King Of Gods Chapter 1234

Chapter 1234 Leaving The Gulong Zone

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Chapter 1234 – Leaving the Gulong Zone

Upon learning about the search instruments, Zhao Feng was even less willing to waste time. He took out the Spacetime Robe to boost his Space Intent and increase the distance his Instant Movement could travel.

After using Instant Movement ten or so times, Zhao Feng stopped.


Zhao Feng released Han Ning’er from the Illusion City Little World. Han Ning’er very astutely activated her Eye of Life to assist Zhao Feng in recovering his energy.

During this brief break, Zhao Feng cultivated to increase his strength.

Zhao Feng had many aspects that he could cultivate, but he was currently focusing his efforts on Space Intent.

Long ago, Zhao Feng reached peak Level Two in Space Intent. Once he broke into Level Three, Zhao Feng’s Instant Movement would be able to travel even farther. In addition, by wearing the Spacetime Robe, Zhao Feng could more easily comprehend Space Intent.

When he finished recovering and returned to his peak condition, Zhao Feng set off once more, a process that would continue to repeat itself.

Three months like this passed very quickly, and Zhao Feng smoothly reached Level Three in Space Intent. With the buff from the Spacetime Robe, his Space Intent was at Level Four.

Zhao Feng was getting closer and closer to the next zone.

One day, Zhao Feng noticed something and immediately used his Eye of Heaven. The Eye of Heaven could travel over extremely long distances and also had an extremely long range of vision, several times Zhao Feng’s own.

“As expected, I’ve been discovered,” Zhao Feng murmured in shock.

The leader of the group clearly had a search instrument in his hand.

“They’ve already predicted that I want to leave the Gulong Zone, so they’ve increased the number of men in this area.”

Those pursuing Zhao Feng were naturally not fools. There was no way they didn’t know what Zhao Feng wanted to do.

But even though Zhao Feng was well aware of the dangers, he had to charge in. Only by charging in would he have a chance of survival.

Zhao Feng rapidly fled using Instant Movement. Occasionally, he would use the Eye of Heaven to observe his surroundings.

“But the search instruments haven’t been fully distributed yet, and ordinary True Gods can’t keep up with me.”

Zhao Feng didn’t panic as he continued to escape.

His Space Intent was at Level Three, and with the Spacetime Robe, it was at Level Four. Using Instant Movement with Level Four Space Intent could cover a vast distance that would leave most Rank Five True Gods eating dust.

However, now that Zhao Feng was discovered, an Ancient God would soon be on his tail.

The teleportation array of a peak four-star faction on the edge of the Gulong Zone suddenly brightened.


Three figures emerged within it.

“That brat wants to leave the Gulong Zone.” A middle-aged man whose body sparkled with a violet luster chortled.

“Don’t laugh. Once that boy leaves the Gulong Zone, it will be even more difficult to capture him!” a purple-skinned woman gravely said.

“Hmph, we must capture him before he leaves the Gulong Zone!” the elder in the middle leading this group grimly said, his eyes cold and sinister.

“Yes, Ancient God Night Dragon!” The other two saw that Ancient God Night Dragon was serious and immediately nodded their heads.

Ancient God Night Dragon was the Rank Seven Ancient God of Violet Night Hall. He had been dispatched to the edge of the Gulong Zone to capture Zhao Feng.

Of course, Violet Night Hall was a five-star faction with deep reserves. It had not sent out just one group, and three of these groups had an Ancient God.

Three Ancient Gods were nothing to Violet Night Hall, but their target was just a Quasi-God junior. As such, this array of forces was already enormous.

“We’ve brought so many search instruments with us that, even if that brat hides deep underground, we’d still be able to drag him out!” The middle-aged man chuckled.

Other than God Realm Sacred Lands, five-star factions were the hegemons of their zones. Almost all of them had existed for at least a hundred million years. Their abilities and resources could never be underestimated. For example, an ordinary faction would find it hard to produce even one of these search instruments.

Meanwhile, Ancient God Black Heaven was continuing to travel along teleportation arrays. Recently, the tool in his hand had begun reacting to the Ancient God Seal more frequently.

“Haha, little scoundrel, it seems like you have no idea that the day of your death is approaching!” Ancient God Black Heaven couldn’t help but savagely laugh.

On his journey, Ancient God Black Heaven heard some more information regarding Zhao Feng.

“To think that this person was near my target. Perhaps I might also be able to take care of him as well!” Ancient God Black Heaven’s lips curled into a faint smile.

All the while, the fleeing Zhao Feng had no idea that Violet Night Hall had mobilized such an enormous force against him, nor that another Ancient God expert had been chasing him for several years.

“The strongest person of the nearby four-star faction is only a Rank Four True God.”

Zhao Feng was carefully inspecting the map in his mind. The nearby four-star faction was not that different from those of Sky Feather Island.


This time, Zhao Feng slightly altered his trajectory and headed toward that four-star faction. After all, his trail was exposed, so it was no longer necessary to keep hiding.

This ancient iron tower was manned by several dozen experts, with one of them being a Rank Three True God. Suddenly an intense spatial ripple appeared in the distance.


A figure flew out of it.

