King Of Gods Chapter 1223

Chapter 1223 Agreement Reached

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Chapter 1223 – Agreement Reached

“Slow down! I agree to work with you! Stop right now!” the black-skinned man helplessly messaged Zhao Feng.

He could not permit Zhao Feng to absorb any more of the surrounding Five Elements energy. Otherwise, the array would break early, and everything would be exposed. Besides, Zhao Feng was just an ordinary Quasi-God, so even if they worked together, the black-skinned man would still hold the initiative.

On the fighting stage, Zhao Feng’s lips curled upward.

Hou Qing, who was being constantly pushed back by Zhao Feng, was depressed and enraged by this faint smile.

Hou Qing was the one who stepped on stage and invited Zhao Feng for a fight. He had believed that he would leave victorious, washing away the shame and humiliation from their first encounter.

But the result was yet another miserable defeat.


The five-colored lightning on Zhao Feng’s body slowly receded. Now that the black-skinned man had agreed to work with him, Zhao Feng no longer needed to continue using Five Elements Intent.

In addition, Hou Qing’s bloodline energy was exhausted and his body was heavily wounded. Even without the use of Five Elements Intent, Hou Qing was no longer able to put up a fight.

In one of the pavilions around the stage, a youth dressed in robes of light red was the center of attention.

“Quasi-God Gui Yi, he’s like you – an expert of Five Elements Intent!” A cute and witty woman standing to the red-robed youth giggled.

“How could that boy compare to Quasi-God Gui Yi, twelfth on the Quasi-God Ranking!?” a person nearby immediately replied with a laugh.

Six members of the Quasi-God Ranking had come to this Gulong Martial Gathering. Quasi-God Gui Yi was the prodigy ranked twelfth on the Quasi-God Ranking.

“Each part of his Five Elements Intent is only at Level One, but I’ve already raised two of my Intents to Level Two. My proficiency in using Five Elements Intent is also superior,” Quasi-God Gui Yi spoke with a casual tone that oozed absolute confidence.

 Boom! Bang! Crash!

On the stage, Zhao Feng relied on his formidable physical strength alone to suppress Hou Qing.

“Hou Qing, just concede. You’re no match for him!” Many members of the Sky Water Yao Race secretly messaged Hou Qing, advising him to concede.

On the stage, Hou Qing lowered his head and conceded. Going any longer wouldn’t let him defeat Zhao Feng, but it would add to his shame.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

  With Hou Qing having conceded, the battle concluded, and both fighters left the stage.

Before the spectators could comment about this battle, various Quasi-Gods rushed down from the five mountains toward the stage. This included the yellow-skinned man who had won in the last round; he was anxious to have his match with Quasi-God Jin Zhen.

Alas, an extraordinarily slender woman was the first to the stage. The one she chose to fight was also a woman.

“Given how strong that golden-haired brat was, your loss was not unjustified!” In the Sky Water Yao Race party, Quasi-God Lin Guang comforted Hou Qing.

Based on the strength Zhao Feng displayed, he had a chance of entering the Quasi-God Ranking.

As for Quasi-God Lin Guang, although he was ranked seventeenth, that was his ranking from last time. His strength had not remained immobile after all the time that had passed. For this reason, Lin Guang was confident that he could defeat Zhao Feng.

But how could a mighty prodigy of the Quasi-God Ranking challenge some nobody?

“How could this be…?” The Nether Ghost Race’s Quasi-God Mo Gui was frozen to the spot, his face paralyzed in disbelief.

The Sky Water Yao Race’s Hou Qing was no match for Zhao Feng. How was Zhao Feng this strong?

If Quasi-God Mo Gui had gone down there, he would have ended up even worse off than Hou Qing.

“This guy’s strength…!” Quasi-God Zi Feng stared at Zhao Feng, the expression on his face constantly shifting.

He originally planned to have the Quasi-Gods of Violet Night Hall humiliate Zhao Feng to please Quasi-God Tian Xue. However, Zhao Feng was far too powerful – powerful enough to enter the Quasi-God Ranking. This also meant that only those on the Quasi-God Ranking would be able to pose any threat to Zhao Feng.

Next to him, a hint of surprise could also be seen in Quasi-God Tian Xue’s limpid eyes.

Meanwhile, the True God experts of Yellow Dragon Pavilion were conversing with each other.

“That lad is incredibly gifted. If we can recruit him, we can resolve all our problems in one fell swoop!” A Quasi-God gave his opinion.

If they recruited Zhao Feng, Han Ning’er would lose her protector and would fall into Yellow Dragon Pavilion’s hands. If she did not submit, only death awaited her. And with Zhao Feng’s talent, becoming an Ancient God in the future was no problem at all.

“Difficult!” True God Zhongtu spat out, a glum look on his face.

Back then, Zhao Feng had accepted a request from a True God of Spirit Grass Gate and taken Han Ning’er away right in front of True God Zhongtu. Thus, True God Zhongtu believed that recruiting Zhao Feng was essentially impossible.

“If that’s the case, just kill them both!” an elder said with a cold and sinister expression.

If the situation did not call for it, Yellow Dragon Pavilion was truly unwilling to offend a genius like Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng returned to the Sky Haze Race group, where the surrounding experts immediately went up to congratulate him. After all, the potential Zhao Feng had shown was enough to prove that he could become an Ancient God in the future.

In the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, Ancient God was one of the highest levels one could reach, a hegemon that could influence an entire region.

“Brother Zhao, with your strength, if you take part in the Gulong Zone Quasi-God Ranking Competition, you can definitely get into the top twenty!” Quasi-God Jian Feng was somewhat envious of Zhao Feng.

