King Of Gods Chapter 1224

Chapter 1224 The Closing Curtain Prepares To Drop

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Chapter 1224 – The Closing Curtain Prepares to Drop

For the first time in this Gulong Martial Gathering, a genius of the Quasi-God Ranking was about to do battle. The spectators immediately fixed their attention on the stage.

“Eat my fist!” The yellow-skinned man leaped forward at Quasi-God Jin Zhen. The moment he moved, the dark yellow earth on the stage began to move with him.

“Golden Radiance Slash!” Quasi-God Jin Zhen looked on with cold eyes, his left hand shining with golden light, a miniature sun in the night.

 Whoosh! Bang!

Fist met palm, unleashing a dreadful shockwave of energy. Both the yellow-skinned man and Quasi-God Jin Zhen retreated back a distance.

“Your strength isn’t bad. I’ll have to go all out!” The yellow-skinned man heartily laughed, and his eyes suddenly focused, fighting intent radiating off his body.


The dark yellow cloud of dust over the stage slowly began to attach to the yellow-skinned man, forming particularly tough slabs of dirt. The yellow-skinned man turned into an enormous stone monster that exerted a heavy pressure.

“Even if you have a mutant ancient bloodline, it’s still no match for mybloodline!” Quasi-God Jin Zhen hollered, his eyes bursting with pride.


Golden blood slowly began to seep out of Quasi-God Jin Zhen’s body. The golden blood swiftly condensed in Quasi-God Jin Zhen’s hand, taking the form of a golden sword.

“These two are using their bloodline strength so quickly!”

“The bloodline of Quasi-God Jin Zhen allows him to take out his blood and shape it into weapons!”

The crowds on Five Star Mountain were stunned and amazed.

The Gulong Martial Gathering was just for instructive matches, so divine weapons were not permitted, but Quasi-God Jin Zhen’s bloodline bestowed on him both incredible talent and the ability to make his own offensive weapons. However, the yellow-skinned man’s bloodline was also abnormal.

It was precisely for these reasons that everyone was so excited about this battle.

 Boom! Bang! Crash!

As the crowd was still gasping in praise, the pair on stage had already crashed against each other. Each collision would result in a magnificent explosion of golden light.

“So powerful!” Quasi-God Jian Feng couldn’t help but sigh in wonder.

“Anyone who can enter the Quasi-God Ranking must at least be a Rank Three Quasi-God,” Zhao Feng muttered to himself as he watched the battle.

To reach the level of a Rank Three True God without actually being a True God was an extremely high requirement!

Of course, Zhao Feng had already reached this level. Moreover, not too long ago, Zhao Feng’s Five Elements Intent and Wind Lightning Intent had all reached Level Two, causing his strength to take yet another leap forward.

 If I don’t use the Spacetime Robe, I can fight against a Rank Four True God, but that would only get me to around rank five on the Quasi-God Ranking,  Zhao Feng mentally estimated.

In other words, the prodigies of the Quasi-God Ranking’s top five all had the strength to fight against ordinary Rank Four True Gods.

According to what Zhao Feng knew, the strongest prodigy of the Gulong Zone was the Heaven Devouring Sacred Land’s Quasi-God Heaven Swallower. He was apparently confident in attaining Rank Four of the Heavenly Divine Realm immediately.

Zhao Feng had seen Quasi-God Heaven Swallower’s strength in the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension. He estimated that if Heaven Swallower used all his strength, he could even contend against Rank Five True Gods. A Quasi-God who could wield the strength of a Rank Five True God; this was the strength of the Gulong Zone’s strongest prodigy.

 Once I reach the 12th level of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique, then together with my Sacred Lightning Body and various Intents, I should also be able to fight a Rank Five True God!

Zhao Feng found himself rather anticipating that moment.

He had always been extremely strict on himself. Since others could reached that lofty level, he could do so as well. The assistance the God’s Spiritual Eye gave Zhao Feng was not one bit inferior to the bloodlines of the prodigies of the Quasi-God Ranking’s top five.

 Boom! Bang! Crash!

On the stage, constant explosions deafened the ears while golden radiance blinded the eyes.

