King Of Gods Chapter 1233

Chapter 1233 Search Instrument

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Chapter 1233 – Search Instrument

Zhao Feng had used a teleportation array to teleport to some unknown area, but the factions were still able to narrow down the region, so they began to rigorously search a few factions near Stellar Tower.

However, these factions had all received the news rather late, and Zhao Feng was skilled in Instant Movement, so he had long ago departed these areas. Thus, a search for half a year resulted in nothing.

When Zhao Feng was discovered to be on the perimeter of the Gulong Zone, all the factions seeking Zhao Feng’s arrest immediately began to move. Zhao Feng had predicted this, but there was nothing he could do about it except try to leave the Gulong Zone as quickly as possible.

True God experts lived for far too long, and Ancient Gods were practically immortal. They might search for Zhao Feng for several hundred years and fail, but the search would continue unabated. This might go on for one thousand years, ten thousand years, or even longer. After enough time passed, the number of people patrolling the border of the Gulong Zone would increase, making it impossible for Zhao Feng to leave even if he waited tens of thousands of years. In the meantime, it was very possible that he would be found.

Besides, Zhao Feng could not stand to remain in hiding for tens of thousands of years. The time he had spent cultivating so far did not even exceed fifty years!

For this reason, he chose to take advantage of this time period when most of the search teams had not arrived to hasten his pace and leave the Gulong Zone. As long as Zhao Feng could leave the Gulong Zone, the search for him would become much more difficult.

These factions could summon the winds and call the rains in the Gulong Zone, but they wouldn’t be able to make any large waves in other zones.

A man was traveling alone along an endless icy mountain range. The man had a cold and aloof face, faint golden hair blowing behind him in the wind like flowing light.

“Human, to dare intrude upon my territory, you don’t know life from death!” A furious roar suddenly rose from a distant mountain of ice.

“I’m just passing through. I mean nothing else,” Zhao Feng coldly replied.

On this journey, he had traveled through nothing but dangerous and forbidden zones. These regions not only had vile environments but were also occupied by large Yao beast herds. Zhao Feng would say these words every time, but every time, those Yao beasts that discovered Zhao Feng would attack him.

This time was no exception.


The ice mountain quaked as several giant and chilling figures flashed out. Looking closely, Zhao Feng was facing three huge birds, their massive white wings blocking the sun, but their tails were those of dragons.

“Rank Three Yao Gods…?” Zhao Feng appeared hardly affected by these birds.

Zhao Feng had even encountered Rank Four Yao Gods on his journey. Zhao Feng could deal with a single Rank Four Yao God, but if it was a Rank Four Yao God and many subordinates, Zhao Feng would have to use his trump cards to escape.

“Seeking death! According to human cultivation, you’re just an ordinary Quasi-God, and yet you dare to look down on us!?”

The white-winged birds were instantly enraged and began to beat their wings, summoning up their Intent energy.


The heavens and earth dimmed, the temperature plunged, and a thick hailstorm descended.

“Kill!” Zhao Feng gripped the Ancient God Seal, activated his Sacred Lightning Body, and charged.


A casual slash from Zhao Feng unleashed an intimidating bolt of five-colored lightning. This vast five-colored radiance possessed a boundless strength that seemed capable of cleaving apart this world of ice and snow.

“This brat is rather strong!”

The three birds attacked together, filling the skies with icy feathers that swept toward Zhao Feng. These icy feathers were both sharp and infused with Ice energy. Normal Rank Three True Gods would either die or be heavily injured by such an attack.

However, Zhao Feng threw himself into this attack, pushing his Sacred Lightning Body so that he was surrounded by a layer of five-colored lightning as he clashed against the three white-winged birds.

At the right moment, Zhao Feng used his eye-bloodline technique on the three Yao Gods. In a flash, the three Yao Gods were put on the back foot. One of them was killed while the other two were severely injured and fled.

Zhao Feng continued on his journey.

Ever since the first teleportation, Zhao Feng had not taken a moment to rest, not even to stabilize his cultivation. For this reason, Zhao Feng would occasionally fight a real battle to hone himself.

Of course, Zhao Feng wouldn’t intentionally prolong a battle. After all, he was being pursued.

“For the rest of this journey, I no longer have a detailed map,” Zhao Feng said with an indifferent expression.

After some time, Zhao Feng finally took his leave of that cold and icy land.

Zhao Feng was now spending every moment observing his distant surroundings. After traveling for some time, Zhao Feng finally discovered a group of four.

The strongest of these four was a Rank Three True God while the remaining three youths were just Quasi-Gods.

“Senior Fan, just who is this Zhao Feng? Just how did he manage to make such a mess? He even offended Violet Night Hall!” a youth with a green spiral tattoo on his forehead curiously asked.

“We’re just delivering an object. We don’t need to worry about anything else,” the bald elder leading them immediately replied.

However, Zhao Feng was someone who had made the entire Gulong Zone quake while not belonging to any faction. Elder Fan was naturally extremely interested in him as well.

At this moment, Elder Fan noticed strange activity from his Interspatial Dimension.

