not insignificant.

“You, get down here!” Quasi-God Thundercry stared directly at Zhao Feng.

“Me?” Zhao Feng was stunned. He didn’t expect to enter the stage so quickly.

“Brother Zhao, it’s about time for you to show off your strength!” Quasi-God Jian Feng said with a smile. He wanted to witness just what level Zhao Feng had reached.

“Haha, that rascal offended Quasi-God Tian Xue. You can’t even count the number of people who want to challenge him!”

“Now that you mention it, just who is this golden-haired brat? I’ve never heard of him before!”

The crowd was buzzing with chatter as they waited in expectation for this battle.