King Of Gods Chapter 1246

Chapter 1246 Conference

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Chapter 1246 – Conference

Once the three core disciples were gone, the mission hall began to buzz with chatter.

“Why did Kong Die get so close to Zhao Feng?”

“Kong Die and Zhao Yufei have a good relationship. She was definitely warning Zhao Feng to stop trying to get involved with Zhao Yufei!”

Many of the people in the crowd began to criticize Zhao Feng.

No one realized that, when Kong Die got close to Zhao Feng, an invitation appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand, nor did anyone notice Zhao Feng immediately place this invitation in his Interspatial Dimension.

“That person is helping me?” Zhao Feng was amazed.

From the conversation of the disciples around him, Zhao Feng knew that this Spiritual Race woman called Kong Die seemed to be on very good terms with Zhao Yufei. However, if this girl wanted to help Zhao Feng, why didn’t she just tell Zhao Yufei about him instead of going through the trouble of giving him an invitation?

Other than that, after his brief interaction with Yuan Long, Zhao Feng finally understood how strong Yuan Long was.

“Rank Five True God!” Zhao Feng felt a chill in his heart.

Yuan Long wasn’t very old. The difference in age between him and Zhao Feng was practically insubstantial. At his current level of strength, Zhao Feng didn’t fear Rank Five True Gods, but Yuan Long also had his Spiritual Race bloodline, which allowed him to contend against Rank Six True Gods.

“If I try for the Heavenly Divine Realm at my current level, I have a fifty percent chance of reaching Rank Five.”

Zhao Feng was not at all discouraged. Once he successfully broke into the Heavenly Divine Realm, he would have no need to fear Yuan Long.

Moreover, Zhao Feng hadn’t even completed the last levels of his Sacred Lightning Body and Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique yet. Thus, Zhao Feng still needed to wait until he had completed both of these techniques before making a go at the Heavenly Divine Realm.

At that time, he would be even more confident of becoming a Rank Five True God.

After entering the mission hall, he picked the easiest mission and finished it in three days. Zhao Feng then returned to his residence and entered seclusion.

One day, Pan Hao paid another visit.

“Let’s go! I’ll take you to experience the conference of inner disciples and core disciples.”

Zhao Feng soon arrived at the inner disciple living area, where the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was even more thickly concentrated.

The number of people in the inner disciple area was extremely small, as the majority of the inner disciples had already left for the conference.

It didn’t take long before Zhao Feng came to the core disciple living area.

The core disciples were the true focus of the Spiritual Race’s training and resources. Each core disciple would receive enormous protection and nurturing from the Spiritual Race. There were some core disciples who were even weaker than periphery disciples, but their potential was top-class. With enough time, they would transform into experts.

In a little while, Zhao Feng came to a clear lake.

The lake was crisscrossed by small bridges, pathways, and pavilions. There were many youthful and talented figures on these bridges and pathways, chatting together in small groups.

“Quasi-God Luo Yu and Zhao Yufei are the main characters of this conference. They won’t be coming that early.” Pan Hao saw that Zhao Feng was scanning the crowd and immediately chuckled and explained.

“I brought you here so that you can get a glimpse of Zhao Yufei and also see how strong your competition is so that you can give up on this idea. Remember, don’t make any trouble!” Pan Hao warned before they joined the conference.

Zhao Feng slightly frowned. He naturally wouldn’t go offend someone without provocation, but some matters were simply unavoidable.

The two then stepped onto the small bridges that traversed the lake.

Although Zhao Feng’s reputation had already spread among the inner disciples, most of them didn’t know what he looked like. As for the core disciples, they rarely cared about the minor concerns of the lower ranks.

“Look over there! That’s Core Disciple Zhang Yutong, a Rank Six True God. His ancestor had significant status within the Spiritual Race. He’s one of the strongest contenders for Zhao Yufei’s hand.” As they walked along the bridges, Pan Hao would message Zhao Feng with introductions like this. Naturally, his goal was to discourage Zhao Feng from his foolish pursuit.

“They’re all very strong.” Zhao Feng nodded.

Those participating in this conference were incredible geniuses. They were either extremely strong or possessed supreme talent. Take that Zhang Yutong for example; Zhao Feng had never seen such a young Rank Six True God before.

Pan Hao nodded, believing that Zhao Feng had been suitably intimidated by all the geniuses they saw along the way and knew that he had no chance.

Pan Hao then began to introduce Zhao Feng to many inner disciples. Almost all these inner disciples belonged to Pan Hao’s side. When they learned who Zhao Feng was, they began to scold Zhao Feng.

“I’m taking him to see Zhao Yufei and have him extinguish any thoughts of pursuing her!” Pan Hao whispered to them.

Those inner disciples said no more, sighing as they went to chat up a core disciple.

“Isn’t this Brother Pan?”

At this moment, a shrewd-faced youth appeared behind Pan Hao.

Pan Hao knew who it was the moment he heard the voice. He impatiently gestured toward the person.

“This is Cui Lin, one of Zhao Lanyi’s people,” Pan Hao secretly messaged Zhao Feng.

“Brother Pan, this Cui seems to be meeting this person beside you for the first time. Might you introduce him to me?” Cui Lin turned his cold and sinister gaze to Zhao Feng.

The inner disciples were essentially divided into two factions. Cui Lin and Pan Hao stood on opposite sides. Cui Lin didn’t recall Pan Hao’s faction having some golden-haired kid. Was this some newly promoted inner disciple?

“It’s not worth it for someone as important as Brother Cui to know such a lowly person.” Pan Hao immediately refused and took Zhao Feng to the outskirts of the conference.

