King Of Gods Chapter 1231

Chapter 1231 Teleporting Away

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Chapter 1231 – Teleporting Away

Zhao Feng gripped the five-colored sphere in his hand. At this moment, he felt like the entire palace was under his control, and his mind was free to wander to any part of the palace it wished.

Similarly, the vast Intent of the palace was available for Zhao Feng to move. However, Zhao Feng’s cultivation was still too low to actually use this energy.

 Whoosh! Whoosh!

In front of the numerous experts, Zhao Feng once more summoned the Intent of the palace to concentrate around him.

 Boom! Bang! Crash!

All the attacks were blocked by the five-colored mist around Zhao Feng.

“Not good! He’s succeeded in refining the core of the palace!” Quasi-God Tian Xue’s clear eyes filled with shock as she immediately began to flee.

Now that Zhao Feng had refined the crystalline palace, he could move this area’s energy. Even if he couldn’t actually use it, he wouldn’t be easy to deal with.

“Hurry and run, Quasi-God Zi Feng. This boy has refined the palace core, so no one within the palace can deal with him now!” the Rank Five True God of Violet Night Hall immediately said to Quasi-God Zi Feng.

Even if Zhao Feng had refined this palace, he wouldn’t be able to keep it in the end. The news of this secret dimension had begun to rapidly spread the moment it appeared, and various powerful factions had already dispatched their experts.

“What? How could that be?” Quasi-God Zi Feng’s face contorted in shock. In the end, Zhao Feng succeeded in refining the palace core. This made him feel an unprecedented sense of defeat.


As the major factions began to retreat, the teams belonging to the other factions also began to grow uneasy. But after thinking about it for a few moments, they understood the reason.

They weren’t even able to wound Zhao Feng before, so now that Zhao Feng had succeeded in refining the palace, they were even more helpless to do anything against him. Rather, it was time for them to start worrying about their own safety.

 Swoosh! Swoosh!

All the experts in the secluded hall immediately began to flee. In a flash, Zhao Feng and his two helpers were the only people left in the secluded hall.

Of course, this five-colored crystalline palace was rather large, so there were still quite a few other teams still searching in the other rooms and halls. However, when they noticed that the teams belonging to the major factions were rapidly retreating, they sensed that something had gone wrong.

“All of you should stick around.” Zhao Feng didn’t move to chase, instead giving a faint smile.

His mind flowed into the five-colored sphere, granting him instant control over the entire palace.


Zhao Feng activated the palace’s defensive system.

“Damn… once the experts of Violet Night Hall arrive, I’ll have that brat die by a death of one thousand cuts!” Quasi-God Zi Feng cursed as he prepared to leave.

Suddenly, the door in front of him closed with a Clang! At the same moment, all the other entrances of the crystalline palace closed as well.

The entire palace had been sealed!

A few of the experts who managed to luckily escape breathed sighs of relief.

“What does he plan on doing?” After retreating several li, Quasi-God Tian Xue turned and stared at the five-colored palace, her mind in turmoil.

Other than her, who smoothly managed to escape, the rest of the top twenty prodigies of the Quasi-God Ranking who had attended the martial gathering were all locked within the palace. There were also many prodigies and members of many major factions imprisoned within.

“That kid believes that he’s invincible after refining the palace. He’s even locked in the people of Violet Night Hall!” A Rank Four True God next to Tian Xue sneered.

Violet Night Hall was one of the Gulong Zone’s three five-star factions, and Quasi-God Zi Feng was their number one genius. None of the other factions that managed to smoothly reach this five-colored palace were minor factions either.

“Hmph, that kid is doomed unless he remains in hiding for the rest of his life!” Nearby, a Quasi-God who barely managed to escape spoke with a cold snort.

 Swoosh! Swoosh!

Meanwhile, more and more people were arriving at the center of the enormous palace that had been built around the crystalline five-colored palace.

“What’s going on here?” A few of the teams stared in shock at the completely sealed five-colored palace before them. At this moment, they all sensed an enormously powerful energy rising from nearby.


A horse-faced elder dressed in a blue-and-violet robe suddenly descended. The air was suddenly shrouded in a layer of dark blue light as if the entire world was serving as a foil to this elder.

The surrounding experts instantly felt their hearts tremble, and their breathing turn ragged.

“That’s the Ancient God of Stellar Tower!” a True God expert cried out in alarm.

Five Star Mountain was in the territory of Stellar Tower, so when this small secret dimension appeared, Stellar Tower was the first to know. Now, the Ancient God expert of Stellar Tower had finally arrived.

This horse-faced elder stared at the five-colored crystalline palace with sparkling eyes, and his breathing became more hurried. The entire palace was made of extremely high-level Intent Crystals, and this was not even considering the treasures the palace itself might contain. Once Stellar Tower obtained this crystalline palace, it wouldn’t even need one thousand years to become one of the few peak four-star factions of the Gulong Zone.

But this horse-faced elder also knew that, even if this secret dimension was discovered in the territory of Stellar Tower, it would be very difficult for Stellar Tower to keep it.

“Fifth Elder, a golden-haired boy managed to refine this five-colored crystalline palace. He’s currently sealed the palace and even imprisoned the people of Stellar Tower within…” a faction subject to Stellar Tower reported in a trembling voice to the elder.

“Hmph!” The horse-faced elder coldly harrumphed.

Everyone present felt like the world shuddered as a terrifying pressure caused their blood to boil and their souls to quiver.

