King Of Gods Chapter 123

Chapter 123 – Exchange Hall
Chapter 123 - Exchange Hall

In half a month's time, Zhao Feng had reached the 9th rank of the Consolidated Realm and that was him not focusing on cultivation. If he did so, he would be at least at the peak 9th rank.

His main focus was reaching the 10th level of the Silver Wall Technique and not cultivation, but in the past few days, he would occasionally receive some pills from the Grass-Wood Division, so it was hard not to progress.

“Competition is fierce in the Clan. Even the lowest and weakest outer disciple are a geniuses back in their homeland.”

Zhao Feng could feel the intense competition. If the outer disciples were already like this, than it would be hard to imagine what kind of situation it was with inner disciples.

Up to now, only Bei Moi, Sun Yuanhao and Liu Yue’er had become inner disciples and Zhao Feng knew the earlier one became an inner disciple, the bigger advantage they had.

They would get better skills as well as more resources. But even though Zhao Feng knew this, he didn’t give up on body strengthening. The body was the foundation of everything and one must have a solid foundation at the Consolidated Realm, so that the future path will be easier.

To reach the Ascended Realm with his body, that was his goal!

Zhao Feng calculated the time and he realised that it was nearing the end of the ten days. According to the deal made earlier, he had to stay at old man Guan’s and old man Zhang’s place for tens days each.

In the ten days at the Grass-Wood Division, Zhao Feng had already entered the path of pill making and whenever old man Guan mentioned him, his mouth couldn’t close.

On the last day, Vice Head Guan met up with Zhao Feng alone.

“Your talent in pill making is frightening. It could already be seen in the future that you’ll be a miracle in the world of refining pills.”

Old man Guan looked complexly at Zhao Feng as if he was expectant of the latter.

Before Zhao Feng left old man Guan have him a Holy Pill Bible.

“This book contains many top class pill master’s, including mine, tricks and steps to refining pills. It also has a vast amount of knowledge in it.”

After Vice Head Guan handed the Holy Pill Bible over to Zhao Feng, he let out a long breath as if an important matter had been completed.

Holding the Bible in his hand, Zhao Feng felt it’s heaviness. Apart from the Holy Pill Bible, old man Guan also gave Zhao Feng 10 substandard primal crystal stones and an old furnace.

The furnace had been used by old man Guan a long, long time ago and it was a token of memory. It had now been passed onto Zhao Feng.

After leaving the Grass-Wood Division, Zhao Feng had a weird feeling.

“Why didn’t old man Guan mention anything about taking me as a disciple? Could it be that he wants to settle it first with old man Zhang?”

Zhao Feng was extremely curious, but he soon put it in the back of his mind.

Returning back to his courtyard, Zhao Feng organised the resources he had at hand.

He was extremely rich right now. Apart from the furnace that old man Guan had just given him, he also had a few pills and 10 substandard primal crystal stones.

Primal crystal stones were the common currency, the silver from the mortal world was worthless.

Zhao Feng had heard rumours saying that 1 million pieces of silver could be exchanged for 1 substandard primal crystal stone.

To see the use of Primal crystal stones, Zhao Feng decided to go to the Exchange Hall of the Broken Moon Clan. The Exchange Hall was limited to disciples in the Clan only and it was not open to public.

The moment Zhao Feng stepped into Exchange Hall, he felt uneasy. The figures entering and exiting the hall were all at the Ascended Realm, there were even Deacons and Vice Heads present.

The aura released from anyone of the Ascended Realm made Zhao Feng feel unable to breathe. It was this scene that made Zhao Feng clearly realise that he was only at the bottom of the Clan, as small as an ant.


There was many stalls in the Exchange Hall and every stall all had their own owner and on the tables were skills, weapons, pills and other stuff that Zhao Feng didn’t recognise.

Zhao Feng looked around and he found that half-Mortal skills were sold for 1 substandard primal crystal stone, but there weren’t many of these skills. Even if there were they were rare or special.

There was a larger number of Mortal skills being sold and Low Class Mortal Skills went for 10-20 stones, while Middle Class Mortal Skills went for at least a few hundred substandard primal crystal stones, hundreds of times more expensive than Low Class skills.

Zhao Feng shook his helplessly and he found that his Marrow Cleansing Pill was worth only 5 substandard primal crystal stones.

Spiritual pills were expensive in the Exchange Hall because cultivation was the main factor in the Clan, therefore Spiritual pills that helped increased cultivation were fought over fiercely.

An outer disciple like Zhao Feng wasn’t paid attention to in the Exchange Hall. Even if he walked over to a stall, the owner wouldn’t bother to talk to him.

“No wonder pill makers have a high position in the Clan.” He thought in his heart.

Slowly and steadily, a thought appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind on how he could earn big money.

With his talent in refining pills, all he needed to do was create a batch of good pills and he would be able to make a few primal crystal stones.

His limit right now was the 10 substandard primal crystal stones that he had in his hand. Zhao Feng walked around for a long time before using 1 substandard primal crystal stone to buy a large quantity of ‘Black Cloud Coal’.

