King Of Gods Chapter 1229

Chapter 1229 Targeted By Everyone

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Chapter 1229 – Targeted by Everyone

The surrounding experts were all dumbfounded. Quasi-God Lin Guang had been so intimidated by one attack from Zhao Feng that he no longer dared to directly attack him, instead requesting for the Sky Water Yao Race’s Rank Five True God to do so for him.

A few people present felt that this was rather unfair. For the junior generation to have a powerful True God of the older generation settle its grudges, the Sky Water Yao Race was truly too shameless.

But they had no relationship with Zhao Feng, so they naturally wouldn’t offend the Sky Water Yao Race for his sake.

“Hah, that brat was too savage!” In his corner, True God Dark Thief gave a wicked chuckle.

Quasi-God Zi Feng also made a faint smile. He was also enjoying this scene.

“Daring to injure a member of the Sky Water Yao Race, you don’t want to live anymore, right!?” The Rank Five True God of the Sky Water Yao Race glared at Zhao Feng, his face exuding pressure and dignity.

Zhao Feng indifferently glanced at this Rank Five True God. He was currently refining the core of this five-colored crystalline palace, a process that could not be interrupted. However, Zhao Feng had already refined more than fifty percent of the core. At this moment, it was not difficult for him to use a part of the palace’s energy to deal with this Rank Five True God.

But if Zhao Feng used this palace’s power, he would expose everything. When the time came, he would be surrounded and attacked by everyone here. No matter how talented he was, he would still be doomed.

“The people of the Sky Water Yao Race truly know no shame. The junior is inferior to another, so he has an old monster that has lived for tens of thousands of years go forward in his place!” An elderly voice came from the entrance to this secluded hall.

The Sky Water Yao Race’s Rank Five True God immediately frowned. Just hearing this voice informed him of who had arrived.

“The Sky Haze Race wants to involve itself in this matter?” The Rank Five True God of the Sky Water Yao Race coldly snorted.

“First, this old one can’t stand the conduct of the Sky Water Yao Race. Second, that kid is an honored guest of my Sky Haze Race. If the Sky Water Yao Race wants to injure him, it will be the same as injuring a member of the Sky Haze Race. How could I just sit back and watch?” The blue-haired old lady of the Sky Haze Race’s words left the Rank Five True God of the Sky Water Yao Race unable to retort.

“Hmph!” With a harrumph, the Rank Five True God of the Sky Water Yao Race turned and began to ignore Zhao Feng.

“The moment this brat leaves the range of the Sky Haze Race’s people, I’ll kill him!” the Rank Five True God messaged Quasi-God Lin Guang.

Lin Guang could do nothing else except leave Zhao Feng be for now.

“Many thanks!” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

The blue-haired lady merely nodded in reply. After all, the Sky Haze Race had already decided to recruit Zhao Feng. A minor matter like this was nothing at all.

The people of the Sky Haze Race began to search this secluded hall. Meanwhile, Zhao Feng continued to refine the palace’s core.

“Eh? This is…?” At this moment, Quasi-God Gui Yi gave a cry of alarm from his cushion.

Just now, he had sent his Divine Sense through the cushion and discovered some mysterious object.

 What kind of treasure is this?  Quasi-God Gui Yi was ecstatic. He had been planning to cultivate here and raise the level of his Intents, little expecting to come across a new treasure.

Quasi-God Gui Yi began to slowly probe the five-colored sphere.

 It’s possible to refine this object!  Quasi-God Gui Yi was exceptionally agitated. Objects that could be refined were normally divine weapons or unique artifacts.

After making this discovery, Quasi-God Gui Yi began to refine the five-colored sphere. However, after refining ten percent, he suddenly encountered a large obstruction.

 There’s someone else refining this five-colored sphere!  Quasi-God Gui Yi’s face twisted in shock.

Through his energy that was refining the sphere, Quasi-God Gui Yi could guess who the other person refining the five-colored sphere was.

On the center cushion, Zhao Feng had already realized that someone else was refining the core.

 It seems like the other two cushions can also communicate with the palace’s core. But I’ve already refined eighty percent of the core while Quasi-God Gui Yi is only at ten percent!

Zhao Feng’s expression slightly sank. He decided to ignore the part that Quasi-God Gui Yi had refined and refine the remaining unowned ten percent as quickly as possible.

 Damn! This person is far too ahead of me in his progress on refining the sphere! Quasi-God Gui Yi was both nervous and angry.

At first, he hadn’t really cared when he realized that it was Zhao Feng who was refining the five-colored sphere. This was because his Five Elements Intent and Soul Intent were far stronger than Zhao Feng’s, so he could refine the sphere much more quickly.

But as he fought with Zhao Feng’s strength, he realized that he wasn’t even competition for Zhao Feng.

 Boom! Bang!

At this moment, an explosion came from a corner of the hall, and the Intent energy of the palace began to surge.

“What’s going on?”

“What happened?

This explosion had attracted everyone to this area.


All they saw was a gloomy light shooting over the ground as it left the secluded chamber.

“That’s True God Dark Thief! He definitely managed to get something!” a Rank Four True God called out in alarm.

As a renowned thief and tomb robber, True God Dark Thief was extremely familiar with regards to some legacies, tombs, and secret dimensions. It was the case that, even when great legacies or secret dimensions had appeared in the past, as long as True God Dark Thief appeared, he would almost always gain the most.