“This is…?” Elder Fan sent his Divine Sense into the Interspatial Dimension.

Inside were three square-shaped silver instruments. Each instrument had a silver crystal pearl embedded in it.

At this moment, these pearls were blinking, the frequency between blinks growing shorter and shorter.

“These are search instruments given to me by my superiors. If a search instrument begins to blink, it means that the target is within a certain range!” Elder Fan’s face froze in shock.

He naturally knew that these three search instruments had been made specifically to search for Zhao Feng.


Elder Fan took in a deep breath as he focused on the distant horizon. He saw what appeared to be a very gentle and scholarly young man slowly approaching them. He appeared to be at only the peak Mystic Light Realm stage.

“Senior, I wish to exchange map information with you,” this youth said with a warm and amiable smile.

This person was the only clone that Zhao Feng had never shown – Zhao Hui!

In the Gulong Zone, even children knew Zhao Feng’s face by now, so for occasions like these, Zhao Feng would always have Zhao Hui appear.

Unfortunately, Zhao Hui was not very strong. Otherwise, he could just hide with Zhao Hui and have him use the teleportation arrays belonging to some smaller factions.

“Hmph! What do you have to exchange for our map?” A youth saw Zhao Hui’s feeble appearance and immediately sneered. What could a mere peak Mystic Light Realm stage cultivator have that could be exchanged for Elder Fan’s map?

“Shut your mouth!” Elder Fan suddenly roared, leaving the youth stupefied.

“Young brother, this should be your first time here. If you need map information on the nearby area, you can exchange it for the map you currently have.” Elder Fan suspiciously began to examine Zhao Hui.

However, right at this moment, there was a spatial ripple, and several powerful figures descended onto the field.

 Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Zhao Feng, Zhao Wang, and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon immediately surrounded Elder Fan and his three young charges.

“Hand over the map and tell me how you knew it was me!” Zhao Feng coldly barked.

In this journey, there were several times where momentary carelessness on Zhao Feng’s part almost led to a grave error. For this reason, Zhao Feng was now exceptionally prudent, not permitting himself to leave a single clue behind.

Just now, this elder reprimanded a person of his own race, showing that he was clearly somewhat nervous about Zhao Hui. Afterward, the elder began to examine Zhao Hui with a profound gaze as if clearly thinking about something.

“Elder Fan, what’s going on?” The three Quasi-Gods immediately panicked.

These three additional people that had appeared before them didn’t appear to have strong cultivations, but their auras were incredibly intimidating.

“Good sir, please forgive us. We can guarantee that we haven’t revealed your location!” Elder Fan immediately pleaded. He had heard many rumors about Zhao Feng, so he knew that he alone was no match for Zhao Feng.

“Hand it over!” Zhao Feng coldly and impatiently ordered.

“Yes, yes…!” Elder Fan immediately gave Zhao Feng the map information as well as the three search instruments.

 Buzz! Bzzz!

As the three search instruments floated up to Zhao Feng, they began to blink so quickly that they seemed to be perpetually on.

When Zhao Feng took the search instruments and sent his Divine Sense into them, he knew the reason. These three search instruments imitated Zhao Feng’s soul energy. As long as his soul energy appeared nearby, they would sound the alarm.

At the True God level, one could easily change their face, but soul energy was impossible to alter.

 Boom! Bang!

Zhao Feng blasted the three search instruments to smithereens.

After taking the map information, Zhao Feng left.

“Senior Fan, was that Zhao Feng?” a young girl asked with eyes wide, only daring to ask this question after Zhao Feng had left.

“He let us go!” another youth said, his heart still thumping in fear.

“The search instruments can’t be delivered and his whereabouts will be exposed either way, so he decided that it was useless to kill us….” Elder Fan explained.

After obtaining the map information, Zhao Feng immediately left.

“Master, this kind of search instrument was built by the Heaven’s Legacy Race’s civilization, and the process for using it is rather complicated. It hasn’t been spread around yet, but once it is fully distributed, as long as you’re still in the Gulong Zone, you’ll be found no matter where you hide!” the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon messaged. It hoped that Zhao Feng could leave the Gulong Zone as quickly as possible.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon naturally knew about this kind of unique search instrument. Even if one was hiding in another dimension, the search instrument would only need to get within a certain distance to discover someone.

Even if one was in another dimension, one still existed in the greater spatial framework of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. This included the Spacetime Robe Dimension and the Ancient Dream Realm.

“I know,” Zhao Feng said, his expression sinking.

That group of four was from a nearby racial faction. Those peak four-star factions chasing after him as well as Violet Night Hall probably had a large number of such search instruments.

Once these search instruments were fully distributed, they would be able to sense him even if Zhao Feng hid in the Spacetime Robe or the Ancient Dream Realm.

“Fortunately, I only have a little way left to go!” Zhao Feng calmed himself down.

After obtaining the new map information, Zhao Feng confirmed his route.


He put on the Spacetime Robe and began to use Instant Movement to travel through dangerous areas devoid of people.