King Of Gods Chapter 1247

Chapter 1247 Finally Meeting Zhao Yufei

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Chapter 1247 – Finally Meeting Zhao Yufei

“Yufei, hurry up! The conference is about to begin!” Kong Die anxiously shouted.

Nearby was a pure and peerless beauty dressed in violet robes. Her snow-white skin shone with a crystalline luster, making her appear like a high and noble ice fairy.

But this gorgeous woman had a rather mournful expression and seemed to not be very interested in anything.

“The conference has nothing to do with me.” Zhao Yufei appeared to be in no rush.

“Haaa, this is a conference that the upper echelons of the Spiritual Race held specifically for you and Quasi-God Luo Yu. There are so many people waiting for you!” Kong Die rushed over and began to pull on Zhao Yufei’s arm, urging her to speed up.

“Hehe, I said before that I prepared a surprise for you at this conference. How can you not go?” Kong Die added.

“It’s not like I don’t know everyone there. What sort of surprise could it possibly be?” Zhao Yufei was a little curious.

“You’ll find out once you get there….” Kong Die gave a mysterious smile.

In the crystalline clearing at the center of the lake, a core disciple stood across from Zhao Feng.

Wei Qingying chuckled as she activated the boundary array that would prevent the battle between the pair from affecting others.

All the disciples present had gathered around the fighting stage.

“This kid doesn’t have a strong bloodline. There’s no way he can resist Jin Wei’s Spiritual Race bloodline.”

Some of the core disciples had little interest in this battle.

First, the fighting power of both sides wasn’t very strong.

Second, there was no suspense about the result. Jin Wei wasn’t a very strong core disciple, but he still had the bloodline of the Spiritual Race. When fighting with him, one would experience greater pressure the weaker one’s bloodline was. Moreover, as a core disciple, Jin Wei cultivated only the best techniques and skills.

“Haaa, you should have just left. If you fight with Jin Wei, you’ll still have to leave after you lose anyway,” Pan Hao stood on the side and muttered.

Elsewhere, Quasi-God Luo Yu stared at Zhao Feng with a faint smile on her lips. Zhao Feng had a good face and bearing, and he possessed both courage and daring. Alas, he was one of Zhao Yufei’s pursuers, or else Quasi-God Luo Yu might have considered putting a stop to this battle.

“I’ll let you experience the true Spiritual Race bloodline!” Jin Wei waved his golden robe, his face brimming with arrogance and haughtiness.

“Slow down!” Zhao Feng suddenly said.

“What? Regretting it already?” Jin Wei sneered as he stared contemptuously at his opponent.

The crowd was also stunned. Was Zhao Feng really having second thoughts even though he was now on stage?

“If I lose, I have to leave the conference, but if you lose, you also have to leave the conference, right?” Zhao Feng casually smiled.

His words instantly earned the disdain of the crowd.

“This brat is too conceited!”

“He really thinks he’s all that!?”

Quite a few inner disciples immediately spoke up to flatter Jin Wei.

“Haha, I agree with your request, but I won’t be the one losing!” Jin Wei laughed as he confidently declared.

“Then let’s begin.”

Seeing that Jin Wei had agreed, Zhao Feng ceased to smile, and a bone-chilling aura began to rise from his body.

As Jin Wei looked into Zhao Feng’s eyes, he couldn’t help but tremble as a tiny sliver of fear emerged in his heart.

 How could this be? Why would I be afraid of him!?  Jin Wei was somewhat astonished.

Jin Wei immediately activated his Spiritual Race bloodline. In a flash, Jin Wei’s body became transparent crystal bursting with a dazzling white glow. A majestic surge of bloodline energy flew at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng’s brow slightly creased. Although this Jin Wei was lacking in strength, he was quite skilled at using his bloodline energy. He truly lived up to his reputation as a core disciple.

After his constant refining, Zhao Feng had only managed to bring his Ancient Blood Devil Sun bloodline barely within the range of the top one thousand of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. Using the Ancient Blood Devil Sun bloodline at this moment would be essentially useless because it would be fully suppressed by Jin Wei’s Spiritual Race bloodline.

But Zhao Feng had no need to use his bloodline.

“Haha, this kid is probably seeing the true Spiritual Race bloodline for the first time!”

“His bloodline is impossible to use in front of Jin Wei!”

Quite a few people jeered at the sight of Zhao Feng just standing on stage, not circulating his bloodline.

“Spirit Accumulation Fist!”

As Jin Wei activated his bloodline, all the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within the array was his to use.

 Swoosh swoosh!

Countless white crystal shards flew around his body. These crystal shards formed a massive crystal fist that rumbled toward Zhao Feng.

This massive fist was about to strike Zhao Feng, but he still had not moved!

“Hehe! It would already be amazing if you can stop this move without circulating your bloodline!” Jin Wei was quite proud and arrogant after firing off this fist.

“Is that so?” Zhao Feng suddenly spat out these words.


His body suddenly seethed with five-colored lightning, which formed into lighting tattoos that adhered to his body. At the same time, a force of physical lightning that could crush all swept out from his body.

The air itself seemed to sink down, and the crystal fist rumbling toward him also trembled.


The weight of the lightning increased, crushing the crystal fist into powder and causing even the stage itself to shudder.

Nearby, Jin Wei was also caught off guard and was suppressed by this enormous physical force. The lightning also paralyzed his entire body.

“How!? Jin Wei’s attack was crushed!”

“How did he do it!?”

The crowd was blown away by these events. They initially believed that Zhao Feng would either suffer a miserable defeat or put up some desperate struggle for a while before losing. They never imagined a sight like this.