Black Cloud Pill was the worst coal that could light up a pill flame and it could only be used to create low tier pills.

Normal pills were different from spiritual pills, the latter could help those at the Ascended Realm but because Zhao Feng had a limited number of primal crystal stones he could only buy Black Cloud Coal.

He then started to buy the other materials needed to refine pills and he spent the last 9 substandard primal crystal pills on resources.

“The most suitable pills I can create right now are the Marrow Cleansing Pill and Broken Moon Breath Returning Pill, both which are both almost Spiritual pills but not quite.”

The resources Zhao Feng picked all had their respective uses.

Marrow Cleansing Pill: This didn’t need to be said. Zhao Feng had used it before and if it couldn’t be sold, he could use it himself.

Broken Moon Breath Returning Pill: A special pill created by pill masters of the Broken Moon Clan and it had the effect of increasing the rate of regenerating energy. It was suitable for those between the half-step Ascended Realm and the 3rd Skies of the Ascended Realm.

These two pills were not quite at the Spiritual pill level, but they surpassed the best pills in the mortal world by far.

There was two reasons why Zhao Feng chose these two: Firstly, it wasn’t hard to create these pills and the resources weren’t expensive. Secondly, the two pills were the limit that Zhao Feng could create because of his limited cultivation.

Normal Spiritual pills had specific requirements for the flame and most of them needed the pill maker to be at the Ascended Realm.

After spending all his substandard primal crystal stones, the resources that Zhao Feng needed to create pills had been mostly gathered. The ones he didn’t have could be taken from the Grass-Wood Division or from Princess Yun Mengxiang.

Zhao Feng then walked unwillingly out of the Exchange Hall. There were just too many skills, resources and pills in the Hall that he wanted.

After walking out of the Hall, the heavy feeling aura instantly faded.

“Brother Zhao!”

A familiar voice sounded from the crowd of people and the voice made Zhao Feng freeze.

A youth wearing a black striped shirt came out from the crowd and he looked surprisingly at him. Black striped shirts symbolised inner disciples while outer disciples wore green robes.

“Brother Bei.”

Zhao Feng soon regained his composure and he opened his left eye to inspect the youth.

Bei Moi.

The once-disciple of Lord Guanjun whom the latter had placed all his hopes on.

Through his left eye Zhao Feng found that Bei Moi’s cultivation was close to Lord Guanjun’s. Lord Guanjun was at the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm. This meant that Bei Moi was at least at the peak of the 1st Sky of the Ascended Realm or at the half-step 2nd Sky.

It was hard to imagine how Bei Moi’s cultivation had increased by leaps and bounds in one month, but thinking about how Bei Moi’s talent was close to the Earth and Sky Spiritual Body and the resources he would have received from the Elder, everything wasn’t that surprising.

“Brother Zhao, we finally meet again in the Clan but the difference between us still remains the same.”

Bei Moi was expressionless as usual.

Zhao Feng didn’t back down: “it doesn’t matter what the difference is. What matters is the final height we can reach.”

Bei Moi paused slightly as if he was trying to comprehend what Zhao Feng was saying. He then made a mocking laugh, maybe it was too funny to talk about the future with a half - Spiritual body.

“Since you’ve already arrived at the Clan, our deal will still carry on.” Bei Moi said, then he shook his head and went to the Exchange Hall.

“That day won’t be far away.” Zhao Feng left as well and returned to the Outer Hall Division.

Meeting with Bei Moi was just a small problem, but this gave Zhao Feng another goal.

After arriving at the Outer Hall Division, Zhao Feng then went to the Grass-Wood Division to borrow a few other materials he needed. At last, all the things needed for the Marrow Cleansing Pill and Broken Moon Breath Returning Pill were collected.

“You’re going to start refining pills?”

Yun Mengxiang was slightly surprised, but she soon realised what she said was useless. Zhao Feng already had the ability to create pills by himself a few days ago.

Back at his courtyard, Zhao Feng closed the door and put the materials in order. He couldn’t help but take in a deep breath. The next moment was a critical point, if it succeeded, he would increase by leaps and bounds, but if he failed… He needed at least another 10 days to get 10 substandard primal crystal stones.

The first step, putting the materials in.

Zhao Feng opened his eye to the max and he entered enhanced vision mode. When he had made pills before, Zhao Feng didn’t dare open his left eye to the max.

This also meant that Zhao Feng’s precision was increased even more, because he didn’t allow himself to make any mistakes.

The putting materials in step soon succeeded.

Next was the second step, lighting the fire.

He had done this step many times and it was perfect again.

After this was controlling the flame, the most important and hardest step which would directly affect whether or not the pill would be created or not.

He had never refined the Marrow Cleansing Pill or the Broken Moon Breath Returning Pill before, all the knowledge he knew about it was in his mind.


The flame lit up and slowly began to expand. The furnace then gave off a low hum and under the light of the furnace, the picture of an Ancient Beast appeared…