The yellow-skinned man’s attacks were extremely tyrannical, so heavy that no one would dare to receive them directly. But Quasi-God Jin Zhen’s attacks were focused to a single point and extremely precise, suffused with a sharpness that could pierce through all.

“These two are basically spear and shield!”

“Will the spear pierce the shield, or will the shield flatten the spear!?”

The crowd was deeply engrossed in this battle.

The battle continued on for some time, but there was still no clear victor.

“Heavenly Golden Splendor!”

“Earth Burial!”

At a certain moment, both of them used their trump cards.


The entire stage shook as countless golden lights appeared overhead, so bright that night was turned to day. When the light finally dissipated, only one figure remained proudly standing on the stage: Quasi-God Jin Zhen.

“Quasi-God Jin Zhen was the winner!”

“What a powerful clash! Both of them are very frightening!”

The crowd exploded with cheers, amazed by this wondrous bout.

Although the yellow-skinned man had lost this time, there were still a few decades until the next Quasi-God Ranking Competition. There was a chance that he could win in their next match.

With this battle over, the next round immediately commenced. Battles never ceased on that enormous stage!

There were even a few dark horses who appeared, but none were more dazzling than Zhao Feng and the yellow-skinned man.

A day quickly passed, but everyone was still in high spirits.

 Boom! Bang! Crash!

Fierce battles were still taking place on the stage.


At a certain moment, Quasi-God Jian Feng managed to reach the stage first!

“I want to challenge Quasi-God Lin Guang!” Quasi-God Jian Feng’s sharp eyes shot straight at the genius Quasi-God of the Sky Water Yao Race.

After seeing the battle between Quasi-God Jin Zhen and the yellow-skinned man, he knew that it would be very difficult for him to defeat Quasi-God Jin Zhen. And yet, he chose to challenge Quasi-God Lin Guang, who was ranked even higher.

Of course, this was not without reason. First, the Sky Water Yao Race was an enemy of the Sky Haze Race. Second, Quasi-God Lin Guang would not hold back, giving Jian Feng more pressure and a greater sense of danger. Only this way could Quasi-God Jian Feng enter the top twenty when it was time for the Quasi-God Ranking Competition.

“You’ll need to test yourself first,” the old lady of the Sky Haze Race said in a soft voice.

According to custom, Quasi-God Jian Feng would have to first defeat another member of the Sky Water Yao Race.

However, the person the Sky Water Yao Race sent only exchanged three moves with Quasi-God Jian Feng before being defeated. Everyone present understood that this was intentional on the Sky Water Yao Race’s part.

After another few rounds, Quasi-God Jian Feng reached the stage again.

 Swoosh swoosh!

In a blue flash of light, Quasi-God Lin Guang appeared on the stage.

“Let me experience the strength of one of the Sky Haze Race’s prodigies!” Quasi-God Lin Guang said with a savage smile.

Before the battle, Quasi-God Lin Guang chose to intentionally bolster Quasi-God Jian Feng’s reputation. This way, after defeating Quasi-God Jian Feng, he could humiliate the Sky Haze Race!

“Haha, my Sky Haze Race’s true prodigy is not me, but the one who occupies rank sixteen on the Quasi-God Ranking!” Quasi-God Jian Feng raised his head up and gave a loud and carefree laugh.

Lin Guang’s face turned into a sheet of ice. The strongest genius of the Sky Haze Race was one rank higher than him on the Quasi-God Ranking; this had always been a source of heartache for him.

“You’re seeking death!” Quasi-God Lin Guang growled as he flashed toward Jian Feng.


Quasi-God Jian Feng’s surroundings suddenly began to glimmer with nigh-tangible Sword Intent. He brought two of his fingers together, condensing a faint blue edge that commanded the sword images around him.

 Boom! Bang! Crash!

In their first clash, Quasi-God Jian Feng ended up being the weaker side.


Jian Feng backed up several dozen steps and vomited blood. But his Sword Intent did not fade; it only grew sharper.

“Soaring Wind Slash!” Quasi-God Jian Feng harnessed Wind Intent to fire off an enormous sword-wind, elusive and unpredictable.