Zhao Feng stepped forward, sending another wave of physical force and lightning sweeping through the stage.

Jin Wei felt his heart thump as another fierce impact fell upon his body.


Zhao Feng took another step, and Jin Wei became ghastly pale.

A third step!

Jin Wei vomited blood.

A fourth step!

Jin Wei sat limply on the ground, his entire body shaking!


All was quiet around the fighting stage.

Zhao Feng had never once made an obvious attack. Just by walking forward, he heavily injured Jin Wei, who was no longer able to fight!

How was this possible? The many core disciples present found it impossible to believe that Zhao Feng had this kind of strength.

“This is his strength?” Pan Hao’s mouth was open so wide that one could stuff a large apple into it.

The array prevented them from being able to sense just how much power Zhao Feng was actually using, but anyone who could render Jin Wei so powerless was definitely no weakling.

“This brat…” Zhang Yutong’s eyes focused as he finally took a good look at Zhao Feng.

Fairy Luo Yu was also staring in a daze at Zhao Feng, at his handsome bearing, his cold and carefree face. This was a supreme sovereign of lightning, tyrannical beyond compare.

“Zhao Yufei!” At this moment, someone called out from the crowd.

“Zhao Yufei is here!”

Everyone immediately looked to the distance. A transcendent beauty, elegant and pure, clothed in a violet robe, was drifting over from the distance. At this moment, she was the most beautiful thing in the world.

Even Quasi-God Luo Yu was stunned for a moment, and then a tinge of envy crept onto her face.

“Yufei!” Jin Wei’s expression froze, and then he roared, “No, I can’t lose!”

He could not reveal such a miserable appearance before his goddess. He had to defeat Zhao Feng.


A crystal sword appeared in his hand, covered in profound and exquisite blue lines. The moment this sword appeared, even the people outside the array noticed that sharp Sword Intent. They could even sense some of that sword’s Divine Power.

Jin Wei’s actions immediately made him the center of attention once more.

“High-quality divine weapon – Celestial Crystal Sword!” a core disciple immediately yelped out.

High-quality divine weapons were normally used by Ancient Gods!

“I didn’t think that Jin Wei’s ancestor would give him the Celestial Crystal Sword for his protection!” Zhang Yutong was alarmed.

The sharpness of high-quality divine weapons could only be blocked by another high-quality divine weapon.

“Divine weapons aren’t allowed to be used in the conference!” Pan Hao immediately called out in alarm.

This conference’s primary purpose was to have the geniuses of the Spiritual Race interact and exchange pointers, not engage in battles of life or death. Divine weapons were forbidden!

But nobody tried to stop Jin Wei. After all, they all hoped to see Zhao Feng disappear from this place.

But, the inconceivable occurred.

“Jin Wei, stop!” That distant violet-clothed woman suddenly gave a loud rebuke and charged onto the stage.

Kong Die immediately flew next to the stage and dispelled the array.

“Yufei, what…?” Jin Wei was taken aback. Zhao Yufei had never rebuked him before. What was going on here?

As Zhao Yufei arrived on stage, her hazy eyes seemed to be perpetually fixed on Zhao Feng.

“Yufei!” Zhang Yutong’s expression flickered. Zhao Yufei had never displayed much interest in anything. This was the first time he had seen such intense emotion from the woman he loved.

“Brother Feng… you’re finally here!” Zhao Yufei’s two hazy eyes saw nothing else in the world.

After thirty-some years, Zhao Feng had finally come to find her – thirty-some years that she had spent waiting. Even though thirty years was extremely short for Quasi-Gods, she felt like she had waited three thousand years, thirty thousand years…

Fortunately, he was finally here. She no longer needed to keep waiting.

“I came late….” Zhao Feng’s voice was somewhat unnatural.

His heart was deeply moved, and a hint of wetness appeared at the corner of his eyes. When he saw Zhao Yufei, his heart felt an inexplicable ache. He had an unprecedented desire to embrace this girl and not have her suffer any more harm!

“Yufei!” The crowd couldn’t help but exclaim in shock.

They could sense that Zhao Yufei and Zhao Feng seemed to have a very close relationship.

At this moment, Zhao Yufei grabbed Zhao Feng’s hand and began to lead him to the side.

“Let’s go elsewhere and chat!” Zhao Yufei revealed a dazzling smile.

“How could this be…!?” The crowd was overwhelmed. It was like someone had taken a hammer and slammed them all in the heart.

“Yufei…!” Jin Wei’s mind went blank, and the high-quality divine weapon in his hand dropped to the ground with a Clang!

No one had expected that their goddess would take the hand of some complete nobody. And this nobody used to be a worker disciple that all of them had jeered at no small number of times.

Cui Lin was flabbergasted as he took out a token and received a message. His face froze, and he immediately went up to Zhang Yutong and whispered a few words in his ear.

After a brief moment of surprise, Zhang Yutong’s eyes became harsh and fierce.

“Slow down! Zhao Feng, aren’t you just a periphery disciple? You dare to intrude upon a conference of inner disciples and core disciples!?” Zhang Yutong immediately barked.

“He’s just a periphery disciple!?” A few core disciples blurted out in shock.

Everyone believed that one had to at least be an inner disciple to enter this place. It was impossible in their minds for a periphery disciple to mingle in. How did Zhao Feng manage to come to this place with the status of a mere periphery disciple?

“A periphery disciple dares to sneak into this conference!?” Jin Wei suddenly stood up and savagely growled at Zhao Feng.