“After him!” A powerful squad immediately took off in pursuit.

Everyone knew that this secluded hall within the crystalline palace had the highest chance of holding treasure. However, everyone had searched for so long, but only a few powerful factions had gotten anything from it, like Quasi-God Tian Xue’s faction, Quasi-God Gui Yi’s faction, and Violet Night Hall.

The rest were mostly still searching the room or comprehending the techniques and skills on the murals. Now that True God Dark Thief seemed to have gotten some great fortune, they immediately shifted their target to him.

Of course, those who understood True God Dark Thief a little paid this no attention. True God Dark Thief was an extremely powerful Rank Five True God. In particular, his mastery of Shadow Intent made him nigh untraceable, and his escape techniques were of an extremely profound level. Even Rank Six True Gods would find it hard to catch him.

There were two other people in the secluded hall who cared nothing for True God Dark Thief. Those two were naturally the ones refining the five-colored sphere: Zhao Feng and Quasi-God Gui Yi.

By now, Zhao Feng had already refined ninety percent of the sphere.

 Not good! He managed to refine the remaining portion!  Quasi-God Gui Yi mentally gasped in shock.

He discovered just now that he no longer had any part of the orb to refine.

 If I fight him, I’ll lose for sure!  Quasi-God Gui Yi was forced to admit this point.

This was like nine members of a ten-member team following Zhao Feng’s orders while Quasi-God Gui Yi only had one. No matter what he did, he would still lose!

“Golden-haired brat, just what sort of treasure are you refining underground!?” Quasi-God Gui Yi opened his eyes and suddenly bellowed.

“What? That golden-haired boy is refining a treasure?” a Quasi-God in the hall said in shock.

“No wonder he refused to leave that cushion, not even when I was about to attack him. So, it turns out he was refining a treasure!” the Sky Water Yao Race’s Rank Five True God said, his eyes glimmering.

At the same time, Quasi-God Gui Yi sent a message to his group; “Forget about the golden-haired kid. Do everything you can to protect me!”

As long as other people attacked Zhao Feng, Zhao Feng would not be able to continue refining the sphere.

Quasi-God Gui Yi also sent a message to the experts of Violet Night Hall requesting their assistance. After all, Violet Night Hall was one of the strongest factions here. With Violet Night Hall’s protection, Quasi-God Gui Yi would feel more confident that he would be first to refine the five-colored sphere.

“Out of the way!” a Rank Four True God roared as he circulated his Divine Power and lunged at Zhao Feng.


A dark silver robe suddenly appeared on Zhao Feng’s body, the silver runes gleaming and twinkling upon it.

The moment Zhao Feng put on the Spacetime Robe, Zhao Wang and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon emerged from its dimension.

“Seeking death!” The moment the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon appeared, it began to circulate its terrifying Origin Destruction Energy.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s entire body began to blaze with demonic flames, exuding a pressure that suppressed all living beings.

“This bloodline energy…!”

The experts who were just preparing to attack Zhao Feng together suddenly froze. All of them were members of ancient races, but their ancient bloodlines appeared to be suppressed and unusable in front of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.


The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon swept its claws, covered in black and red draconic flames, at the Rank Four True God.


The Rank Four True God was caught completely off guard by this attack, and he was struck by the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s attack. The black and red flames enveloped him and began to burn away everything.


Pushing its bloodline to the limit, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon raised its head upward and roared. That thin bloodline originating from the Destruction Dragon Race was completely stimulated, and black and red flames swept through the surroundings.

Anyone weaker than a Rank Three True God was forced to kneel on the ground, their bodies constantly trembling.

“This… could it be the Destruction Dragon Race bloodline!?” A Rank Five True God of Violet Night Hall stared in shock at the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

The Destruction Dragon Race was a destructive species ranked in the top ten of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. Before the terrifying bloodline of this race, they found it impossible to use most of the power of their own bloodlines.

If the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had an even higher cultivation, it could have completely suppressed their bloodlines and made them completely useless.

“This… how?” Quasi-God Gui Yi had not expected for Zhao Feng to have a helper like this. Moreover, the origin of this helper was far too shocking. It was from a bloodline ranked in the top ten of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

For a moment, Quasi-God Gui Yi completely forgot about refining the five-colored sphere.

At this moment, Zhao Feng put all his strength into slowly forcing out Quasi-God Gui Yi’s power from the sphere.

“No…!” Quasi-God Gui Yi cried out in alarm as he jumped to his feet. Zhao Feng’s counterattack was too sudden, so he was incapable of fighting back.

“Hurry and kill him! This golden-haired kid is refining the most precious treasure in this palace!” Quasi-God Gui Yi immediately roared.

“Attack! This kid hasn’t left this cushion at all. What sort of treasure is down below!?” a Quasi-God prodigy said, his eyes shining with greed.

“Kill!” Quasi-God Zi Feng growled as he prepared to attack.

Nearly thirty experts in the hall lunged at Zhao Feng. And this was after True God Dark Thief had drawn away a bunch of experts. Otherwise, even more experts would have been targeting Zhao Feng.

But right now, Zhao Feng was only a tiny sliver away from completely driving out Quasi-God Gui Yi’s energy and completely refining the five-colored sphere. He did not have the focus for anything else.