King Of Gods Chapter 1237

Chapter 1237 Ziling Zone

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Chapter 1237 – Ziling Zone

After Zhao Feng unexpectedly managed to escape from Ancient God Black Heaven’s attack, the two Ancient Gods began to communicate with each other. They instantly understood everything.

“I was too impulsive!” Ancient God Night Dragon was somewhat apologetic, as he had been the first one to attack.

“So, this kid also stole something from Ancient Soul Hall,” Ancient God Night Dragon continued.

Of course, he didn’t believe in Ancient God Black Heaven’s explanation. Zhao Feng was just a Quasi-God, so how could he have stolen an object belonging to Ancient Soul Hall from the zone in which it resided and then come all the way to the Gulong Zone? But Ancient God Night Dragon only needed to know that Ancient God Black Heaven wasn’t after the five-colored crystalline palace to be satisfied.

“Not good! That brat escaped!” Ancient God Night Dragon received a message from the two True Gods of Violet Night Hall and immediately became a little angry. Zhao Feng actually managed to throw off the two Rank Five True Gods he had brought!

 Thwish! Thwish!

The two Ancient Gods instantly left using Instant Movement.

“Good Sir, be at ease. I have a specially-made search instrument… and I know where that kid is going!” Ancient God Night Dragon gave a vicious laugh.

After using Instant Movement to flee for a while, Zhao Feng immediately changed directions.

Ancient Gods had a very extensive Divine Sense, and Ancient God Night Dragon also had a search instrument with him. If they traveled in roughly the same direction as Zhao Feng, they would quickly catch up.

Zhao Feng continued to use Instant Movement to flee. Every time he reached his limit, he would have Han Ning’er use her Eye of Life to help him recover.

After an entire day, Zhao Feng chose to take a small break.

“Ancient Gods…! There will come a day when I will crush you under my feet!” Zhao Feng’s eyes burned with determination as he clenched his teeth.

His strength was currently comparable to the strongest prodigy of the Gulong Zone, Quasi-God Heaven Swallower. If Heaven Swallower had the confidence to become a Rank Four True God in one go, so did Zhao Feng. As long as he could reach Rank Four in one go, his path to becoming an Ancient God would be extremely smooth, and he would be able to travel this path all the way to the summit of Ancient Gods.

Thus, Zhao Feng was confident that, so long as he survived, he could wash himself of all this humiliation.

“You can definitely do it!” A ripple went through Han Ning’er’s clear eyes as she continued to help Zhao Feng recover.

Han Ning’er had never seen someone as talented as Zhao Feng. She had witnessed Zhao Feng perform many miracles and was confident that he could perform such a feat as well.

After recovering to his peak condition, Zhao Feng continued on his journey. He altered his route and was even more cautious on the road.

For Ancient God Night Dragon to have run into Zhao Feng, it was clear that he knew where Zhao Feng wanted to go. Zhao Feng was no fool, so he adjusted his route to compensate for this.

Twenty-five years went by in the blink of an eye.

The Ziling Zone was one of the most prosperous of the major zones in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. There were four five-star factions in this zone, each of them extremely powerful.

The uninhabited regions of the Ziling Zone were either home to extremely harsh environments or occupied by extremely powerful Yao Gods.

On the border of the Ziling Zone, ancient trees of massive size soared into the skies. From a distance, the unbroken clouds seemed to be the leaves of these trees.

A six-man team was rapidly proceeding through this gloomy forest.

“Everyone, be careful! Many groups passing into the Ziling Zone have suffered a loss in this Heaven-Towering Forest.”

A gray-robed elder holding a dark purple hoop in his hand was leading the way. His hair was a mixture of dark red and gray, and his body was covered in rather obvious violet scales.


The other members of the group nodded their heads.

In this team of six, the gray-robed elder was a Rank Four True God, two muscular men were Rank Three True Gods, and the other three youths were Quasi-Gods.

“Uncle He, with your Dark Soul Ring, what dangers could we face?” A young girl dressed in red giggled.

The rest of the people in the group laughed along with her but said nothing.

Uncle He nodded. The divine artifact known as the Dark Soul Ring boosted the distance his Divine Sense could travel while also concealing it. It was one of those uncommon divine artifacts used for surveying and scouting.

But there were no absolutes. Other than the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, there were also many extremely formidable Yao Gods with powerful skills.

“Eh?” Uncle He’s expression suddenly flickered.

The entire team stopped.


An enormous rumbling sound slowly intensified. Tens of thousands of li away from this team of six, four figures were rapidly moving forward.

One was black and three were violet. These were Ancient God Black Heaven and Ancient God Night Dragon.

The world roiled as the four passed through, and all obstructions in their way were pulverized.


Heaven-Towering Forest resounded with the panicked cries of Yao beasts. The entire ancient forest began to resound with endless rumbling and shaking.

“Why’s that brat heading to the Ziling Zone?” Ancient God Black Heaven asked.

“I heard that it’s to deliver the Eye of Life. He probably wants to use the Eye of Life to join a major faction.” Ancient God Night Dragon wasn’t very clear on this subject, so he could only speculate.


The group of four pierced through Heaven-Towering Forest like a sharp sword, destroying everything in their way.

In the distance, the team of six were frozen in shock.

“There are two Ancient Gods in that group of four!” Uncle He took in a deep breath as he commented.

“Ancient God…!”