“That’s… Instant Movement!?” A guard was scared out his wits by Zhao Feng’s technique, the awe and reverence he instinctively felt making him disregard Zhao Feng’s appearance.

“Zhao Feng! It’s Zhao Feng!”

“Isn’t that the guy wanted by various factions of the Gulong Zone!?”

The experts around the teleportation array were instantly abuzz with chatter, and the Rank Three True God flew straight into the air.

They had been rigorously inspecting everyone who used the teleportation array. No one expected for Zhao Feng to so brazenly reveal himself right in front of themselves.

Elsewhere, in an explosion of energy, a Rank Four True God flew out from a black iron palace.

 Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Rank Three True God and the Rank Four True God appeared before Zhao Feng and warily stared at him. Zhao Feng was just a Quasi-God, but his descent had placed an unparalleled pressure on this four-star faction.

Even the Rank Four True God did not dare to be careless in front of Zhao Feng. The wanted notices distributed throughout the Gulong Zone naturally explained Zhao Feng’s strength as well as his helpers’.

“I want to use the teleportation array.” Zhao Feng apathetically gazed down below.

He was answered with silence. Zhao Feng’s words seemed almost absurd to them.

“Delay him,” the Rank Four True God messaged the other True Gods of his faction.

Suddenly, Zhao Feng moved.

 Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Spatial blurs appeared around him, and in the next moment, Zhao Feng had gotten past everyone and appeared on the teleportation array within the iron tower.


Everyone was frozen to their spots, fear emerging in their hearts. A single Quasi-God had casually passed through them all to reach the teleportation array.

They weren’t even able to see how Zhao Feng had done it, much less able to stop him.

“Activate the array or else I kill everyone here!” Zhao Feng’s icy voice ordered.

This time, the people of this entire four-star faction felt absolutely helpless, their bodies chilling. A Quasi-God had boldly threatened to massacre them all, but no one doubted his ability to do so.

“If we send you off, we’ll be killed anyway!” the Rank Four True God helplessly said.

If they sent away Zhao Feng, not only would Violet Night Hall not let them go, even the four-and-a-half-star faction ruling them wouldn’t.

“Then die!” Zhao Feng immediately activated his Sacred Lightning Body and fired off an enormous palm of five-colored lightning.

 Boom! Bang! Crash!

This enormous mountain of lightning struck and killed no small number of people.

“Strike!” the Rank Four True God howled. The True Gods present immediately charged at Zhao Feng.


With a wave of his silver robe, Zhao Feng summoned all his other helpers.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon merely activated its thin Destruction Dragon bloodline to completely suppress the bloodline of all the experts present.

“This really is the bloodline of the Destruction Dragon Race!”

“But how!? That’s the bloodline of one of the top ten ancient races!”

Those True God experts who had been preparing to stop Zhao Feng were so frightened that their knees went soft. After all, these were mostly just Rank One and Rank Two True Gods. How could people of their cultivation resist someone at Rank Three with the bloodline of the Destruction Dragon Race? The only one able to endure it was the Rank Four True God.

“The information really was correct. Zhao Feng has many powerful helpers. He could even fight a Rank Five True God!” The Rank Four True God sighed in shock.

At this time, Zhao Feng activated his golden eye and used an illusion eye-bloodline technique on a random person.

 Thump! Thump!

This Demigod had no resistance to Zhao Feng’s illusion technique and walked toward Zhao Feng in a daze. The array was activated, and Zhao Feng’s group departed.

After leaving that area, Zhao Feng found another four-star faction and commandeered their teleportation array for his own use.

Zhao Feng would use Instant Movement several times before finding a four-star faction so that he could use its teleportation array. Several days later, Zhao Feng arrived at the border of the Gulong Zone.

“Hurry and activate the teleportation array!” Zhao Feng stood on the array and used an illusion eye-bloodline technique to control someone.

The surrounding people could only stand and watch, not daring to attack Zhao Feng or his allies.

“Once I use this teleportation array, I’ll have completely left the Gulong Zone….” Zhao Feng softly muttered.

Right at this moment, violet clouds surged out from the distant horizon, casting a dark violet light over the skies. The world seemed to have been plunged into a violet-colored night.

“An Ancient God has arrived!” Zhao Feng’s eyes widened in shock.

He had voluntarily exposed his location to use the teleportation arrays of four-star factions and speed up his journey, but he had also hastened the arrival of an Ancient God expert.

 Buzz! Swish!

The array beneath Zhao Feng completed its outline, and a silvery spatial light enveloped Zhao Feng’s group.

“Hurry and stop him!”

The newcomers were an Ancient God and his team from Violet Night Hall. They had also not expected for Zhao Feng to expose his identity and commandeer teleportation arrays.

At this moment, a teleportation array near Zhao Feng brightened. Through the use of his profound Space Intent, Zhao Feng could sense that another Ancient God was about to arrive.

“Hurry and stop him! Break the teleportation array!”

The members of this four-star faction saw that an Ancient God of Violet Night Hall had arrived and instantly threw themselves at the array, no longer caring for their lives.

However, their attacks were simply incapable of breaking through the defenses of Zhao Feng’s group.


Zhao Feng’s group vanished from the teleportation array.

The moment they appeared on the other end of the array, Zhao Feng immediately used both fists to pulverize the nearby teleportation arrays