“Be more inconspicuous for me. We can’t let them realize you’re a periphery disciple, or else they’ll give our faction a fierce beating, and humiliate you as well!” Pan Hao whispered.

The pair seated themselves down at the edge of the crowd, where fewer people were roaming. Pan Hao wasn’t really pursuing Zhao Yufei or Quasi-God Luo Yu, so he really didn’t care about the conference.

At this moment, many of the youths conversing fell silent and turned in the same direction.

“Look, Quasi-God Luo Yu has arrived!” Pan Hao nudged Zhao Feng’s shoulder.

Two Spiritual Race women appeared nearby, but everyone’s eyes were focused on the white-clothed woman standing on the right.

This person was like an ice fairy, her countenance like a lotus flower breaking the surface of the water. Her clear and bright eyes were like exquisite crystals while the curves of her body that occasionally revealed themselves as she walked aroused the hearts of all the young men watching.

“She’s Quasi-God Luo Yu?” Zhao Feng looked appreciatively at this fairy-like beauty.

Quasi-God Luo Yu was only a Rank Three Quasi-God, but as she held the Spiritual Race bloodline, her true fighting power was greater.

Zhao Feng’s focus quickly turned to the woman next to Quasi-God Luo Yu. This woman had a smug smile on her face. This was none other than the first Spiritual Race woman Zhao Feng met upon arriving at the Spiritual Race, Wei Qingying.

“Fairy Luo Yu, why don’t you join us?”

“Quasi-God Luo Yu, did you like the Nine-colored Heaven Yang Flower this Shen sent you?”

More than half of the youths in the pavilion immediately surged toward Quasi-God Luo Yu.

“To be able to welcome all of you to this conference makes Luo Yu extremely happy…” Quasi-God Luo Yu nodded and smiled at all these talented young men.

Thronged by all these prodigies, Quasi-God Luo Yu entered the conference area.

“Eh?” Wei Qingying suddenly noticed a golden-haired figure. At first stunned, she quickly broke into a faint smile.

Wei Qingying whispered a few words into Quasi-God Luo Yu’s ear, and Quasi-God Luo Yu instantly turned her faintly scornful eyes upon Zhao Feng.

Almost all the youths were focused upon Quasi-God Luo Yu, so when Quasi-God Luo Yu turned in a certain direction, they naturally wanted to see what she was looking at.

“Mm? What’s going on? Has Quasi-God Luo Yu taken a liking to me?” Next to Zhao Feng, Pan Hao immediately felt his heart start banging against his chest. He wasn’t one of Quasi-God Luo Yu’s pursuers only because he knew that he didn’t have a chance, but if Quasi-God Luo Yu took a liking to him, he would only be too happy to accept.

“Isn’t this that Zhao Feng who worked his way up from worker disciple out of his love for Zhao Yufei?” Wei Qingying gave a crafty smile, her eyes oozing contempt.

The crowd was flabbergasted by Wei Qingying’s words.

“I seem to have heard of something like that. So, that was this brat?” A core disciple coldly snorted as he glared at Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng!” In the crowd, Cui Lin was also startled.

Only core disciples and inner disciples should have been invited to this conference. He recalled that Zhao Feng had only been promoted to periphery disciple recently, so how could he have become an inner disciple so quickly?

Before he could think more deeply about this, a golden-clothed youth near Zhao Feng coldly jeered, “A toad craving for swan flesh! A lowly servant also wants to pursue Zhao Yufei?”

It’s over!  Pan Hao inwardly groaned.

Zhao Feng’s brow creased as he turned to look at this golden-clothed youth. This youth had the Spiritual Race bloodline, but he was only a Rank Three True God. His look of extreme arrogance and the contempt in his eyes were more obvious than those of anyone else present.

“Endure it! He’s Jin Wei, one of Zhao Yufei’s ardent pursuers. He might be young and weak, but his ancestor wields immense authority in the Spiritual Race. Jin Wei’s ancestor has been strenuously pushing for him to go after Zhao Yufei to consolidate their lineage and status in the Spiritual Race!” Pan Hao messaged Zhao Feng an explanation of this person’s background and status.

“Servant, do you have the guts to fight a match with me? The one who loses has to get out!” Jin Wei’s scorn was further stimulated by Zhao Feng’s silence.

Half of the conference involved discussions and seminars, but the other half involved instructive duels. Not everyone had arrived, yet Jin Wei was already challenging Zhao Feng to a duel, intimidating him with his power.

Many inner disciples and core disciples looked with cold disdain and ridicule at Zhao Feng. Jin Wei was infamous for his arrogance and unruly behavior. His words were harsh and cutting, and he was undoubtedly one of the best at humiliating others. Moreover, Jin Wei’s lineage had an extremely high status in the Spiritual Race, so even the core disciples didn’t dare to provoke him.

Zhao Feng coldly stared back at Jin Wei. If he didn’t leave, this person would almost certainly continue to humiliate him.

“Okay! I’d like to experience the power of a core disciple.”

Just when everyone believed that Zhao Feng would leave in a huff, he stepped forward and accepted the challenge.

Pan Hao slapped himself on the forehead, believing that he had made a grave mistake in bringing Zhao Feng.

“Fairy Luo Yu, if you don’t mind, I will take care of this servant before the conference begins!” Jin Wei smiled at Fairy Luo Yu.

“Luo Yu came this time precisely to witness the strength of all the talented people present…” Fairy Luo Yu smiled, clearly giving her tacit approval for this bout.