“Water Slaughtering Screen!” Quasi-God Lin Guang showed no mercy and began to batter down on Quasi-God Jian Feng.

After ten moves, Jian Feng was defeated. However, the Sword Intent he exuded was even sharper and more condensed than before.

“During the Quasi-God Ranking Competition, you’ll definitely get into the top twenty!” Zhao Feng smiled at the feeble Quasi-God Jian Feng next to him and said.

“I hope so!” Quasi-God Jian Feng chuckled back.

The Gulong Martial Gathering continued, with more and more prodigies entering the stage. Quite a few of them challenged the prodigies of the Quasi-God Ranking, but not a single one of them succeeded.

Before the end, I’ll go one more time, Zhao Feng planned.

First, if Zhao Feng displayed enough strength and talent, he would be courted by some factions. By forming relationships with them, he could resolve the dangers he was about to face.

Second, Zhao Feng still needed to compel the black-skinned man into harming himself. If he did not heavily injure himself, Zhao Feng would use his Five Elements Intent to its full extent to break the array early.

Time slowly passed. It was now the third day, and the martial gathering was on the verge of ending.

“It’s about time for me to go up!” Zhao Feng’s eyes focused as he looked for the right moment to go on the stage.


But someone was even faster than Zhao Feng – faster than everyone else in the crowd – in getting onto the stage.

“Quasi-God Gui Yi, come and fight me!” On the stage was a cold and sinister man with a face like a venomous snake, a strange and enigmatic aura rising from his body.

“It’s Quasi-God Bi Xi, the fourteenth ranked prodigy of the Quasi-God Ranking!”

The spectators instantly began to chatter among themselves.

Six geniuses of the Quasi-God Ranking were attending the Gulong Martial Gathering: Quasi-God Zi Feng, Quasi-God Tian Xue, Quasi-God Gui Yi, Quasi-God Bi Xi, Quasi-God Lin Guang, and Quasi-God Jin Zhen.

None of these six had fought each other. No one expected for Quasi-God Bi Xi to challenge Quasi-God Gui Yi right as the martial gathering was about to end.

“Okay! You are a prodigy of the Quasi-God Ranking; no one else in my faction is a match for you, so I will fight you directly!” Quasi-God Gui Yi stood up.

For the martial gathering to end with their battle wasn’t bad at all!

“Two individuals on the Quasi-God Ranking are going to fight!”

“Coming this time was really worth it!”

Everyone on Five Star Mountain stared with rapt attention at the stage, their eyes glowing with anticipation.


Quasi-God Gui Yi slowly drifted onto the stage.

At this moment, Quasi-God Bi Xi moved, transforming into a stream of light that vanished into the air.

“Green Crystal Venom Flash!” Quasi-God Bi Xi jabbed a finger in the air, firing a green ray of light at Quasi-God Gui Yi.

“Level Two Space Intent!” Zhao Feng focused his eyes. Other than this, Quasi-God Bi Xi also knew a poisonous Intent energy.

“Five Elements Heaven Earth!” Quasi-God Gui Yi raised his arms and harnessed the Five Elements energy of the world into a rainbow halo.

Quasi-God Bi Xi’s attack fell into the flowing lights of this five-colored halo and vanished.

Not good! Five Elements Intent!  Zhao Feng instantly paled. He had not expected for Quasi-God Gui Yi to be capable of using Five Elements Intent, and his level in it was not low.

Deep underground, the black-skinned man also paled in shock.

“What’s going on?” the black-skinned man messaged Zhao Feng.

“There’s another Quasi-God besides me that uses Five Elements Intent to fight!” Zhao Feng said, his expression sinking.

The Five Elements Intent that Quasi-God Gui Yi used was even stronger than the one that Zhao Feng used earlier. Moreover, the two fighters were very similar in strength, so their battle would not come to an end soon. If this continued, the array underground was very likely to break earlier than expected.

But Zhao Feng could not stop this battle. These two were prodigies of peak four-star factions; if Zhao Feng tried to stop them, would his course of action be anything but suicidal?

“Not good, the array is probably going to break!” The black-skinned man down below was burning with anxiety.