The youths in the group watched with reverence.

If they wanted to pass through Heaven-Towering Forest, they needed to be cautious throughout the entire journey. However, this Ancient God group could barge their way through, flying with all their power and ignoring all obstructions.

“Let’s continue,” Uncle He declared once the two Ancient Gods had left.

But the six didn’t get very far before they began to slow down. With a sinking expression, Uncle He scanned the area ahead with his Divine Sense.

“Not good! The two Ancient Gods passed through this area and threw the Yao beasts of Heaven-Towering Forest into chaos!” Uncle He grimaced.

“How could this be?” The red-clothed girl’s face froze, fear appearing in her clear eyes.


Vicious and ruthless auras gradually began to flow in from their surroundings.

“Back up! We’ll continue once the Yao beasts have settled down,” Uncle He immediately ordered.

In their current state of alarm, the Yao beasts of Heaven-Towering Forest were more violent. If this group carelessly pressed forward, they would incur endless danger.

The team huddled together, with the three Quasi-Gods in the center while the three True Gods formed up around them, and began to retreat.

At this moment, several vicious figures appeared in the clouds hanging over this gloomy and primordial forest.


An enormous Golden Lion Vulture shrouded in a golden wind storm was the first to attack.

Uncle He stepped forward, slashing down with a dark red sword that unleashed twisted waves of flame.

But at this same moment, more Yao beasts charged in from another direction.

These Yao beasts were Rank Three Yao Gods at most. One-on-one, they were no match for Uncle He, but they had the numbers.

 Boom! Bang! Crash!

The team of six fended off the Yao beast herd as they rapidly retreated.

But at this moment, Uncle He turned his eyes toward a certain place in the clouds.

The clouds began to churn, and an enormous black silhouette shot out like a lightning bolt.

“Not good! It’s a Rank Four Yao God – the Flash Eagle!” Uncle He hollered.

As long as a Rank Four Yao God did not appear, he could stabilize the situation, but now, he had no chance of victory.

The team of six immediately used their trump cards, holding back the numerous Yao Gods as they made a break for it.

Two months later, two figures appeared at Heaven-Towering Forest along the border of the Ziling Zone.

“We’re finally here… the Ziling Zone!” Zhao Feng’s eyes sparkled.

After twenty-five years, he had finally crossed three zones and reached the Ziling Zone. This was the longest journey Zhao Feng had ever taken.

Zhao Feng’s cold and handsome face was clearly outlined, making him seem more robust. His deep eyes were home to a latent sharpness.

“Why did you want to come to the Ziling Zone?” Han Ning’er asked with a smile.

The two had experienced too much together on this journey, and they had slowly gotten closer.

“To find someone….” Zhao Feng stared into the distance.

He had never imagined that the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods would be so huge that finding a single person would be so difficult.

 So much time has passed. How is Yufei doing nowadays?

“Oh….” Han Ning’er saw a hint of softness in Zhao Feng’s eyes, and for some reason, she felt a little disappointment.

At this moment, Zhao Feng’s gaze suddenly turned to the right. Han Ning’er also slowed down as if she had heard something.

“Good Sir, please save us!” A soul message shot toward Zhao Feng.

“Let’s go!” Zhao Feng called out as he took flight.

He knew nothing about the Ziling Zone, not even a speck of a map. Thus, there was nothing better than saving someone and gathering a little information in exchange.

He was greeted by the sight of a small team of six, all heavily injured, surrounded by ten Yao Gods.

“Two Quasi-Gods?” The two muscular men in this team scanned Zhao Feng and Han Ning’er for a few moments before sighing.

“Little brother, you should leave. There’s a Rank Four Yao God and four Rank Three Yao Gods here… you can’t help us!” Elder He said with furrowed brows.

He had only managed to sense someone passing nearby using the Dark Soul Ring, so he sought out their help. However, he hadn’t expected for it to be only two Quasi-Gods.

The rest of the people in the group looked at Zhao Feng, their joy dissolving into sadness. They had been chased by these Yao Gods for two months. Through these constant battles, they had gradually been surrounded. If they had not come so prepared, they would have already died.

Just a moment ago, they believed that they had been rescued, but then they discovered that it was just two Quasi-Gods passing by.

Zhao Feng glanced at Elder He and then flew forward.

“Mm? He’s still coming over? Is he suicidal?” the red-clothed girl said in surprise.

At this time, several Yao Gods discovered Zhao Feng and their gazes turned vicious.

“It seems that he really is suicidal. Unless he has the strength of a Rank Three Quasi-God, he won’t be of any help here!” one of the Rank Three True Gods in the team said.

“Seeking death!” At this moment, one of the Rank Three Yao Gods surrounding this team of six lunged at Zhao Feng.

The six could already see Zhao Feng being torn apart.

Zhao Feng stared at this Rank Three True God, and his eyes suddenly exploded with icy and somber light.

 Boom! Hisss!

Zhao Feng’s right arm flashed with five-colored lightning as he pushed forward with his palm.

This was a massive palm of five-colored lightning, almost blinding in its resplendence.

The Rank Three Yao God collided with this palm of light.


The Rank Three Yao God gave a wretched scream.

All the Five Elements energy and Wind Lightning energy within this palm impacted against this Rank Three Yao God. When the light faded away, the Rank Three Yao God’s charred corpse dropped to the ground!