“Junior, obediently come out. If you hand over the palace, Stellar Tower can guarantee your life!” the horse-faced elder yelled out with an intimidating expression on his face, an enormous wave of sound surging toward the palace.

More than one hundred people had been imprisoned within the crystalline palace by Zhao Feng.

“Golden-haired brat, you’ve imprisoned us here, but you don’t dare to kill us!”

“More and more experts will arrive here, including Rank Seven Ancient Gods. I advise you to let us go. This treasure is not something that you can keep!”

The people imprisoned in the crystalline palace by Zhao Feng began to mouth out, all of them predicting that Zhao Feng would not dare to do anything to them.

“Brother Zhao, you should just give this treasure to some major faction in exchange for protection. A hot potato like this isn’t desirable at all!” Quasi-God Jian Feng hurriedly messaged Zhao Feng.

The Sky Haze Race was too far from this place and could not protect Zhao Feng.

At this moment, one Ancient God had already arrived outside. More and more experts would soon follow, and Zhao Feng would not be able to stay in this place forever. If an Ancient God could not deal with this palace, there would come a day in which the God Lord of Violet Night Hall would personally descend upon this place. When that time came, even if Zhao Feng handed over the palace, he would find it very hard to keep his life.


With a flutter of his silver robe, Zhao Feng recalled Zhao Wang and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon into the Spacetime Robe Dimension. Zhao Feng then chose to pass through one of the large doors of the palace and appear in the outside world.

“He’s come out! He was the one who refined the palace!”

The moment Zhao Feng flew out of the five-colored palace, he attracted the attention of everyone present.

“I didn’t think that this kid would find the core of the palace and even refine it!” True God Dark Thief murmured in shock from his hiding spot in a corner.

“Hand it over!” The horse-faced elder of Stellar Tower stared at Zhao Feng with a dignified and solemn expression. In his view, Zhao Feng had appeared at this moment because he planned to hand over the palace and seek the protection of Stellar Tower.

 Ancient God…!  Zhao Feng looked at the horse-faced elder, his expression rather grave.

The first time Zhao Feng had encountered an Ancient God was within the Ancient Dream Realm. At that time, the Red Flame Qilin was extremely far away, so Zhao Feng wasn’t able to carefully perceive its strength.

But now, this Ancient God of Stellar Tower, merely by standing in front of him, even intentionally suppressing his aura, made Zhao Feng feel an irresistible feeling of helplessness.


A five-colored sphere of light appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand.

“Good.” A smile appeared on the horse-faced elder’s face. He was extremely satisfied with Zhao Feng’s compliance. When the time came, Stellar Tower could preserve Zhao Feng’s life as long as no ridiculously powerful faction targeted him.

Although Stellar Tower might find it impossible to keep this five-colored crystalline palace, in the time Stellar Tower possessed the palace, it would do its utmost to get as much benefit from it as possible.

Suddenly, the sphere of light in Zhao Feng’s hand began to shine with a five-colored halo. With this, figures began to float out from the palace. There were thirty-some people in this group, the Sky Haze Race’s people among them.

“What’s this kid doing?”

Some nearby experts were rather confused by this. If Zhao Feng wanted to release his captives, shouldn’t he have released them all? Why was it only thirty-some people?

“You didn’t attack me earlier, so I’ll keep you alive,” Zhao Feng lightly stated.


With these words, the five-colored palace suddenly pulled itself from the ground. All the Five Elements Intent in the surrounding began to churn and surge, making it impossible to clearly see what was going on. The five-colored palace flew into the sky and began to spin around, gradually getting smaller until it ultimately entered the five-colored sphere.

“Junior, do you not plan to hand it over?” The horse-faced elder was clearly displeased by Zhao Feng’s words and actions. An invisible and tremendous power instantly began to descend upon Zhao Feng.

“I will not hand this thing over!” Zhao Feng gripped the sphere of light and took several steps forward.

Quasi-God Jian Feng slightly shook his head. What else could Zhao Feng do besides hand it over?

Many of the people present couldn’t help but laugh. Zhao Feng was far too much of a fool. Even though he was alone, he still dared to try to claim this treasure as his own.

“You’re the one who wanted this!” The horse-faced elder’s face shifted as he prepared to attack. In a flash, space began to rumble and boom. A pressure that could crush all thing descended, causing everyone to involuntarily tremble. Everyone weaker than a Rank Three True God became incapable of movement.

Suddenly, a dazzling five-colored light appeared under Zhao Feng’s feet. Countless array inscriptions began to spread out and link together, eventually forming an enormous array.

“That is…? Not good!” The horse-faced elder instantly grimaced. His attention had been entirely focused on Zhao Feng and the five-colored palace, so when the five-colored palace vanished into the sphere, he failed to notice that there was an array in the area the palace had occupied.

 Boom! Bang!

A vast pressure coupled with tremendous Divine Power thundered toward Zhao Feng. The horse-faced elder wanted to prevent this teleportation array from activating, but his attack was repelled the moment it collided with the five-colored light.

 Bzzz! Hisss!

In a burst of intense spatial ripples, Zhao Feng vanished from this dimension.

Everyone stood dumbstruck as they stared at where Zhao Feng was standing just moments ago, but Stellar Tower’s Ancient God expert had an expression as cold as ice.

No one had expected that this palace would have a teleportation array beneath it! And Zhao Feng used it to teleport away with the five-colored palace.

“Hmph, I’d like to see where you can run!” The horse-faced elder gave an angry snort as his body vanished.

Even if Zhao Feng had used the teleportation array to escape this area, it was impossible for him to have left the Gulong Zone!