Jian Feng was strong, but he still needed to get quite a bit stronger to enter the ranking.

The prodigy from the Sky Haze Race and the blue-haired old woman also treated Zhao Feng more warmly.

“No way! The prodigies on the top twenty of the Quasi-God Ranking are all extremely talented. They can’t be underestimated,” Zhao Feng humbly said.

On the side, Han Ning’er couldn’t help but smile at Zhao Feng’s humility. She had already witnessed Zhao Feng’s true strength; he was capable of easily slaying a Rank Three True God. This meant that, if Zhao Feng participated in the Quasi-God Ranking Competition, he would get into the top ten, or perhaps even higher!

“Young Master Zhao, the people of Yellow Dragon Pavilion are on the western mountain. What you said is correct; my senior brother truly has betrayed Spirit Grass Gate!” Han Ning’er guiltily messaged Zhao Feng.

After all, she was the cause of this problem. If she had not gone to speak with her senior brother, the people from Yellow Dragon Pavilion would not have been called over.

“Let’s not talk about that right now. Just listen to me from now on, and no matter what I say, don’t question my decisions!” Zhao Feng’s calm and steady voice rang out in Han Ning’er’s mind.

“Mm!” The sight of Zhao Feng’s calm and unalarmed face inexplicably made Han Ning’er calm down.

Next to her, Han Ning’er’s senior brother looked at Zhao Feng with respect, little knowing that his identity had already been exposed.


Zhao Feng moved his focus down below the fighting stage.

“We’re working together now, but you’re too strong. How can I trust you?” Zhao Feng messaged the black-skinned man.

“We can only make a verbal promise for now. I’m breaking the array at the moment and can’t leave, and you obviously can’t come down.” The black-skinned man’s voice was tinged with helplessness.

Although he had agreed to work with Zhao Feng, the current situation meant that their agreement was purely verbal.

The black-skinned man inwardly snickered. Verbal agreements naturally had no restrictions, but what could Zhao Feng do about it? Zhao Feng was just a measly Quasi-God. If he dared to come alone, he would just be obliterated.

“You can heavily injure yourself and reduce your fighting power.” Zhao Feng’s steady voice suddenly echoed in the black-skinned man’s mind.

The smile on the black-skinned man’s face instantly froze.

 This brat can even think of a lowly method like this!?  The black-skinned man mentally cursed.

If he did not agree, he would be indicating that he never intended to cooperate with Zhao Feng in the first place. Thus, Zhao Feng would just continue to use Five Elements Intent to weaken the seal.

“I can’t control the time the array will break. If the array isn’t broken by the end of the martial gathering, I’ll heavily injure myself….” The black-skinned man was no fool. If he heavily injured himself and the array broke while the martial gathering was still ongoing, he would have signed his own death sentence!


The two finally reached an agreement.

The black-skinned man was a Rank Five True God. If the array had not been broken by the time the martial gathering was about to end, the black-skinned man needed to injure himself so that he could only use forty percent of his peak strength.

Of course, no one except the black-skinned man could determine how severe the wound would actually be. However, as long as the black-skinned man had an injury, Zhao Feng was confident in handling him, or at least not being threatened by him.

“Tell me, what’s inside there?” Zhao Feng asked.

“It should be a place the Five Elements God Lord once used for secluded cultivation,” the black-skinned man explained.

“The Five Elements God Lord!?” Zhao Feng was astonished.

Above Ancient Gods were God Lords. God Lords were those who stood at the apex of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, and they were extremely elusive characters. The symbol of a five-star faction was that they had a God Lord presiding over them.

Of course, Zhao Feng did not completely believe these words.

After making his agreement with the black-skinned man, Zhao Feng began to observe the martial gathering.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

On the stage, the battle had just come to an end. The woman who had reached the stage ahead of the others barely managed to overcome her opponent.

The Gulong Martial Gathering continued.

After his last fight, no one dared to challenge Zhao Feng anymore. After all, Zhao Feng had shown a strength comparable to the top twenty of the Quasi-God Ranking.

Zhao Feng was staring at Quasi-God Mo Gui, a faint smile on his lips.

“Damn, this brat…!” Quasi-God Mo Gui inwardly fumed, but there was nothing he could do.

At the time, he had challenged Zhao Feng and claimed that Zhao Feng would not dare to step onto the stage. But now, he was the one who did not dare!

Quasi-God Mo Gui knew that he was no match for Zhao Feng. The only thing he would get by stepping onto the stage was a thorough humiliation via the hands of Zhao Feng.

Quasi-God Di Lin similarly did not dare to step onto the stage. Previously, when Quasi-God Di Lin was traveling by teleportation array, he ran into Zhao Feng. At that time, he and the other members of his race had pursued Zhao Feng, but they were eventually forced to give up the chase. Even without this matter though, Di Lin and Zhao Feng still had their conflict from the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension.

Thus, Quasi-God Di Lin did not dare to step onto the stage.

Boom! Bang!

A mighty boom came from the stage. The yellow-skinned man finally managed to get back onto the stage.

Quasi-God Jin Zhen showed no hesitation and immediately flew down.

“I will let you witness the power of a Quasi-God Ranking prodigy!” Quasi-God Jin Zhen proudly declared.

“Haha, enough talk! Let’s fight!” As the yellow-skinned man laughed, his energy began to rise.

“This is going to be good!”

“I wonder if the mutant bloodline of the Submerged Dragon Sect can defeat Quasi-God Jin Zhen!”

Once more, the spectating Quasi-Gods and True Gods felt their enthusiasm rekindled.